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Miss Elizabeth Bennet's 2g Prize Contest

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I'm working on the rules/premise for the 4th contest. This all might change before the next contest, it's just an idea smile.gif




4rd Creative Writing 2g Prize Contest: COMING SOON!



Contest starts on ____. Contest closes on _____ cave time.


The prize will be influenced female and hatched, so no one has to worry about being egglocked!



Please read these rules before submitting your entry:



1) Turn your favorite fandom, movie, tv show, book, etc. into a musical. Write a track list/soundtrack/list of musical numbers.


2) You can make as many submissions as you want. Please use the following form:


[SIZE=14][COLOR=purple]Here is my submission![/color][/size]
[b]Author:[/b] (Your forum name goes here!)
[b]Source Material(s):[/b] (Please include a short description/summary!)
[b]Title:[/b] (optional)
[b]My soundtrack:[/b] (Your submission goes here!)


3) Submissions will be accepted until ____. Anything posted after that time will not be considered (though I’ll still enjoy reading them!). The winner will be announced within a day or so of the end of the contest.


4) I will post the winner and runner up on this thread, and also directly PM the winner a teleport link. The winner must PM me back or accept the teleport within 48 hours of the PM in order to receive the prize. If they do not PM me within that period or accept the teleport, I will PM the runner up and they will receive the prize instead.


5) I will be making an entirely subjective and arbitrary decision, and I hope no one posts or PMs abuse/harassment toward the winner or myself- at the moment, there is no ban list, and I'd like to keep it that way. This is meant to be fun, and I’m hoping we all get to read some delightfully creative and weird stuff! (Also, previous winners can win again. It's open to all.)


6) While I’m hoping the winner will keep, name, and love the prize (and neatly continue the lineage!), it can also be traded/killed/bred to something weird/whatever. Once it’s yours, it’s yours.




Here is my submission!

Author: Toyofubl

Source Material(s): X-Files (Supernatural FBI TV show of greatness)

Title: X-Files, the Musical Episode: It's Outta This World

My soundtrack:


1. The Truth is Out There - Mulder, Scully

2. No, It's Not, Mulder - Scully, Mulder, Skinner

3. Journey to the Boondocks - Scully, Mulder, Townspeople

4. Please Believe Me (I Believe You) - Victims, Mulder

5. Nighttime Investigation (I Can't Believe You Talked Me Into This) - Mulder, Scully, Henchmen

6. Run! (What Is It?) - Mulder, Scully, Creature, Henchmen

7. No Proof - Mulder, Scully

8. I Blow Smoke Over Your Investigation - The Smoking Man

9. Mulder's Lament - Mulder 

10. The Truth is out there (reprise) - Mulder, Scully, Skinner, The Smoking Man

11. X-Files Theme - Instrumental

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Old Contest Winner List


#1 Alternate Universe Creative Writing 2g Prize Contest! 5/17-5/21


user posted image


Contest: Each submission should place your favorite fictional characters in another time and/or place.

Winner: shopfront (Pride and Prejudice x Old Kingdom)

Runner up(s): Yunako (Supernatural x My Little Pony), mpolo (Firefly x Pride and Prejudice)



#2 Hogwarts Sorting Creative Writing 2g Prize Contest! 6/17-6/26


user posted image


Contest: Sort your favorite fictional characters (book, tv, movie, whatever) into a Hogwarts house.

Winner: milkaq66 (for sorting the Mad Hatter!)

Runner up(s): SockPuppet Strangler (for sorting TJ), Dusky Flareon (for sorting Pokemon!)



3rd Creative Writing 2g Prize Contest: Date Night! - 6/30-10/12!


user posted image


Contest: Set up your favorite fictional characters on a first date.

Winner: maaters (for the Harry Potter/Charmed crossover)

Runner up(s): Nine (for Tremors/Jaws crossover), and a_god_s (for The Naughty Nineties/Romeo and Juliet crossover)

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This sounds fun but I have never read it and know nothing about it ><

Same here rolleyes.gif

I might see if I can read it (takes me about a day to read any given book honestly), or just get the general gist of it and enter! I love to write and it seems like fun smile.gif

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Devilangelwolf, Clya, I believe the copyright has expired on Pride and Prejudice, I downloaded it free on my phone.


I'm not saying you HAVE to read it, because I know it isn't everybody's thing, but it's pretty fun smile.gif


Edit: Hey, changed the rules. Do any fandom you want smile.gif I just want to read awesome things by awesome people!

Edited by toyofubl

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Oooh okay! Sounds cool!


I'll probably still read it, I need a new book to read ^.^

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Do we post the submissions here? I have a few pretty interesting AU stories with characters in other "stories" like Sam Winchester from Supernatural going to Hogwarts, Sam and Dean (Supernatural again) in the Psych universe with Shawn and Gus (and Lassiter as his SPN counterpart, Cain), and World of Warcraft characters joining Twilight Sparkle in My Little Pony. laugh.gif

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Do we post the submissions here? I have a few pretty interesting AU stories with characters in other "stories" like Sam Winchester from Supernatural going to Hogwarts, Sam and Dean (Supernatural again) in the Psych universe with Shawn and Gus (and Lassiter as his SPN counterpart, Cain), and World of Warcraft characters joining Twilight Sparkle in My Little Pony. laugh.gif



Yes, just post it here. Also, yay crossovers!

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Is there a minimum/maximum character limit? smile.gif

Whatever you want!

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I love Pride and Prejudice!!

I may have to enter this one if I have time this weekend.

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Here's an entry! Characters are Ruby Rose and Weiss Schnee from RWBY, setting is Skies of Arcadia. The entire scenario and all the dialogue are my own. I miiight have gotten a bit carried away.


"Stand down, and we might let you live to have a trial, pirate," Weiss said, icy-blue eyes narrowed as she stared down her target. Ruby could feel the ship's wooden mast against her back, and the cold metal of Weiss's blade against her throat.


