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brohai and bropai in action

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1x1 with RJMB - no one else can join


basically its just


[08:25:20 PM] im so sorry charlie: cat boys are best boys tbh

[08:25:55 PM] im so sorry charlie: its gonna probably he hella fantasy and also hella gay and also hella school

[08:25:57 PM] im so sorry charlie: probably

[08:26:01 PM] im so sorry charlie: ??? sound good toyou

[08:27:03 PM] precious brohai: YES that sounds brilliant to me omg.


Plot: the setting is just this fantasy college apparently, and magical kids had to be paired together when they were younger. they then got separated and now we're in the future, and there's this group that's threatening the government and stuff and the governments like "hey we need those partnered kids to help us or else there's gonna be this war and we really dont want that". so now we got Alas and Dez and they're partners and they're gonna be really gay.




Name: Desmond Clovis Jones

Nicknames: Dez, Clovis, Jones (basically everything but his full first name)

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Appearance: //casually describes him// Dez has lightly tanned skin with several cuts and bruises and scars covering it. He has gray-blue eyes and blonde hair that has brown undertones (how am i going to color that omg). He sometimes wears glasses, but he really only does so whenever he's in school. He stands at 5'5 and has fluffy ears but a bobbed tail. He wears pricey clothing whenever he's in school, but outside of school he wears hand-me-downs from his uncle. Something that he's always wearing is a skin tight black tank top with a collar that comes up to the middle of his neck. He wears jewelry sometimes, but when he does so it's only a necklace or bracelet.


Personality: Dez would be classified as the cool kid who doesn't say much in class, although he doesn't think of himself as this at all. He's actually a quiet boy because he doesn't really ever have anything nice to say to people, and even when he does have something nice to say to people it usually comes out wrong. He isn't necessarily a bad person, but he usually judges people by their appearance before he gets to know them. He has learned that this isn't a good trait of his and is trying to change it, but he's not very good at it.

Besides that, Dez is intelligent and observant. He prefers watching people instead of talking to people, and he prefers nature to humans. He can be friendly at times, but if you do one thing to upset him, he'll become very sarcastic and generally unpleasant. He's rather hard to please and when someones upset him and, unless they apologize, he won't be nice to them again. When he meets someone new, he doesn't become overly friendly or kind and is instead very blunt with his introduction.

Of course, this is mostly all due to him being a guarded person. When someone gets to know him, then his real self comes out and he's much easier to get to know. He's just not that easy to convince to let down his guard, oops.

Some actually good traits about Dez is that he's curious about a lot of things and he's gentle to animals and people who need to be helped. He helps people out when they need it, and he can become very focused on something when the time calls for it. He isn't discriminating towards anyone and has a rather open-mind about all sorts of stuff, but he's kind of stubborn and doesn't like pulling away from a plan once its been decided. He just, is. kind of guarded I'm sorry alas ur love interest is kind of a jerk-ish im sorry--


Magic Power: Luck/Probability Manipulation - Dez can manipulate the outcome of events and make the outcome either bad or good. He can manipulate the luck of others as well, and he prefers to do this instead of manipulating the outcome of events.



✿ He cannot manipulate his own luck, and instead is basically just jinxed with bad luck. Usually, things break when he messes with them, he drops things all the time, falls over, and just has a pretty bad time. He's gotten used to this and doesn't even react to anything bad that happens to him anymore - he just blames it on his curse (even if it wasn't actually the curses fault).

✿ He has an older sister who lives with her partner, and he lives with his mom and uncle. He talks to his sister a lot, and they're kind of like best friends.

✿ His family is moderately wealthy, but they don't like in a big house or anything. His mom wants him to do the best he can and supports him all the time, but Dez doesn't really get along with her. His mom doesn't use magic anymore, his uncle has air magic and his sister can manipulate energy. All of the members of his family can turn into cats because of a spell that was cast on his mother, father and uncle long ago. His family has lots of dark secrets.

✿ He's the cool kid at school and lots of his classmates like him, even though he doesn't really talk to any of them.

