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Miss Elizabeth Bennet's 2g Prize Contest

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I submitted mine on August 4th. Do I need to re-submit a new story? You said end of July in your above post, but the main post says August 30th. Also, my story contains the character Lucifer from the Bible (dating a My Little Pony character). Is that considered something offensive that I should remove or write something else?

... the contest dates have been fixed. Yunako, thanks for pointing that out, my dates were a mess. (You do not need to resubmit! Lucifer is also fine!)

Also, contest deadline has been changed to the 12th noon, because my original deadline would have resulted in a dead dragon.


Sorry for the big messy mess!

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Phew! PS: Planning on another submission. Have to type it up.


I noticed the dates and was like blink.gif that's dragon's gonna be dead... then dinner called.

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Here is my submission!

Author: a_god_s

Fandom(s): Game of Thrones, Masters of the Universe

Character 1: Jon Snow - Unacknowledged son of Ned Stark/King of the North, former Lord Commander of the Night's Watch

Character 2: Princess Adora/She-Ra,- Prince Adam/He-Man's twin sister, she leads a group of freedom fighters.

With her Sword of Protection Adora can become She-Ra[

Title: My What a Large Sword You Have

My story:



While out riding Spirit, Princess Adora muttered darkly about her twin brother's recent marriage,

"Just because he got married doesn't mean I have to!"

Secretly she wondered if she would ever find a man who would understand her true nature.


Ahead she saw a portal, thinking it would return her to Etheria, she urged Spirit forward.

Emerging she saw unfamiliar rows of small, neat houses built of log and undressed stone.

A roar drew her attention back to portal. Hordak and his minions had followed her!


Jon Snow was sitting inside the Smoking Log, an alehouse, just outside the gates of Winterfell when he heard the commotion.

Rushing outside he saw Adora dismount and unsheath a her weapon.

Lifting her sword, he heard her say, "For the honor of Grayskull. I am She-Ra!" and in a swirl of lights and magic she was transformed.


Back to back Jon and She-Ra battled the onslaught coming through the portal.

After quickly dispatching the Evil Horde, Jon asked, "Would you like to join me for dinner?"






Here is another submission!

Author: a_god_s

Fandom(s): Harry Potter, The Big Bang Theory

Character 1: Hermione Granger - friend of Harry Potter and student at Hogwarts; an overachiever, considered a know-it-all by her peers.

Character 2: Sheldon Cooper - B.S., M.S., M.A., Ph.D., Sc.D., a Caltech theoretical physicist, considered a know-it-all by his peers.

Title: Magic vs Science

My story:


Sitting at an outside cafe, Hermione listened to the tall, thin man drone on and on.

"Science might seem like magic until you know the mechanics behind it." he said.


Hermione glared at him, "You are crazy!

"No, I'm not. My mother had me tested." Sheldon replied.


"Flipendo", she said, waving her wand. There was a loud bang and Sheldon was knocked backwards off his chair.

"That wasn't very nice", he said, righting the chair and sitting down.


The ensuing conversation drew stares from couples at neighboring tables. Sheldon continued, berating anyone who believed in magic or dragons.

Unable to take another moment Hermione simply said, "Evanesco", finished her tea alone and went home.






Here is another submission!

Author: a_god_s

Fandom(s): Goldilocks and the Three Bears, The Three Little Pigs

Character 1: BaeBae Bear - the youngest bear (mistakenly called Baby Bear) She is all grown up and ready to date

Character 2, 3 & 4: the 3 pigs or as I like to call them Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

Title: Hungry, Single and Ready to Mingle

My story:


BaeBae Bear sat listening to her mother go on about how the other Mama Bears already had grandcubs to dote over.

Looking to her father for some intervention; Papa Bear, reading his paper, seemed oblivious to the conversation.


Promising to sign up at an online dating service BaeBae went to her room. She joined Plenty of Fish and started looking at profiles.

The next day she told Mama Bear that she had three dates lined up for Saturday.

Her mother was pleased.


Sunday morning Mama Bear asked BaeBae how her dates turned out.


