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Bucket O' Prizes

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Note: thread is horrifically unformatted. I will fix it eventually, but my current priority is getting the thread up and going to bed.


Are you tired of freebies? Don't you wish you had to work for your prizes? Me neither. But if you are, you're in luck!


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If you're active in the Departures thread, you've probably seen me there. I'm often dropping things here and there - raffles, FFAs, whatever. I've begun to notice a problem, however. Not only are clicky links severely uninvolved, it's always the same people. I love to give stuff away, but I've been itching to create a way that has a little bit more involvement. There are a lot of different ways I could accomplish this. They all start with this thread.


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• Be sure to read ALL applicable contest-specific rules. Different contests may have different rules, listed under the "Current" header.

• Only one entry per person (if you wish to add others on to the same post you are welcome to, but they will not be counted)

• Be a good sport whether you win or lose. This includes "why didn't this person win? Theirs was clearly better!"


Unless expressly stated otherwise:

• Do not trade or regift. Personal exceptions can be made on a case-by-case basis.

• Do not kill, neglect, abandon, etc.

• For 2G prizes: Please name it, and breed it for other people. Whether you gift or trade the offspring is your prerogative.


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Let's kick things off with a multitude of choices.

Option 1: Write a poem. Length does not matter, quality does.

Option 2: Tell a joke. Preferably not something you looked up five minutes ago. (Be sure to follow forum rules with regards to appropriateness).

Option 3: Give me your favorite quote. It can be funny, wise, or otherwise.


You will be judged on:

• Originality. I collect jokes. It's sort of my thing. I don't want to hear a joke I already know by heart told in the exact same way. Similarly, picking the most famous quote you can think of isn't likely to get you very far.

• Effort. A short quote that took you a minute to look up is not going to hold a candle to a beautiful, heartfelt poem that took an hour to write. There are multiple options to be fair to people who do not like the others, not so that you can put in the minimal amount of effort and somehow win. If you are unwilling to put forward your best effort, then I advise not entering. I am creating this contest for those people (I know you are out there) who are really willing to go the distance for the prize.

• Creativity. I'm not giving very many boundaries here, so put a little bit of heart into it. Putting a joke into cartoon form, doing a dramatic reading of your poem, inscribing a quote onto a block of wood - whatever it takes to bring it to life. This makes a world of a difference.








Pryanka! I loved the abstract art style of the posters. Having a visual for each stanza really transformed it from a poem into something more. Creative, original, and pretty!






mutant8! The subject of the poem is unique and well-delivered, and I loved the use of dramatic metaphors - especially in the first stanza. Very well-done and original, conveying a concept most aren't familiar with.






Tango! This adorable Anagallis captured my heart and made my day, with its exuberant grin, free of all worldly cares. As well as being gorgeously rendered, it perfectly connected with a recent personal experience, and I can't stop staring at it's face and grinning. This is exactly the kind of effort and creativity I was looking for, and I simply wish it could fit in my signature.




Sincere apologies to all who didn't win. There were just too many good entries, and I couldn't pick them all! I hope I can do another one of these soon with a different objective, but that depends on the cooperation of my Tinsel. Until then, farewell!


Thread approved by Shiny Hazard Sign. Thank you!

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I'm not super good at writing poems, but I'm just gonna give it a try. smile.gif



To walk the stage

is to trek the Himalayas.

when the air freezes

and shatters in your lungs;

when your heart beats

an insistent song

against your ribcage.


to sing for the crowd

to get that insistent song out

to cry and to shout ---

is to tell a story out loud.

a long, long story

of each and every

burden that you carry.


standing, leaping on your feet,

caterwauls coming

from your flushed cheeks.

you are screaming, shouting;

or you are just sitting there

with eyes closed

feeling fortunate to be here.


you cheer them on

when you still feel the pain

when you stopped singing

just before the stage.

but you can't help but smile

when the year is ending

with fruitful regrets


To walk the stage,

is to walk the year through

from January to December.

To be in the crowd,

is to see the year unfold

with all its joys and sorrows.