✿ He has scars on his body that he doesn't like anyone to see, which is why he's always wearing the black tank top.

✿ He currently has a crush on someone, but it's not going to work out since he and Alasdair are destined to be together.


✿ Likes ✿

Apples, cheese, being in his cat form, being alone, when good things happen to him, being outside, playing the violin, idiots, school drama and white chocolate.


✿Dislikes ✿

His bobtail, his magic power, his curse, his mom (kind of/it's complicated), parents/most adults, people who try to worry about/baby him, having to defend himself, exercising, oversleeping, idiots, most of his classmates, people staring at him, forests, fish, most unnaturally sugary sweets, blood/gore and bugs.


(More will be added over time, or I might get rid of some stuff ahahahahaha)

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My kid's app


Name: Alasdair Alec Amhuinr Sinclair Dalais-Brown

Nickname: Alas

Age: 17?? Close to 18

Gender: Male

Appearance: 5ft 4, 10 stone. Longer than shoulder length Curly hair that he often keeps in a ponytail or braid. His body is covered in freckles and his skin is very pale. He has two small stubs on his back where two wings used to be, but due to an accident there were ripped off. On his body are odd runes that got attached to his body when he was trying out his magic, he is ashamed of both his small wings and rune tattoos. He often wears loose comfy clothing that covers his body due to the large amount of freckles and runes. Wears a hat to cover his small ears and has long fluffy hair that he fiddles with when nervous or anxious.



Alasdair is dedicated, loyal and fair; wanting everyone to be treated as equal and also everyone to be happy. This can be a negative thing since he often gets hurt because of his overly nice nature. He is very shy and stutters a lot in his speech. But can get quite excited about his hobbies and interests.

He can get quite jealous easily and become clingy to someone. If he is jealous he becomes quite affectionate over the person. He is also quite cowardly, he finds it hard to say no to someone and and is kind of a pushover.

He has many fears such as being judged by others, Criticism and failure.

His goals in life is to gain knowledge and respect. He prefers being indoors then going outside, enjoys poetry and has never been kissed //winks//


Magic power:

Family Magic: Aera magic. The ability to have a pair of wings to form on the users body, the user can also has simple control over air/Wind

Magic Power: Dark Ecriture magic. The power to manipulate runes and letters. It's a form of letter magic that allows the caster to write runes, sometimes without a writing tool such as a pen or a quill, for various types of effects.

because Alasdair lost his Aera ability when young he decided to find another magic to learn- which he found when looking through some of this grandfather's books, and this came to be Rune magic.


Other: has 2 older brothers (who are twins) and an older sister.

His family is quite wealthy, yet not overly rich. His granddad is a great warlock who is now blind and semi-dependent on his parents.

When doing his magic in front of others he used word magic, not Rune magic since he is scared about the myths that stem around Rune magic and that others might judge him for it.

Likes: reading, practising his magic, taking walks, milkshakes, cuddling

Dislikes: rude/loud people, being useless, being in the spotlight

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"Attention, students. As many of you are aware, there have been threats to the government about destroying monuments and assassinating important individuals. The government has decided to prepare for these attacks and put together a team of partnered students to train. Our school, Occisor College, has been asked to gather several partnered students together to test their magic powers. The following students have been chosen. If you hear your name called, then please report to the back field as soon as possible."


Desmond picked up his book and started reading, barely even listening to the announcement. He didn't care about whatever was happening to the government, as it didn't even concern him. The government should just be able to handle their problems by themselves and not gather a group of kids together to fight the enemy group. That just seemed like a bad idea.


He turned the page, then heard a familiar name over the announcement. He paused mid-turn and looked at the ceiling, then he heard his classmates start whispering about him. "Victoria Hammon, Desmond Jones, Alasdair..." He slammed his book shut and huffed, then he grabbed his bag and stood from his seat. He ignored his classmates conversations and quickly left the classroom, ignoring his teachers fearful look.


Once the door had closed (and had almost fallen on top of him), he let out a sigh and looked at the students who were also in the hallway. He couldn't believe he had been called. There had to be a mistake. His magic wasn't even anything good. He couldn't fight anyone with it, and he couldn't really use it to hurt anyone. Well, that second part was a lie, but he didn't want to use it to hurt anyone.


