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10 Interesting Things About You!

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Let's hear some interesting things about You!


Just make a short list of ten interesting things about you.













They don't necessarily need to be mind blowing, just little things like... You can curl your tongue, or something like that.


Also, you can post more than one time here of course, just ten at a time.


So let's get started!

Because You are the most Interesting thing!

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I guess I'll start!


1. I don't have OCD or anything like that. (As far as I know.) But I literally don't stop moving, unless I try too hard enough.


2. When it's time for bed, I hit my head into my fist until I fall asleep.


3. I'm told that when I'm asleep I continue to hit my head.


4. I'm constantly thinking, (Most of the time) it's a curse though.


5. I have full control over both my eyebrows


6. I like to wear warm clothes (Jackets ect.) in hot weather.


7. I suck at giving pep talks.


8. I overcame my fear of roaches.


9. I overcame my fear of Heights


10. All but two of these lines started with I!

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Cute thread, nice to get to know others ^^


1. I adore cats, I have two of them and they're simply the sweetest <3

2. I have had depression before, at a very young age too, but I feel proud to have overcome such a challenge!

3. I like reading, very, very much.

4. I used to run track! Last year I practiced for about 6 months.

5. I used to practice horse-back riding, english style, did so for about 9 years.

6. Some of my favorite shows are Game of thrones, Sons of anarchy, Sense8 and How to get away with murder.

7. I'm not a very big fan of comedies or romance movies/TV Shows.

8. I enjoy thrillers and reading/learning about the paranormal.

9. I try very hard to keep my mood positive, still really working on this.

10. Sometimes I have very bizarre, recurring dreams.


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1. I painted a billboard of a dinosaur when I was 7 years old


2. I'm a pediatric nurse (bachelors degree)


3. I'm a crazy bunny lady, but love all animals


4. I love drawing and painting...or any craft such as decoupage


5. I mostly listen to rap music which people don't expect lol


6. I used to be a twitch streamer, but it came too easy for me and I got overwhelmed by people (anxiety)


7. I'm huge into gaming, mostly CS:GO or GTA V


8. I raised $1,500 for brain tumor awareness and ran my first 5K 2 years ago smile.gif


9. I remenber all of my dreams from age 4 to present


10. I love sports, playing and watching


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Here's some partly about my family.


1. I have seven siblings!


2. Six of which, are older than me.


3. I'm overly competitive sometimes.


4. I used to tease my siblings until they cried (Not too proud of this one)


5. My siblings used to call me 'The Teasing Super Missile"


6. Other times they would call me, "Big-headed" something or other. (I forgot)


7. I used to be terribly sensitive (This was before I took a dark turn a became "The Teasing Super Missile")


8. I'm taking the Act test at a much younger age than any of my other siblings.


9. I got a 27 in English on my first try. But I still can't pronounce sunshine correctly and say Shunshine.


10. Three of my older siblings are in college and one graduated


Aww... I had more, but I'm out of space.)


(PS. Those are some interesting things you two!)

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Ehh..why not. :3


1. I was born in a hotel room in Pärnu, Estonia, rather than in a Hospital.


2. I can speak Estonian (duh), English (duh) Finnish, German, Japanese, Korean, Swedish and Russian. Although some may be better and more fluent than others...


3. When I was in school, I pranked a teacher...by locking her in a storage closet. whoops.


4. I have heterochromia. (irony..) One of my eyes is blue, the other is green.


5. I was born a twin, but unfortunately have been an only child since a few months old.


6. I play bass guitar, piano, and am now starting to play regular guitar.


7. my real name is Kaja, which means "Echo" in Estonian.


8. My spirit animal is a Fox, which is ironic, since my surname also translates to "Fox"


9. I love animals and nature. For pets, I have 1 dog and 2 cats. I'd love a pet parrot though.


10. I have the most amazing girlfriend/fiance in the world :3 <3

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Ok, let's try this:


1.My real name is Giada, which in English can be translated as Jade


2. I'm deaf from one ear (right one), probably cause a bad Obstetrician when I was born.


3. I used to find a new home to stray cats and dogs. I've given a new home to something like 200 animals


4. I wish I was born in London because I'm in love with that city.


5. I have a baby of 10 months old.


6. I read Lord of The Rings when I was eight years old in just two days.


7. I suffer from Sleep paralysis.


8. I'm 33 years old but I don't have a driver license


9. I watch movies only in English, when possible


10. I had a big crush on Alan Rickman

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1. The oldest child in front of my brother and two younger sisters.

