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Dragon Cave: Tales of Galsreim

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The young Soulpeace dragon sat up straight in its nest, scared awake by the howling of the drakes outside the little cave. She looked around for either one of her parents, and found the feathery white wing of her father hanging over her protectively.


Trouble sleeping, sweetheart?


Yes, Father. The Howler Drakes again.






Yes, my dear?

Can you tell me a story? About... the war?


Of course, child.




It all started a long, long time ago, in a land called Galsreim, in a world named Valkemare...


Setting :

user posted image

The world of Valkemare consists of two main continents (Galsreim and Nepharim) and several surrounding islands. The two continents are in the midst of what people refer to as the 'Thousand year war', referring to how neither side has gained the upper hand after 238 years and how it may very well drag on for a century. The war was started by the King of Nepharim. After multiple issues stemmed from inter-continental conflict, and King Protogia's (Nepharim's ruler at the time) personal disgust with the state of Galsreim and its chaotic exterior, he declared war on the entire land. His goal was to unite the two continents under a common banner where all races can live together in peace, and to regulate the use of dragons and magic. The Kings have been sending wave after wave of trained soldiers to wreak havoc and claim territory in the name of Nepharim for the past two centuries. War is starting to take its toll on the less wealthy nation of Galsreim. Plagues are beginning to spread, money and resources are running out, even the very weather seems to be against Galsreim as there have been constant natural disasters. Volcanoes erupt ahead of schedule, forests burn down and the continent is in the middle of the longest dry season it's ever had.


Galsreim :

Galsreim consists of four islands. Two are mainly occupied by the elves, one is shared between the dwarves and orcs, and the north-most continent having the least amount of flat land is occupied by mainly humans and dwarves. The map shows only the main and/or large cities, and countless other small settlements belonging to the five main races (Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Orcs and Dragons) and various other assorted races who do not have large cities. Dragons are extremely common here. There is no one ruling party. Instead, all the different races have their own settlements, usually only meeting for the Alignment Of stars once a year. The Alignment Of Stars aims to commemorate the unity between the races, and how there have been no large-scale conflicts between different races in a long time. There will be a party that takes place in one of their cities before the Alignment Of Stars, and literally everyone on the continent is invited. Although not everybody attends, there are still enough people to host a great celebration. After the celebration, there is a mass meeting between the many races and authoritative figures of Galsreim. The meeting aims to discuss Politics and other such stuff, taking place on the Great Circle, a raised plateau high up in the alpines very close to the exact centre of Galsreim. The plateau is carved of otherworldly meteorite and is large enough to hold an inter-racial meeting.


Anybody qualified enough can adopt an egg and begin raising Dragons. The same applies to magic. This is the main reason for conflict between the two continents. The King of Nepharim feels that Dragons and magic should be closely monitored, with people needing specific qualifications before being allowed to use them. While this ideology is not a bad one, the way he has enforced it is controversial. While Galsreim prides itself in its 'organised chaos', things never going wrong despite the fact that anyone can befriend and raze a town with the help of a magical flying beast, Nepharim takes a different approach.



Nepharim :

Nepharim, even in its geography, is more organised than Galsreim. It consists of a single, large landmass. There are very few islands on the outskirts, and those present are small and insignificant. The land is rich with both resources and mana. The various races live in and around the capital city. Everything is organised and listed. If you want to make a settlement, you go to the capital. You get a permit. Every month, you report every birth, death, every field harvested, every animal slaughtered, every bandit attack/house fire/flood etc. As such, everything is neat, tidy, and in order. Dragons are not given places in cities and magic are forbidden from being used unless the wielder has a special permit. This permit must be earned through very complicated processes, again in the capital. The continent is fully charted. Although, like Galsreim, there exist many deep and near-impenetrable jungles/forests with all manner of magical beasts inside, people are sent inside to fully chart it. The Kings are thorough with these laws, and anybody who breaks them is sent to the pit, an unspecified torture chamber somewhere in the capital of Thoragnyam. Although severe, this system worked for centuries. That is, until the then ruler of Nepharim, King Progotia the third, ordered ships and Water Dragons to head north to look for other continents. Finding Galsreim after crossing the Yamaja ocean (Galsreim called it the Mohaio ocean.), the citizens of Nepharim were disgusted by the chaos of Galsreim. The races scattered everywhere, anyone owning dragons and shooting fireballs... it was too much for them. When they returned with shiploads of gifts to report their findings, King Progotia the third made one final, half-hearted attempt at peace, before growing impatient and declaring that all of Galsreim belonged to Nepharim. Thus began the 'Thousand year war'.



Plot for players:

((NOTE: This will only apply to those that join right as the RP starts. If you join after the introductory chapter is over, you don't have to follow this.))

However, pay no mind to the tragic and terrible situation Galsreim is in and the conflict echoing throughout all of Valkemere! Every year, there is a grand party hosted by one of the main races of Galsreim. This year, you've decided to attend. However, with the war going on, such an open display of trust is not always a wise one. And even worse is the fact that this year's celebration is held in the human capital of Rhanra. Assassins sent from Nepharim lurk within the party-goers. And if they're allowed to kill King Enrich, the meeting at the Great Circle will not be able to plan for the war, throwing the preparations into disarray.





General rules:


Don't god-mod or power play(Forcing hits onto other players. Small actions that it'd make sense they'd consent to are okay. For example, taking control of someones character to accept a glass of water they asked for.)

If you're going inactive, please say so

No limit to characters

No Guardians of Nature or Avatars (Trio dragons are okay, but you can only play one of them if you wish to. They're meant to be really strong, after all.)

No OOC thread will be made

No killing other peoples characters without asking them first, either through PM or in OOC

Follow all dragon cave rules

DC dragons only (Cheeses, paper dragons and dinos welcome.)

If you have an issue with another player, please bring it to PM. Either PM them and discuss it, or PM me if you don't wish to be that direct, and I will do my best to help

I know Writers block is a thing. I hate it too. But please try not to write one-liners unless you really have nothing else to reply with

Not really a rule, just a guideline on dragons. Dragons cannot speak out loud. They communicate telepathically, and can broadcast that to directly beam in thoughts and words to peoples minds. They can try to read peoples minds, as they naturally have that ability. However, unless the person is willing, dragons mostly fail, as not all of them are skilled in mind reading.

PM all forms to me.

Dragon age rules:


1 year and below



Mature hatchling




NPC rules:


Something I always found confusing in previous RPs I've done is how people never really have a set way to deal with NPCs. This RP will have set rules to prevent confusion regarding them.


