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My favorite child hood games

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happy.gifpoptartFINALTINY.gif I've got to say that my age I must know a lot of games but when I found out people had favorite games that I never heard of my curiosity led me to meeting other people and what they like. Then later on in my life I left what I used to play mostly which was Nintendo's games such as legend of starfy which a lot of people don't know about then I found out about dragon cave which it turns out there were people like me and i was surprised to see such a big community blink.gif so now to tell about what my favorite childhood video games starting with Pokemon yellow I have to say I like the Pokemon series a lot and it turns out some people have the same interest as me. Legend of starfy was another favorite and a game that I learned about was ty the Tasmanian tiger also made by the people who made spyro another game I like. So I might make another post about more games I like but I'm going to stop here so I'm saying bye for now. alot.png

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