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10 Interesting Things About You!

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1. I love books!!!

2. I like spiders and scorpions. Pet preferences usually hover close to exotics.

3. I have a really favorite multi para roleplay of mine that's still ongoing for almost six years.

4. Two years ago I used to write wattpad creepypasta fanfics. And I'm getting the itch to do it again.

5. I'm developing a taste for pagan and folk metal.

6. Sweets, sushis and ice cold beer are my weaknesses.

7. If procrastinating is a positive talent people will admire me for it. If only.

8. I love owls, but I was never a night owl. Well, I tried. >_>

9. Lots of people tend to say that the way I stare at them when I'm serious is rather scary.

10. One of my goals for the next few years is to grow my hair past my knees. xd.png


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1. I am vision impaired and have this rare brain damage-thing called De Morse's syndrome.

2. I´m born in what used to be the northernmost (is that a word? town in the world, Hammerfest. I´m not sure if that´s true anymore, though, it might be Honningsvåg that´s the northernmost town now.

3. I have a weird obsession with tasteless food, like shrimp chips and the outside of those UFO candies.

4 My fave food is sushi. I can eat endless amounts, ask my family. Besides that I barely have any appetite., yet I´m not exactly skinny tongue.gif

5. I met the World Idol Winner Kurt Nilsen on accident when he was signing singles outside a store once. I went inside, bought a single and we chatted in like 5 seconds. I was totally starstruck tongue.gif

6. I´ve been interested in RPing for over 10 years but haven´t done it much.

7. My name is Christina, but when I was little it was too difficult today, so I said Tinti. It´s been my nickname both in IRL and online ever since.

7. The name of my scroll (Carai) comes from my private little book project that I´ll probably never finish. Carai is a huge cave, or rather, network of caves where a huge, white dragon lives. Now I rather wish I had signed up as tinti there too, lol.

8. I´m way too addicted to smileys. Especially these three laugh.gif :sub: tongue.gif It has to stop (see, no smiley on the end of that sentence, I CAN do it!)

9. I´m hair-obsessed. Four people in my family are hair dressers so I guess it´s in my genes. I couldn't become one, though, because of my vision impairment. But I´m the best one with braids and updos, though.

10. I know everything about Harry Potter and The Legend of The Ice People. This easter my sister found a few quizzes online and shot questions at me and I answered 99% in the matter of seconds.

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1. I like to read. I have read 209 books in the last 5 years (since 2012)

2. I have a grey & white cat named Gambit

3. I enjoy watching anime and reading manga

4. I'm a total Marvel fangirl

5. I really love tea. I have probably about 20 types on hand right now.

6. I have always loved the pokemon games and I still play them

7. I enjoy cooking and eating ethnic foods

8. I can fall asleep anywhere

9. I collect gemstones

10. I was in Girl Scouts for 11 years

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1. I love to read.

2. I'm a very proud Slytherin.

3. I think Superwholock would be the best crossover ever as it combines three of my favorite shows.

4. I have two dogs and really want to get a pit bull one day.

5. My favorite movie is the Avengers, followed by The Mummy (1999).

6. I love writing and have successfully completed NaNoWriMo 2 years in a row.

7. Because of number 6, I am most often seen in the roleplaying section.

8. I'm a huge computer nerd who is majoring in Information Technology.

9. I'm a huge introvert - I'll take a Netflix binge or a good book over a party any day.

10. I'm a total Hamilton nut and can and will shamelessly belt out the lyrics to Guns and Ships given the opportunity.

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1. I will literally taste any food that's not rancid/still alive. (or cordyceps. anything that could be described as a parasitic zombifying fungus is not going anywhere near my mouth)

2. got 4.0 gpa/honors societies/research grants/all that nonsense, but I can't stand sounding smart online/through text in informal situations. It makes me feel pretentious, so sometimes i go out of my way to not use proper grammar etc. :/

3. about 1/3 of the way finished with my first novel! keep getting distracted by writing bits of sequels haha

4. I can make a mean filet mignon ;-)

5. Absolutely obsessed with gardening

6. I once drove 14 hours just to watch an X-Men movie with my friend <3

7. Pets include mules, dogs, cats, fish, chickens, and previously a parrot (rip little buddy :c)

8. My favorite color is somewhere between lime and olive

9. One day I hope to open a sort of medieval-themed cafe!

10. I cannot stand any kind of carnival ride. Even the little swing rides make me sick!

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Loved reading through this so here I am.