NPCs are controlled by the person who introduced them unless stated otherwise

Remember, just because an NPC doesn't have a character sheet, doesn't mean you can break rules when dealing with them. Godmodding and power-playing still applies to NPCs

Make NPCs up on the spot, sure. As long as the context in which they appear makes sense

If you get attached to an NPC, you might want to make a character sheet for them

Unless part of your characters story (like a necromancer, or a guy who summons demons to fight for him), it's not very nice to summon NPCs just to help you out in a fight. It's not really against the rules, but if it becomes a problem I might have to limit NPC creation.



Character sheets:



Character name:

Alignment: ((Good? Evil? In between? I'd prefer if you used the D&D kind of alignment chart. Like Lawful good, Neutral evil, etc.))


Age: ((How old?))

Species: ((Feel free to make up your own species as long as it can fit into the RP properly. No godzilla or dragon ball Z saiyans. Demons, beast-folk, lizardmen, plant monsters and such are fair game.))

Appearance: ((What do they look like?))

Personality: ((How do they act? What are they like?))

History: ((Their past. Anything important?))

Powers/abilities: ((Can they use magic? Any special types of magic? [like death rays or something] Do they have biological abilities worth listing if they're dragons? Try to specify where the magic came from if they have it. Born with it? Given as a divine favour by some kind of god?))



Blank version:



[b]Character name:[/b]

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Nothing has happened so far.




Places of interest:


Location of all current characters:

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Approved character sheets:


Riath's characters


Username: Riath

Character name: Setin

Alignment: Neutral good

Gender: Male

Age: 74

Species: Green Dino

Appearance: Setin is a normal looking Green dino, wearing a pair of magic bangles on his feet that allow him to run faster. His eyes are usually half-closed.

Personality: Setin is rather Apathetic about things, including food. He tends to just meander around aimlessly unless he finds something of particular interest. He's not the brightest, nor does he pretend to be. He's rather strong though, though he can't use magic.

History: Setin grew up in the dense forest west of Rhanra. He lived a pretty standard life for a Dino. Not caring much about predators, eating food, all that. When he was 68, almost an adult, he met a group of Elves travelling through the forest. They took a particular interest in him, due to the rarity of Dinos in Galsreim. They introduced him to civilisation, and he fell in love with the lifestyle there. 6 years after that, he decided to tag along with a group of his Elven friends to partake in the grand party prior to the alignment of stars.

Powers/abilities: Strength and size. Has a pair of magic anklets that let him run fast. A gift from the elves.



Puredark006's characters

Username: PureDark006

Character name: Odhran

Alignment: Neutral Evil

Gender: Male

Age: 23

Species: Siren

Sirens are carnivorous saltwater coldblooded creatures, with gills, claws, and sharp teeth, along a human head, arms, hands, and torso, and a fish tail. The exact look, colors and fins of each individual depends greatly on the subspecies (the species of fish the tail resembles), with the hair and eyes usually matching the color of the scales. Scales can grow on the back, chest, and arms, with varying textures. Sirens are mostly known for the magic that always accompanies their singing, which they use to lure prey. Sirens also learn to enter a humanoid form once they're adults, which also grants them lungs and the ability to live outside water; however, no siren will look 100% human, as they'll always retain their gills, teeth, coldblooded status, diet, and some scales.

Appearance: Odhran looks like a human with the legs replaced by the tail of a Leafy Sea Dragon, the tail being more than twice the length of his human torso and head. His human half has light brown skin and yellow eyes, along with pale green hair that reaches a bit below the first third of his tail. He keeps most of his hair tied in a high ponytail, with a long bang falling on each side of his face. He has sharp teeth, claws, and three openings on each side of his neck for his gills. His tail is covered in hard plates with thin skin over it, like a seahorse, and it’s usually the same yellow as his eyes. The plates also cover a bit of his sides and back before being replaced by human skin. Fleshy appendages that resemble leaves grow at regular intervals on the back and tail, first in pairs and then by themselves, with the ‘stems’ matching the tail’s color and the ‘leaf’ being pale green, each appendage getting shorter the closer they are to the tail’s tip. The biggest ones are a pair that faces down and grows on the pelvis, right on the border between tail and skin, and another pair that grows from his shoulder-blades. Two rows of leaf-like growths start a bit under his neck and span until a bit after the beginning of his tail, with a thin, transparent dorsal fin between them. More of those leaf-like growths are on the back of his upper arms, with a very short fleshy appendage on each elbow.

Personality: Odhran’s a pretty selfish individual that finds it difficult to emphasize with others, and usually can’t be bothered to make an effort to do anything that doesn’t benefit him. He’s very lazy and usually has to be dragged into doing things, and has a laid-back and ‘go with the flow’ mindset. While he doesn’t mind strangers, he isn’t accustomed to crowds and is bad at conversation. He’s spent enough time on land to know the basic customs and polite behaviors, which he follows not because he likes them, but because having to deal with the attention of not doing so would be a pain.

History: Odhran started out his life mostly the same way all sirens do, swimming around on his own, eating, causing a shipwreck or two, sleeping, and trying not to get dragged ashore. This, as a subspecies that isn’t exactly the best definition of a good swimmer, meant he preferred to live as far away from land as possible. He lived alone until he was a teenager, when he met a flying fish merman by the name of Aurel that for some reason instantly latched onto Odhran and refused to leave him alone. At the beginning it was annoying, and Odhran gave serious thought to just eating the other and going on with his life, but he had to admit having a good swimmer around had its advantages. Plus he could get to places a lot faster by holding onto Aurel (he really, really hated flying though). By the time Odhran was old enough to be able to live on land, something he had always wanted to be able to have more mobility, he had to begrudgingly admit maybe the other was kind of sorta possibly his friend. Who he might be slightly protective of. Only a little bit. In any case, the two of them ended up in one of the Galsreim islands, having mostly the same kind of lifestyle they used to have in the ocean, but with less water and more people. Until Aurel started blabbing about some sort of ‘grand party’ he wanted to go to and dragged Odhran to Rhanra.

Powers/abilities: Limited shapeshifting: As an adult siren, Odhran can switch to and from a more humanoid form, commonly called ‘splitting the tail’. He loses the tail and fins and gains human legs and a set of lungs, with his claws getting replaced by normal nails. This form makes him look mostly human, excepting the sharp teeth, the gills on his neck, and patches of plates that remain on his shoulder-blades, thighs, and the front of his calves.

Siren’s song: Like all sirens, when Odhran sings he automatically infuses his voice with magic giving it a 'lure' effect - any living creature that hears the song gets their mind clouded and is irresistibly drawn to its source. Creatures immune to magic are also immune to a siren’s singing, and sirens themselves are immune too. The strength of the lure is directly proportional to how well the target can hear it; hearing it clearly will have an instant effect that wouldn’t give time for any counter, while the effect gets diminished if there are loud background noises or the target is covering their ears, with deaf creatures being immune. Distance also plays a role, with the magic growing weaker the farther away the target is. Since the effect is created by a siren’s magic, the lure effect is only active hearing the song live and it loses its effect if heard on a recording device or similar. While transformed into his humanoid form, the singing magic loses around half of its strength, and if the target has a strong will they could resist the lure and think through the mental fog even if the song's source is a short distance away with no background noise.