To write this poem

is to live the year out again

for you

for you

for you

and for you.


and also, here's a quote that I really like:

"People get built up differently. We don't have to figure it out, we just have to respect it."

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When I got home this morning, I really did not expect this. Such a lovely surprise smile.gif


mutant8, that poem is lovely. I especially like your use of metaphorical imagery, especially in the opening stanza. I shared it with a close friend who is very involved in drama/theatre, and he said: "Not a lot of people understand, but this person clearly knows what they're talking about. It really captures the essence of performing, for me."


As an animal person, I really like that quote, OrcaFreak. Mark Twain is great with quotes.


A little question for anyone competing: I have gotten at least one submission privately, through PM. I strongly wish to respect the wish of the author(s) and keep them private, since I understand it can be nerve-wracking to submit a poem you've put your heart into for all to see. However, I feel that it is somewhat unfair if the winner is private, and nobody gets to see what won, or if there was any favoritism going on behind-the-scenes. I think that leaves three options: ban private submissions, allow private submissions but, in the event of one of them winning, publish it here, without the name, or fully allow private submissions. Any thoughts are welcome.


I look forward to seeing more fabulous entries in the following week!

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I felt I needed to write a villanelle for this. I hope you enjoy it.



The brood of dragons, silver meeting ice:

The Bucket's gift to someone who will work

To fill the scroll with baubles very nice.


This dragon was not born in paradise —

The mother stated, holding back a smirk:

The brood of dragons, silver meeting ice.


An egg is not a flotation device,

Nor is it simply of the site a perk,

To fill the scroll with baubles very nice.


A poem's structure must be quite precise

If it should please The Bucket and not irk

The brood of dragons, silver meeting ice.


A simpler poem should of course suffice —

To choose this form is really quite a quirk

To fill the scroll with baubles very nice.


A poem was The Bucket's asking price

To win I need not go to needlework.

The brood of dragons, silver meeting ice

To fill the scroll with baubles very nice.

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I think this is a great fantastic idea and will be participating later and watching and sharing!

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I wrote a haiku about the cherry blossom trees I saw last week:



Dancing in the wind

Pink petals fall like snowflakes

Dazzling my heart


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hey this is fun!


this is part quote part poem. I heard this a long time ago and it has always stuck with me smile.gif


"A monster lies in wait in me, a stew of wounds and misery. But fiercer still in life and limb, the me that lies in wait in him." -Clive Barker


p.s. good luck everyone, i am sure there will be a lot more creative entries than mine


p.p.s. this seemed appropriate because... dragons. smile.gif

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What an amazing idea! I haven't written a poem in a while, but I'll give it my best shot.



Feather on the Wind.



Feather on the wind,

how gracefully you fly.

Above snow white clouds,

and cross the brightly starlit sky.


While people walk below,

never seeing your endless trek.

Silently you glide,

weighing no more than a fleck.


Over mountains and hills,

across deserts and oceans.

Never giving in,

or lacking devotion.


Finally you arrive,

in the nest of more feathers.

Keeping safe the next generation,

and protecting it from any weather.


A veteran you are,

having soared the seven skies.

what stories you shall tell,

before the young bird's excited eyes.


Your job is done,

as the bird grows and takes flight.

grand adventures await him,

as he sees the world in a new light.

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This is one of my favorite quotes, in fact it was my wallpaper for a while (now I actually want to find the wallpaper I made with that quote on it hmmmm)

(geez! Trying to do this on mobile is so hard!)


user posted image

(hope it's not too big)

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I have always held great fondness for dragons. This is a story poem written years ago about one of my dragon characters, Raithius, which I felt would be appropriate in a competition to win a dragon egg! I've included a piece of artwork, as the visual reference aids in understanding the story.


user posted image

© amikira.deviantart.com



On Dragon Wings


"You are an unnatural thing," they say.

Raith snarls as his only reply.

He glares at them, they stare at him,

He spreads his wings and flies.


How can he help not having

A body of natural form?

Why must they always treat him so,

Why must they always scorn?


This wing, this leg, this eye...