1. I lived in three countries on two different continents...

2. And i moved between them in the arch of like 3 years time.

3. I used to have a cat that acted like a human. He even sat as a human ohmy.gif

4. I lost interest in having close friendships since I move around too often to nurture them

5. I once met an Italian friend of mine in Sydney on NYE. I did not even know he was in Australia.

6. I have a driving license but I haven't driven for years. I hate driving :C

7. I had a cancer and survived, but saw way too many people not being this lucky

8. I wish I could live just wearing my underwear, coz it's just so comfortable and fresh tongue.gif

9. I live in Hong Kong but I am afraid to visit China. Yes, really xd.png

10. I am obsessed with traveling and seeing new places, and the airport is like my second home


And that's 10 already lulz

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1) I love reading, and often have two or three books on the go at once.

2) I'm an animal lover, owning a wide variety of pets (4 dogs, 4 cats, turtle, fish, chinchilla. Past bets included birds,snakes, lizards, rabbits and others.)

3) I Don't like spiders!

4) I've worked almost 20 years in one job.

5) Many of my animals are rescues/adopted from shelters.

6) I'm highly allergic to dust and smoke.

7) I used to do quite a bit of writing and had a couple short stories published.

8) My favourite summer treat is called a screamer - think slushie ice drink with ice cream on top. They have it where I live for many years and now have seen them in other places last few years.

9) I always have a large to be read pile.

10) I like to go to different fan conventions - see the cosplayers, sit in on the guest panels.Just have fun.

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1. I was adopted at age 15, after being in 'the system' for 10 years.

2. I started volunteering at a public library when I was 15. I never left. It's been 16 years and now I'm one of the librarians.

3. My hair is purple and, this July, it will have been purple for 2 years.

4. I have an obsession with Disney's Aladdin.

5. I love playing Dungeons and Dragons (prefer 3.5, tolerate 5e).

6. I am working on designing and sewing a few new dresses for myself (so much cheaper!).

7. Two weeks ago I taught a friend of mine, a 48 yo man, how to sew.

8. I'm allergic to nutmeg and live in the Nutmeg State. (Even the smell makes me dizzy.)

9. A several times a year I will drive a little over an hour away to go to O'Conner's Resturant to get Mrs. Brown's "Giant" Chicken & Vegetable Pot Pie. (It's heaven.)

10. I'm an extrovert (ENFP) and I love talking with new people and am on a dozen and a half Discord servers, just so I'm rarely without someone to talk to.

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1. Both my sister and I are named after flowers (Rose and Dahlia)

2. Despite my name, I don't really like flowers much

3. My favorite thing about summer is definitely the carnivals - the smells, the sounds, the popcorn and cotton candy

4. No matter how hard I try, I never get tan

5. My hair is dark blonde, but has natural platinum and strawberry blonde highlights

6. I have three dogs, but I'm definitely a cat person

7. I'm a good mix between introverted and extroverted

8. I'm working on getting into a school for law

9. I'm a book nerd; I love to sit outside in the summer and just read all day

10. And finally, I grew up with my cat; we got him as a kitten when I was little and he's now turning 11

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  • 1. I am allergic to cats, although that's never stopped me from owning them. My current cat is a DSH tortie named Sibylla (after a queen of Sweden).
  • 2. I was diagnosed with ADHD with comorbid depression and anxiety.
  • 3. Though I wouldn't consider myself an otaku, I have watched quite a few anime series and movies.
  • 4. I love reading manga and indie graphic novels, though I haven't had much time to read anything at all lately.
  • 5. Unlike many others on DC, I actually don't read much in the form of prose books due to lacking the attention span or discipline to complete them. Rare is the book that can hold my attention all the way until the end. When I do read, it's nonfiction or science fiction.
  • 6. Adult coloring books are an obsession of mine, but it's not an entirely relaxing activity to me as it frustrates me when I color outside the lines or can't figure out which colors to use.
  • 7. I recently acquired a love of gardening, with a particular fondness for cacti/succulents and air plants.
  • 8. I immigrated to the US from China when I was 4, but I don't feel entirely "American".
  • 9. Though I'm 31, I've never dated in my life, and don't intend to get married - not ever. (Not that that would be easy, since I'm attracted to women...)
  • 10. I have a fascination with forensic science and murder/missing persons investigations.

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1. I own a ball python.

