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10 Interesting Things About You!

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These aren't that interesting.


1) I hate talking on the phone.


2) Baking is therapeutic to me, unless it is needed for an event- then it is stressful!


3) (related to above) If you like my food, then I like you.


4) I feel like good fanfiction enhances movies/tv/books/etc, and I wish it didn't get such a bad rap in non-geeky circles!


5) I love dogs, but we confuse each other.


6) Blue lipstick makes me feel energetic.


7) I want to wear Halloween costumes every day.


8) I purposely mismatch my socks.


9) I prefer car singing to shower singing- I always feel guilty because I know the shower echo makes me sound better than I actually am!


10) This post will bring my forum acct to level 10, and I'm way too excited!



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It was very interesting to read all these facts!



So I decided to join:


1. I really want to learn German, Spanish and Japanese. For now I can communicate only in Ukrainian, my mother language, Russian and English.


2. I'm a big fan of MJ and Angelina Jolie since childhood =)


3. I have OCD and most of my compulsions have nothing to do with cleaning, in fact, my room is a real mess.

And I was having some trouble writing this post because of, uh, numbers dry.gif


4. When I was a child I wanted to become an astronaut, paleontologist or detective.

Also I used to collect variety encyclopedias/magazines and I was addicted to Discovery Channel and Animal Planet.


5. I have one dog, two cats actually this happens by accident - took one from the streets a few months ago, I wanted to find a good home for her, as I did for some animals before, but I got attached to this stubborn girl, two rats, since one died recently sad.gif and two snakes.

I'm also arachnophobic and a person who has some tarantulas, + dozens of cockroaches.


6. I have many favorite books/movies/tv shows.

Disaster movies fascinate me. And I adore cozy cinemas even though I'm nervous about many people around.


7. I haven't attend classes since December I guess. AvPD avoidant/anxious personality disorder


8. Water is my favorite drink and ice cream is my all-time favorite food.


9. I have little tolerance for heat and I love swimming.

Thunderstorm enchants me but I feel so sorry and I'm really worried about those who have no place to hide, for those who are scared, and cold...


10. I love DC and all these wonderful dragons wub.gif


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7) I want to wear Halloween costumes every day.


YES! ohmy.gif


Hell’s bells and buckets of blood =)

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1. I have a big family and I got many of my siblings into this game. Mwhahah

2. I have a dog and a cat

3. I want a pet snake

4. I'm terrified of bugs

5. I can't swim to save my life, but I can float until help comes. biggrin.gif

6. I'm a huge fan of fanfiction - in the Harry Potter universe

7. I used to be scared of driving

8. I have a skincare addiction

9. I enjoy planting succulents

10. I electrocuted an onion during a food fight.

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[1] Dogs stress me out. I don't own any but I've had a lot of dog-related injuries in the past, so I do my best to stay away from them.


[2] Leather is one of my favorite scents. Pine wood, snow, and pumpkins also have very nice aromas.


[3] Although I love writing, I'm rarely in the mood to actually sit down and write, so I essentially procrastinate a hobby.


[4] In my opinion, communism and anarchy are both very good ideas, and it's disappointing that society can't handle them on a large scale.


[5] Languages fascinate me and I can hold a basic conversation in four different ones, not counting English. Right now I'm getting into ASL.


[6] During my first semester of college, I accidentally became a bee activist. I also unknowingly attended a drag show during this time.


[7] Snakes are my one true love, but I won't be able to own any until I've bought a house. Until then I've just got a bunch of cats.


[8] Oh, and plants. Have I mentioned those? My apartment is absolutely filled with plants and I just bought another recently; send help.


[9] My hearing is pretty sensitive, but I have a hard time understanding speech. I'm useless without TV captions and on-screen music lyrics.


[10] I'm a mess, honestly, but I survive via the consumption of dank memes.

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ah..why not..?


1. my in real name is Auli, which is Estonian short form of name "Aurelia"


2. my favorite color is blue, where my name is made from, as Sinine is a Estonian word for blue.


3. I wear a wig, because of a disorder called "Trichotillomania" which make me pull hair out. My real hair has a very light blond in color, but the wig I wear now is in blue hair.


4. I want to be a tattoo artist, but I do not think I am very good enough at art. Some things I am good to drawing, but others I am not. I am thinking to become a peircer instead.


5. I have some small tattoos, one of a water paint color butterfly, which is rainbow, one of a pine tree, one of a green mental health ribbon which I got to match with my fiance after some rough time in recent, one of some flying birds,and a music notes tattoo.


