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*(The Callous Brother)*

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((Jak, maybe read a bit further?? We've gone farther than that. Sorry if I sound rude. Anyway, well... read through the bottom half of page 4 and through page 5 please, the summary in the OP is not super-up-to-date. Sorry!!))

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One of the vines whipped across the face of the Zombie dragon. He growled, moving towards Ether to cut down any more vines that would rise to lash at the Soulpeace. He failed to notice the cut on his face not even beginning to heal, however. The line remained there as he took several more steps towards the Vine dragon.

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Eternal Slumber barely noticed Cylax as he continued to rip at Keina, shattering multiple crystals.


Dusky snarld viciously. she leapt at Keina, breaking a few more crystals.


The mangled Vine roared in anger... before other dragons attacked. She couldn't make out the shapes.... and then the last gem broke.


A starburst of magic drained from the cruel Vine's body, and she was hurled through the air, slamming into the earth with a sick thud.


Dusky snarled hatefully, approaching the unconscious Keina.


((Anyone got ideas for how Keina can get out of this one alive? If you don't I'll submit a form for someone in cahoots with her, but to be honest I prefer alone. Still, I can't think of how she'd escape without an ally or deus ex machine...))

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((Unconscious, I don't think there would be anything she could do, if she was awake I would suggest her burrowing underground. While dusky would likely be trying to dig her out, since she wouldn't be able to get far in her state, she could use her vines and stuff to loosen soil and push, uprooting a tree or two and causing it to land on thebspot she had burrowed into. While the dragons were moving the trees, she could make her escape underground yet again, going diagonally downwards.))

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((Thanks Riath.))


Keina groaned, before dragging herself over to soft soil. She smelled zombie, but a lash of her dragon grass caused the smell to fade somewhat. She burrowed underground while pulling over some of the trees. As she dug with the aid of her vines, she tunneled close enough to some trees to destroy their roots. As the trees toppled, dragon grass filled the holes with dirt. Keina dragged herself underground until she had entered a small cavern, where she threatened the White dragon inside. "Heal me or die."


Dusky staggered back, a new hole in her flesh visible. She... scheming rat... guh! She will die for this...


Eternal Slumber barely dodged the tree, before spotting the hole being filled up. He attempted to drag the trees Keina had knocked over out of the way.


Refreshed from the White dragon's magic, Keina strangled him before burrowing away faster with the aid of her vines, collapsing the dirt behind her with her tail.


((Yes, they will find Keina's burrow if someone thinks to dig deeper... but they were too late to save the White dragon. Or catch Keina, given no one else burrows or can burrow very well as far as I know.))

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(Sorry! I was in a hurry to post, so I skimmed over most of it. Also, when they both say something at the same time, it will appear yellow.)


BlazeFrost watched everything happen so quickly. First a zombie and silver, then a soulpeace, and then a vine dragon who made him itch to jump in and burn that puny plant-dragon to embers. Blaze grinned slowly and wickedly, but spent so much time drooling over that thought that the Vine got away.


"Blaze, you stupid idiot! You let that Vine get away! I was really looking forward to snapping that pathetic plant's neck and freezing its head!"


Frost spat at Blaze, before Blaze snapped back with a thrashing of his tail,


"Well, you could've just lunged in yourself! You know well we both control our movement!"


A loud thud snapped them out of their quarrel, and both heads turned to see a black zombie throw the vine to the ground. The group continued the fight, and they were about to join in when an explosion threw them back.


"What in the blazes?!' Both roared at the same time. They staggered up to find the vine covered in mana, and the others breaking them off. The last gem was broken off, and the vine, seemingly loosing something, was hurled through the air. Both grinning, they sprang into the clearing and after the vine. However, the vine was going faster than they were, and it managed to hit the ground and escape, toppling over a tree as they arrived. BlazeFrost howled in fury as another battle moment slipped away before their very claws.