He watched a girl walk past him and saw she was busy texting on her phone, then he looked ahead and saw someone had spilled a drink on the floor. "Make the probability that she'll slip and fall zero percent." He whispered, snapping his fingers. He then put his bag on and walked ahead, watching as the girl walked over the puddle of spilled drink without even slipping. He heard her gasp in surprise and heard the person who had spilled the drink say how lucky she was, then he heaved a sigh and left the building.


It didn't take him long to find the back field, and as soon as he had seen it he was ushered into a line and told to wait. He didn't know what was going on, but he soon found out that everyone was getting a sign with their partners name on it so that their partner would have an easier time finding them. He groaned and looked around, wondering if his partner was here yet. He couldn't remember his partners name, or what they even looked like, or what their gender even was. He didn't see his name, and soon was at the front of the line getting told what to do. He listened to what the teacher said, then got handed a sign with the name Alasdair Dalais-Brown on it. He frowned, but took the sign and went to sit in the field.

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'nope nope nope'. This one word was replaying on and on in his mind, why him? Alasdair didn't like the idea of this at all. Why should he have to be chosen to help the government? Does his parents know what's going on, would his parents even be alright with this? He felt his classmates eyes fall upon him as the announcement came to an end and with shaken legs he stood up, collected his bag and cautiously moved himself to the field. As he exited the classroom and made his way down the hall he bumped into numerous students which made him only more scared and timid, though it was at his own fault for continuously staring at the ground instead of looking where he was going. 'and of why, of all things does it have to be outside?' he thought to himself, mumbling slightly as he stepped outside; upon seeing the bright sun glaring down onto him Alas used his arm to shield his eyes, squinting at the brightness.


He eventually found himself on the field and was taken to a line where he was given a sign with his partners name on it. If there was one thing Alasdair hated it was meeting new people, and not only was he meeting a new person he was meeting a person who he would have to be partnered with for quite a while. What if they didn't get on? What if the other person judged him too quickly? Upon thinking about the other person he looked down to his sign, "Desmond..Jones?" he spoke quietly to himself as he walked away from the teachers. The name sounded familiar to him, then he realised that he was the cool looking student from the other class. Alasdair was looking less forward to this meeting less and less. He perked his head up and looked timidly around the field until he found the lad with his name on the sign, with a quick shy he walked towards the boy who was sitting on the field, slightly scared of speaking to him.


Alas stopped in front of the other student, not taking time to actually probably see what he looks like but instead just looking to the ground in shyness. "U-um h-hello- I'm Alasdair I'm y-your partner…I think" he told him in a quiet tone, obviously very nervous about the encounter. He was shaking slightly and at no point while he was talking did he seem confident.

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Desmond watched lazily as other students met their partners, wondering who it was he was going to be partnered with. Would it be a boy or a girl, or something else? Would they be rude or would they be kind? Would he remember who they were once they walked up? He surely didn't recognize the name, and he knew he would remember it if the kid had left a decent impression on him. Well, he knew that wasn't true. He had forgotten a lot of his childhood due to the accident.


He was watching a girl and boy meet when he realized there was someone standing in front of him. He looked at who it was and saw his name on the sign, then he looked up at the kid. He thought the kid was a girl, but then he spoke and Desmond realized he had been wrong. He kept quiet as the boy spoke and noted the stutter, and he looked him up and down. He seemed short and unhealthy, and he had freckles all over his face. Desmond wondered if he was really a girl, since his hair was long, but he quickly forgot the thought when he realized he had a hat on his head. Did he not have ears? Or was he ashamed of his ears? He briefly thought of his own tail, then thumped it against the grass and sighed.


"So you're Alasdair Brown." He looked at his sign. "Dalais-Brown, I mean. That's quite a name you have. I'll just call you Alas. You can call me Clovis, or Dez, or Jones." He said, looking him over again. "You're pretty short, huh? Well, I'm pretty short too, so it's whatever." He moved over in the grass and pat the space beside him. "Come on and sit down, Alas. I don't bite." He smirked, then. "Much." His smirk quickly disappeared. "No, I'm joking. I don't bite poor kids who look terrified."