6. I play piano and have done playing piano since 4 years old. I also play guitar now.


7. I like thinking that my English has got a lot better in the past year or so.


8. Thanks to my fiance, I learned to skateboard back in beginning of this year. xd.png


9. I love to cook, and test with flavors often.


10. Trickseh is liar, she does not have the best fiance, I do and it is her wub.gifxd.png


so, there is some random fact about me. happy.gif

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1. I've noticed that a few people have learned how to spell "assassin" by pinging me.


2. A lot of people spell my username wrong and I have to manually look for replied addressed to me.


3. I randomly scream "POTATO."


4. I'm really random.


5. I have two smartphones. One has a shattered screen. Which is why I have the second.


6. I have an addiction to soy sauce.


7. I am a major Star Wars fan. I'm gonna start making an oil painting of BB-8 next week.


8. I take drawing lessons. I've learned pencil sketching, charcoal sketching, drawing with pens, watercolor painting, and oil painting.


9. I once punched a faucet in my bathroom. It hurt. A lot.


10. I'm super lame in real life, but cool on the Internet.


Really Random Bonus: I pretty much live on the Internet.

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1. My name is Danielle


2. I have a cat who has been my constant companion for 12 years


3. I love public speaking and performing plays for audiences (being in the spotlight is the best feeling ever)


4. I have an intense fear of vomiting


5. I've been a fan of SpongeBob for 14 years and it's my favourite show (I have an entire room devoted to SpongeBob which houses all my SB merchandise)


6. I'm 17 years old


7. Elephants are my favourite animal


8. My favourite colour is green


9. I'm a proud Canadian


10. I love music and can play the ukulele

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Huh, seems interesting...


1) There is not a single animal on Earth that I am irrationally scared of


2) I'm asexual, never even been in a romantic relationship


3) Turning twenty next year


4) I'm terrified of elevators and even the doors opening near me makes me wanna run. I hate roads faster than 80 kph, meaning I often don't go to places or events just because I must be on a highway. I also hate phones


5) I will not perform even the simplest of tasks until I am absolutely certain I can do it. Yes, that involves tossing a paper cup into an unfamiliar bin


6) I frequently have surreal dreams involving elevators, plane crashes and/or the nearby train line


7) I have misophonia. I'm really sensitive to certain sounds, including typing, our screen doors closing, distant/quiet speech not addressed to me (especially the letter 's'), nail clipping, laughing, sighing, cutlery vs plate, almost any repetitive sound under the sun and the list goes on - subjecting me to one of these tends to drive me into a rage


8) Related to the above, I have an obsession with having two certain doors shut, especially when I'm beginning to do stuff that requires absolute unbroken silence


9) Sometimes I spontaneously roleplay a character. I find it can even help me in social situations


10) While I'm typing this, my pet rat Dante is on my shoulder and is grinding his teeth really really happily

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1. As a kid, I almost bit though my tongue from tripping over a soccer ball.

2. Actually, I can indeed curl my tongue inward.

3. However, I can't stick my tongue out very far.

4. I'm pretty decent at drawing cartoon characters!

5. Dogs are probably my favorite animal.

6. As a kid I would usually be a black cat for halloween.

7. I have a huge collection of Neopets.

8. Ember and Monarch Dragons are my favs.

9. I wasn't on here for like two years before today.

10. Daisy is my pet Tabby cat

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1. i have a cat

2. i have a scar on my forehead kinda like harry potter

3. i have a dark and offensive sense of humor

4. i'm a rocker and a metalhead

5. i'm pretty sure I have misophonia, meaning I am sensitive to such sounds as eating noises, typing, clicking, etc, and it is just infuriating

6. snow is the best

7. i'm a gryffindor

8. i was born in december, hence my real life name

9. my right middle finger and left pinkie finger are messed up. My middle because I crushed it in a metal door at school in 4th grade, and my pinkie because it got crushed between two rocks when i was smol

10. i don't like twenty one pilots

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1. I've been married for 18 years.

2. From this you can extrapolate that I'm probably older than most people here. This is the case at work, too. However, I'm almost always the youngest one in any friend or social group.

3. I've dealt with depression and other mental disorders since high school, but I'm managing them now better than I ever have.

4. Maybe these aren't interesting facts, but I guess I wanted to give some context? No, not really; I'm just accustomed to giving the same introductory facts every time I talk about myself in a group.