Ruby let go of her scythe, and the blade fell to the deck. While she could possibly take out the young Valuan admiral in front of her, there were still her soldiers to contend with, and none of her fellow crew members were still fighting. She wasn't going to make it out of here either way.


Weiss blinked, but after a moment, stepped back, and a soldier ran over and handcuffed Ruby, scooping her weapon up off the deck afterwards. The Valuans led their captives across the gangplank, and soon enough, Ruby watched from the deck of the admiral's flagship as their wooden Blue Rogue airship sank into the clouds, slowly burning.


"Take the prisoners below deck and throw them in the cells." From behind her, she could hear Weiss, just as stern and cold in tone as ever. "...Except her. Take her for questioning."


Ruby looked back over her shoulder in time to see Weiss gesture to her and turn to walk away. She didn't have long to ponder this, though, as a soldier roughly grabbed her by the shoulder.


"Get moving, air pirate."


Ruby frowned and followed behind him, experimentally tugging on her handcuffs. They held strong, and she sighed and made her way through the flagship.


Before long, they entered a small, cold metal room, and he gestured to a metal stool. Ruby took a seat, and the soldier left, closing the door behind him.


By the time the door swung open again, Ruby was humming to herself to try and alleviate some of the boredom. Weiss strode in and walked past Ruby, then turned around to look her in the eyes.


"State your name and affiliation, pirate," the Valuan admiral said, arms crossed over her chest. Even knowing she was captured and in a ship headed to the Valuan capital, Ruby couldn't keep herself from looking over Weiss's crisp, clean white uniform, the curves of her posture, and her pale face, perfect but for a vertical scar over her left eye.


"Ruby Rose. I'm a Blue Rogue, I sail with... er, was sailing with... Captain Taiyang, on the Stark. He's my dad." Ruby managed a crooked half-smile.


"I see. Do you have any idea who it is you're dealing with?" Weiss's expression didn't change.


"You're Weiss Schnee, the youngest Valuan admiral in the Armada." Ruby shrank back in her seat. Just what did she want...? Weiss may have been a recent addition to the Armada, and barely older than Ruby herself, but she was already feared for taking entire Blue Rogue crews prisoner, where they were never heard from again, and shooting Black Pirates down even if they surrendered.


"Much as I hate to admit it... You're not half bad with a scythe. Look. I know Blue Rogues think they're so great, 'stealing from the rich and helping people in need'... But if most of the rich weren't so cruel, then there wouldn't be any need. I want to change the Valuan Empire, turn it on its head so it won't be remembered for its tyranny, but for its prosperity. But to do that, I'm going to need men and women who aren't on the official Valuan payroll."


Weiss stepped closer, dangling a key from her fingers.


"I'm going to make this offer only once, but I'm also going to offer it to the rest of the Stark's crew. Ruby, if you want to make a bigger difference than you ever could attacking Empire cargo and military ships, promise to join my revolution and you're a free woman. If you cling to your pride, I'll turn you in when we get to Valua and you'll probably be executed. So. What's it going to be?"


Ruby grinned, and without even a pause, held out her cuffed hands. "When can I start?"

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First try wink.gif My English is a bit rusty I'm afraid.


This is about JK Rowlings Hermione Granger, who unexpectedly finds herself in my homebrew D&D world of Loikon.


Magic worked differently in this realm, Hermione Granger had discovered within minutes of her arrival. It still worked, but it felt off, like she was the wrong type of battery in a remote control. It took just a little bit more effort to do simple things, and some things only seemed to work once a day, so she had decided to forego using magic until absolutely necessary.


She had landed in what appeared to be the middle of a desert; a parched, hot land, soil cracking and no vegetation aside of some prickly, leafless bushes. Soon however, she had discovered it was not all that deserted. A cloud of dust had formed on the horizon and it had come closer and closer, until the form of a rider on a sturdy horse had become apparent. The rider turned out to be a man like no man she had ever seen before.


His hair was reddish, braided in an intricate fashion. His face was angular and smooth, not at all tarnished by the hard climate. His eyes were green like Harry’s, but held a wisdom of many years like Dumbledore’s. And his ears were pointy, like a house elf’s. He wore simple traveling gear, but the quality of the cloth and the gold ring on his finger made it clear he was no simple commoner.


“Good day, milady,” he greeted her jovially.

“Good day, sir,” she answered. “Could you kindly point me in the direction of the nearest settlement?”

The man grinned. “No introductions huh? Well, if I were a pretty foreign lady stranded in the middle of nowhere, I wouldn’t give out my name to a dashing Elf on a rescue mission either.” He winked at her. Hermione blinked. Rescue mission?

“Oh fine then,” she snapped. “My name is Hermione Granger. And who might my ‘dashing’ rescue ranger be?” The man jumped from his horse and made a small bow.

“The name’s Eldoron, miss Hermione Granger. Keeper of Knowledge in the Appolon Great Library, Court bard of the Costos Grand Palace, friend of the Aproditean temple and, occasionally, dashing rescuer of stranded maidens.” Eldoron held out his hand, while reaching for something in his cloak. Hermione rolled her eyes and grabbed him.

“Well sir Eldoron, where would we go now?” she asked skeptically.

“Off to the library, of course,” he answered, absently reading the scroll he had fished out of a pocked that must have been under an Extension charm. “You have been Summoned by the Great Librarian, being the Wizen of the Universe. We need your help. Stupid old portal was miles off, but I’m glad I found you so quickly. Come, the horse needs to go too.” Then he grabbed the horses’ manes and started chanting.