2. I'm a software engineer.

3. I was raised in an apocalyptic cult. Got kicked out when I was 16 b/c I didn't want to convert people.

4. I was super shy until I no longer had to talk to people about exclusively religion. I'm now very friendly. Still introverted, but friendly.

5. I know a huge amount of bible trivia for a non-christian.

6. I enjoy cooking, but have difficulty cooking for fewer than 5 people.

7. I read a lot of books about dragons (Favorite is pern series), which is how I ended up here.

8. I love swimming, but avoid it because I am equally passionate about not shaving my thighs. >_>

9. I sucked at math until college, but now use it every day because it's fun and interesting.

10. I love rpg games, particularly ones where I can be a stealth archer. Death from above!

Edited by Pink

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1) I have a "secret and useless superpower" of ultrasonic hearing. Yes I hear bats, dog whistles, sonic noise pest prevention, and stuff like that. I didn't know it was weird until this was tested in a Physics lab at college.


2) I'm a Park Ranger.


3) I now live in the "city" but have pet chickens and 7 different types of fruit trees in the backyard.


4) I used to live in a travel trailer about 12 feet x 5 feet of living space. Tiny houses show? Gimme a break, what wimps.


5) I have a large tattoo that covers my entire lower leg, from top of foot to above the knee.


6) Side that has tattoo listed above was smashed in bad car accident, car totaled, broke my pelvis. Took months to walk again. Today no signs of injury remain. (Yes, that's why the tattoo.)


7) I used to nearly vomit at the mere idea of speaking in front of a class, now I'm a public speaker as part of my job. (Yeah total flip on that one...)


8) Current pets besides chickens currently include cats, a dog, a snake (Honduran kingsnake) and hermit crabs.


9) Lesbian 100%. (Is that really "interesting" anymore?)


10) One of me and wife's wedding photos made the national news... in a GOOD way!




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Here are 10 more facts about me!


1. My favourite Pokemon of all time is Reuncilus because my first random shiny was Solosis.

2. I prefer going by Dalek Raptor

3. I'm actually writing my own two books on Wattpad, one horror and the other about dinosaurs based on a dream I had.

4. The horror book is based on a joke. It is based off a small game called "What is your Horror Name" and I ended up with Crunchy Monday, hench the joke.

5. I have two cats that act like dogs. My cat "knocks" at the door when she wants in by pawing it to make a scratching noise.

6. My bedroom is changing into a raptor (dinosaur) themed room

7. I actually have decent hours at my job, Woking at a retail company. The latest I stay is 8 PM.

8. I collect keychains

9. I'm learning how to draw

10. Did I mention I love Dead by Daylight? I'm obsessed with that game

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1. I'm probably a nerd. How? I love science and outer space and unsolved mysteries and thunderstorms and and and....You get it. :B

2. It's impossible to turn my mind off. I'm always thinking.

3. I'm a picky eater and I hate it, honestly.


5. I think cats are cool.

6. I have anxiety and OCD which basically means every second of my life is a struggle. :^)

7. I sometimes think I'm living in a dream. This makes me question reality a lot.

8. My favorite colors are red and black. i'm edgy

9. I draw. A lot. I want to get into writing, but I suck at it.

10. ...? I don't know what to put here....

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1. I have studied the Chinese Zodiac for 20ish years.

2. I am a great cook, but one of those annoying ones that don't measure anything.

3.I love coffee. Must have a coffee IV drip ...

4. I plan on getting another tattoo before the end of the year. Been designing it myself.

5. I love animals, especially cats and birds.

6. I still play with toys. The body may grow old but I refuse to grow up.

7. I can solve the Rubic Cube.

8. I carry a medicine pouch around my neck.

9. I play the Sims.

10. I hate cockroaches with a passion.

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Alright I'm not really sure how to get into this forum but here seems as good a place for my first post as any.