5. I'm always super eager to participate in "ice-breaker" activities, from, "Tell us your middle name and your favorite movie," to the kind of trust exercises you expect at wellness retreats.

6. My middle name is Marie and my favorite movie is Apocalypse Now, but I can't watch it more than a couple times a year. I get really intense about it and I have to watch it all without pause if I start it.

7. I have two cats, each of Japanese Bobtail heritage (not purebred). They're a mommy and a daughter and as they get on in age (12 and 14) I'm increasingly dismayed that no other cats I ever get will have that unique closeness and love for each other. When one dies and we get another cat, I'm going to cry for weeks because they won't treat each other like family anymore.

8. I love Star Wars (even the prequels), Hello Kitty, Transformers (IDW and G1), dinosaurs, Evangelion (NGE and rebuild), and Bjork.

9. All my Shimmers and Tinsels are named after Bjork songs.

10. I'm an excellent speller. Like, really good.

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This appeals to my narcissism c:

1. I'm an ENTP

2. My favorite food is rice, and my second favorite food is bread.

3. All four of my grandparents were teachers. And to some extent both of my parents. I really, really don't want to be a teacher.

4. I'm still dating the second person I ever dated. Not because I'm one of the younger people on here, I just got really really lucky and have never had to deal with romance drama in my life.

5. My favorite color is orange because I feel like it's under appreciated

6. I'm like half fluent in Spanish! Estoy aprendiendo :3

7. I love dinosaurs so much that I wanted to be a paleontologist for a solid 13 years until in high school I realized I didn't actually want to dig for things in the sand

8. I'm a slytherin

9. If you like star wars we are automatically friends

10. I'm a trans a guy well on my way towards getting on T! My friends constantly make fun of me for being the only straight guy we know.

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1. I've been married 50 years last year. (Beat that !)

2. I live across two continents - I am dual national proud Canadian and not at all proud British.

3. I have two grandchildren.

4. I have a lifelong history of depression, but since being put in hospital for it in 1989, I've managed to keep it at bay to the extent that I've not needed professional help.

5. I used to be fluent in German - 50 years ago now... I am ashamed that I have let that slip. I am now very short on modern vocabulary (like tablet, charger, port, fax, DVD, texting, shipping - in the current sense, not involving boats laugh.gif)

6. I was once on the front page of the Daily Mail (UK newspaper.)

7. I love to travel and have been to (scrabble scrabble hope I didn't miss any) 40 countries. So far....

8. When I grow up I want to be an arsonist. Well, no, but I LOVE fire.

9. I am deeply antisocial and would quite enjoy being a hermit.

10. I do not have a smart phone and I never will unless my ancient cell (which even predates flip-phones blink.gif ) dies and smarts are the only ones available.

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1. I look like my father.

2. I have 4 different tablewares. And depending on the "poshness" of the guest they get different service tongue.gif

3. I'm part of mensa.

4. I'm studying for my second university degree.

5. I haven't dyed my hair ever. However I'm thinking of starting as

6. I have grey hair.

7. I'm (only) 27.

8. I love oranges and chocolate but I loathe chocolate that has orange flavour in it.

9. I suffer from severe migraines.

10. I like to play Spyro (PS2) or Super Mario Bros. (NES).

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Er, thought I'd do this. :3


1. I have moderate anxiety... //cries

2. I have 3 cats, a snake, 2 geckos, and multiple lizards. >w<

3. My favourite dragon is this one ;w; He was my first.

4. My favourite YouTubers are PopularMMOs and GamingWithJen >w<

5. My pronouns are she/her or they/them.

6. I'm always tired ._.

7. I'm watching a Team Edge video while watching this ;3

8. I hate timezones sleep.gif

9. I'm going to a Twenty Øne Pilots concert in January. ;D;

10. I like drawing owo

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This seems really cute! I've been feeling a bit low on self-esteem lately, so maybe talking about 10 things that make me who I am will help!


1. I'm studying Literature in college right now, and I have the option to graduate a semester early thanks to college credits I earned in high school putting me ahead of schedule! Yay!! I plan to go for a Ph.D in the future as well!


2. I'm Jewish!! I'm really looking forward to Hanukkah this holiday season. Passover is my favorite, however, and one day I hope to be able to host a proper Pesach seder!


3. I have a couple of serious collection goals: plushes and figurines. My plush collection is... large. I want to have a plush room one day. My figurine collection is just getting underway. My current prized figure is the Halloween Hatsune Miku nendoroid. I love her!!


