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Tokyo Ghoul || 1x1

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Let's get some Tokyo Ghoul up in here.


Just between Coryn and I but feel free to snoop.



We got a Ghoul Girl and a Human Boy. That's it so far.

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You proposed to me the idea of a TG roleplay centering around two characters (a ghoul and a CCG officer respectively) and I love the idea, so I would like to do that if you follow.


We could probably fit romance in there too if we plan for it, but I have little experience there.


Unfortunately I have no sheet yet, I shall write one soon enough.

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I might end up just making my human a normal person with familial ties to the CCG because I'm kind of toying with the idea that he'd be a hopeless wreck, always needing to be saved. But, I'm tossing ideas around so don't hold me to it.


I'll fashion up a sheet for him over this weekend.

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Wow, this was a lot of work. Subject to change before the roleplay begins.


username: Coryn02

character name: Ririsu Kimura (Personal name, Family name)

gender: Female

age: 21

appearance: The first thing people see when they look at Ririsu is a very ragged young woman with long red hair (slightly past shoulder length), which tends more to a darker shade. She looks sunken due to malnutrition, is usually unkempt but will sometimes make herself tidy to avoid attention in public, and her brown eyes have a wild look in them. Though Ririsu is generally filthy, she has a very nice complexion and looks her best when she smiles. (She is Caucasian, though that is hardly worth mentioning.) She usually wears pants and long-sleeved clothing nearly all the time to expose as little skin as possible, and is generally not proud of how others percieve her. Everything she owns is carried in a single beaten-up duffel bag, which she prefers to carry by hand instead of hanging it across her shoulders.

personality: Ririsu longs for equal respect in the eyes of others. While her parents did care for her, she lacked a kagune and as such couldn't ever hope to stand against another ghoul in combat, which made her quite bitter and willing to prove herself. Being called or treated as weak is the absolute insult for Ririsu, and doing so is basically asking to get your head ripped off, verbally or otherwise. She wishes she could become stronger above all else so she can survive in a world where she was always catching up to those who were ahead. Having grown up a ghoul, she's bitter towards humans as she once pretended to be one, and detests the CCG as much as most ghouls do. Due to her not wanting to be weak forever, Ririsu focuses heavily on what she can do individually, and avoids trusting others (especially other ghouls). Her street smarts are quite honed at this point and she knows how to avoid standing out, but she's very mistrusting and won't make friends quickly or easily.

history: Ririsu was born to a pair of ghouls who did not want to have a family. While they agreed open knowledge of this child would be dangerous, they never truly thought that she was capable of anything on her own due to her lack of a deployable kagune. Often, Ririsu would spend entire afternoons in exhaustion trying, to demonstrate some ability, to no avail. Even among outcasts, she was a freak who could never truly amount to anything. As they eventually grew to appreciate her more, Ririsu’s parents tried to keep her coddle as much as they could, surrounding her with education and culture befitting a normal human. Their hope was this would keep her safe, as they did not want to expose themselves or her to the CCG. While Ririsu appreciated these efforts she found this atmosphere too stifling and ran off on her own when she was 12. Then, she learned how to employ her subtler ghoul advantages (enhanced speed and strength) to ensure she'd get enough food to eat. Ririsu essentially grew up in alleyways and dark streets, actively avoiding the Doves who could easily turn her to mincemeat, and scavenging those kills she could find. Whenever she is not trying to hide from the CCG, she generally poses as a beggar to try and get enough money for whatever she may need before leaving the area.

kagune type: Rinkaku

kagune appearance: Ririsu doesn't have a deployable kagune to use, as it is blocked from proper deployment within her body. Her parents both had rinkaku, so she's fairly certain she has that type as well, but without seeing for herself there's no real way to tell. Were she to use it, it would be a shockingly powerful rinkaku with little to no control, as having never been activated means it would have accumulated all the reserve RC cells Ririsu has, while having little to no voluntary inhibition.

mask: Ririsu's mask looks like it is made of weathered wood, having the texture of tree bark. It covers the entirety of her face, and bears the rough shape of a human skull.

CCG Data: On account of her passable speed and strength compared to ghouls with proper kagune, Ririsu has a B minus-rank classification which defines her as largely only dangerous to lone CCG investigators with little to no experience. She has no ghoul or Dove kills to her name. She is known as Withers due to her mask and general condition bringing such terms to mind.

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Sorry about the wait. Let me know if there's something you want elaborated/explained. If nothing, feel free to start posting ^^


Username: Narvix

Name: Juba “Jiro” Kenjiro (Surname, First name)

Age: 20 years

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Appearance: x Kenjiro has an angular face that is lightly framed by dark strands of hair. His black hair is kept relatively short, the straight locks falling in wisps and ending at the nape of his neck. His eyes are either a rather dark brown or boarding on black, resting beneath a shallow browline and thin eyelashes. A narrow nose sits above a thin upper lip and a slightly fuller lower lip. His skin is olive-toned and tan. Standing at about 5’9”, Kenjiro has an athletic build. He prefers to wear basic t-shirts and jeans on his days off. Otherwise, you’ll find him in a decent suit while on duty.