Color change: Odhran can change the colors of his plates, though he can't do more than one color at the same time. He was born with this power, like all siren subspecies where the fish counterpart can do this, like the Leafy Sea Dragon.

Water magic: As an ocean creature, Odhran has an affinity to the element of water. On his own, he can control a small quantity of water akin to what a drinking glass would contain. With access to water mana, his control and the volume of water he can handle greatly increases, and he becomes able to manipulate thrice his weight in water. He cannot create water, so the one he uses must come from an external source, and he can’t control liquids that are less than 50% water.

Other: Like his fish counterpart, Odhran has a very good sense of direction. Also like it, his tail is rigid and has very limited movement, making him a slow swimmer – he actually swims faster in his humanoid form. His lack of swimming skills meant he depended on his singing magic to hunt, making the magic more powerful through the constant practice. Also, as a magical creature, he’s able to use mana in its raw form.


Username: PureDark006

Character name: Aurel

Alignment: Chaotic good

Gender: Male

Age: 21

Species: Merman

Mermaids are an omnivorous coldblooded water-dwelling species that resemble a human with the legs replaced by a fish tail. The exact look, colors and fins of each individual depends greatly on the subspecies (the species of fish the tail resembles), with the hair and eyes usually matching the color of the scales. Scales can grow anywhere on their bodies, with varying textures. All mermaids enter a humanoid form when they're dry, in which they become warmblooded, get their tail replaced by legs, and lose their gills. In this form, they tend to look mostly human, save for some scales (which can easily be covered in some individuals).

Appearance: Like most merfolk, Aurel has the upper half of a human and the lower half of a fish; in his case, the Ornate Goldwing Flying Fish, with the tail’s length being between one and two times the length of his torso and head. He has tanned skin and black eyes. His hair is multicolored, being white with golden tips, parted on the right with most of the hair combed to the left making short spikes. The rest of his hair is straight and reaches the middle of his chest, with a bang in each side of his face falling in front. His tail is the blue color most fish are associated with, with the caudal and dorsal fins being almost transparent. He has four of the ‘wing’ fins that give flying fish their name; two short and wide ones near the end of the tail, and two long ones from his shoulder-blades to the division between torso and tail. All the wings are transparent, with thick golden stripes and black splashes. Patches of dark blue scales grow on his shoulders, randomly scattered across his back, and on the back of his arms; and patches of light blue scales cover his wrists, the front of his forearm, and under his eyes. His ears don’t look human, formed by three long dark blue spikes with transparent webbing between them.

Personality: Aurel is incredibly energetic and has a short attention span, going from one thing to another in the blink of an eye. Cheerful and friendly, he enjoys meeting new people and learning all he can about everything, making him a trivia expert in things no one cares about. Despite his seemingly hyperactive personality, he’s actually rather smart, and good at remembering both facts and faces. He ruins it by being scatterbrained enough to forget about his transformations; he’s gone human while flying more than once, only to crash into the ocean and shift again.

History: Back when he was a kid, Aurel had a normal life with his school of flying fish mermaids. Until one day when there was a pretty bad storm, one bad enough to scatter the group, the strong waves and currents dragging Aurel away without him being able to do anything. After weeks trying to find his group on his own, he finally spotted another merfolk and wasted no time approaching them. The other turned out to be a seahorse siren named Odhran, and, starved for company, Aurel started following him around everywhere; not a difficult feat considering Odhran’s swimming could better be described as ‘floating around’. They lived together ever since, moving from the ocean to the dwarf/orc island in Galsreim at some point, chance Aurel took to learn all he could about the different land-dwelling species, including how to read and write. It was while he was talking to a group of traveling orcs that he learned about the yearly grand party hosted right there in Galsreim, and he decided he was going to go to the next one even if he had to drag Odhran halfway across the continent. Which he had to end up doing, but who cares? They'd never been to a party and Aurel was going to correct that no matter what.

Powers/abilities: Limited shapeshifting: As a merman, Aurel can switch to and from a more humanoid form, commonly called ‘splitting the tail’. In this form, Aurel looks mostly human, except for his ears which remain unchanged, a patch of light blue scales under his left eye, and transparent webbing between his toes.

Water magic: As a water creature, Aurel has an affinity to the element of water. On his own, he can control his weight in water, along with creating his own water at a rate similar to what one would get from a common sink. With access to water mana, he becomes able to manipulate several times the initial amount, and can create water at a fast enough rate to be able to use the pressure. While he can control other liquids, the less water they have in them, the more difficult it becomes to manipulate them.

Air magic: Aurel has a secondary affinity to the element of air. It allows him to control small volumes of air to create things like winds or mini-tornadoes. While not strong enough to be an effective attack, he mainly uses this magic to be able to fly instead of just gliding in his normal form. He can’t use air mana.

Other: Aurel has pretty powerful jumps in his human form, accustomed as he is to jumping out of the water to glide or fly. While he’s physically strong, he isn’t very fast or flexible. As a magical creature, he’s able to use mana in its raw form.


ubbydubby's characters


Username: ubbydubby

Character name: Gaolin

Alignment: Chaotic neutral

Gender: Male

Age: 28

Species: Half-orc (human/orc)

Appearance: Strangely, at least for half-orcs, Gaolin can easily pass as human. Although a faint green tinge shows on his normally medium skin in bright sunlight, it can usually be passed off as a trick of the light. He has thin, dark hair like his mother, a human, but he is built large and strong like his orc father. Also due to those genes, he stands at the height of a tall human man. Steady, deep eyes grace his face along with a defined nose. The most impressive feature about Gaolin is the way he carries himself, with pride and confidence.

Personality: Gaolin exudes a sense of strength and firmness in everything he does, and the mask rarely falls. Observation is his favorite pasttime although it can make him appear distracted or self-absorbed especially because of his self-imposed rule to speak only when there is something that needs to be said. These things make Gaolin a rather quiet individual, but when he does speak the same brute force he exudes shows in his speech as well. Sometimes he does not know his own strength and will accidentally push past what he intends- whether it be with words or with physical prowess.

History: Gaolin was raised by his human mother in a small human village, and thus knows little about orc customs. He was picked on as a child when his green tone was more visible until he learned that if you show that you are strong, you cannot be hurt. When Gaolin became an adult by human standards, he set out into the world to make his own way. He does not wish to pledge himself to anything or anyone and therefore took odd jobs to make his way, never staying in a place for very long. He has traveled all across the lands inhabited by humans, and even made his way to a dwarf village once. When he was young he always wanted to own a dragon, but never had the chance. Now he merely tries to be friendly to the dragons that are widespread where he wanders.