4. I'm an avid roleplayer, but I've never considered doing RP for my dragon games before. I've been thinking about changing that as I do have a couple clans on my DragCave scroll.


5. I have Dissociative Identity Disorder. This isn't really... cool or good- it's actually quite hard to cope with and is a result of a lot of pain, but I'm starting to get more coping skills from therapy, and I hope to maybe open up about this a bit more here on the DragCave forums at some point. I have other diagnoses as well such as OCD, depression, anxiety, various BFRB's,and personality disorders. Ouch. I'm trying my best.


6. Despite my struggles with mental health, I have a lot of passion for things and pour as much energy as I'm able to into the things I love, and I admire that about myself. I love things deeply.


7. I play Love Live School Idol Festival and I'm in very deep in idol hell. I love the School Idol Project so so much.


8. I also play Diablo 3, and I only recently bought my own copy of the game and began building up my own heroes. So far, I have three level 70 heroes. They're awesome!


9. I'm allergic to cats, so I have two dogs as pets, and I love them so much. I pet them both literally every day.


10. I'm a cosplayer, and my cosplay repetoire is ever-growing. My most recently bought cosplays were purchased while I was studying abroad in Japan. I bought them in a cosplay shop in Ikebukuro- one of which was an Izaya Orihara cosplay. Nice.

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5. I have Dissociative Identity Disorder. This isn't really... cool or good- it's actually quite hard to cope with and is a result of a lot of pain, but I'm starting to get more coping skills from therapy, and I hope to maybe open up about this a bit more here on the DragCave forums at some point. I have other diagnoses as well such as OCD, depression, anxiety, various BFRB's,and personality disorders. Ouch. I'm trying my best.


6. Despite my struggles with mental health, I have a lot of passion for things and pour as much energy as I'm able to into the things I love, and I admire that about myself. I love things deeply.

I thought I'd go again with another 10 things (since It's kind of a feelgood thing to share facts. idk. xd.png), but I saw this and I just had to comment on the respect I have for you, even though I don't know you.

Why? Because I also have Multiple Personality Disorder/ Dissociative Identity Disorder (pretty bad too, I've had up to 17 confirmed alters), so I know how painful it is to deal with. However - I never had the passion in things to get past it, or to try my best. I let mine get to me a lot. I let it (pun not intended) control me and shape who we were. who I was even. I let the bad alters out far too much. They hurt people, and I lost a lot of friends from it. I had no control over it. And I...will admit, I eventually kind of played on it, because I just wanted to be away from the people who, in my head, called me a monster or a demon, when really, they were just trying (although maybe not in the best way) to help.

And to be honest, even with the help of my fiance, things have only just started getting better.


But I read what you just posted, and to get the cliche thing out of the way first, it is nice to know that I'm not the only person with this issue...and reading what you posted I can actually take a lot of advice from it. To Try my best and learn to love the things i enjoy, the things that make me, me, and I can learn to love myself, too And stop letting myself censorkip.gif about it all the time... So yeah...xd.png Thanks, for being positive, reading that gave me the kind of "wake up, you can be positive" feeling I needed.

Because..it's ok to hear it from friends or family, but idk, hearing it from someone who really understands it, because they have it, is different, and more...idk. it works more. So huge respect.


and to other people, I'm sorry to just kind of.. pour all this onto this thread. But I guess that's another fact about me, maybe.




Anyway, onto the actual 10 things, well, 9 cos all that above can be a fact. >.> cos im lazy. oh wait. 2 facts...what. that's cheating? fine. ;-; xd.png


1. Despite being mostly awful at drawing and art, I love costume design and creation. To the point I am designing me and my fiance's wedding attire. My inspiration for this wedding attire actually comes from my favourite singer, Kerli, and her interpretation of the Estonian myth

Obviously, it's not 100% the same, as I would never be able to just completely copy another artists/creators visions. (and another fun fact is that I got support from Kerli when I commented on her videos about my mental health difficulties, and she also told me how to keep the freaking to be more sturdy, I fangirled so hard that day. xd.png)


2. I've been told I'm an odd mixup of a person, as I can go from listening to metal, to something like jpop, and everything inbetween in a matter of minutes, I dress punk/gothic on most occasions, I skateboard, sing metal, and play guitar/piano and violin, yet still have an appreciation for girly things, and am hugely into nature and things


3. Along with my love of nature, and despite my..less feminine tendencies, I actually consider myself to be pagan/wiccan (not officially yet, I'm not entirely sure how it works, or if I just "am", and my plan is to marry on Beltane, as this day is synonymous with life, fertility, sexuality, beginnings, ect.