Personality: Kenjiro is a quiet, observant individual who prefers actions over words. Sometimes possessing a calculating demeanor, Kenjiro is intelligent and quick witted. He makes a point to trust those around him as he understands that loyal teamwork will help you survive much longer in a battle against ghouls. Serious with only a bare hint of humor on the side, Kenjiro doesn’t always believe in seeking out the pleasures from hobbies or pastimes. He’s dedicated to his work and is never outside of arm’s reach from a case file.

History: Kenjiro was born and raised in the fifth ward. His mother was the owner of a restaurant while his father was a stay-at-home dad. In school, he kept to himself most of the time, but possessed a handful of friends and acquaintances. When he was almost sixteen, his father was attacked and killed by ghouls one night on a trip back home from the grocery store; his mother and Kenjiro didn’t find out until several hours later.

From then, Kenjiro wanted to become a member of the CCG. Not for revenge, however. The ghouls that killed his father were later killed in turn that same year. What Kenjiro wanted was to investigate other ghoul-related crimes, to separate the vile parasites from the law-abiding cursed. He was about eight when he had met a ghoul child and their mother, interrupting their meal by mistake.

He’s had to question the motives of the CCG a few times before, whether they were honest or just outright hateful. Recently a new recruit, Kenjiro hopes to do what he can to make everyone safe.

Occupation: CCG - Ghoul Investigator

Rank: Two

Quinque: Shiori - a whip-like bikaku kagune that possesses a curved blade at the end.

Other: N/A


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((Finished! I think this first post is a bit weak, but hey, it's a start, right?))


In the busy streets of Tokyo, countless individuals milled about. Most of them were travelling to and from work. The streets were packed with people and vehicles, with the air resounding the sounds of a bustling city. But the civilians were largely ignorant of those among them in less fortunate positions: the poor.


Another such group were the ghouls; though not at the mercy of the world like the impoverished, they were demonized and their killing was government-sanctioned. As that stood, it was impossible for a ghoul to be publicly accepted, let alone get a job unless they were keeping their nature secret.


But not everyone was so lucky, and Ririsu was unfortunately among the penniless. She sat against a wall on the sidewalk, with her purple hood up, hands cupped and held out for spare change. Not a word spoken, eyes down to avoid the eyes of those around her.


This situation- the only way she could hope to live a better life than she had- was absolutely humiliating. Ririsu was unable to fight other ghouls for dominance in an area, meaning she could not procure consistent food and thus stay in one area long enough for a job. All because she was born with an unuseable kagune.


So, the only other way that she could hope to find somewhere to stay, even for a single night, was through the generosity of others. Though this didn't seem to help her much. The vast majority of people were unwilling to spare even a few yen, and while some would look in her direction, they generally ignored her.

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The days were growing colder as the year progressed towards winter. Today was cold enough for Kenjiro to see his breath, a wisp of fog disappearing as quickly as it had existed. The young man sighed, shrugging his shoulders as he fixed his scarf to better ward off the crisp chill. The day was ending, causing the temperature to drop further as the sun crawled down to the horizon.


He didn't work today, a mandatory break in the middle of the work week. He'd only been hired a few weeks ago but he already felt like he'd been working his entire life. Most of the days seemed to drag on, melting into the next one until he nearly lost track. Mostly, he read through paperwork and wrote reports of what he experienced on the field with his senior partner.


As he walked, he briefly focused on the weight of the concealed firearm behind his hip. Loaded with Q bullets, Kenjiro was confident in his ability with a gun. But he was not so bold as to think himself unstoppable against the enemies he hunted. They were not rabbits, running through the brush and fleeing from a predator. They were predators themselves, with dangerous camouflage.


Ghouls were the most dangerous enemies that mankind knew. They blended in with the humans that it became like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Their outward appearance was human, with normal skin and hair. They looked, moved, talked, and breathed like humans. But they weren't. Their bodies worked differently, required different nourishment.


They couldn't be harmed by average weapons. Their skin was impervious to regular tools, just as their stomachs revolted human food. What they required was flesh to survive. Some, of course, ate much more than what they required; Binge Eaters, as they were called. Then you had your Gourmets, just as culprit as the Binge Eaters. Often, the two types were found together but their... methods, were distinct. There were ghouls who simply enjoyed killing as well, not eating more than what they required each month.


Regardless, it was almost always gruesome.


Something in the corner of his eye caused Kenjiro to stop walking. He looked over, spotting a small figure covered in shabby fabric, hands cupped and held out for offerings. Kenjiro frowned slightly, a quiet sigh escaping his lips. He stepped towards the hooded figure and crouched down to their level, a few yen held out to them. "Here. You need this more than I."

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