Powers/abilities: During the time Gaolin desperately desired a dragon of his own, he learned a bit of magic with the help of a heirloom pendant and the mage of his village. He can cast a mild offensive fire spell and a mild healing spell well enough without the pendant, so he never felt the need to learn anything more. However, he still carries the pendant with him in his rucksack, because it allows him to cast slightly more powerful magic as well as control his fire better, which could potentially allow him to light a room or cave if he was able to stay focused on the task. Gaolin is also naturally strong due to his orc side, and his strength deteriorates at a much slower pace than a human's would when they stopped exercising.

Other: Gaolin is not very flexible and finds it difficult to jump due to his mass.

skwerl56767's characters:

Username: skwerl56767

Character name: Hatch-Void #7 (most just call her Havoid)

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Gender: Female

Age: 96

Species: Guardian

Appearance: Havoid has the typical blue and grey scales of a Guardian, though a bit of her Grave father's markings come through on her wings and legs, leaving faint marks on her body. She also inherited her father's eye color, leaving her eyes a deep amber instead of yellow. Some faults in her hybrid design include a thinner tail that's too weak to use her shield-fin properly; as such, she prefers to use it as a weapon rather than a guard. Her horns also don't curve as much as a purebred Guardian's, protecting less of the sides of her face. Her strong points as a hybrid are shown mostly in her abilities rather than her build.

Additionally, Havoid has a series of runes on her body, located on her forehead, cheekbones, shoulders, and chest; they were tattooed on her by her original caretakers, back when her scales were still soft, making them permanent to an extent. They are all purple, and have faded to ambiguity over time.

Personality: Havoid was originally a spritely young hatchling, always sticking her nose into things and picking on hatchlings that picked on other hatchlings. As she grew though her original caretakers taught her to be more serious and stern, to act as though she was much older than she really was, and this demeanor has pretty much stuck with her the whole way. Always one to wear a frank expression, and ready to switch it out for a judgmental one, Havoid is more of an observer than a talker or a doer; she lets Whimsy have free reign over that. She isn't immediately trusting of anyone if she doesn't know them, not taking rumors seriously until they're proven and forming her own opinions of people.

Concerning her lineage, Havoid is more assertive about protecting people than a purebred Guardian, and more willing to go to violence over it. When particularly angry she loses focus and goes berserk, becoming a danger to herself and others (mostly herself, since she ends up forgetting that pain hurts); Whimsy plays a big part in reigning the Guardian in and making sure she keeps her temper in check.

History: Havoid was one of many Guardians hatched and raised as part of an experiment, one that - should it succeed - help the town she was raised in better defend its borders from Nepharim raiders. This small trading post on the southwestern island of Galsreim wanted to find a way to magically empower Guardians to have their minds synced up with the different scouts of the town; that way, all the scouts would have to do is send a mental image of any discovered enemy camps, the enemy's tactics, and other vital information to the Guardians, and they could anticipate and defend against the attacks with ease. Unfortunately this "Bond Experiment" failed despite looking promising, and the trading post was eventually conquered. Havoid - so-named due to unexpectedly hatching early (during the dubbed "Hatching Void", when no one was expected to hatch) along with 12 other Guardians - was bonded with a scout named Jerick. However, the runes painted on both youngsters only partially worked, leaving the two in a worse position than before where the wrong information was being sent telepathically at the wrong times. With so many other Guardians and scouts under the same effects, this left the trading post heavily under-guarded. It led to the town's ruin, took Havoid's bonded partner to his demise, and left Havoid scattered and homeless.


With no home, Havoid fled into the jungle and eventually came across a tributary, which led to a great river. Having nothing else to follow but the river, Havoid found herself on the northern shore of her home, and eventually found a fishing village of nagas. The natives were friendly enough, so she stayed for a while, guarding livestock for the small payment of food.

Many decades passed where Havoid grew, and many of her naga companions believed she would stay on the coast until the end of her days. Instead though, a merchant ship was driven ashore one morning by a nighttime thunderstorm, and aboard it was assortment of exotic goods and curious creatures. In spite of being blown off course the crew was rather jolly, and willingly traded these goods with the nagas; it gave Havoid the new experience of seeing what lay beyond the stretch of ocean. When it came time for the crew to utilize the high tide and go back home, Havoid decided to go with; there was nothing anchoring her here to this island. As such, she discovered the salty breezes and off-key sea chanteys that dominated the merchants' lives, and with a lightened mood, finally stepped foot onto Galsreim's mainland for the first time.


The sailors' own town reminded Havoid of her birthplace that had been taken over by Nepharim, except with a much lighter mood. People laughed, sang, and went about their lives with little concern about the massive threat down south; and with a volcanic mountain range just down the coastline, Havoid felt right at home. She settled here for quite a while, exploring the lives of the mixed-race town and learning new things, almost forgetting all of the combat tactics she was taught when she was young. Soon she made friends with one of the youngsters of the town: a Forest Sprite named Whimsy. The friendship was surprisingly solid, and Havoid found herself protective of the Sprite, a typical Guardian trait she hadn't experienced so strongly before. Whimsy too was excited about the bond, and - as was custom among her people - copied Havoid's markings onto her own form to show association and friendship. The tattoos somehow reawakened the magic that had slept inside Havoid's mind though, and as a result the mind syncing - however inaccurate and damaged it was - started up between the sprite's and Guardian's minds. While it has led to some (hilariously) embarrassing moments, it has only strengthened their friendship... well, except for the times when Whimsy won't stop thinking about things - like parties - and Havoid has to awkwardly bring it up.


Mind Sync: With plenty of difficulty and focus, Havoid and Whimsy can both send information to each other through telepathy. When idle this syncing can cycle useless information randomly throughout their minds, but when used successfully it can be quite helpful. Smudging, removing, or otherwise obscuring the runes on either being will make the connection foggy, even cutting it off entirely.

Fiery Affinity: Havoid inherited her father's finesse with fire mana, allowing her to cast such spells with a greater ease than most other Guardians. She can never cast fire out of nothing though; she has to have either a mana shard or actual fire to act as a source that she can then manipulate. Havoid can start fires with ease, but she can only encourage a fire to be put out; extinguishing fire still requires manual force.

Protector's Sense: The sense that all Guardians are born with. When a Guardian finds something it really wants to protect, a sort of motherly instinct is awakened; all the instinct does is make the Guardian particularly worrisome, irritable, moody, or distant whenever the thing it's protecting is in danger. The sense, however, is subtle enough that it can be easily ignored by the dragon, and those who are used to those feelings have an easier time hiding their unease. (If anyone else makes a Guardian character this is free to use, since it's applied to all Guardians.)

