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Everend: The Owl Game

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"Explore a vast, ancient cave and overcome its many obstacles as Kaia, an adolescent owl.


With a sudden volcanic eruption shattering your world, you were torn away from both family and home by fire, singeing your wings and casting you down from the rest of your flock. You wake up alone, washed deep down into what appears to be a gigantic cave. You have not yet learned to fly, and must traverse through complex caves using what few items you could find. Many obstacles stand in your way, but with a little cleverness, and a lot of bravery you can live your own legend, and perhaps rediscover some forgotten ones as well."


I'm not usually type of person to be excited about new games... but something about this really makes me wait for the game with its prototype releasing on June 21st, Midnight CST. Just two days away now really o3o


I can't really say no to that cute little protagonist after watching the videos and seeing the story of the little fellow. <3


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