2. Been to the top of the Q1 tower in Surfers Paradise, Qld. That's approx. 230 metres (750 ft) off the ground.

3. Never broken a bone.

4. In love w/ Krysten Ritter.

5. Afraid of flying (planes in general)

6. In a relationship of 6 years.

7. Been to AGT live auditions.

8. Has had the pleasure of seeing Paramore live- not once but twice.

9. One of the rare people who can hear spinal fluid draining at the base of their neck.

10. Had my nose re-pierced a total of three times.

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1. i'm a member of the vulture culture community, currently processing my first find: an adult domestic cat skeleton!

2. i collect minerals and crystals, especially raw specimens

3. i also love to collect found objects, including wasp nests, beach curios, and dried flowers

4. i breed competitive pokemon on request

5. i've never broken a bone

6. i specifically love needle felting asmr videos, the sound is super therapeutic

7. i compulsively buy and hoard stationery, office supplies, and art supplies

8. i only have a few phobias: fear of darkness, fear of phone calls, and fear of failure

9. i can only sleep alone if i have a light on, otherwise i have to have company

10. i used to have chronic nosebleeds a couple years ago that'd be awful. they'd appear sporadically, and always last a good 5-10 minutes. i had to go see a specialist to have it resolved, and they cauterized a blood vessel in my nose that was constantly getting broken. sore for a while, but totally fixed it!

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1. I love to organize things.

2. I love music.

3. I like to write.

4. I am from Brazil.

5. I had a dog and he died recently.

6. After my dog died, I started to use his collar in my belt.

7. I can't cry even if I'm extremely sad.

8. I hate my real name (Paulo) and I prefer to be called Scott Miller.

9. I am the kind of person that follows logic.

10. I never had a girlfriend while others near me already had more than 2 girlfriends.

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1. I love cats, almost too much

2. I've been playing the piano for almost 8 years now

3. I'm an introvert

4. I get really nervous talking to strangers

5. Or talking in front of large groups of people

6. I want to be a performance major in college yet I get stage fright

7. I love LOVE music

8. My favorite composer is Chopin

9. I wear glasses

10. My favorite color is blood orange

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1. I'm either completely obsessed with something, or I have no interest in it. There is no in between.

2. I'm a very energetic person.

3. I am obsessed with black holes. I just find them so fascinating!

4. Other things I find fascinating are: thunderstorms, eyes, sedimentary rocks, and outer space as a whole.

5. I like to describe myself as mysterious and vague. It's pretty spot-on too because others have commented on me being like that.

6. I have no friends in real life, and I don't care to have any.

7. Despite me not caring about having friends, I have a chronic case of loneliness. Wouldn't be such a big deal if I didn't already have anxiety and despression.

8. My mind cannot comprehend why any person who doesn't suffer from mental disorders would simply do something hurtful to themselves without reason. I know, I get it, it's their body, but that's part of the reason why my mind cannot comprehend.

9. I used to get chronic heartburn until I went vegan. I definitely don't regret my decision.

10. Completely obsessed with Pokemon, yes.

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Ooh, I want to give this a go! I love reading through all these :3


1. I've got three younger brothers, all several years younger than me.


2. I'm currently in high school, taking Physics, Latin and a variety of other AP classes


3. I always get really nervous when I have to buy something and talk to the cashier... But I could talk to anyone, it's just buying things and waiting in line that scares me


4. I'm really interested in software engineering and coding


5. I've never had a boyfriend (or girlfriend for that matter), and that surprises a lot of people considering my age / current grade.