"At 7am I met the first at Ole McDonalds B & B. He was rude. The bacon & cheese omelet was too salty."

"At noon, I met the second for a picnic in the woods. He puffed a cigar. The ham sandwich was too smokey."

"I met the third at 5pm at the new Asian restaurant. He was just right. The pork stir fry was tasty", BaeBae said, working a toothpick between her teeth.

"The leftovers are in the fridge."



I might have one more if I can get the word count down... 200 seems like a lot but sure isn't!


I'm enjoying the other submissions!




Here is my last submission!

Author: a_god_s

Fandom(s): ) The Naughty Nineties (1945 film-burlesque), Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet

Character 1: Dexter Broadhurst, actor on the showboat River Queen, escorting Juliet to her date

Character 2: Juliet Capulet, naive young lady who knows little about love or baseball

Title: Who's First Date

My story:



Dexter: I'm sure traveling the Mississippi, on our showboat, is nothing like being on the Adige River.

Juliet: It is an honour that I dream not of.


Dexter: Well Juliet, it is my honor to escort you to your date with the first baseman of the St. Louis baseball team.

Juliet: I'll look to like, if looking liking move: But no more deep will I endart mine eye; Than your consent gives strength to make it fly.


Dexter: {confused} Do you know much about baseball?

Juliet: A rhyme I learn'd even now, of one I danced withal but baseball I know none at all.


Dexter: Your date is a star player of the team.

Juliet: My ears have not yet drunk a hundred words of thy tongue's utterance, so I must ask. Do thou know the name of this man?


Dexter: "Who".

Juliet: The gentleman I am to meet.


Dexter: "Who"

Juliet: 'Tis but a name. Please tell me.


Dexter: I did.

Juliet: What?


Dexter: No, he plays second base.

Juliet: {perplexed} Who, sir, plays first base?


Dexter: Yes!

Juliet: I mean the fellow's name on first base.


Dexter: "Who".

Juliet: The fellow on first base.


Dexter: "Who" is on first.

Juliet: I'm asking you, sir, who's on first?


Dexter: {mutters} This is going to be a long walk.

Juliet: Who is going on this date?


Dexter: Yes.

Juliet: What is the man's name?


Dexter: No, he's on second.

Juliet: Who's on second?


Dexter: No, Who's on first.

Juliet: {mutters} Here's such a coil!

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I forgot if I had submitted one before, but here's another just in case I didn't. ^^;


Here is my submission!

Author: Syiren

Fandom(s): Final Fantasy VII, Kingdom Hearts

Character 1: Cloud Strife

Character 2: Sora

Title: The Worst Best Double Date Ever

My story:


How Kairi had talked Sora into this he had no idea. What was even more surprising was the fact that she had convinced him to agree to it as well, though Sora was sure Tifa had helped. Everything had finally calmed down after Xemnas nearly ruined everything and plunged the worlds into darkness. If he was being honest with himself Sora would have rather faced him again instead of doing this.


What made it unbearable was the outfit Kairi had picked for him. Tight suit, itchy collar, belt was too tight and his hair had been oiled back and tamed from its normal spiky-ness. "Hurry up Sora! They'll be here any minute!"


With a last sigh of defeat Sora gathered his courage and braced himself for a disastrous evening. When he stepped out he saw Kairi wearing a pearl white dress with diamonds that would make Cinderella jealous. Where she got such a dress Sora would never know. "Well," she asked, "what do you think?"


Before he could answer the door bell rang and Kairi rushed into the bathroom to finish nit-picking over some minor last touches and making sure her makeup looked right. Sora opened the door and greeted both Tifa, who was wearing an elegant black gown that be both glamorous and flexible. Sora assumed that she planned it that way in case she needed to fight. She was a warrior through and through.


The man with her surprised Sora. It was definitely Cloud, however he could only recognize him by his eyes and his expression. Other than that there was no trace of the seasoned warrior. his famous spiky hair was oiled back even more than Sora's and he was wearing a white suit of all things. It was clear he hated it.