Other: None.


Username: skwerl56767

Character name: Whimsy Wednesday

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Gender: Female

Age: 11, but technically 52; Forest Sprites stop aging right before their teens, so despite being long-lived they still look and act a lot like children.

Species: Forest Sprite. Sprites are a type of faefolk, characterized by a smaller stature, typical insect wings found on faefolk, small tails, and curling, rear-facing antennae. Many sprites have fine scales decorating their bodies except for past the elbows, knees, and tail, and on their faces, all of which fade back into skin tinted the same color as the scales. They have child-like, expressive faces, and may have animal traits replacing their human features. Colors are respective to the biomes they are found in (Arctics are white, Forests are green, Stones are greys and browns, etc.). Sprites aren't the most advanced people, choosing to live druidic lives of nurturing the land around them, but they uphold a reputation for being overly optimistic about everything. They live in small groups called hives, and are herbivorous.

Appearance: Whimsy is a bright green Forest Sprite, with her scales being darker and richer and her skin leaning toward a pale yellow. She has feathers instead of hair, with a couple of feathers on her elbows, tail tip, and protecting her wing sockets, which have pink tips. Her wings, styled after a moth's, are yellow like her skin with light pink edging and eye spots. She wears a short dress made from hosta leaves held together by twine, and has tight wraps on her arms and legs to protect them from prickly plants. Her antennae have bright yellow ball tips and she has aquamarine eyes.

Personality: Whimsy, like many Forest Sprites (and just Sprites in general), still acts like she's barely past 10. Inquisitive, optimistic, and a little naive, she enjoys discovering new things and toying with them until she grows bored, which is when she switches back to searching for other new things. She isn't very attentive toward warnings or danger, being friendly up to a fault; she'll run right up to an angry dragon and declare her thoughts about it. Not necessarily bad, since not a negative thought seems to enter her mind about anything, but it has certainly made Havoid groan more than once about her behavior. Just like a small child Whimsy has her qualms about total darkness, and is deathly afraid of getting her wings wet from water; other things though and she is completely fearless, from clowns to spiders, to bears and falling to your doom. Climb up a super tall tree swaying dangerously in the wind? No problem, she'll take up the challenge in no time! Climb into a cramped space fill with black widows and skulking raccoons? Sure, why not! Skinny dip into a pool? OH GUARDIAN OF NATURE NO!! The only time you can get her to show a look of horror: talk about swimming. Otherwise though she wears a constant smile on her face, and seems to light up every room with it.

History: The hive Whimsy grew up in dubs its children alliterative names based on the days they were born; hence, Whimsy Wednesday. Being Forest Sprites, the first thing Whimsy was ever taught was how to garden, and after that it was foraging. And that was pretty much it in the life of a Sprite. She spent most of her childhood playing, gardening, and foraging, simply because that's what the hive needed at the time. While it wasn't necessarily a bad thing, it left Whimsy - and others - starved for interesting things, so when several races arrived to the nearby coastline to build a port town the entire hive inevitably went to investigate.

It's hard not to like Forest Sprites; only those expected to be distrustful were, and the Forest Sprites eventually signed up for the town's first trade route before the actual buildings were finished! Goods that were exchanged usually included produce and textiles; some of these textiles found themselves as protective wraps for Whimsy as the first non-vegetation clothes she has ever worn.


Whimsy's history beyond that hasn't been very exciting - though she did discover a fascination for sculptures and fine china through the port town - until she met a Guardian who had recently arrived. It's typical for Sprites to make connections with certain animals or beasts, and then symbolize that connection with matching body paint, jewelry, and other adornments; a show they simply called Soul Kinship. And this Guardian became Whimsy's Soul Kin. So, whether she liked it or not, Whimsy had already snatched up some paint, run over to the Guardian, and began babbling about how impressive she is and how she's new and that's so exciting and we've never met before but you're awesome so WE SHOULD BE FRIENDS!

Luckily, the Guardian Havoid didn't mind. Whimsy wasn't aware though that mimicking her tattoos would reactivate a slumbering magic that had lingered around for a while; the mind syncing was the last thing she expected, so upon finishing her new body paint she didn't anticipate one of Havoid's memories coming through.

Mmm, porkchops. Yum. Probably the first (and only) time Whimsy could be convinced to try out meat. She didn't really like it, but upon piling on the herbal spices she was more willing to finish her portion.


The mind syncing took some getting used to (and some vaguely-recalled memories Havoid used to explain the effect), but after a while Whimsy just accepted it as part of the Soul Kinship. Now she uses it as an excuse to get Havoid to do things instead of just watching from afar, including going to inter-racial parties. Though, it's still odd to have the occasional memory or fragment of a dream slip through and invade your thoughts.


Mind Sync: With plenty of difficulty and focus, Havoid and Whimsy can both send information to each other through telepathy. When idle this syncing can cycle useless information randomly throughout their minds, but when used successfully it can be quite helpful. Smudging, removing, or otherwise obscuring the runes on either being will make the connection foggy, even cutting it off entirely.

Life Affinity: While Whimsy cannot cast magic without the help of a mana shard or crystal, her strong affinity to Life makes her acutely aware of the health of other things around her, allowing her to pinpoint infirmities, illnesses, and effects of abuse. When Whimsy can cast magic she can only do minor healing, track certain animals, repel creatures with a Death affinity, and other smaller, related spells; she cannot do anything particularly intensive, such as healing fatal wounds, seriously hurting Vampyric or Undead creatures, or resurrecting the dead.

Illumination: If Whimsy spends enough time out in the light she will be able to "charge" her antennae; the ball tips on the ends are large enough to act as minor illumination when in dark areas. The charge only lasts for a couple of hours, its strongest intensity being for the first half hour. As long as something glows brightly enough that it can cast noticeable shadows she can use it to recharge her antennae; dimmer things lengthen the recharge time considerably. With enough exertion she can also force out the entire charge into one big pulse of light, which is capable of lighting a room for a moment and stunning light-sensitive creatures, but this uses up the entire charge and prevents her from glowing afterward.

Other: None.


Barik's characters

Username: Barik

Character name: Ajapai

Alignment: Neutral Evil

Gender: Male

Age: 78

Species: Antarean

Appearance: A normal Male Antarean, though his colors seem to be more vibrant along with a longer mane

Personality: Ajapai is quiet, not speaking to others often. He's a bit narcissistic, cleaning his feathers and mane as often as he can. He gets very angry if someone touches him. He may retaliate and attack, even if they are a friend.

History: N/A

Powers/abilities: If you ask him he'll tell you he doesn't have any, but in truth he has a slight persuasive ability. It works best at making others want to attack him less.