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I'm thinking of posting my Sam and Dean in the Harry Potter world fic, but...it's a long one. Should I just post one chapter or part of one chapter? Or just what I think is the best part of it? The first two chapters are over 9,000 words long, and the third chapter is near 4,000 words by itself. Yes, this is a multi-chaptered actual fanfic. laugh.gif

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I'm thinking of posting my Sam and Dean in the Harry Potter world fic, but...it's a long one. Should I just post one chapter or part of one chapter? Or just what I think is the best part of it? The first two chapters are over 9,000 words long, and the third chapter is near 4,000 words by itself. Yes, this is a multi-chaptered actual fanfic. laugh.gif

That's fairly long, maybe post your FAVORITE part, but include the link to the whole thing?

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I saw this when it was just P&P- Never read the book myself, but I have been told by quite a few people it's good o-o

Buuuuut seeing as it's now all fandoms, I've got to have a go o-o

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A part that I really enjoyed from Chapter 2. The first chapter just details Sam finding out he's a wizard, his mother's death, Dean flirting with Bellatrix in Diagon Alley, Amy the fox demon also going to Hogwarts, and ends with Sam boarding the bus. YES, I know in the books first years take the boats. We wanted to use the thestrals early, since Sam has seen so much death. My mother helped me write this, especially the parts with the Supernatural characters. Neither one of us is an author, so there are errors. And yes, the full story is hosted on FFN.net and was indeed written by my mother and I. You can even PM her on FFN if you want to make sure. laugh.gif


It's still long, but this is the best part I was able to find. Here's a link to our original on FFN. It's NOT rated E, however, so if you're younger than 13, I'd suggest not reading it. Swearing is included. Wands And Rock Salt - Supernatural meets the Harry Potter universe.


Sam had found himself on a large red train of some type and was almost drifting off to sleep. The compartment he'd chosen was empty, at least so far. It was still boarding.


It had been hell trying to get Dean to let go of him, but once he pointed out that girl, whom Sam learned was named Bellatrix, Dean was trying very hard to find something else to latch onto.


A soft hum next to Sam woke him up. It was the blue bird. He ran a finger down her head. This was the best birthday present he'd ever gotten, and not just because she'd torn a hole in Dean's favorite jeans.


He felt an odd connection with her. Her eyes were black, but a shining black, like looking into the night sky, rather than demonic black. Her 'voice' was calming and filled him with warmth. Perhaps that was why he had named her Mary, after his mother.


She had been delighted at the name, or so Sam assumed. Once he'd dubbed her Mary, she had trilled happily and flew around the compartment in happiness.


Sam stroked the one feather that had fallen from Mary's silvery blue tail. It was hard and durable, but the feather itself was one of the softest things he'd ever felt. Mary nuzzled against him, managing to get her entire body in the small spot between his body and his pack.


The young hunter/wizard gave the bird a comforting pat and went back to watching people board the train, along with Dean's futile attempts to hit on Bellatrix. He'd looked like he was going to make a move on her blonde sister, Cissy, but Bellatrix seemed just as protective of Cissy as Dean was of Sam.


She'd started talking to Dean just to get him to focus his attention elsewhere, which Dean had. After a few moments, she slapped Dean and said “My face is up here!” before stalking onto the train. Sam giggled. There was no help for Dean, ever.


Sam jerked as he heard the compartment door open. A beautiful face appeared in the doorway. Sam opened his mouth, trying to quickly get words out before Amy ran away. Oddly, he didn't need to.


“Can I sit in here?” She asked, her voice still a little chilly. “I really don't want to force my presence on anyone else.”


Sam shook his head, irritated. Amy had such low self-esteem. She didn't even realize how intelligent and beautiful she was, with her pale blonde hair and wide blue eyes. Even the predatory grace she moved with was beautiful.


Every move she made, from simple walking to sitting down looked like a dance. Kitsune were less bestial than werewolves and wendigos, and it showed. Kitsune were never meant to be monsters, Sam thought. 


“Amy, you don't have to ask, ever, if you can sit with me.” Sam moved his supplies he'd put on the other seat to his own.


Amy said nothing and carried her own things in and sat down. “We can put our stuff in the storage areas above, you know.” Her voice was soft, almost embarrassed now.


Sam looked. “Oh. I didn't see those. Some hunter I am. Can't even notice the obvious.” There was a slight bitter undertone in his voice. He would always be second best to Dean, in John's eyes anyway. Sam put his stuff in the overhead storage and silently helped Amy with hers.


“I'm sorry.” Amy blurted out, a pink flush creeping up her face. “I was scared.”


“Don't worry about it, Amy. I...I was scared too. I still am. I don't know if wizards even know about hunters. About the kind of magic we do. And...and, Amy, if they don't know about kitsunes and what they need to live...I won't tell them. I know you're a good person, even if you're sometimes a feral vixen.” Sam smiled slightly.


“You don't know the half of it.” Amy whispered. “When the fox takes over, I'm not me, Sam. There are things called Houses. If we don't get in the same House, will you still help me? Will you...stop me, if I look like I'm going to hurt someone?” Her face was so red you could fry an egg on it now.


Sam leaned over and took Amy's hand. “That will never happen. They're wizards. Surely they'll have some way to keep the kitsune in check. Even if they don't, I won't hurt you.”


“Sam, please. Please promise me you'll do everything in your power to stop the kitsune if she takes over. Please.” Tears were welling in those pale blue eyes. Sam realized she was serious.


“I'm staying with my aunt. She's a kitsune, too. That's the only way I was surviving. I refuse to hunt on my own. My aunt was the only thing keeping the fox in check.”


“Alright, Amy. I'll find a way to stop the kitsune...you. I won't let you hurt anyone. Animal glands work, too, don't they? If I have to, I'll sneak out and kill an animal for you, cut out the glands, and bring them to you.” Sam said.


While he may have doubts about his supernatural hunting skills, he had zero doubts about his ability to kill deer or other animals. He didn't need anything other than a large enough knife to rip them apart, to be honest. His father's damn training.


