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Draiga Luna

Breeding Project: Choose a Name/Breed

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I am starting a new breeding Project and to make things a little funnier I decided to make it somewhat to a game.


Here is how it works:


I will breed each Dragon species with a different one and "pass" down the names depending on the offsprings gender.



Frostbite Dragon named "Frostbite" (male) X Blue-Banded Dragon named "Blue Banded" (female).

If their Offspring is a female the name would be "Bluebite", if it is male it would be "Frostbanded".

Also its either Frostbite or Blue-Banded (obviously).


So here is where you come in!

  • Guess which breed and gender the Offspring of a certain pair will have
  • And/or Guess which breed/Part of Name will make it to the end or very far.
  • Or just have fun to watch how the Lineage developes!
  • If not already Named you can suggest a Name for your (favorite) breed. (A Name must contain "2 Words" such as Firepaw, Dark Terror etc.. Of course the Name have to be allowed to be used in Dragon Cave. You can suggest A Name eventhough its not on the "Hatching List", just look on the Breeds already Named list)
  • If multiple Names for a breed are suggested I take the one most supported or take a random one (via random.org)
  • I will only use Dragons/Wyverns NOT drakes/Pygmies. (so I can breed all)
  • I will start with a CB for each breed (I try to get as much as possible)
  • I will try to pair Dragons, who can produce special Offsprings (like Deep Sea/Water + Skywing = Two Finned Bluna)
  • In case of more than 1 Egg is produced Ill keep the first / only the first counts.
  • The Offsrping will have the first name part of its same gendered Parent and the second part of the other one (see example above).
Note: This may take a while since I just started. Also dont expect me to work on this without a break.


Will there be any prices for those guessing right?


Uh, not sure yet. Possible just having fun tongue.gif

Might add something later like I dont know a Vamp Egg or something (got any bearable suggestions?).


If you are having any suggestions for Rules/Pairs/Names etc. feel free to share!


Currently Hatching:

  • Frostbite - Name OPEN!
  • Blue-Banded - Name OPEN!
Breeds already Named:


Planned Pairs:

  • Frostbite X Blue-Banded
  • Black X Albino
  • Deepsea X Skywing
  • Green X Stone
  • Hellfire Wyvern X Horse
  • Spitfire X Purple
  • Daydream X White
  • Water X Magi
ALSO: Please leave a comment so that I can see that there is interest in this little game so I continue (to share results) for you! Edited by Draiga Luna

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Breedable/On My scoll:


Albino M

Black F

Bleeding Moon F

Candelabra F

Electric F

Golden Wyvern F

Hellfire Wyvern F

Ice M

Magi F

Magma M

Moonstone M

Nebula F

Pillow F

Pink F

Pink M

purple F

purple M

Red F

Red M

Red-finned Tidal F

Spirit Ward F

Spirit Ward M

Sunset F

Tsunami F

Yellow-Crowned F


Edited by Draiga Luna

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