Other: I hope this is okay...

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I know this is WIP, but it looks pretty complete to me. Let me know when exactly you want me to read over it for approval!

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((RP now open and accepting forms! Starting when there are two other people (Excluding me) ))

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((Just popping in to say that I'm very interested in joining! I would like a visual of the map though, so I'll wait to make a character until the map is finished; I wouldn't want to make any false presumptions and then have to go fix them (I tend to do that a lot). This is very interesting though; I hope you get more players!

EDIT: Also, I can delete this if you need the thread to be clean before the RP starts. tongue.gif))

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((Just popping in to say that I'm very interested in joining! I would like a visual of the map though, so I'll wait to make a character until the map is finished; I wouldn't want to make any false presumptions and then have to go fix them (I tend to do that a lot). This is very interesting though; I hope you get more players!

   EDIT: Also, I can delete this if you need the thread to be clean before the RP starts. tongue.gif))

((For the map, I'm in the midst of drawing it up. But the map is a modified version of the Dc map, and I'm not sure if I would be allowed to edit it. I guess I'll upload what I have for now. Also, feel free to hop in anytime!


And for the rest of you guys, we have 3 players now, so time to begin! I think it'll be best to start of with the party just going on, so you guys have an opportunity to have your characters meet up IC before the plot progresses.))



Music and merriment echoed through the great dining hall. Long tables, stocked will all manner of gourmet foods, lined two walls of the massive, rectangular room on the top floor of the castle. More tables were scattered throughout the room, though all were parallel to each other. On the walls were mosaics, tapestries, portraits, and most importantly, banners. The emblem of Galsreim was emblazoned onto each and every banner. A green, rectangular banner, with a triangular point at the bottom. The banners were bordered by gray, with a red dragon in the centre. The dragon had a purple fireball above it's singular raised forelimb. The largest banner, taking up the entire far wall, hung above a simple golden throne. The throne sat on a raised pedestal, with steps leading up to it. The floor was smooth marble, polished and magically strengthened, so as to not be scratched by the many claws of the draconic occupants of the room. Across the room, six balconies extended out, giving partygoers a great view of the palace grounds.


King Enrich sat atop his throne, taking in the sights. His eyes moved from one group of party-goers to another. He watched a group of rowdy dwarves attempt to seduce an Elven maid. He laughed, seeing the Undine dragon at the far end of the room fling a ball of mead back and forth, using her water magic to keep it together. King Enrich turned to his right, where Frederick, his most loyal guard stood.


"Wonderful turnout this year, isn't it?"


"Yes, your Highness. Though I'd recommend we keep a lookout for danger. Remember what happened last year with Haruk, the Orc lord."


The King thought back to the previous years festivities, where a group of assassins had managed to sink twelve knives into the leader of a major Orcish tribe. He had managed to kill them all before his guards arrived, but the daggers were poisoned and he succumbed the following morning. The meeting at the Great Circle had not gone well that year. Without the support of that tribe, the Nepharim soldiers had managed to wreak a great deal of Havoc in the south.


"Ah, quit your worrying, Frederick. After all, I have you here. We've spent the last forty years together. You wouldn't let me down like that. Lets enjoy the party from over here, hmm, old friend?"


"Of course, your Highness."


Frederick watched, concern etched across his weather-beaten, scarred face. He readjusted his armor as his eyes travelled over the party goers once more. He watched as another group of nobles trudged up the red carpet leading to the throne pedestal. After being frisked by the circle of guards for weapons, they knelt in front of the jolly old king, and paid their respects. He sighed, worrying for his old friend as his attention returned to the party.

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Gaolin the half-orc entered the hall that had been chosen for the celebration. His eyes scanned the room, and he glanced up at the king once before his eyes settled on the vast array of brews. Turning away from the king for now, he made his way past tables upon tables of humans, elves, dwarves, and everything in between. Gaolin noticed that there were fewer orcs attending than the year before, and almost all of them looked on-edge as if something was about to happen.


Finally, Gaolin had made his way to the extended table with the beverages. He reached down to fill up a nice tall glass of mead, a small grin finding its way to the humanoid's face. Silent and imposing, Gaolin turned and sought out a table, his eyes landing on a dark corner where half a table stood empty. Slowly but surely, he walked through the crowd, brushing up against banners on the wall or elbows of other people. A dragontail whipped out in front of Gaolin, but it quickly slithered back to where it came from.


Once at the table, Gaolin sat heavily and began to sip, waiting for the king to make an announcement.

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The dopey, green dino walked through the crowd, unaware of his surroundings as usual. His full six metres of length weren't that big compared to some of the dragons in the hall. But considering he was wading through a crowd of Humans, Elves and Dwarves, it was rather hard for him to go unnoticed as he bumped into people repeatedly. His Elf friends hung a short distance back, watching to make sure he didn't get into too much trouble. He looked around at the various drinks on the table, nearly drooling in anticipation. He had eaten his fill already. Now it was time to drink till he passed out. It would take a lot to do so, due to his high alcohol tolerance. But he would manage it.


As Setin noticed a particular tasty looking brand of mead, a human walked up to fill a tall glass with it. He watched the human as he left, before approaching the table. However, before he could get his drink, two pygmy dragons flew down, grabbing the pitcher he had been eyeing. They flew off with the whole thing. He groaned, before turning his attention to the human that had taken the mead. Wait, was his skin... green tinted? Nah, couldn't be. Probably the lights in the castle. They were probably lit through magic or some other method. Setin walked over, stopping in front of the table the aforementioned person was sitting at.


"Excuse me, Sir? D'you know where I can get more of that?"


Setin stared at the glass longingly, hoping to be able to get a taste by the end of the night.

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Gaolin hadn't seen the dino approach as he was too busy staring into the depths of his drink. He jumped slightly when the dino spoke, before glancing up at him. Eyeing the rest of his surroundings, Gaolin squared his shoulders and, having completed his visual sweep of the room, let his gaze rest squarely on the dino.


"The mead? I got it over there." Gaolin gestured vaguely in the direction of the table he had just vacated. "There were a few kegs- the one I took from was still half-full when I left."


The dino was staring curiously at the drink, so Gaolin cupped a large hand around his mug so the dino wouldn't get any unscrupulous ideas. This was his mead, but he decided that if the dino turned out to be an interesting character he may think of sharing a bit. After all, he counted as a dragon.

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Odhran felt like he had seen more people in the past hour than in his entire life. As he eyed yet another group entering the already crowded hall, he made a mental note to never listen to any of Aurel's opinions ever again.