They dug into the tree's wood, sending some wood flying before they calmed down. They then realized that there were others, two zombies, a soulpeace, a silver, and a few others. "Oh, are we interrupting something? We kinda have been watching the whole talking and fight go on." Frost said, with a kinda embarrassed look on.

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((Sorry, I haven't been on in a while. Will edit my post to be an actual RP post))


Draertes stopped just before reaching Eternal Slumber, realizing that this Soulpeace looked drastically different from any of her children. Where her childrens' hides and feathers shone richly and unmarred, this one was far from it. She recoiled at the scars, paying cursory attention to dodging any attacks from the Vine or the actions of other dragons for that matter. The largely irrational part of her was still screaming about her family. This...one can't be any of them! Just go and leave.


She abruptly turned and bounded off, retrieving her spear. But as she picked it up and spread her wings for flight, Draertes remained frozen. That Soulpeace's condition was so pitiful. If he had been her child, she wouldn't have stood for any of the abuse he'd clearly taken. Her eyes widened, then tightened in anger. Where were his parents? Ugh! The White shook her head, baring her teeth in resolve. Didn't matter! Where was her family? But try as she might, the White was rigidly frozen in place. Finally, her wings dropped like rocks and her posture slumped. Once again, the White dragon headed towards the group, dragging her steps. Her head ducked in response to something-something involving trees and howling.


As she slowly walked over, for the first time she paid some attention to the other dragons. The two zombies made her jump back. Not to mention the Nexus dragon. Oh, those vicious beings. Definitely dangerous and a good candidate for the "Threats to Family" list. Draertes's eyes narrowed and she gave the Nexus a wide berth. That makes two of us. Her telepathic voice, normally sweet, was heaped in distrust as she scanned every dragon in the area.


Have any of you...seen two Daydreams and two Soulpeaces? Once again, she looked at Eternal Slumber with visible disappointment and disgust at his wounds. Besides that one. Draertes amended quickly.

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Cylax turned towards the new dragons. The Nexus... well, they counted as two. They had wanted to join in the fight? Well, they could have come in a little earlier. They might have been able to stop that Vine from escaping. Cylax was getting a little bit ticked off with that Vine. Earlier, he had been fighting it to defend himself and his new acquaintances. Ether particularly. But now, with the Vine having come back twice, and this time seemed to have formed mana crystals, it was a little frustrating to deal with. Especially since it likely couldn't do anything against the... What, nine dragons in the area now? Woah, his thoughts about the Soulpeace being a dragon magnet... It had just been an amusing thought, but now he was wondering if that was actually the case.


Ah, and now that white dragon was looking for some more dragons. He turned towards her, speaking out loud.


"No, I have not. This Soulpeace-" He motioned to Ether. "Is the only one I've seen all day. And I've seen more dragons today than I have in the entirety of this year."


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Nope. And judging by your expression, you don't trust us zombies. Not that I'm that suprised. Dusky glared at the hole Keina had disappeared into. She snarled and began to claw at the dirt.


Eternal Slumber looked up. "I think I saw something that might have been a Daydream, or maybe a Soulpeace earlier." He watched Draertes carefully, ready to leap back. "But I was too busy running in the other direction..." He hid his head beneath his wing.




Keina surfaced. Looks like I'm out of the immediate vicinity. Not far enough.

She imediately dived back down, spraying dirt everywhere. And to make sure they don't follow me.... The Vine used her tail to collapse the soil behind her as she tunneled with her claws and her dragon grass.

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((。。。 What. How? Where? Huh??? Random white dragon? Bit too convenient, no?))


Light's eyes widened as the vine suddenly... Well, exploded with energy when the black zombie nearly killed her. When she could see again, the vine was.... Light's eyes widened. She was covered in crystals of mana!


The other dragons more or less mobbed her then, with he trying her best to fight back, to no anvil. Light turned away, fidgeting with the orchid in her hair. What did the vine do? How did she have that much mana in her body?