Amy cried, then. “I'm sorry, Sam. I'm so sorry.” She leaned forward and hugged him tightly.


“I know you probably think I'm a geek, but I read the books and tried a few spells. This one is really useful, especially if you live with Dean Winchester.” Sam pointed his wand confidently at Amy. “Scourgify!”


The kitsune's tears were gone and her face looked as lovely as before, unswollen with tears and self-hate. She looked like his Amy again.


“That was amazing, Sam. You're going to be a great wizard, I know you are.” Amy smiled, the first real smile he'd seen on her since they'd first kissed.


“Maybe. Maybe not. It was just a simple spell. None of the complicated ones I tried worked. Or if they did anything at all, they set Dean's pants on fire.” Sam grinned. “Not that that isn't a desired effect of any spell.”


Amy laughed uncertainly, but he could tell the mood was much lighter than before. The compartment door opened again. It was the red head with Dean's eyes and the rude boy with the disgusting, greasy hair. Sam resisted the urge to use Scourgify again.


“It's you. The guy who was harassing Lily. Come on, Lils. Let's find another-” The boy's snide remark was cut off by the girl.


“Sev, I want to sit here. Sam was really nice. Other than you, he...he's the only one who's ever talked to me. You say it doesn't make a difference, but they notice. They notice I'm not a pureblood. But Sam doesn't know or care. Please, Sev!” Even Dean would have caved if he saw her shimmering green puppy dog eyes.


The boy, Sev, sighed. “Fine. And stop worrying, Lils. You know it doesn't really matter. You're a wonderful witch already.” His voiced sounded a lot more animated and emotional rather than rude and snide.


“Here. I'll sit with Sam.” Amy said. She picked up her pet, a gleaming white rat, and moved to sit by Sam. Sam's hunter body was acutely aware of her thigh so close to his, and the cramped air in the compartment.


For awhile, the four of them sat there silently, awkwardly, before Lily finally broke the silence.


“So, do any of you know what House you're going to be in?” She sounded nervous, like maybe she shouldn't have tried to start a conversation with the two strangers.


Amy looked down at her hands, compulsively stroking the beautiful rat. “I don't know any Houses. I know what they are, but I don't know what they're called or how we're chosen.” She flushed again. Sam couldn't help it and felt heat rise in his cheeks. She was adorable when she was embarrassed.


Sev finally spoke up. “As I appear to be the only wizard here with knowledge of Hogwarts from a first hand source, my mother, I will attempt to explain. I'm so glad you were never dense like these two, Lils.”


Lily giggled and shrugged at Sam and Amy. It seemed to be her way of saying 'just go with it', at least that was what Sam intuited. His empath ability sensed no hostility, simply awkwardness and a bit of nervousness.


“There are four Houses. Slytherin, Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, and Hufflepuff.” Sev snorted slightly after saying the last one. “A magical artifact chooses your House based on your personality and what will help you the most.”


Sam blinked. It sounded like a crock to him. “So a talking inanimate object tells me where I'll be spending my next seven years.” He laughed.


“It isn't a joke! Sev's telling the truth. I believe every word.” Lily glared at Sam.


Sam held out his hands in surrender. “Alright. I apologize. This...all of this...is just so new to me. I didn't even know that magic could be used in this capacity!” Oops. He should have said he had no idea magic existed at all.


The oily boy narrowed his eyes at Sam. “In this capacity? So you've known magic is real, just not wizards.” He laughed.


Sam hesitated. “My mother was a witch. She sealed her powers and broke her wand. She died when I was barely one year old. A dem - that is, a fire, killed her. Her name was Mary Campbell. I heard that her bloodline was powerful and old.”


Sev was looking at Sam, wide-eyed. “Wow. I can't believe it...we've had the Slytherin bloodline, the Hufflepuff bloodline, and even, once, a long time ago, the Gryffindor bloodline. We've never had someone related to Rowena Ravenclaw. There's no doubt, then. You'll be in Ravenclaw.”


He looked satisfied and leaned against the window, closing his eyes.


Sam was very confused. Rowena Ravenclaw was one of the founders of Hogwarts. How would her bloodline have made it to America, and then to his mother's family?


The hunter/wizard had no idea what being the descendant of a founder even meant, but according to the greaseball, it was something impressive. He noticed Amy looking despondent.


“He didn't even explain what qualities someone needs to get into Ravenclaw. What if I can't get in? I don't know if I can do this without you, Sammy.” She gripped the white rat a little too tightly and it let out a squeal a bit her. She watched the wound instantly heal and sighed.


“Sam, what if I get injured and someone sees how fast I heal? How will I explain that? With you by my side, you could always say you used a healing spell or salve.”


“Amy, no I can't. I don't know any healing spells and all the salves I use are hunter salves!” He suddenly smiled, “It would be interesting though. Both of us getting outed as weirdos at the same time, wouldn't it? At least we would get kicked out together.”


Amy gave him a tremulous smile.


“The train has been going for awhile. It'll still be a bit. We can sleep if we want to,” Lily said. She curled up on the seat. Sam noticed her head almost resting on Sev's thigh and smiled to himself. Another magic-user with a crush at such a young age.


“Maybe we should.” Amy whispered.


Sam nodded and leaned against the side of the compartment, using his smaller hunting bag as a pillow. The rock salt, the bottle of holy water, the pistol, and the silver dagger made it a little uncomfortable, but he managed to nod off.


“You're special, Sam Winchester. You and I, we're two parts made whole again. That's why you always felt so empty. I'm your family. Your real family.”


Sam was looking in a mirror and saw what could only be a future version of himself.


He still had the longish hair, but his face was bitter, angry, and there was a darkness there that could only be seen as demonic possession. And he was tall. Well over six feet.


“Stop it, Sam. I can feel you, scratching away in their. I'll take the gag off if you can behave.” The Sam in the mirror smiled.