This dreadful abomination...

These metallic parts they so hate

Are of their own creation!


Years ago, Raith was a gentle soul,

And that was when they bullied him.

They shoved him around, knocked him down,

Then clawed at him, tore at his skin.


With hateful words, they did their worst;

They tortured poor Raith's heart.

They spat upon his loving soul

And ripped his world apart.


From that day on, Raith's heart grew

More twisted by the hour.

His lips would curl into a snarl

Which made many creatures cower.


Yet, in the stillness of the night,

Raith gazes toward the heavens.

He wonders at the brilliant stars,

Wonders at what they might cleanse.


Could staring at their brilliancy

Heal the torment in his heart?

Could forgetting all about his past

Be enough to make a new start?


Raith sighs back at the heavens

Who refuse to grant a reply.

"How silly of me," he snorts now,

"Hoping answers lay in the sky."


With one last wistful glance above,

Raith curls amidst his stash of things.

He closes his eyes, embraces sleep,

Then dreams he flies on dragon wings.

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So... English is not my language, honestly it was a really hard task for me. I know it's not perfect, it's a little bit tacky also, but writing it felt good. I cannot call this thing poetry, but... it was fun, it really was.


'Almost lovers'


You might be tad too good for me

With stars in eyes and voice so sweet

With mysteries around your feet

With mind and wit hard to compete


But if you find me in your sleep

Be sure I am there to keep


And there's a chance

In dreams we'd dance


With hearts in hands a bit offbeat

This timeless moment such a treat

Tracing fingers, sweat and heat

That's the only way to meet


The only way to feel complete



///oh GoN, I feel so silly tongue.gif///

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Private submissions: I don't mind the idea of private submissions, but I think the final winner submission should be shared (but I guess could be shared anonymously) because it'd be cool to see what caught your eye enough to win ^.^ I'm sure nobody else will have any objection to whichever option you go with.


I'm going to share my entry, it's kind of a long one, so I apologize. I wrote this poem about how I feel when I am being creative, and then I turned each stanza of the poem into it's own poster.


So here is my two part submission smile.gif The poster below is my FAVORITE from the series I created. You can click it to see the full version without the border and stuff.





user posted image




Design is an all day

And all night

Kind of thing.


Design is

Doing what you want

And calling it Art


Design is pretty typography

On a decent background

With a cohesive color palette


Design is




Design is knowing

When to



Design is fighting the logic

Of your Brain with the

Versatility of your Art


Design is Life

That only makes sense

In your own head.


Design is mindless

Scribbles that

Look cool


Design is Me

When I am at my

Most inspired.




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I'm really enjoying the entries so far. Keep up the excellent work!


I might have to bump the post in the Departures thread a bit more frequently though, because it seems to severely die off between bumps.

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Lovely poems / quotes. smile.gif


My poetic facet is hiding, so I'll just enjoy everyone else's work.


The Bucket, if you can make a button (?) for the thread, I'll gladly add it to my signature. smile.gif


Good luck to all who participate!

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I have two kinda stupid one


Q: What did the farmer say when he lost his tractor?


A: Oh no, I've lost my tractor.


Joke #2


Q: Why do scuba divers fall backwards?


A: Because if they fell forward, they would still be on the boat.


biggrin.gifbiggrin.gif I have a weird sense of humor.


Edited to add: I'm not trying to enter into the giveaway. I just wanted to share some of my humor out there. I've been enjoying the submissions and I think this is a really good idea. (Hopefully we'll get to know users on here a bit better since this requires a bit more work than just claiming an eggy)

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user posted image


Whew that took a while. Hope you like it! I love that pairing.


Also as a bonus, my own personal collection of quotes book!


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Has anyone ever played Minecraft? It's basically a build-your-own-world sandbox game made of blocks. And I wrote a poem in it a while ago, called DoDaylightCycle.


I look at the sky

and watch the day

becoming night.


Stars surround the moon

as it glows, far above my head.

Its gentle light falls on the world.


The night thickens.

A cloud passes across my view,

and suddenly,

the light is not enough.