Kairi emerged from the bathroom and the four set out to have a nice dinner. The guys were insanely bored and suffered silently together while the girls chatted the night away. After their meal Kairi dragged Sora off to dance while Tifa tried to convince Cloud to do the same. People in the city of Radiant Garden knew you could not tell Cloud to do anything he didn't want to, even Tifa knew she was pushing her luck. After all, no one argued with the man who could defeat Sephiroth.


Just as Tifa was about to guilt trip him a rumbling started shaking the restaurant. A giant heartless crashed through the wall and smashed nearby tables and totaled the bar. Cloud smirked as he jumped up and pulled out the smallest blade from his multi-bladed sword that he had snuck with him as Sora jumped in next to him, keyblade in hand. Cloud locked eyes with the monster as it roared its challenge.


"Let's dance."


The battle only lasted a few minutes, but the place had been reduced to rubble. Tifa's dress was ripped and Kairi's was ruined as were the guy's fancy outfits. Their hair was messy and they were covered in dirt, but they were smiling.


"Best night ever," shouted Sora as he waved his Keyblade in the air. Cloud chuckled in agreement as he glanced over towards the girls. "I get the feeling they won't ask us out again for a while after this."



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Here is my submission!

Author: moon89

Fandom(s): Assassins Creed 2, Howl's Moving Castle

Character 1: Ezio Auditore ( when he's ~25)

Character 2: Sophie Hatter (as an old woman, under the spell)


My story:


Ezio and Sophie were walking up a hill, that was covered by flowers.

"So... You made that hat yourself?", asked Ezio, not knowing why he had dated an old woman.

"Yes, and it's a special one. It's made for this walk. And of course, for you... I hope you like it?"

"Ah, yeah. It looks great. Fits persons of your age.", he stumbeled.

Sophie smiled from one ear to the other. "Could I design one for you, too?"

Ezio hadn't expected that, so he looked kind of shocked. "Err.. And what is it good for? I thought only old ladies wear hats? Can I hide knifes under it or is it possible to make the edges as sharp as a blade?"

"Ezio! What are you thinking! I've met lots of strange persons, but none of them is as intereting as you! A hat, that is a throwing knife." Sophie laughed. "But if you like, I can try. I would do a lot for you, pretty, young Ezio."

"Let's discuss the details later." Ezios face turned red. "I can't stop thinking about the reason why an old woman like you, wants to date me?" Ezio was looking with interest at Sophies face to see how she would react.

"I've already told you. I'm under a spell, that makes me look so old. In reality I'm as old as you." Sophie tried to convince Ezio, but she knew that it would take more than just saying this.

"I don't know, if I can believe you. At home you would be hanged for saying that, but I try to fight for the truth. I don't know whether you are lieing or not, but I will reveal the truth." So he took her hand, looked deeply in her eyes and walked on, determined to understand Sophie.

"I'm a mystery for you and you are a mystery for me. That's just perfect."


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Here is my submission!

Author: Raptor of Dragons

Fandom(s): Doctor Who

Character 1: Dalek Raptor

Character 2: The Doctor

Title: Meeting the Doctor

My story:


Dalek Raptor stood in shock as she stared at a blue box. It was out of place, just like her purple clock. Was it a TARDIS? She inhaled sharply as a voice spoke. "Are you admiring my ship, Dalek?" She turned to see a very old man standing there looking at her. He was wearing a black suit over a white shirt and equally black trousers. Raptor's jaw opened and shut, trying to find something to say. "Don't call me that," Raptor finally said. "And why not?" the man asked. "Because I'm not them," Raptor said, flexing her claws. "Not them?" the man asked. "Not them? But you look like a dinosaur Dalek in every way, sharp claws, blue eyes, made of Dalek material, everything about you screams Dalek." "Okay," Raptor said, nodding her head. "If I was truly a Dalek, would we be having this conversation?" The man opened his mouth before shutting it again.