Sam saw himself, rage filled and so full of hatred he could never imagine being that person in the mirror. Young Sam tried to force his way into control.


It was just another one of those prophetic dreams, wasn't it?


Mirror Sam screamed, almost in pain. Sam, the now-Sam, gasped. He had gained control. The demon in his body...no, not demon. Something else entirely. It felt like being chained to a supernova.


“Who are you?” He managed. He noticed his voice was deep and almost intimidating.


Mirror Sam looked shocked. “Well, well, well. Little Sammy. Hello. I'm your brother. Your real brother. Dean? He's just a pale imitation of what you will feel with me. All your life, all this...you aren't running away from anything.”


The demonic creature smiled almost seductively. “You've been running toward me. Toward real family.”


The possessed Sam leaned gracefully against the mirror's edge. “As for who I am? My name is Lucifer.”

Sam jerked awake with a scream. A vision, but not one that would happen soon. He opened Mary's diary and wrote the vision down, scribbling every detail he could remember. His 'prophetic dream journal' was packed with his other things, but he'd decided to start using his mother's journal to keep track of his dreams.


Sweat was still rolling down his back and his heart was beating chaotically against his chest. He noticed the others were still asleep. Sam used this time to change into the long, black wizard robes. They were shiny and clean, and had no tears, unlike Sam's 'muggle' clothing.


He nudged Amy and Lily to let them know the train was now at the school. For a school, it looked amazing. Sam had never seen anything like it, and he'd seen lost tombs and ancient cities. Amy, Lily, and Severus (Sam had learned the boy's full name from a tag on his luggage) woke up. Amy was the only one not in robes.


The others left the compartment, leaving Amy alone to change. She was ready quickly and sat her white rat on her shoulder, petting him comfortably. Mary was clinging so tightly to Sam's shoulder it was a wonder he wasn't bleeding. Sam gave her a comforting stroke and a suet treat he'd snuck in his robes.


A large man was calling for the First Years. He had an accent that was a bit difficult to understand, but Sam, having spent his entire life wandering the backroads of America, was used to weird accents. There were several large carriages waiting for them.


Several people made comments about how the carriages could possibly fly with nothing carrying them. Sam felt this was a bit silly, as there were obviously large, ethereal looking horses pulling the carriages. Amy noted this as well.


“They're thestrals!” Exclaimed a boy with black, mussed hair. “Only people who've seen someone snuff it can see em. I can't. I've never seen a death, I mean, can you imagine?”


He laughed, as did the other dark-haired boy, the one with attractive, even at eleven, features and full shoulder length hair. He looked like a far more handsome and well-groomed version of Severus. Silently, Sam and Amy, along with Lily and Severus, boarded an empty carriage.


With a jolt, the carriages came alive. Sam watched in awe as the thestrals beat their wings, swiftly bearing them to the castle. With an even more jolting landing that almost sent Sam sprawling, the thestrals set them down near the front of the castle, where more carriages and more students of varying ages were arriving.


Sam felt a thrill. It was so close. Tomorrow, he would be studying to be a real wizard. He adored books, and the new magic books practically sang to him read me and he more than wanted to.

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Huh. I want to enter, but I can't think of what to write! People have already done RWBY and HP, and anything I write about Undertale will probably have been done before. Hm... I'll have to think about this.

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Huh. I want to enter, but I can't think of what to write! People have already done RWBY and HP, and anything I write about Undertale will probably have been done before. Hm... I'll have to think about this.

You can also do HP. Someone did HP before I did, but I still did it. If my posted part of my story isnt' too long, I'll probably submit my favorite portion of a "Sam and Dean in the Psych universe" story. Me and my mother love Supernatural and tend to use the characters in almost every story. If I can't use Sam and Dean again, I have Yu'lon from World of Warcraft in the My Little Pony world. That's a pretty interesting story. Still...it's also a little long. sad.gif

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You can totally still do RWBY, yo! Just so long as you do something different than what I did.


Speaking of, I have another entry. Same setting as my last one, but I'm also adding in Yang and Blake from RWBY.


"Great going, Schnee. Now we can all die together in the Coliseum," Yang said, leaning back against the wall of the crowded jail cell in the Valuan Grand Fortress.


"I can't believe we got caught, and all because of that stupid smuggler and the new admiral of the Seventh Division! Oooohhhh, if I ever see Torchwick or Admiral Cinder again I will wring their necks!" Weiss angrily paced back and forth along the front wall. Ruby watched her for another minute before looking over at the corner of the cell. A black-haired young woman had been sitting there since before they had been tossed in, and appeared to be fiddling with something.


Ruby quietly scooted closer, peering over her shoulder at a small device. She had never been too good with technology, unless it was a weapon, so she wasn't too sure what to make of the haphazard hair pin wires.


"Unless you have another hair pin or a red or yellow Moon Stone, please go away," the black-haired girl said, giving Ruby an aside glance with unamused yellow eyes.


"Oh. Uh..." Ruby turned back towards her sister and her friend. "Weiss?"


"What could you possibly want now, Ruby?" Weiss turned, arms folded.


"Can I have one of your hair pins?"


Weiss stared, the corner of her mouth twitching slightly, before she pulled a single pin out of her carefully-kept hair and flicked it over. Ruby easily snatched it out of the air, and offered it to the black-haired girl. She blinked twice, before taking it with a grateful nod and carefully bending it before tucking it into her device.


"So, uh, I'm Ruby Rose. What's your name?" Ruby asked as she worked.


"Blake." Blake didn't even look up as she spoke, and after a minute, she picked up her device and walked up to the bars. Weiss and Yang stopped to watch her.


"You all are going to want to stand back, because with or without you, I'm going to be the first air pirate to ever break out of the Valuan Grand Fortress," Blake said. She set the device down and pressed something on it, and there was a beep.


