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Bucket O' Prizes

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This is a really awesome idea! And I'm loving the poems (and quotes, but especially the poems! A villanelle, whoa!) this contest has produced so far.


This poem is in a form I learned about during this year's National Poetry Writing Month and have been wanting to try out: san san, an 8-line poem rhymed abcabdcd with three images each recurring three times during the poem (which is really hard, as it turns out!)


Dragon in Flight


He's flame and lightning, thunder and the storm:

Unfurling wings like black gigantic sails,

The adamantine scales bright with flame

Reflected in his eyes. The nightmare form,

Unfurling wings and adamantine scales,

And flame which terror brings to knights and kings.

The adamantine scales ring his name.

He blots the sky with his unfurling wings.


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Well... I didn't actively write this poem for this specific contest, but I assure you that a multitude of work went into creating it, it's been tweaking about a thousands times now, and I hold it very close to my heart.


(I did, however, spruce it up a bit into an image for this contest.)


user posted image


Again, this poem is a piece of me, so even if it doesn't win... it's nice sharing it with people!


(Also, thanks so much for the opportunity!) wub.gif

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I'm in the same boat as xxBurningxx, I didn't actively write a poem for this because I don't think I have time, and I live in the UK, so it's 5AM here xP


But here is a poem I wrote a while ago:


In that room – so many faces

So many eyes, so many paces

Judgement served by those that dance

And those gifted by gloried stance.

A river flown of music's beat

We're interlocked in arid heat,

Don't complain, it's not a choice

We have no rights and have no voice

But in each others arms we stand

Not threatened by the blacksmith's brand

By heart and shackles we are bound

In crowds we're lost; in you I'm found

A different song, a different day

In which we're forced to bet and play

A game which seems to never end

In a life no man would try defend

Yet there is light amongst our ranks

Not in the poison that we drank

But in the shadows of our fear

Where anger toils and hatred sneers

An uprising of slaves we are

Not one without a battle scar

With eyes of soldier, look upon

Everything we had that's gone

And hunch your shoulders over love

She's all you have and if they shove

They'll take her from you, whip for screams

Until you break and in your dreams

You watch her die at cruel, stained hands

Wrapped round her throat, with words so bland

Prophesying of a world

With no escape and fists that curl

But do not act, cannot reach out

All servants hearts are filled with doubt

So by the night, my love, we run

Aimed at our skull, nocturnal gun

But never stop, look in my eyes

We'll make it out of this alive.


Edit: Oops, too late. Well good luck all ^^

Edit number 2: Thank you, Bucket. :3 That's really kind.

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Entries are closed, expect results momentarily.


This was very difficult to judge. 25 entries, numerous beautiful poems, and only one prize. I've decided to expand the prize pool, with second and third place getting a 3G prize of their choice*. Without further ado, the results!






Pryanka! I loved the abstract art style of the posters. Having a visual for each stanza really transformed it from a poem into something more. Creative, original, and pretty!






mutant8! The subject of the poem is unique and well-delivered, and I loved the use of dramatic metaphors - especially in the first stanza. Very well-done and original, conveying a concept many are not familiar with.






Tango! This adorable Anagallis captured my heart and made my day, with its exuberant grin, free of all worldly cares. As well as being gorgeously rendered, it perfectly connected with a recent personal experience, and I can't stop staring at it's face and grinning. This is exactly the kind of effort and creativity I was looking for, and I simply wish it could fit in my signature.




Sincere apologies to all who didn't win. There were just too many good entries, and I couldn't pick them all! I hope I can do another one of these soon with a different objective, but that depends on the cooperation of my Tinsel. Until then, farewell!


*PM me to discuss, otherwise I will send you the nicest one I breed in a reasonable timeframe

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Congratulations to the well deserving winners ^-^



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Congratulations to the winners! It was fun to see all the different entries happy.gif

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biggrin.gif Thanks so much for this opportunity, it was fun - I'm glad I made you smile smile.gif If you can find a way to fit the image in your sig, you have my permission to use it if you want to.

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Congratulations to the winners. biggrin.gif


I loved reading peoples work and their quote choices. 8)



Also thanks The_Bucket for giving me a reason to get back into writing poems and not 'my feelings at the time' motivated (aka angst / depressive / totally mushy'). I enjoyed getting back on the horse dragon after 10 years absent.

I also got to put names to poem forms, thanks for that, I tend to just sit and write with really no thought to form. I like learning new stuff, so another plus.biggrin.gif


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Congrats winners! So many beautiful poems and quotes, they're all brilliant!

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Congrats to all the winners! I'm glad it wasn't my job to pick. I was amazed at all the talent displayed here. biggrin.gif

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