Monsters begin to appear.

They destroy

everything I've made,

and set out

to destroy me too.

The stars laugh

as my demise



But then, from behind the trees,

A brilliant sight

a square,

an orb,

its glow banishing the night.

The monsters flee, its gaze burning their existence.

A taste of their own medicine, I think.


The sun rises, bringing light back into my world.

No demon can compete with its beauty.


A cloud passes across my view

as I watch night

become day.




The poem also has a second meaning... I've been bullied in school since I was little (I'm 'weird'). Because of this, I was starting to feel a little suicidal in the final months of last year.

But then I met a guy, and he talked to me, and eventually I told him all of my problems. Because of him, I don't want to die any more.

So I gave him this poem in the minecraft world we played on. He said it was good, and I said...

You are the sun. Read it again.


He's now my boyfriend xd.png



This kinda feels like cheating since I wrote the poem a few months ago and not for this competition, but I felt like sharing it anyway. smile.gif

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So many wonderful contributions! I'll add my own, a quote Brandon Sanderson wrote in the book The Alloy of Law, linked for size smile.gif

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I decided to try and prod my inner poet to work, and doing the odd line here or there today, then I got side tracked with real life and forgot to finish it until just about to head to bed... so this might not make a whole lot of sense, since its now 90 minutes past my bedtime. tongue.gif



On majestic wings you soar

High above the clouds you roar

While below people gaze up in awe

At the most spectacular dragon they ever saw


Riding on currents of air

Not caring if the humans stare

With the occasional swoop and daring dive

You take great pleasure in just being alive


Soaring over the calm sea

Happy to be wild and free

To join your kin upon the beach

Careful to never let the waves within reach


Happy you are just sunbathing

Watching the antics of your kin

As they happily play in the waves

To boisterous when you just want to laze


Playful hatchlings make you smile

You join them for a while

Making castles out of stones and sand

With your help they make something quite grand


The sun begins to dip

Meaning the end of your trip

Fond farewells said you then take flight

Arching into the sky to race the night.

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I love philosophy, and in particular I love stoic philosophy, and even more particular, I love the writings of Marcus Aurelius. I read his Meditations daily, and while there are many texts and quotes from him that I love very much and I could use, I find this particular piece to be the most beautiful.


"Of human life the time is a point, and the substance is in a flux, and the perception dull, and the composition of the whole body subject to putrefaction, and the soul a whirl, and fortune hard to divine, and fame a thing devoid of judgement. And, to say all in a word, everything which belongs to the body is a stream, and what belongs to the soul is a dream and vapour, and life is a warfare and a stranger's sojourn, and after-fame is oblivion. What then is that which is able to conduct a man? One thing and only one, philosophy. But this consists in keeping the daemon within a man free from violence and unharmed, superior to pains and pleasures, doing nothing without purpose, nor yet falsely and with hypocrisy, not feeling the need of another man's doing or not doing anything; and besides, accepting all that happens, and all that is allotted, as coming from thence, wherever it is, from whence he himself came; and, finally, waiting for death with a cheerful mind, as being nothing else than a dissolution of the elements of which every living being is compounded. But if there is no harm to the elements themselves in each continually changing into another, why should a man have any apprehension about the change and dissolution of all the elements? For it is according to nature, and nothing is evil which is according to nature."


- Marcus Aurelius, Meditations, Book 2


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Well, personally I'm not all that great at poetry, and I'm not a particularly funny person (besides my looks wink.gif ), but quotes- well, I struggle to choose a favourite, but seeing as how you'd like to see hard work, maybe an effort-themed quote:


"Opportunity follows struggle.

It follows effort.

It follows hard work.

It seldom comes before."


-Shelby Steele

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Do you know that life is like a game?

That sentence probably sounded lame.

Some choices matter, some choices don't.

Some choices will help you, some choices won't.

Will you study for a test?

Or will you hope you the best?

Will you go to a job interview?

Or will you stay home saying you had the flu?

So many choices, what to do?

What will these choices make you go through?


That was my attempt at a poem

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