6. I'm not strictly heterosexual, often considered myself bisexual, however only once in my entire life have I felt an attraction towards a female


7. I have scoliosis, more specifically a right lumbar curve which is not too common


8. I don't have a brace for my scoliosis because my parents won't help me through the stages required to get one


9. I have my learners, but I still don't have my drivers license


10. I have two kitties (Torbies), one dog (Boxer), a Bearded Dragon, and a little baby Ferret I got a few weeks ago ^-^

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1. I have over 30 Ducks. :3


2. I love metal music \m/


3. I can't drive


4. I cannot stand the heat for anything. At all. Over 80°F and I'll start to get heat stroke. I'm at home in cold weather. (40°F, but I still do well at even lower temps >.>)


5. I have a big obsession with Maps. I've loved them since I was a child. Draw them, change them, read them. Love maps all the way around.


6. Love History, also. Not real big on Western History, though. Mostly Eastern Europe.


7. I'm more of a night person than day person.


8. I try to avoid confrontation at all costs. I'm very strongly opinionated, but my opinions have always been belittled to the point I now find it easier to simply avoid such situations.


9. I'm a dinosaur fanatic (but I don't believe and cannot stand the idea of feathered dinosaurs >.> <.<) Deinonychus and Allosaurus are my favorites.


10. I get bored very easily of doing only one thing. I tend to do two-three things at once, such as watch a movie and play a game at the same time. >.<

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1. Only a few people have pronounced my name correctly on their first try. Not going to say what it is though.

2. I've been writing stories since I was a little kid. I am not going to guarantee any quality though.

3. My favorite piece of literature I have ever read was a fanfic called Pokemon: the Origin of Species. It only updates once a month though, which really sucks, since it's sooooo good.

4. My first video game was an Atari

5. My third-favorite piece of literature/book/book series is the Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paolini. It's about dragons. It's really good. If you even remotely like Dragon Cave you should read it. Scratch that- everyone should read it!

6. I hate Donald Trump

7. Dat boi

8. Oh censorkip.gif waddup

9. I'm not feeling very creative right now

10. Because between my two ongoing stories I wrote 3 total chapters and that's very draining

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1. I have two dogs (one's a puppy). And two cats. I used to have three cats, but one died just about a week ago. ; ( Oh, and a turtle (red-eared slider). And a semi-murderous plecostomus, but he doesn't do much.

2. I play World of Warcraft.

3. I can still remember old, embarrassing me who used to write bad spin-off/fanfic stories in 3rd grade.

4. I listen to too much music (as people tell me). Mainly Mystery Skulls but I do listen to a range of other stuff.

5. My first gaming memory is Donkey Kong 64 on the N64.

6. I like iced coffees. And speaking of food, I love spicy food. Habaneros are my favourite. : o

7. I've never broken a bone.

8. I've always wanted to be a veterinarian. And still do.

9. I love art and doodle a lot.

10. I like sleeping. i am the physical embodiment of sleep

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Here's mine smile.gif



1. I used to be a swimmer

2. I play League of Legends

3. I wear glasses

4. I can curl my tongue

5. I have a dimple on my cheeks and back

6. I love Science

7. I love animals

8. I love watching anime

9. I play basketball, sometimes

10. I am a Spurs fan

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1. I love the color pink, despite how many people seem to hate the color.


2. I love orcas, they are my favorite animal, though I love many.


3. Idk why but it weirds me out, or at least isn't my thing, when a the guy in a relationship is younger than the girl, idk why that is and ironically my mom is old than my dad.


4. I use to hate reading until the twilight books came out, and in turn I read them over and over, while improving my reading and getting me into other books. So no matter how much others hate it I will love twilight and thank it for showing me how books are so much better than the movies.


5. I have been single for 20 years, for no other reason than I haven't met anyone.


6. I am 20 years old turning 21 later this year.


7. I have written a book online


8. I love to rp


9. I owe my love to rp to warrior cats, which I owe to twilight


10. I have 3 siblings.

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1. The very first roller coaster I ever rode was the Titan at Six Flags Over Texas.

2. Watching the sun rise over the Grand Canyon is at the top of my bucket list.

3. My favorite film is Dragonheart.

4. All of my cats are leash-trained and love doing tricks. Vitas can do more than 10 tricks, including jumping through a hoop and high-fiving.

5. I almost never drink soft drinks and I hate coffee with a passion; instead, I subsist on black tea, water, and margaritas.