The siren stepped out into one of the balconies, resting his crossed arms on the stone railing with his face nested between them. It was chilly, the winds stronger due to the height, but Odhran didn't mind as much thanks to his clothes; tall dark-brown boots over long white pants, along with a thick long-sleeved white shirt under a dark-brown short-sleeved jerkin with a small collar, all mostly covered by the brown hooded winter coat he had to briefly take off at the entrance so the guards could confirm he wasn't hiding anything underneath. Pretty standard clothes, save for the thick dark brown gloves (because his hands were cold as heck), and the big scarf of the same color that covered his neck and most of his lower face, both ends falling on his right under the coat (because his neck got cold too, plus it was perfect for covering his gills).


Not that he really minded others finding out about his species, but if a party-goer had lost someone in a shipwreck, it could get very awkward.


"Odhran! There you are!"


He gave himself a few seconds of ignoring the cheerful voice before finally resigning himself to turn around.


Aurel was already almost behind him, holding up a skewer with cooked meat and vegetables; more of the former than the latter, the reason why becoming clear when Aurel took a bite out of one of the few remaining potatoes. Like Odhran, the merman was in his human form, clothed with a simple black tunic tied closed with a yellow string, the bottom held in place by a thick light-brown belt adorned with yellow patterns. Aurel was also wearing light-brown baggy pants, along with black boots that looked mostly like Odhran's own, besides their color. Unlike the siren though, it was clear Aurel wasn't exactly human; if the scales under his eye weren't enough to give him away, those ear-fins of his definitely did the trick.


Well, it was better that way. Odhran could be confused for another merman then.


"Come on, even you can manage to not be anti-social for five minutes, right?" The merman asked, waving the skewer in front of Odhran's face.


"This has been way more than five minutes," he protested, taking a step back and slightly glaring at the pointy metallic tip.


"Five minutes, five hours, what's the difference?" Aurel shrugged. Before the siren could open his mouth again, Aurel had already shoved the wooden handle into one of Odhran's hands, grabbing the other wrist to pull his friend back inside. "There are so many creatures I haven't talked to yet! You must get along with at least one of them, the laws of probability are on my side."


Odhran was starting to believe the party was some sort of elaborate excuse for Aurel to get back at him for something. He lacked the physical strength to forcefully release his wrist from Aurel's iron grip, so once again he had to go along with the merman's whims, trying to keep up while not stumbling over stray dragon tails.

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Setin stared sadly at the empty space where the keg once was. The pygmies who had taken the keg were nowhere in sight. How had they managed to lift up that whole thing anyway? Probably magic help. Either way, the keg was gone, and the only sample of that delicious mead was right in front of him, cupped around the large hand of the human. The Dino was rather disappointed, as the human was unlikely to surrender his drink willingly. Setin wasn't very bright, or used to getting his way through wit or cunning. So instead, he decided to talk to the human and see how willing to share he really would be. His Elf friends were nowhere in sight, probably off partying. They would check back on him later though. They always did in the end.


"The keg was taken, sir. What's your name?"




Meanwhile, six men dropped down from the roof of the castle. One onto each balcony. They were all hooded, with clothing in various shades of blue. If any party-goers paid particular attention, they would notice a shimmering patch on each of their sides, almost as if there was an invisibility spell cast there. The six quickly dispersed into the crowd, hiding in the sea of bodies. They started to mingle, making conversation and laughing along with the guests. One of these men spotted two rather odd characters. A man dressed in thick clothing despite the warmth of the dining hall, and another one with strange ears. Not pointed like those of an elf either. These ears almost looked like... Fins? The man approached the two as they moved through the crowd, rather curious. His blue outfit didn't exactly stand out amongst the assortment of colours present.

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"Well, then I suppose you can have a bit of mine, so long as you tell me your name. I am called Gaolin." The half-orc was intrigued. The dino did seem to be telling the truth, however improbably it was that half a keg had been stolen. Gaolin could see that the dino was indeed disappointed by his loss.


Just as he finished his statement, however, Gaolin's keen eyes caught a flash of movement above the balcony to his left, too high to be any of the people in attendance. It could just be a dragon, he mused. Gaolin shrugged off his mild feeling of unease to unclench his hand from the mug, shifting his drink across the table a bit to the incredibly forlorn looking dino.


"What brings you here alone?" he asked, hoping to meet at least one potential friend or ally on this journey. Gaolin had decided before he left for the festival that he had already had his fill of travelling alone.

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Distracted as he was while trying not to bump into anyone, Odhran didn't notice Aurel abruptly stopping until he collided with the merman's back. He dropped the skewer, which was immediately picked up by a passing drake as it ran away to a less crowded area to eat. "What now?"


"This is the first time I've seen a dino," Aurel whispered excitedly. Odhran followed the other's line of sight, seeing green scales near one of the far tables, and... were those shoes on that dragon? Huh.


He tried to twist his wrist out of Aurel's grasp, now that he was distracted. "So?"

"I want to pet it."

"That sounds like a good way to lose your arm."

"What if I ask first?"

"Less rude. Still very rude."

"Come on, it was a joke! Lighten up." As if he didn't know Odhran had seen him scratching a Day Glory's belly earlier.


He rolled his eyes, giving up on freeing his hand anytime soon. He was starting to get tired of being on his feet; maybe if he didn't resist further he could convince Aurel to move the mandatory socialization somewhere near chairs.


"Why, hello! Can we help you?"


Odhran eyed the guy Aurel was now talking to. Human by the looks of it, and seemed to be curious of Aurel's ears. Oh well, he hoped the small talk ended before he had to sit on the floor.

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Setins depressed expression faded as he was offered the drink. A dumb-looking smile stretching across his face, he reached his hands forward to take the mead. His hands had four fingers each, and were well suited for things like catching fish and plucking fruits. Thus, he was able to lift the mead and take a sip. Before he did so, however, he had to honour his agreement.


"I'm Setin. Nice to meet you. Lovely party, isn't it, Gaolin?"


The Dino was in ecstasy as the taste of mead flowed through his mouth, and the liquid ran down his throat. He was a greedy one by nature, but still, he realised how rude it would be to take all the mead. As such, he sadly put it back on the table and answered Gaolin's second question.


"Oh. I'm not alone. I have a few elf friends around. But they went off on their own. They're still keeping an eye on me though."


The Dino stretched his mouth in a crude approximation of a smile. He had confidence in his friends. They'd look out for him. This Gaolin guy seemed pretty nice too. Perhaps he could make friends.



The hooded man looked up at the fellow with the strange ears. Yes, he had been eyeing his ears for a while. But he hadn't expected the person to come up and make conversation like that. Still, it was quite nice to be able to speak to them normally instead of skulking around behind them and staring at those ears. A rather high pitched, squeaky voice rang out from under the hood.


"'Ello there! Ah was just wondering about'cha ears. Why're they all weird an stuff. I mean, ah'm a practitioner of magic meself, see? An I want ta know how they got like that. Cursed, hmm?"