He heard people giggle and looked over at them, but he quickly looked away. So his crush had been called out too, huh? Hopefully nothing bad would happen to him. He looked back at Alas, wondering why it was that this kid was his partner. Did he have awful magic too? Did his magic always benefit everyone other than himself? He didn't know.

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Alas stood still and tense the whole time Desmond talked to him, his knees quavering slightly. How he wanted to be back inside, where he had no responsibility and where he didn't have to socialize, but here he was; talking to someone who he would be stick with.


Dez seemed a lot more able then himself, perhaps he was his partner because his magic was better than his? The school didn't know about his rune magic and since letter magic was common and his was weak perhaps the only reason he was here was because of his grandfather? Did the school expect great things of him because of that? He surely didn't hope so because if that was the case he was about to truly disappoint everyone.


Noticing that his partner had stopped talking he tensed a bit more. 'what do I say?? What did he say?? I think he wants me to sit down next to him did he give me a nickname? Did he give me a nickname to call him- yes I think he said to called him Dez? Clovis? Clovis sounds nice I'll go with that one' he thought hurriedly to himself.

"U-um Okay t-thank you" he said shyly, and while still looking to the ground he took a seat next to him, bringing his fluffy tail round to his front and hugging it nervously.

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Desmond looked at Alas when he sat next to him, then he looked at his tail when he wrapped it around his feet. He frowned and thumped his tail against the grass again, then he reached down and poked his partners tail. "I'm jealous of you." He tugged on his tail, then let go of it and looked around. "Mine's short." He said. He wouldn't say why it was short, though. He pointed to his ears and looked at Alas. "Do you have ears?" He asked, his own ears flicking when his hands touched them.


He leaned back and stretched, watching Alas as he did so. He wanted to know why this kid was his partner. He needed to find out more about him, though. "So," he straightened, "how old are you? What's your favorite food? Do you like animals?" He looked away, then looked at Alas out of the corner of his eye. "You afraid of ghosts? You seem like a kid who'd be afraid of ghosts. Hm, just tell me about yourself, I guess. Kind of important that we get to know each other, I would imagine. Not that I have much interest in that." He looked away from Alas then, and turned his attention to his crush.

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Alas thought that once he was sat down next to Dez that he would be able to relax but that was not the case. Even the sound of his tail thumping against the ground scared him slightly. As soon as Dez's hands touched his tail he immediately froze and pulled his head down further towards the ground, unable to even bring his head up slightly to look at his partner.


He could already feel small droplets of tears forming at the case of his eyes and tried to calm himself subtly, for Alas; his tail was one of the most sensitive parts of his body, even individual hairs cause some kind of weird tingle when someone else touched it so Alas always normally kept it around his front to stop others from touching it. But he guess there was always one who was curious.


Then Alas was suddenly bombarded with questions, he managed to lift his head a little higher as he tried his best to listen to his questions. "U-um um well I-I'm seventeen c-coming on eighteen I guess my favourite food is probably chocolate my favourite being milk or white a-and yes, I suppose I like animals I guess u-um…"he told him, trying to answer Dez the best he could without stuttering and mumbling too much, trying to make a good first impression though he knew that he had already failed that.

He still had small beams of tears in his eyes but was a little thankful that his partner was looking away as he raised a quick sleeve to his eyes to wipe the salty drops away before returning his arm quietly to his front hugging his tail.


"I-I guess I'm kind of afraid of ghosts, I'm kind of afraid of most things actually u-um…w-well there isn't a lot to know about me really I guess i-im not an interesting person and my magic isn't very strong, or completed or stable i-I reckon I'm only here because of my granddad b-but I guess I'll have to wait and see about that..u-um w-well yea…that’s pretty much it." he told him, slightly hurried wishing that all of this would be over.