6. When I was a very small human, I would draw pictures of grasshoppers and horses on the sidewalks of the local baseball park using red dirt.

7. I once took four plane flights in a single day to pick up a kitten from the other side of the USA.

8. I have way too many books, and most of them appear unread. This is mainly because I'm so careful with them that I won't even open my paperbacks wide enough to risk bending the spines.

9. I love camping, but can't go tenting. It'd be too awkward to plan, since the cats have to come with me.

10. My favorite animal is...the wolf, actually. Cats are a close second, but they're more of a lifestyle for me.

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1. By August, I will have my masters degree in entomology (passed my defence today! Woo!).

2. I have 2 sugar gliders.

3. I have 7 tarantulas

4. I love matcha flavour.

5. I ride horses (English).

6. I really love unicorns, and it all started with one of my best friends laughing because I have too many favourite colours, and she said my favourite colour was unicorn.

7. I make homemade ramen noodles and jiaozi (potstickers) because it's better than packaged. xd.png

8. I drink more tea than any other drink and rarely drink soda.

9. I am learning Mandarin Chinese.

10. My favourite games are Pokemon and Harvest Moon series. biggrin.gif

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1. I was born in a hotel room in Pärnu, Estonia, rather than in a Hospital.

Tere! I have cousins in Pärnu! At least I think they still live in Pärnu ... I haven't seen them in a couple years. (I'm an American, but I grew up with my Estonian grandmother.)


Ten facts seems like a lot. So here's four:


1. I have three parrots and a snake


2. I like drawing and painting a lot


3. I love science and my job as a nature educator


4. Tomorrow's my birthday!

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Interesting thread!


1. I'm an only child


2. My real name is Heather


3. I recently lost the bestest doggie in the whole wide world


4. My birthday is in two days


5. I'm a writer


6. I grew up in San Diego, California


7. I've been diagnosed with anxiety and bipolar


8. I have over 1,000 books in my home


9. I'm kinda obsessed with the show Once Upon a Time


10. I'm gay

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1. I am a writer.

2. I got married at age 20, and am approaching my 13th anniversary.

3. My husband and I are co-authoring a book that will be geared toward people who want a better relationship with their spouse.

4. I have a cat.

5. I do not have any children.

6. I'm currently in retail management, but my husband and I are starting up our own company soon.

7. My mom was killed by a drunk driver when I was 11. Because of this, I have never knowingly consumed alcohol. I've paid the price for someone else's night of drinking for most of my life. I wouldn't wish that on anyone.

8. I have severe adult ADD.

9. I dislike Peppers of all kinds. And most beans.

10. I love sleeping with the windows open at night.

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Hmmm....what to post....


1) I feel naked without my glasses.


2) I recently applied for a teaching course.


3) I prefer my animals to most people.


4) I love to write, especially horror and fantasy.


5) I can't sleep without some kind of background noise, usually a fan.


6) I'm a Backstreet Boys fan, despite being known for loving metal.


7) I have what my friend calls my "Cheshire Cat Grin", which I usually do when I'm plotting something.


8) I am needlessly-super-over-protective of my electronics, especially my PC.


9) The darker side of human nature absolutely fascinates me.


10) While I'm normally pretty laid-back, I have a lightning-fast temper under the right conditions.

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1. I've lost over 150 pounds (though I've since gained a lot back because of stress eating haha)


2. I'm currently a sophomore in college, pursuing a degree in Psychology!


3. I haven't watched more than one season of Game of Thrones because I'd like to read the books first -- somehow I've managed to stay away from lots of spoilers!


4. I would like to learn 10 languages in my lifetime; I'm learning Spanish and Portuguese right now.


5. My best friend lives in Ukraine -- which is over 6k miles away from where I am!


6. Chocolate is my least preferred sweet. I'd much rather have something with a caramel or buttery base! My absolute favorite thing is cheesecake.


7. I'm really into notebooks! I have at least 20 of them with only a couple that's been written in!


8. I'm on a never-ending search to find the perfect book (if anyone has suggestions, let me know)!


9. My biggest passion in life is to travel around the world!


10. One of the things holding me back from being an incredibly positive person is my ability to hold grudges against people

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