  1. My favorite color is hot pink. No particular reason I just think it's very nice.
  2. I'm a huge nerd for Pokemon, and my all time favorite is a close tie between Salazzle and Toxapex, though Noivern and Alolan Exeggutor are close contenders.
  3. On the subject of video games I really like the Metroid series (outside of that and Pokemon, though, I'm not really what you'd call a "gamer").
  4. I really like drawing, though I'm more into pencil sketches than digital art. Not really that I don't want to, I'm just entirely too lazy to borrow my sister's drawing tablet and set it up, let alone learn to use it : P Though I do consider myself a hobby pixel artist, so if you count that as digital art.
  5. I really like to write, too! I've tried my hand at fan fiction and original stories a few time, but ultimately, I'm more of a RP person.
  6. I'm what you'd call a crazy cat person. I have 8, in fact (not all inside, obviously - I live in the country, so most roam around the house).
  7. I really, really love bugs! (bugs as in most terrestrial invertebrates, +crustacean buddies). I'm no entomologist, I don't know much about them at all, I'll admit, but I find insects really fascinating, cute, or comically dorky, often all three. My favorites, for better or worse, tend to line up with the ones considered "gross pests," mosquitoes and earwigs especially : < I can't not like something with a pointy tube mouth or a pinchy butt. Those are the best kinds of mouths and/or butts!

    Really, though, I like all bugs about the same, including the conventionally "acceptable" ones (moths, fireflies, ladybugs, etc).
  8. I really, really love palm trees. I don't even know why but there is just something so enamoring by their long, woven-looking trunks, their big poof of broad leaves, and the big "beards" of sorts some of them have.
  9. I unironically enjoy vaporwave and future funk. I just really like the sound of it!
  10. I can't think of a tenth fact, uh...... my favorite type is Poison, I guess?

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1. I read tarot cards as part of how I earn a living
2. I was once the nanny to the child of a rockstar
3. I own over 200 bottles of perfume
4. My middle name is Latin for "The Butcher"
5. I'm very high maintenance and look quite over the top most of the time
6. My dog was born on Halloween
7. I'm a published writer
8. I LOVE to read very dense economic and political theory.
9. I've also done stand up comedy
10. The woman's voice in the middle of the They Might Be Giant's song Ana Ng is my mom

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1. I'm a CNA in a nursing home 

2. I've been married for 4 years, will be 5 in September

3. All of my kids have paws and tails

4. I am a bit of an artist, mostly oils and fiber arts

5. I lived abroad for a year and still miss it desperately

6. I am an anime and comic book geek

7. Every year my husband and I try and go to either a renaissance faire or a comic book convention

8. Every year for the fair or con, I try and have a kick a--  costume. This year will be Lust from Full Metal Alchemist

9. I love and collect Care Bear stuffed animals and porcelain dolls. The dolls are because when my grandparents used to travel, they'd bring me back a doll dressed in the traditional garb of the country they were visiting. My husband thinks they are creepy.

10. My mother owns a scrapbook supply store. I make cute knit hats with stuffed animal heads to sell there.    

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1. I play more than three instruments

2. My dog, although considered geriatric, acts like a puppy

3. I've been to San Jose Fanime four times

4. My Netflix "currently watching" list never gets below three items

5. I've finally gotten back in the habit of reading books!

6. I was in marching band for three years

7. I will be moving two states away for college

8. My favorite color is green

9. My icon is from my favorite game of pretty much all time, Dragon Quest IX for DS

10. I attempted to make a thread for Dragon Quest games on the forums but it died pretty quickly.

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Hey, I'm bored, so I'm gonna post another 10 facts about me. :^)


1. I obsessed with Pokemon, but you would think a Pokemon fan, such as myself, would mention in their first post on this topic about how much they love Pokemon. Apparently not.

2. I don't think I need to say this here because it's pretty apparent, but my favorite Pokemon is Silvally.

3. I have two siblings and one niece.

4. Okay, I mentioned cats being cool, but I never mentioned how cool dragons are? Well, then....

5. I don't like social media. Strange for a 15 year old to say, but social media has only ever interested me because I think it would be a good way to post my art on the internet, but yeah, I just stick to online games.

6. I'm a very unhappy person. People don't think I am, however, because I laugh a lot and generally seem pretty happy.

7. I talk to myself.

8. Music is Very Good.

9. I L O V E C O F F E E ! ! < 3

10. I'm scared of cockroaches, tiny holes, and dying alone.

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Oh well ...


1. I like reading comics and books.

2. I want to be a photographer. 
3. I love tattoos and want to be covered.
4. I have 1 piercing and stretched ears.
5. I LOVE music.

6. I can dance pretty good but no one knows it because I'm shy about it.
7. I'm an introvert.
8. I like collecting books, comics, art prints, cds and pins. I also like stickers.