"Ohhh boy. That's a bomb," Yang commented, hastily standing and backing away. Ruby's eyes widened and she hurried over to join her, and Weiss and Blake were only a moment behind.


"Moons, shield us," Weiss declared, channeling magic through the Moon Stone accessories she always wore. A silvery magic circle materialized between the four girls and the cell door, and the bomb went off, shaking the floor and the air but failing to break Weiss's shield. The magic circle vanished as the smoke cleared, revealing a hole in the twisted metal bars.


"...Not bad, for a Valuan noble. Anyways, I have places to be. Bye," Blake started, moving towards the newly-made exit.


"...Wait," Weiss said. Blake paused, glancing suspiciously back at her. "Look, I've been through the Grand Fortress before. I know where everything is. If you want to get out of here, on a ship, come with us. I don't care if you're a pirate. These two ruffians are Blue Rogues, but they're two of the best allies I've ever had."


"Best friend!" Ruby cheered, smiling at Weiss. Weiss rolled her eyes.


"Yeah, Weiss knows the way, I can punch stuff, Ruby's real fast, and if you can make explosives like that, I'm sure not even the Grand Fortress can keep all four of us in!" Yang added, a grin on her face.


Blake eyed them for a few more moments, before letting out a quiet sigh and smiling softly.


"Fine. Come on, then, let's not waste time."

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You can also do HP. Someone did HP before I did, but I still did it. If my posted part of my story isnt' too long, I'll probably submit my favorite portion of a "Sam and Dean in the Psych universe" story. Me and my mother love Supernatural and tend to use the characters in almost every story. If I can't use Sam and Dean again, I have Yu'lon from World of Warcraft in the My Little Pony world. That's a pretty interesting story. Still...it's also a little long. sad.gif

Oh, so as long as it's not the same characters in the same situation it's allowed? I have a great idea to use RWBY characters!

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Well, I guess I'm going to have to enter this:


Space. The final frontier. These are the voyages of the Starship Pemberley. Its five year mission, to explore strange, new worlds, and being in possession of good fortune, to seek out a wife.


Captain's Log, Stardate 90379.01. The Federation has sent us on a mission to improve relations with the planet Longbourn, a somewhat backwater planet with quaint customs. My first officer, Mr. Bingley, is excited for the dancing we are to have, but I fear that this frivolity will lead to no good.  -- Captain Fitzwilliam Darcy


As the Pemberley came into orbit over the planet, Mr. Bingley remarked, "Come, Captain Darcy, I must have you dance."


"I certainly shall not," he replied stiffly. "Colonel Fitzwilliam, beam us down."


At the dance, Mr. Bingley quickly became attached to a most beautiful young woman, Miss Jane Bennett. He danced the first two with her, leading the girl's mother to remark how great her prospects were and how honored to be favored by such a fine young officer, surely worth 5000 Credits per year.


Mr. Bingley turned to Captain Darcy. "I hate to see you standing around in such a stupid manner. Won't you dance?"


Mr. Darcy replied, "You are dancing with the only handsome girl in the room"


"Oh! she is the most beautiful creature I ever beheld! But there is one of her sisters who is very pretty, and I dare say, very agreeable," countered Mr. Bingley.


For a moment Captain Darcy turned to look at the young woman, a certain Miss Elizabeth Bennet. "She is tolerable; but not handsome enough to tempt _me_."


Suddenly a klaxon began to ring in the ballroom. "Gorn attack! Gorn attack!" shouted a female computer voice.


"The Gorn attacking here? Didn't Admiral Kirk determine that they were non-hostile?" asked Mr. Bingley, confused.


"That was before the Tholians invaded their territory. They have begun making raids on outlying colonies." Darcy opened his communicator. "Darcy to Pemberly: Send down a security team!"


Together with the Pemberly crew, the land forces from Longbourn fought to protect the colony. For their protection, the women were beamed up to the ship.


Elizabeth was uncomfortable finding herself on Darcy's ship, after he spoke so disparagingly of her, but still could not resist touring the ship with a young ensign.


"This is the gallery of past captains of the Pemberly," she commented. "Of course, Captain Darcy is especially debonair. Do you not think him a very handsome gentleman, Ma'am?"


"Yes, very handsome."


"I am sure I know none so handsome. Unfortunately, he is often away from the ship."


"If your captain would marry, you might see more of him."


"Indeed, but I do not know when that will be. I do not know who is good enough for him."


Meanwhile, down on the planet, the battle with the Gorn raged on. "Did you notice Miss Elizabeth's eyes? I found them quite entrancing," commented Darcy, as he phasered one of the reptilian brutes.


"I'm not sure this is quite the time for romantic repartee, Captain," said Bingley, sore beset by three of the creatures.


Nonetheless, in little time, the threat was ended, and the women were brought back to the surface of the planet. As they waited for the transporter, a fine lady approached Elizabeth. "Miss Bennett, has my nephew Mr. Darcy offered you his hand in matrimony? I won't have it!"


Elizabeth was quite surprised by this line of inquiry. "I have never heard such a rumour."


"And can you likewise declare, that there is no _foundation_ to it?"


"Madam, you are being rude," declared Elizabeth. "If I were his choice, why may I not accept him?"


"Because honor, decorum, prudence, nay, interest, forbid it. Your alliance would be a disgrace, your name will never even be mentioned by any of us."


"That would be quite a burden to bear. However, if I feel my happiness is served by Mr. Darcy, I will not hesitate to ally myself with him."


On the planet, surprisingly enough, Captain Darcy waited for Elizabeth. "You have saved our planet; for that I thank you, Captain Darcy."


"If you will thank me," he replied, "let it be for yourself alone. Your planet owes me nothing. Much as I respect it, I believe, I thought only of you. You are too generous to trifle with me. Will you take me as your husband?"


"I will," she replied.


