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Lackadaisy Cats

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Q. What's this comic about?

A. It's about a gang of tenacious (if not shady) characters running a St. Louis speakeasy in the era of Prohibition. I suppose it falls somewhere in the realm of historical fiction, parody, dark comedy, and abject nonsense.


Speakeasys, jazz, murder mysteries, rumrunners, good ol' 1920-somethin' Prohibition era in St. Louis, guns, and nutty cats in suits! Honest to diddly damn bits I love this webcomic so much, such refreshing art and a neat comic style - and the artist also provides periodic 'side dish' content that feeds like a full course meal. Got a favourite cat? Sure - why not discuss them here? Anxious to how things will pan out for these illegal alcohol organizations? Would you like to know how waffles can be used for matrices and other complex maths problems?


No? Would you want to know what exactly this insane lamphead is insinuating instead?:


Even tutorials are just a surreal experience.

If you want a sample of the 'nonsense' then here it is.

One of my favourite off-schedule content.

As an artist, I find this painstakingly relatable.


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I just read through the entire thing...


I really like Rocky, though he also frightens me.

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