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Clash Royale

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Anyone here play Clash Royale? (Mobile game from Supercell)


I've been playing for about a month now and I'm just about to reach Arena 5 (Spell Valley).


Here's my deck:


Spear Goblins (lvl 7)

Bomb Tower (lvl 4)

Goblin Hut (lvl 4)

Arrows (lvl 6)

Prince (lvl 2)

Mini P.E.K.K.A (lvl 5)

Barbarians (lvl 6)

Minions (lvl 6)


To attack air troops: Spear goblins, minions

Tanks in this deck: Mini PEKKA, Prince, Barbarians

Defense tower & splash damage: Bomb tower

Spawner: Goblin hut

Eliminate spam/small troops: Arrows


What's your deck?

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