Soon thereafter, Jane was married to Mr. Bingley, and Elizabeth to Captain Darcy. Jane asked Elizabeth when she decided that she might love Mr. Darcy.


"I am not certain," she answered, "but I think it began when I came to see the Pemberly."

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Here is my story! I don't really like writing fanfiction about existing characters, so... I went with your caveman example, haha. biggrin.gif I hope that's alright!


Here it is!




“Hello! Had a good sleep, did you? Now now, don’t be scared. Hmm, it is kind of dark in here, though. Just a second.”


You shield your eyes as a torch mounted to a rocky wall begins to light up. Where the… where are you?! How did you get here??


“Oops! Did I startle you? No worries, everything is fine. Look! We’re in a cave.”

You hear someone speaking to you, but there doesn’t seem to be anyone around. Confused, you look around.

“Don’t look so confused! This is all part of the plan. Really, no worries. I am the Storyteller. I’m here to tell you a story. Yeah, you don’t say. Welcome to the cave!”

You slowly raise your hand to touch the wall next to you. It’s rocky and feels cool. “A… a cave?” you stammer, unsure where to exactly direct your voice to.

“Yeah. A cave. Y’know, where bears live and stuff.” Your body stiffens when you hear bears.

“Oh no no no, don’t worry! There are no bears here! Only dragons! Wait, that isn’t much better. Please, calm down!”

Your head begins to spin as you take in all of this information. What is going on? You have no idea where you are, or how you ended up here!

“Seriously, don’t worry. Just go with the flow, alright? I’m just gonna tell you a story, and then you can return to whatever you were doing. I think it was something with clicking eggs. Whatever that means.”

Can.. can this voice hear you think? “Yup.” Aah! “Can we PLEASE move on with the story?”

You look around the cave, uncertain of what to think. You suppose you should… go with the flow…?


“THANK YOU. Alright. Let’s see what this story is about!” You mean, you don’t know? “Now, don’t get sassy with me! I know more than you do. Let’s see… Ah, look at this wall!”

The cave brightens, even though no more torches appear. Who ever this Storyteller is, he must have a lot of control over the situation. You notice a relatively flat wall a few steps from you. Hesitatingly, you walk towards it.

“Good, good. See this wall? Look, it has all sorts of drawings on it!” You can’t quite tell how the pictures were drawn on the wall. It looks like some sort of muddy paint. You see stick figures. One of them is a lot bigger than the rest.

“Yeah, noticed that guy huh? I invited him to make our story a bit more interesting. His name is Bob. Bob, are you here?” Some shuffling sounds are heard. You turn your head to see a small, but very round, old little man. His face is almost completely covered in white hairs. You can see his eyes and nose, though.

“Bob, my old man! Come join us for the story.” Bob seems even more confused than you are. He starts beating the wall with the big club he is holding. “AWOOG! AWOOG! AWOOWOO!! BOOGA BOOG!” Bob is jumping up and down and yelling like some sort of cavema-… Oh.

“Took you a while to figure that out. It seems our Bob is a little… uh… confused. Maybe we can… help him a little bit. Help him understand us. Don’t you think? Just a second.”

Bob suddenly stops beating and screaming, and he stares blankly at you. You hear a strange, yet familiar sound. Kind of like a tape recorder spinning forward. Somehow you feel like a lot of time has passed, though everything still looks the same.

“There, all better! Hi, Bob! Do you understand us?” Bob blinks a few times, and straightens his back. “Hello?” he mutters. You shrug at him, your face showing sympathy. Your stone-age buddy is just as lost as you are. Bob narrows his eyes at you. “Story! Bob tell story!” he says with a big grin. Okay, perhaps he knows a little more than you do.

“It’ll have to do. I hope you don’t mind his language skills. I really just want to start with the story now. Alrighty Bob, come tell us a little story!” Bob walks towards the wall with the drawings on it. Hey, shouldn’t YOU tell the story, Mister Storyteller? “Can’t I have a day off? I am doing most of the work, honestly!” You roll your eyes. This story better be quick, so you can return to reality.


Bob clears his throat, and points to the wall. More drawings have appeared. When did that happen…? But Bob interrupts your train of thought. “Wall! Tell story! Dragons!” Bob enthusiastically gestures towards the wall. Dragons…? There are indeed dragons drawn on the wall. You see a drawing of a stick figure petting a stick figure-dragon, and even something that seems to illustrate a person riding on a dragon’s back.

“Dragons be friends!” says Bob with a big grin. “ARRRRRRR!” Startled, you jump up. “Sorry, thought it was funny. Carry on, Bob.”

You wish you could give the owner of the voice a look of disapproval, but alas. Bob nods, and continues his… story.

“Dragons friends, human help!” He points to another part of the wall, where you can see various dragons and humans interacting with each other. They do seem to be friendly towards one another. “Human take egg! Dragon grow!” Even though Bob isn’t the best storyteller, his spirit makes up for a lot. Bob wildly points to parts of the wall. “Dragon…” he stops to think. Whatever word he is looking for, he’s having trouble with it. “Dragon…” he starts. “F...family.” he says slowly. Aww.


“Nawwwwwww. Dragons are considered family! Now isn’t that lovely.” Bob shakes his head, and points towards you. Eh? What does he have to say to you? Bob narrows his eyes again, thinking. “You… family! Bob family!” Bob gets back to his happy old self and gives you a big hug. Utterly confused, you awkwardly pat him on the back. Is Bob your family?

“Maybe Bob is like your great great great great great … great grand parent, or whatever. Isn’t that cool? That means you have dragon-raising blood in your body! Ah, what a heartwarming ending. I tell the best stories.” Ending? You mean this is finally over? Bob lets go of you. Oh no. What’s going to happen?

“Sheesh, enough with the worries. Didn’t I tell you to not worry? It’s time to go back. I hope you enjoyed my story!”

“But-” you stammer, unable to finish your sentence.