He just wanted to get back to his dorm and sleep in-between his soft, duck feathered fill duvets, just thinking about sleep and being inside made him a bit tired as he let out a small yawn. He was a bit embarrassed by his pathetic excuse of talking about himself. Was that really all he could say? Or was that all he wanted to say. Like Dez said he didn't have much interest in this and neither did he. Plus he thought that he had embarrassed himself enough for today, he had stuttered too much for his own liking and had already began to cry in front of his new partner; this couldn't really get much worse- though he knew better than to question that, fate had never been particularity kind to him.


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Dez was surprised that Alas had answered all of his questions, although he didn't catch most of the answers because the boy was talking too fast. He caught that he was kind of afraid of ghosts and that his magic wasn't very stable, and he looked back at Alas when he mentioned his granddad. "You're only here because of your grandpa? What does that mean?" He asked, confused. He had gotten into the school because he had passed the test to get in. Had Alas not taken the test and had it easy getting in? He frowned. If that was the case, then his partner had to have good magic. "What kind of magic do you even have?"


"Jones!" Desmond turned at the sound of his name and saw Chance, who was walking towards the two. Desmond looked back at Alas, but then looked at Chance. "Hey, can you help me with something?" Chance asked, waving to Alas.


"Depends on what you need help with." Desmond said, watching Chance. He noticed Chance's partner standing behind him and frowned, but he quickly covered it with a smile. "I may just refuse you anyways. You could have your partner help you instead."


Chance frowned and crouched in front of Desmond, who leaned back. "She won't be able to help me with this. I need you to help me be lucky." Desmond frowned and Chance smiled nervously. "It's just a quick request, Jones! I'll get out of your hair after it's done."


"Did you tell her about my magic, Chance?" Desmond asked, nodding towards Chance's partner. "I made sure to have you promise to not tell anyone."


"No, I didn't tell her! I just said that you'd help me out with something that only you could help me out with." Desmond looked away from Chance at this and Chance clasped his hands together. "Please, Jones! I won't ask for anything ever again."


Desmond watched Chance, then he looked back at Alas. "You don't mind me showing off my amazing magical abilities, do you?" He asked sarcastically. "This idiot loves my magic, honestly. It's not anything amazing though." He shrugged. "If you'd rather they leave that's fine too. It's all completely up to you, Alas."

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Alas let out a slow gulp, starting to hug his tail even more. "U-um well my granddad's a great warlock, he used to be in the government a-and well I got low schools in everything but the magic test so I think he influenced me getting in…" he told Dez shyly, he wasn't really all that ashamed that his family's influence might that gotten him into the school. "P-plus I think because of my family's influence I was chosen for this task, t-they might be expecting something of me again…"he added, slouching slightly and snuggling his head into his hoodie. His family wasn't overly rich, they did have a mansion and quite a bit of land but they had some influence here and there in the government, thankfully Alas was the youngest child so not much was expected of him; yet at the same time because of his family a lot was expected of him.


He was about to answer Dez's question about his magic when another male and his partner came towards them. He ducked shyly away, covering more of this body with his tail as he watched. He knew who the other was, despite being shy Alas was quite observant of everyone, he knew the boy but not enough to know anything about him, though what he didn't know was that Dez and Chance knew each other and he was rather curious about their interactions. He listened carefully while hiding behind his tail, he was quite curious to know what kind of magic Dez had, yet at the same time he wasn't all that comfortable with being surrounded by three people, though he supposed if he just moved out of the way and watched from a small distance he would be okay.


Alas shook his head, not wanting to be of any inconvenience though by how tense he was he wouldn't be surprised if Dez or Chance could tell he was a bit uncomfortable. "I-I don't mind at all go ahead." he answered in a hushed tone, not finding any courage to bring his head up to look towards his partner.

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Desmond sighed when Alas said he could show off his magic. "Should have said you wanted to kick Chance outta here." He mumbled, but leaned towards Chance. "What is it you need help with though, my old friend?" He asked, a bored expression on his face.


"I'm gonna go ask someone out." Chance smiled. Desmond frowned and looked down, and Chance tilted his head. "Jones?"