4. I have 2 cats, and a dog. I also may be getting a tarantula soon, to try and overcome my crippling fear of anything with more than four legs. Though despite being afraid of them, I would never kill them. Usually I just stick a bowl over them and wait for someone else to take them outside. Unless I can't reach them, in which case: PANIC MODE ACTIVATED.


5. I once met Alan Rickman. He was a great man, and it was an honour to meet him. May he rest in peace. And yes, I am still very upset about his passing sad.gif


6. I'm a huge Harry Potter geek, I actually own a custom carved wand that cost me close to $100. I also own the entire series in both English and Estonian, as well as having a few in Japanese.


7. I've traveled quite a lot in my lifetime, but one of my most favourite places was Seoul. why? because of the street food! Hotteok may be one of the best things (not cooked by my fiance. no im not obliged to say that. *is kicked* im joking..maybe. xd.png) I've ever eaten. Second favourite has to be Kyoto, I loved it there. It still had the city vibe of the bigger cities like Tokyo and Osaka, but less so, and the scenery and shrines there are beautiful.


8. I'm lesbian, obviously, but my coming out story is still randomly funny to me. My mom, whom I told first said "I've known since you were about 11. I'm not bothered unless you fail to give me an adorable grandchild, so you better find yourself a hot wife" (which I totally have btw, although my mom hasn't actually met her yet, which is weird.) I had expected her to complain about it, or be in denial. But instead, she said that, and I just looked at her and laughed for about 15 freaking minutes. o.O

(My father however, disowned me, and left me with a broken collarbone. Luckily, my parents were split up by that point. )


9. I have far too many cd's in my possession. I don't have a bookcase (well actually, I do, and it's full of books) but I also have a "CD-case" (not the plastic things) ..a cd shelves. Like a bookshelf that is just stacked full with cd's. And I'm not talking a small one, I'm talking a big almost cieling length one. And that's not even all of them. That's just the unsigned ones. My signed ones are kept on a special shelf.


10. As might be guessable, I'm a music fanatic. To the point I've traveled to different countries simply to attend concerts. and now that I'm in the UK, I'm always out on a weekend attending local band gigs, and in fact, had my first gig with the band me and my friends formed. happy.gif

I would never want to go big though, I don't think I would ever cope xd.png


10.5 (wasnt this supposed to be 9)... I use wayyy too many emoji. and never stick to any plans, either.


...wow. life story. I was bored though. and sharing stuff about yourself, for some reason, is a feel good thing. or at least to me.

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. The coolest thing about me is my dog. He's pretty cool.

. I make things. Things out of metal and wood.

. I have flown planes before.

. I have more shiny pokemon than you.

. I have tamed 4 feral cats and 2 feral horses

. I once saved my dog from a rattlesnake. Bonus: I also carried him up a cliff when he injured his leg. Bonus bonus: I did nothing at all but he miraculously survived going into anaphylactic shock once.

. I once removed 200 ticks from a horse and still have a phobia to this day... but I did it.

. I successfully saved a chick once who hatched with under-developed legs by bandaging them in place until they grew the right way.

. I started strength training at home because I am actually very weak and tired of it.

. The Deverry Series are my favorite books of all time and probably always will be.

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My second set of "facts"...it's pretty fun to overshare, I must say.


1. I look almost exactly like my mother.

2. My eyes have gotten lighter over the years. I was born with medium brown eyes, but they've transitioned into more of a golden-hazel hue that looks absolutely lovely.

3. I smile a lot.

4. Throughout my life, I've had the tendency to develop friendships that are usually short-lived, yet intense, based upon deeper emotional connection. Now I seek exactly the opposite. My relationship to others in terms of friendship nowadays is light-hearted and relaxed, focused on simply having a good time together without delving into heavier emotional dilemmas or shared existential crises.

5. I am bi-lingual. Spanish is my mother tongue, and I've been speaking English since age 4.

6. I've never been in a relationship. I don't want to, as I find commitment to be bothersome when it comes to romance.

7. I used fall in love with my friends all the time, albeit briefly. I couldn't help but romanticize who they were because of our compatibility.

8. I enjoy being in the spotlight and anything involving performance before an audience.

9. I am passionate, and occasionally explosive when it comes to expressing my emotions. I'm working on controlling my temper little by little.

10. I'm confident in who I am.

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1. My dream is to be a storyteller.