“Hey, say hi from me to your dragons, will ya?”

You blink. You blink a few times. You’re not in the cave anymore. Bob is nowhere to be seen. You’re just reading this off a screen.


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It's a lot shorter than I intended it to be, but after a very stressful day with my little unborn, I wasn't able to write more. I hope everyone who reads it enjoys it. ^-^


Fitzwilliam Darcy opened his eyes, the dingy lighting barely illuminated the cracks in the boards of the ship he was on, let alone the face of the unholy man that the snoring was coming from. A scowl curled his lips and his slender fingers rubbed circles into his temples, his clothes reeked of alcohol and he didn’t dare to ask what the stains on his shirt were. This whole affair was grubby, a far cry from Pemberley and his wife and son. His hardened features softened at the thought of the dark-haired, chubby infant that he had left at home, and instinctively, his hand travelled down to the chain at his hip. He lifted it close to his face as he opened the locket that it adorned, peering at the pictures within. On the left was a portrait of his first and only child whom he had named Edward, and on the right, Elizabeth’s face smiled up at him. He returned her smile, as though she really were stood in front of him and not just that it had been a moment from years before that he had immortalized.


The ship rocked uneasily over the tides, but suddenly lurched beneath them, tossing Darcy a few foot over and had him landing in the lap of the sleeping man. “What the bloody hell was that?!” A gruff voice spoke up from beneath Darcy, he scrambled away. “I know,” there was a dramatic pause, “I’m irresistible, but I don’t swing your way, darlin’” the voice continued in a rough drawl. Darcy immediately recognized the voice, he didn’t care for Captain Jack Sparrow in the slightest, he found the pirate to be insufferable, but Jack had caught his attention when he drunkenly spoke about finding the light, bringing back the dead to the realm of the living. Darcy’s heart had fluttered, were the pirate speaking earnestly, he would perhaps feel Elizabeth in his arms again, feel her kiss on his lips and her breath on his cheek. A few coins of gold were no price at all to pay to potentially resurrect his beloved wife, who had died in childbirth months before. Jack had drunkenly explained that he had some personal business to settle with a man named Belatiel, but Belatiel had been shot a few months before, so they were out to search for the land of the dead. Jack stood up, staggering and swaying more than the boat would have caused. Darcy almost cursed, the damn pirate was still drunk, how could that be? By that point, he was rather convinced that Jack’s veins should they ever be sliced open would bleed only neat rum.


Darcy watched with disgust as Jack swigged from a deerskin that he’d taken from the belt of one of the deckboys. The stench of his breath made him retch, “You missin’ -  the land?” Jack asked tauntingly, his sentence broken by a hiccup.

“No,” Darcy lied, with a grimace as he glanced out at the ocean.

“Good, ‘cause tonight is the night I get back the Pearl from that bloody Belatiel,” he slurred. “Down is up,” he added with a chirp. Darcy hated the way that the pirate often seemed to speak in these riddles, so he shot him a look of contempt and leaned heavily against the rails. When Jack had finally moved away and started running back and forth across the deck, like a crazed imbecile, Darcy took out the locket once more.

“Tonight could be the night I bring you home, sweet Elizabeth” he murmured, resting a gentle kiss against the glass that held her picture. “It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a married man will defy Death itself to find his love.”

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Team RWBY plays Minecraft:


I ended up having to re-write the whole opening xd.png

With a pop, four girls appear in the world of Minecraft.


"Huh, everything looks strangely cubed..." Ruby says.


"Nice observational skills, sherlock. Let's do something before night falls," Weiss says, running off towards a tree. Yang follows. Ruby stands there, confused, and Blake takes in her surroundings.


"If we climb those trees, we could elevate off the ground and not have to worry about monsters..." Blake observes, pointing at tall jungle trees in the distance. But Ruby has already ran off to gather resources. The chaos begins.


"Ahhh, Weiss, that was my tree! You don't get to punch it!" Ruby exclaims.


"Well you should've seen I was already walking towards it. Go punch some other tree," Weiss states.


Yang's avatar bursts out of a nearby cave holding a strange item. With an odd scraping sound, Yang accidentally sets the tree on fire.


"Ooooh, so that's what it does...!" Yang says, intrigued.


Eventually, the team gets organized as the square sun sets on the world of Minecraft. Ruby, desperately trying to use a pickaxe inside a cave, hears a strange groaning noise.


"Huh, what's the noise?" Ruby asks, but her teammates are currently on the surface, unable to hear her. Until Blake pops up from around the corner, proving her wrong.


"I'm mining. You?" She asks.


"Yeah, but I can't figure out how to use this pickaxe!" Ruby says, holding up her wooden tool in frustration.


"Ruby, that's an axe, not a pickaxe," Blake states, unamused.


"What? They're two different things? The misleading name is a travesty of the english language!" Ruby cries out.


Blake just stares with a blank look on her face, about to return to her mining spot, when a rotting green-and blue zombie appears in the cave, making a familiar groaning sound.


"AAH!" The two girls shout, and bolt the heck out of the cave. Ruby hurls her not-pick axe at the monster, and dashes off with her speed semblance.


Appearing just outside of the cave, beating Blake by several seconds, Ruby catches her breath. Blake stumbles out, and looks around to find the other half of her team.


"Where are they?" Ruby asks half-heartedly, peering around the nearby hills dotting the now-treeless meadow.


"Over.. there.." Blake says, pointing at a nearby hill, still out of breathe. Now recognizing the shouts, Ruby snorts.


Yang and Weiss are fighting on top of the hill. Weiss, frantically hurling snowballs at Yang, is trying to put out the fire that Yang is spreading across the hill with her flint and steel.


"FIRE!!!!" Yang screams.


"NUU! ICE!!" Weiss counters.


"Weeeeeell then..." Ruby says. "We should've known that was how it was going to end."

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