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DC fanart ahoy except not really

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I just set it as my wallpaper and it is everything I wanted and more <3 <3 I never would've thought to use that background landscape, but it is executed beautifully.


I don't have any crits as I said on IRC lol. I lurve it, tysm kas <3

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Wow, your artwork is absolutely stunning! ohmy.gif Think I'm gonna be watching this thread from now on tongue.gif Would love to get a request in at a later point.

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Woah, nice colour contrast! Always a sucker for orange and blue.


And about Spuma, while he doesn't have a description yet, the basic gist is that he's a captured and shackled Bolt used as a generator by his captors as they study him and work to figure out how to harness electricity with more practical inanimate objects. The dragon's a bit of a guinea pig.

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Almost three months since this was requested, oops

user posted image

no border here because ultimate legendary and everything blahblahblah

if you have a bright monitor, here's the colors altered 'more to my intentions' (sorry but I draw these on a dull laptop, so they can be quite over-saturated)

Welp I wandered off and completely forgot I requested this. I'm so glad I came back to see it, it's GORGEOUS. <3333 Thank you so much!

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Do you have DeviantArt or any other page where you upload all your gorgeous art? I wanna stalk ♥ *3*

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So I've closed request slots because I want to get used to doing commissions

I do plan on drawing the bolt dragon in the first slot eventually, but probably as something to test out new software with I finally thought up a pose I actually liked even though it's been... 3 months? only 3? I thought it had been like, 6

I've drawn some of my friend's flight rising characters as practice in different styles and atmospheres maybe

user posted image

user posted image

I'm going to call this one finished at the moment even though I think I've missed a few details I forgot to put in. I'll probably edit them in later when I manage to get on the other computer (I can already see that I forgot that I changed the intensity of the light that's reflecting onto something, too. Some skulls also need thickening so they're not just paper crafts haha)

These were both drawn on a brighter, less colorblind monitor so if your display is dull like mine they won't be too visible lol


If you want my DA it's krastei.deviantart.com but I can almost guarantee that this thread will be more up to date than my deviantart account is


Also today I learned that the snipping tool alters the colors of whatever it takes a screenshot of if you save it. It's very slight but still visible.

Thanks a lot guys

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ayy thanks


here have a picture of dragon I saw in a dream

Was definitely inspired by a new fr gene that came out though

my brain probably just scooped a skydancer and a fae up and processed it into this tbh



and this-


was meant to be the tangled wood but I drew everything wrong

and now there's this


There's a few reflections I need to fix/blur when I get to em but looking at this any longer hurts rn lmao

These aren't quite finished but I'm not sure when i'll get back to working on them

Edited by kastrex
updated first derg with new

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So I'm making an art archive of all the stuff I've published on the internet in this fr dragon's description, pretty much everything that isn't posted here is on there except for the badges I've made such as these, XjnnCJr.png ffpZiVG.png PSJqEWK.png xgCiEt8.png which can be located here

(disclaimer that my rights to use these specific badges are only for art example showcases)

Moving the archive to this thread shows that it gets really buggy so I won't be doing that

ANYHOW more art-

A friend's flight rising progen:


a drawing of marisa I don't want to finish because i feel weird about the style I chose:
yeah sweet dreams tonight


A comet rider adopt I may or may not be doing despite it actually blocking up the adop shop's art list


butterfly variant


A planet born from a spire:


and maybe the luminosity layer mode incarnate


thanks forrr everything

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On 2/21/2017 at 2:56 AM, kastrex said:

Thanks guys

By a nebula avatar I'm going to assume that all I'm drawing is an avatar in the maximum avatar size for this site and not something I cropped off a full picture, if you want a full painting you can just ask. full painting it is

user posted image

here's the almerald and a kyanite pygmy performing some magic


omg I have no words for how beautiful this is.

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it's almost been a year since i posted something? dang
anyhow I dug up a few things I did

I made plenty of new badges, so click here to see all the 100x100 art I've done (I update it kinda regularly too)
first thing's first here are the wax seals/banners i drew for each fr flight
note that the exalt pillar banners are fanart of the official things and not stuff i designed myself lol

anyway i forgot about this really quickly after idrew it, whoops
I think I made this with the intention of it being a  speedpaint or something 

but at the time I was actually planning on making a choose-your-own-adventure esque thing hosted by fr dragon descriptions
you would start out in a photography club with a fae and a skydancer who were friends with each other and then it would be revealed that the fae was a robotic spy drone thing and the skydancer was also a spy and the fae was actually being controlled by the skydancer's warlord enemy so technically it was him all along and all this overdramatic garbage god it's amazing that i still remember this

speaking of forgotten things I was really surprised when i found this in my computer 0645535efd54daf7daf0cce771a7122c.png
it was going to be a painting of the shadowbinder looking at the trickmurk circus/night of the nocturne celebration (honestly i can't remember which one it was)

i actually plan on finishing this but that won't be for a while so I'll post it anyway
also i drew marisa again
this one's fanart of mokou's timeout card (i think)
also I saved some progress screencaps i took which kinda act like steps here (image is a bit too long to post straight up

and recently i actually decided to finish the awkwardly disproportionate painting i drew of her earlier:
welp so much for 'fixing' it

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Would you mind If I put in a request?

I know you have stopped doing them but idk worth a shot?


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16 hours ago, Mittens12 said:

Would you mind If I put in a request?

I know you have stopped doing them but idk worth a shot?



not much point requesting anymore since I plan on avoiding doing requests on this thread


anyway I found this painting that I honestly forgot about the whole time, it was something I did for a flight rising event back in 2017


so was this, I can't remember if I showed that here already though


also these are both fanart of fr familiars

also whoops I ended up finishing this earlier than I said-


and here's more recent stuff-


some harp dragon I daydreamed up around a year ago or something

I found the flatcolors still on my computer so I decided to finish it


edit: oops, might need to zoom in to see this properly

flandre scarlet except this started out as a single shoe I wanted to draw from profile 

actually it might need to be sized down

i don't even know

Edited by kastrex

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Whoa, these are all amazing. I LOVE your colors and how bright and shiny they are. Incredible!!! :wub:


@kastrex Ok I really gotta know, what program and brushes/tools do you use? These are stunning. I have no idea how you manage to get such beautiful saturated and smooth colors like that. 🤩

Edited by hazeh

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@hazeh ayyy thanks
I've always used sai paint tool because its the only thing my laptop hardware will accept. It's also got a mean stabilizer 
Other popular programs have way more tools, but my laptop can't handle them


Also my laptop's screen is really dark so the colors have to be really saturated for me to be able to see them properly 


Anyway I make the base colors of whatever I'm drawing opaque and then clip details onto it. Most of my stuff's done with the circle brush, but sometimes I find particle effects in my brush folder to use


The luminosity layer mode is good to use for shine/glow/touching things up, but it's really sensitive to brush opacity

I like using this brush for wispy-ish clouds, I have no idea where it comes from but I can try linking the bitmap texture file or whatever it is
Sai's noise brush is also ok for tree leaves



anyway, somebody asked how I drew the crystals on my most recent painting so I broke the layers down and uploaded this tutorial to DA
probably gonna need to zoom in on this or right click ->open image in a new tab

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that's it, I'm forcing a page break. there's too many large images on this one already

the next set of art is on page 5


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