2. I have an associates degree in graphic design and a bachelor's in animation.


3. During middle school I became extremely introverted. I'm not really sure why, but rather than being social, I would read books all the time. I had a big insecurity streak and never spoke unless it was important. Apparently being a quiet person, some of my classmates were afraid of me. In high school I tried to grow out of it and opened up more, but I think it's kind of had a lasting effect in how I socialize.


4. I'm Catholic, but not a very good one. Let's just say it's been a long time since I last went to church. I use to be a part of the church choir with my father as a kid and I have a lasting love of the older, classic church hymns. Organ music is something I love listening to too as it's just so relaxing and makes me sleepy.


5. Right-handed. I'm basic.


6. One of my hobbies is researching my geneology. I'm descended from farmers and there aren't any big names in my family, but it's still fun to learn more about them. What ancestors migrated to america, when and what ship? Did they have a reason to leave? Which ancestors fought in the civil war? When a so-many-great grandmother was widowed with children did she ever remarry?

Questions continually pop up and I get excited when I find the answers to help complete their story.


7. My favorite disney princess is Pocahontas. I wish there was more merchandise around for her. Her movie wasn't historically accurate at all, but growing up she had a big influence on how I looked at people who were different from myself. Her voice actor gave a talk at my college once about Native American acting and I got to listen to her for a while.


8. Cucumbers are something I love eating, but not pickles. Pickles are cucumbers soaked in evil. I also don't like peaches or the taste of them.


9. I played viola in the school orchestra from elementary school until mid high school. Originally I picked it up because I didn't want to be in the regular music class where kids had to sing. I was never really good at it (didn't ever figure out how to do vibrato), but I loved making music and it was fun.


10. Played softball here and there when I was still in school. During high school I was an outfielder. Again, I wasn't really good, but I liked the experience. I can watch professional baseball and really get into it knowing the finer details of the game, analyzing how the players do.

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1. I have dreams of being involved in either video game art or weather science ;;

2. I don't believe strongly in any kind of God

3. I'm a soprano with a fairly strong lower range ^^;; lets me sing duets with myself

4. I have two custom decks for Cards Against Humanity

5. Most of my friends are online friends.

6. I learned to read through playing video games

7. I love astrology memes

8. Halloween is my favorite holiday.

9. I really like ferrets and rodents. I can't have any because I have cats, but I want a rat or a ferret.

10. I own a Vocaloid, but I still need to redownload the editor/voicebank.

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1. I'm able to touch my nose with my tongue.

2. I have very bad balance and trip easily, but I rarely fall over because I'm so used to tripping and stumbling that I'm now able to steady myself quickly.

3. I looove sweet tea.

4. Halloween is my favorite holiday.

5. I'm 17 and still trick or treat.

6. I've played piano for 6 years.

7. I almost always use decent grammar when typing. My only exception is if I'm in a big rush and/or typing one handed for a long period of time.

8. I want to dye my hair blue but I'm scared to.

9. I'm learning sign language

10. I've owned 5 bunnies over the past 10 or so years (not all at once), but only 1 is alive right now.

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1) I actually love learning more about people's personalities and opinions! Everyone is just so different!

2) I absolutely adore outer space, it's just so beautiful and mysterious to me!

3) I really want to learn to draw, but I just don't have patience to do so...

4) My ( current ) favorite anime's are Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo and Ao no Exorcist!

5) I have a strange fear of nearly everything, even if it's completely irrational

6) I am extremely shy in person, way more vocal online!

7) I have 3 dogs, 5 cats, and 2 birds!

8) I have this bad habit of comparing myself to others... Pretty much if I were to draw something and someone else in my class were to draw something better, I would probably rip up my own and throw it away.

9) I love listening to music, no matter the genre!

10) Even though I always seem happy to my friends, my thoughts are usually very.... Depressing in a way.

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1. I like doing my hair and makeup and looking good, but I still think the inner beauty is the only thing that matters.

2. I'm a dental hygienist and I really enjoy the job.

3. I am very handy and skillful with my hands.

4. I'm also very good at massaging, touching etc. other people.

5. I am getting a kitten next month. It's a he. I'm very excited since it's my very first very own cat.

6. I have PCOS and it's annoying. Yeah, Google it.

7. I just cut my longish hair into a bob. I love it.

8. I have a twin brother.

9. I have a boyfriend who I live with. Next summer we've been together 4 years :3

10. I'm quite good with tech and computer stuff.

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