9. I'm pretty weird and don't like having a lot of friends and I'm also picky about who I hang out with.

10. I love broccoli and pistachios. A lot.

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These are fun to list so my apologies for posting a third one. :ph34r:


1. My classmates sometimes call me Cookie Dude since I often have cookies with me and share some with them

2. I have a special talent of failing at the simplest things - if you have a simple task in mind that you believe no one could fail at, just you wait, I can fail it for you

3. Sometimes I have a hard time talking to people

4. I'm rather prone to migraines although I often joke about it

5. I'm also rather prone to fainting, especially if talking about heart diseases happens

6. My favorite dragons on Dragon Cave are the Glaucus Drakes

7. I like sweet snacks and very specific salty ones

8. My deadly sins are sloth and envy

9. I draw as a hobby

10. Sunflowers bring me happiness

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Third post too! Second post


1. To be honest, I edited previous posts.


2. I think I'm carnivore. Wow...to be vegetarian would be very hard!


3. I prefer unsweeted coffee.


4. I love **** code! Because they are funny XD But I feel like they don't like me :(


5. I realized I'm far from study.


6. When I was kid, I love kemonomimis(Only animal ears and tail on human. Not furry.) But now, I don't really like them unless special occasion. (Somtimes I feel antipathy to kemonomimis. Because some of kemonomimi fans insult and excluding furries and furry fans.) And I hate most of gijinka furry characters(originally furry)


7. I once belonged to otaku communities.(Allowed only my native language) But currently, I left the communities for many reasons.


8. I have a tablet(digitizer). And payed for use Clip studio pro verson.


9. Haha! I still like edge things. But I'll control my behaviors.


10. I'm allergy to rubber gloves.(Not sure)

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Well, here goes another list. I think this would be my third time posting here too? I'm sorry, I just love sharing myself with others :lol:


1. I used to be incredibly insecure. I'm not saying that I am now the epitome of confidence, but from having next to no self-esteem I've grown into developing a much healthier self-image.

2. I am very analytical when it comes to processing thoughts and information, but I am also very emotional.

3. I tend to go to extremes. This characteristic has caused me quite a bit of pain.

4. I daydream far too much for my own good.

5. I am currently vegan (not strict). Some days I am a vegetarian.

6. I enjoy being alone the most, but also find socializing very enjoyable when it's with the right people.

7. I love having and initiating conversations. I have taught myself to develop this skill, I can go up to almost anyone and talk about virtually anything. I am genuinely interested in what people have to say, so I truly find it enjoyable. I used to be painfully timid, and because I wanted to overcome my shyness, I decided to become better at speaking and exchanging thoughts.

8. I hate it when my friends develop feelings for me. I feel like it ruins the friendship. This has happened to me more than once before, I think it happens because I seek to create deep emotional bonds with people. The problem is, I don't see my connection with people as romantic. 

9. I am very impatient.

10. I believe in God, but I do not consider myself to be part of a religion. I suppose my beliefs align with Christianity in general. I used to be an atheist, then on to being agnostic.

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1.) I was diagnosed with ADHD, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, and Major Cyclic Dysthymia shortly after high school, which I maintain was the worst time of my life. I have been doing much better since then, from slowly developing a more positive attitude to other means of self-improvement.

2.) One day I hope to become a big name in the cat fancy, and I've selected Maine Coons as my breed of choice. My goal is to help contribute to the understanding of the genetics behind the gold and silver coat colors, as well as furthering the breed standard by producing more vivid coat colors.

3.) I love Pokemon. It was my first video game ever and I have been loyally following the franchise for 17 years. My favorite type is the fairy type, and my favorite Pokemon is Sylveon, in my profile pic.

4.) I'm a dungeon master for several DnD and Pathfinder RPG campaigns, and I'm rarely ever a player. I love worldbuilding and plotting too much.

5.) I'm a writer. My favorite genres to write for are horror and dark fantasy, and I love creating new villains and monsters in my spare time.

6.) Currently I'm aiming for certification as a veterinary assistant. Taking care of animals is one of my passions and I've never not had a pet in my life. In fact, I can't imagine living without an animal companion.

7.) My favorite color is red. I find it bold, strong, confident and passionate--all things I aspire to be.

8.) I'm extremely introverted. I communicate far better through writing than speaking, and I almost never speak unless spoken to or if I'm comfortable enough in present company.

9.) I love music, but I am completely devoid of any musical talent. I make up for this by collecting as much music as I can. My favorite album of all time is the Bloodborne soundtrack, as it has inspired countless ideas for all manner of horrible beasties.

10.) I'm deeply afraid of the dark and thunder. There is always a light on in my bedroom and my headphones are never too far away from me.

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