Desmond looked up and slapped his cheeks, then he stood and looked across the field. "So who's the lucky kid?" He looked at Chance. "You probably won't actually need any magic to help you with it, though. You're a pretty cool guy."


Chance stood as well and looked at someone across the field. "It's Taylor Nichols." Desmond whistled and Chance nudged his shoulder. "Yeah, you know that story. Help me out."

"Yes, yes. Make the probability that Taylor Nichols will say yes to Chance's question like, ninety-six percent." Desmond snapped his fingers and Chance punched his arm. He rubbed his arm and looked at Chance.


"Why only ninety-six percent?"


"I'm not entirely rooting for you. Go on and ask that kid out. There's a ninety-six percent chance he'll say yes." Desmond waved Chance away and Chance's partner watched him leave. She then turned her attention back to Desmond.


"Why aren't you rooting for him?"


"Because I don't like Taylor Nichols." Desmond muttered, sitting next to Alas again. "You can leave now, Marina. I'm getting to know my partner, and you're scaring him. So, leave." He paused and looked at Chance, who looked nervous in front of a boy. "Chance will find you after he's done with Taylor."


Marina watched Desmond, then smiled. "You like him." Desmond tensed and Marina sighed, reaching over and patting Desmond's head. "I'm rooting for you, Dez."


"Bye, Marina." Desmond said. Marina turned and followed after Chance. Desmond looked back at Alas. "So, my magic is dumb. What's yours like?"

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Alas was pretty much in Awe upon seeing Dez's magic, even know it was the visable kind. Now he was curious if it would actually work. He didn't really pay much attention to them talking, though he felt his ears perk up slightly upon hearing Marina say that Dez liked Chance.


He found that quite funny actually, how a boy with the ability to change luck and probability to have a crush on someone named Chance, though he stayed hid behind his tail. Dez's words were somewhat true, he was kind of scared of Marina- though he was scared of any female, or person actually. He kind of wished that he listened more to the actual conversation, he didn't know much about Taylor- didn't even know if he was in any classes with him though now he was curious and would probably go to find out later.


"I don't think your magic is dumb- and if your magic is dumb then how stupid is mine?" he told him with a bit of a nervous laughter. He didn't know if he should tell him of us his true power, but he still didn't quite trust Dez enough yet; what if he told Chance or someone else? What if people stopped talking to him or the school stopped teaching him or worse- the school expected more of him. Rune Magic wasn't exactly easy to learn, it's why it's one of the rarest- that and not many people had books left of the magic.


"U-um I have letter and word magic! I-I can t-turn words into the actual substance I write them out to be- but s-still maintain their actual word form, s-sometimes a-and the effect can vary depending on what's written or how it's manipulated but U-um here! Let me show you!" he told him, a bit more calmer than before though his stuttering was still heavy but at least now Dez should be able to understanding clearly what he was saying.


Alas looked around quickly, making sure no one was paying much- or any attention to them before taking his left hand glove off, careful to remove to slowly so not to reveal the small runes that was scarred into his wrist. He quickly murmured

" Solid Script: Fire "

Upon saying the words, which he said in Latin and drawing a small circle on his palm with his middle finger the words fire came in front of them, burning ablaze as Alas continued to use his left hand to control it. It was very small since he had said it quickly so not to draw attention.

"Now that I have it out I can use the fire to my will- as long as I have enough oxygen, fuel and heat to keep it burning, otherwise it'll just burnout" he explained, flicking his wrist softly which lead to the word burning out in a swift motion.

"I-It's still quite unstable depending on what spell I use, but s-simple elemental spells I have better control over"


Alas was still looking away from the Dez the whole time he performed the spell, since he had met his partner he had not laid eyes on him for more than a few seconds, scared of any outcome that might occur if he did. His tail was now swishing to the side of him, in its place Alas was now hugging his bag,.

"B-but that's pretty much it- t-there's still a lot more I could do i-it's just not allowed while on s-school campus due to risk and safety to students" He finished silently, clutching onto his bad, nervous about what Dez would think about his magic.

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