"Oh, I've had conversations with Daleks before," the man said, "Why are you any different?" "Because I have emotions," Raptor said. "Impossible!" the man said. "Daleks were created with only hatred in them!" "Seeing your TARDIS made me curious and happy," Raptor said. "Happy?" the man asked puzzled. "How can you be happy?" "Like I said," Raptor said. "I'm not like the others." "Oh," the man said. "Aren't you something brand new?" "Tell me about it," Raptor said, smiling at the man. "Name's Raptor, though everyone calls me Dalek Raptor." "Pleasure to meet you," the man said. "I'm The Doctor, now can you please explain to me how you found a TARDIS? Specifically how did it turn to a purple clock?"


"I was running away from Davros," Raptor explained. "He was trying to turn me into the ultimate killing machine, but I was struck by lightning while powering on. I ran from him after he realized I wasn't perfect. I wasn't about to let him run my chances of becoming something he didn't want me to be and that's when I found the TARDIS, my TARDIS." The Doctor stared at Raptor. "You are different," he said. "All of time and space, I've never met a Dalek like you before." He walked over to her and placed a hand on her snout rather carefully. "The ultimate weapon, the ultimate killing machine having a heart of gold." "Thank you for reminding me of that Doctor," Raptor said coolly, still smiling. "I think we're going to have a fun time here."

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Here is my submission!

Author: Nine

Fandom(s): Tremors (1990), Jaws (1975)

Character 1: Graboid -- a large, monstrous worm creature that likes burrowing underground and chasing Kevin Bacon.

Character 2: Jaws -- a large, monstrous great white that likes long swims at the beach and playing tag with humans.

Title: Summer Love: a Story of Lost Souls and Heavenly Romance

My story:


With a thunderous groan, the not-so neatly polished floorboards of the resident Starbucks sunk inwards before exploding into a shower of debris and splinters. Customers and baristas alike screeched as wooden remnants rained down into their expensive coffee-flavored whipped cream. The fake wood of the flooring was going to clash so badly with the delicious fall flavor of the pumpkin spice.


The giant, engorged frame of a Graboid worm towered from the huge hole in the floor. With nary an apology, it flung its massive carcass down in front of the nearest stainless-steel, green table that had not been obliterated by its sudden entrance. On the opposite end, the hulking body of a great white shark, teeth stained red from a cherry latte Macchiato, sat nonplussed.


After a moment of shocked silence, which wasn't actually so silent because the nearby speakers were blaring some Maroon 5, the behemoth of a shark opened her cavernous jaws and began snapping wildly in the air. The Graboid worm retched open its maw in response, allowing long, snake-like tendrils to pour out and thrash along the tabletop. Tiny packets of sugar were flung everywhere. Not-so-subtle glares of annoyance were cast in the direction of the fearsome beasts.


Ceasing her thrashing, the giant shark chose instead to redirect her fury caused by her companion arriving fifteen minutes late. Chomping down on the nearest busboy (who actually appeared quite grateful), she could feel her nerves simmering in a cathartic wave. Rage seemingly faded from her beautiful, black button eyes.


Danger averted, the Graboid retracted his mouth tendrils swiftly. Unfortunately, the whole entire table top went with them, snapping at the base and taking the napkin dispenser with it. There was a pause. Had the Graboid possessed eyes, he could have seen the flush of utter embarrassment sweep across his companion's snout. Alas, he was oblivious to the scene he had created as he continued to enhale the remainder of the table.


The great white shook in barely suppressed anger, her eyes darting about the establishment in desperation. She was going to need a lot more busboys if she wanted to get through this date.

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And time is almost up for a chance to win a 2G Prize in a really creative way. This would be such a cool thing to do and/or share with others for anyone who has ever wanted a 2G prize and/or also likes creative things. I just hope people realize it is ending very soon and get their submissions in. So many great stories, but I bet there are some other people who also have some great stories to share as well (or even if they don't think they do, would like to give it a shot with such a great prize)!

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Yeah, let's see some more submissions and entries! Writing is something everyone can do, regardless of what you think your "skill level" is. Unless you're a mollusk or something.


Don't want to be a mollusk? Then give it a shot and prove everyone wrong!

