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Hamster Life

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So this is a thread for the phone app game Hamster Life by Cross Field Inc. :3

Hamster Life is a game where you collect, breed, feed, and take care of hamsters along with playing puzzles game to unlock new friends and levels.

It is available for both IOS and Android.


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You can decorate your cage.

Unlock different items by buying lower level items.

Feed and pet the hamsters to increase your training level.

And breed them too!


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This is an example of a puzzle game to solve.

The puzzles start easier and increase in difficulty as you proceed onward.

The higher the stars you get when solving the puzzle the more coins you receive.

The number in the left hand corner shows how many moves is left, with what you need to do to solve the puzzle underneath.


I was curious is anyone else plays this game or knows about it.

What is you favorite hamster or interesting mix you have found?


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