The man hung back, twiddling his thumbs as he waited.

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"Quite," Gaolin replied, chuckling slightly at the dino's enthusiasm for ale. Once the dino had finished, Gaolin was quick to slip his hand around the mug again, pleased that he had managed to make the dino happy.


The dino spoke, and Gaolin quickly eyed the tables nearby for these elves that were supposedly watching over Setin. He saw none. "I see. Do you attend just for fun?"


Gaolin ran a hand through his hair and he waited for the dino to respond, immensely glad that the corner he had picked was shady enough to hide his skin. The last thing he wanted was to repeat the same answers to the same questions, over and over again. Gaolin took a swig of the mead, trying to erase the unease that still shadowed his mind. Why am I getting this feeling? Nothing is out of the ordinary...

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A few elves wearing golden bangles around their arms were standing around, not too far from Setin. The bangles looked just like the ones on Setin's legs. If Gaolins gaze fell over them, they would give him a friendly wave. Setin was moving his tail around happily, glad to have found a new friend to talk to. He was grateful to this human for sharing that amazing mead with him.


"Yes, we do! I came because being here, in the big city, is way better than walking round in the dumb old forest I come from. Nothing to do, see? My Elf friends picked me up from the forest a few years back, and I've been adventuring with them every since."

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As Aurel thought, the stranger in blue had really been looking at them. With a friendly smile, he ran the fingers of his free hand over the top of one of his ears. "Oh no, I'm lucky enough to never have been that unlucky. These are natural."


He released Odhran's wrist, extending that hand towards the stranger to shake. "Name's Aurel, and I'm a merman. Still having some fins and scales while we have legs is normal for us! Oh, and friend here who's slowly inching away as if I'm not going to notice is Odhran."


"...Hi," the siren said after a small pause. Good, good, now Odhran had to remain in the conversation. Current goal: have him stop being awkward in front of the stranger.


"But, you're a practitioner? That's really cool! What kinds of magic are you most familiar with?" Aurel asked, really interested.

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The man nodded awkwardly as Aurel and Odhran introduced themselves. He seemed to be deep in thought for a moment, before breaking into a wide smile, mostly concealed by the dark blue hood. His left hand moved towards his own ear, feeling it. His other hand extended to shake Aurels hand. His hand would feel quite weak and bony.


"Ah. So yer both mermen then? Name's Edwain. And as fa the type o' magic I practise... Well, it's all of 'em! Ah'm sort of a jack of all trades, eh? I know a little bit o healin, tiny bit o elemental magic, all that. Nothin ah really specialize in. Though da type of magic ah'm most familiar with is... Well, ya'll will see in a li'l bit."

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Aurel shook Edwain's hand carefully, slightly concerned about doing any damage to the bony limb. Had that guy been eating properly? Was he sick? Maybe he should offer the food he had gotten for Odhran...


Talking about that, his friend's hands were empty now. And after Aurel had gone through the trouble of eating the veggies, since the siren didn't like them.


"Term is merfolk, actually. Easy mistake," he cheerfully corrected. After all, Odhran wasn't a merman, so 'mermen' couldn't be used when including him. Aurel brought his hands together, not really noticing the slight tensing of the siren's shoulders at the man's last words. "Oh you're putting up a show? Can I ask where exactly? We'd like to watch from nearby!"


Aurel felt a small jab as Odhran discreetly elbowed his side, but chose to ignore it. He knew the siren hadn't spoken enough to be uncomfortable yet, and his friend really needed to practice.

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'Edwain' broke out in a large grin once more, before letting go of Aurel's hand. He took two steps backwards, slowly lifting his hands.


"Yes, actually. I'm abou'ta put on a show! With colours, and lights, and magic! Step back so ya don't get shocked, eh? Oi, gather round, gather round! Ole Edwain is about ta show some magic!"


A few dragons and humans turned towards 'Edwain' as he announced his intention to perform for the crowd. His smile still on his face, he turned to the merfolk again.


"Ya'll can watch from real close, eh? Front row seats fer my two newest friends."

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Why in the name of everything that was holy wasn't that ditz of a merman noticing that their 'new friend' was acting more and more suspicious by the second. And Odhran didn't even have time to properly refuse Edwain's offer before said ditz of a merman was already holding the siren's shoulders, making the two of them take two steps back as the human had instructed.


"Isn't this exciting? I always love seeing magic that isn't water!" Aurel enthusiastically commented.


"I have a bad feeling about this," Odhran thought, quickly looking around to see if there were any dragons nearby that could be used as a shield in case of something unexpected. No Guardians, damn. He barely had time to inhale deeply just in case before Aurel was exclaiming an overly cheerful "Ready whenever!"

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'Edwain''s grin didn't falter, as he raised his hands above his head. Three small, purple fireballs appeared above him, and dropped down like stones. He caught them in his hands, beginning to juggle them while laughing cheerfully. The fireballs grew bigger and bigger as he juggled. Quite a large number of people were now watching his little performance, laughing and cheering him on. The fireballs were the size of melons now, and began to change colour as he tossed them into the air again and again. A wide circle had formed around him, as people stopped to watch the man play with his balls. 'Edwain' turned towards the Merfolk, still looking as happy as ever as he continued to perform for his ever-growing audience. The fireballs stopped growing, and he started to juggle them in a variety of ways. He seemed to be enjoying himself.


"Enjoy the show, fellas!"




Two more hooded men watched their companion from a distance. One of them, the older one, seemed to be smiling as he spotted the purple fireballs bouncing up and down. The younger one, however, appeared to be scowling as he looked at 'Edwain' and his performance.


"Can't resist showing off, that one."


"Ah, quit your yapping. Always sulking, you are. Lighten up. It's a party. Now let's enjoy ourselves before we do what we came here to do, eh?"




The duo stalked off, their blue robes trailing behind them. They were heading towards the pedestal where the king was on, right past a man speaking to a Dino. If they were paying enough attention, the man and Dino might have caught a glimpse of the transparent, shimmering, blade-like shapes strapped to the sides of the two men.

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Odhran slowly exhaled as Edwain started juggling fireballs. Thank goodness. For a second there he was considering what to do in case of a sudden lightning bolt.


Aurel had wasted no time in becoming one of the firsts to join the cheering, grip not faltering on Odhran's shoulders even as the merman's full attention was on the ever-growing purple flames. Well, fire magic made sense, considering he had noticed the man's sides seemed to be slightly distorted, as if seen through heated air.


He still didn't trust Edwain though. And being aware of his own trust issues didn't make his friend less wrong for instantly getting attached to strangers.


In either case, the spectacle seemed harmless enough for him to relax. Now if there had been a chair nearby, that would've been even better.

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