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Here is my submission!

Author: Cerimonster

Fandom(s): Harry Potter x Supernatural

Character 1: Luna Lovegood (Weird wizard, fun friendly and lovable)

Character 2: Castiel (Bad ass, ignorant angel)

Title: Two weirdos don’t make a normal.

My story:


Luna Lovegood sat at the table wearing a pair of bright pink winged glasses. “Did you know, you are absolutely surrounded be gnatwursts!” She stood up and leaned over the table, knocking over two glasses of juice in the process.

Castiel shifted uncomfortably. He had thought Dean and Sam Winchester were confusing. Not allowed to watch the Pizza man, but they had a dungeon with handcuffs. But here was this weird lady, and her gnatwursts.

His gravelly voice easily be heard over the bustling of the little café that was tucked away in a small corner of Texas. “Bratwursts? Is that not a German Sausage? Why would there be Bratwursts be surrounding me?” The confusion was evident in the way his head tilted ever so slightly to the side, brows furrowing together in a soft frown.

Luna’s laugh slid through the room drawing attention to the pair. “Gnatwursts, silly! They are omens of goodluck, but they also steal bits of your essence as well. It’s no joking matter that you have so many!” She took off her glasses. “It must be the Texas weather and your brilliant aura that attracts so many.” With that, she flounced off down the street.


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Here is my submission!

Author: linda3.0

Fandom(s): pokemon

Character 1: pikachu (male)

Character 2: pikachu (female)

Title: (optional) gift of apple

My story: A female Pikachu sat in the grass under an apple tree. She started feeling hungry and looked up into the tree. An apple would be great right about now to fill her empty belly they looked red and juicy. However she didn’t know how to get one down and so they were out of reach. She sat there looking at the apples as a male Pikachu happened to walk by. Her stomach growled loudly which made him stop in his tracks and look over. The male Pikachu looked between the female and the apples in the tree briefly. He charged up a bolt of electricity and with careful aim sent it high into the tree knocking loose two apples from the branches. They fell to the earth with 2 dull thuds and he went to pick them up in his paws. The female Pikachu looked over as she heard the thuds and footsteps nearby. there sat the male with an apple in each paw looking at her. He offered her An apple which made her smile and made him smile too. The two of them sat in the grass together munching away on their apples it was adorable.

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Contest is closed! Will update with winner info as soon as I work everything out. Thanks for all the cool stories!

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Woohoo! There is so much creativity out there, and it was incredibly hard to choose.


I'm pleased to announce:


First prize to maaters, for the Harry Potter/Charmed crossover! While I hate to think of EITHER of those couples separated by choice or death, I now actually ship this.


Also, I have a weird notion of Molly and Leo watching nearby (either as deceased spirits or jealously spying), with Leo suggesting that maybe the two of them ought get together, since their partners are hitting it off. And then being really offended as Molly laughs and pats him condescendingly on the arm.


Runner up #1: Nine, for Tremors/Jaws crossover, because how awesome is that combination? Also, the traditional "meetup" location being destroyed. And also the monsters. And also everything else.


Runner up #2: a_god_s, for The Naughty Nineties and Romeo and Juliet. There's something so absolutely funny about the flowery language of Shakespeare mixed with a ludicrously hilarious routine like "Who's On First." I bet Juliet gives incredibly good side-eye.


Pms are going out in a few minutes, thanks everyone!

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WOW!! Thanks so much toyofubl! I love these creative contests!!


Congrats to maaters and nine! Excellent stories!



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Congrats maaters, Nine, and a_god_s! Your stories were amazing. And thank you, toyofubl, for the fun contest.

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Thank you so much!! Everyone's stories were so fun to read. This is such a cool way to give away prize babies. This contest actually got me into a bit of fanfic writing (and rewatching the entirety of Charmed, eek!) and it's a bunch of fun even if Arthur x Phoebe is sad. ^-^ So endless, endless thank yous.

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Congratulations to all. Unfortunately, my Muse left me and I couldn't come up with a submission in time. Maybe next time!

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