A pained roar tore through the air. The vine sounds like she's been defeated.... At least.... Light turned around, then jumped as loud crashes filled the clearing. Some giant trees had been knocked down, and yet again the vine had escaped. If she had to guess, the trees were blocking the path the vine made, but that vine didn't seem too smart, all things considered. Cylax probably could easily move those trees, and it was a perfect opportunity for Ether to try out a levitation spell.


The sound of splintering and two feral howls startled her again, and she turned--What the... A nexus dragon was standing off to the side.... Looking sheepish? Interesting sight. When did he get there?


"Oh, are we interrupting something? We kinda have been watching the whole talking and fight go on."


"Er, not at all."

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Ether looked at the trees. "How... do I move them...?"


Dusky snarled. If I know Keina, she collapsed the dirt behind her. If she didn't do a very good job, she likely wants us to see something. The undead Black pushed a tree slowly away.


In the cavern, three Arias, another White, a Grey, a Tan and two Purple Ridgewings, and a Frill had walked in. "Jask... what in the name.... no!!" The female White roared.


What was that?! Dusky growled. I heard an echo... like a tunnel... oh GoN. Keina. Someone help me with these trees, please?


((Those dragons that walked in were all eggs I've seen in the cave while egglocked, and they have a tribe. Also, the White was convenient, but Keina was going to get killed if Dusky caught her. Dusky, even when calm, has a sort of constant angry tone. And Keina pretty much makes her go bloodlust mode.))

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((I mean, sometimes, you gotta have some distinction between the game mechanics and RP. Like I've been subtly expressing through Cylax's thoughts, there are way too many dragons already in this single spot for it to be logically feasible. And adding those 4 new ones don't really help.))

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((To be clear: those new guys are in a subterranean cave. Let's say maybe 100-150 metres down? The cave is appx. 60m by 60m in the area they're in and there are tunnels to other areas. Keina's tunnel is about 4-5m in diameter, as judging by the wiki Vines are compact for dragons AND Keina was using her dragon grass to help. Also, the shout? That White could very well have been in telepathic range, but far enough away it would be hard to hear, unless she was yelling.))

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((Dusky, are your characters psychic or just answering obvious questions ahead of time?


Also, can you please try to post more than a sentence for each char?))



Light tilted her head from side to side as the white regained consciousness, looking over Ether with a disturbed/disgusted expression before turning to leave with a disturbed and conflicted look. Light turned to look at Ether as an annoyed look flicked across her face at the white. How dare she look at Ether like he was some sort of lower animal?


Have any of you...seen two Daydreams and two Soulpeaces? Light inclined her head. That was probably the white, since she didn't recognize the voice from any of the others. The others answered her, with helpful replies of their own regarding any they've seen.


"Sorry. But no, I haven't seen any around here. Though, well, but I don't know if you're just looking for any random soulpeace or daydreams."


Light turned back, studying the hole and the barricade the vine made. "These trees look like they wouldn't be a problem to remove," Light commented. She floated a bit closer and peered into the depths. "And she left a clear path of ash, shrub, and debris, so if you want to find her it shouldn't be a problem."


If I know Keina, she collapsed the dirt behind her.


"Even then, she didn't do a very good job of covering her tracks—


If she didn't do a very good job, she likely wants us to see something. The black zombie said grimly, then started to push away a tree.


"Wh...Why would she want us to see anything if she's running away from us? But the thought chilled her anyway. She was weakened, mana-less and fleeing, if she had something to show them, Light honestly can't think of what it might be. Unless she was just acting? But that doesn't make any sense! "Or... or at least for now, anyway. I have this feeling that she's going to be this annoying reoccuring villain or something, like a way-too-persistent predator from a book... Light trailed off, her thoughts now turned to the many examples that she can remember. "... What was I talking about?... Oh, right. So I say we just move these out of the way, then head along this to find her."


"How... do I move them...?"


Light turned her attention to Ether, who was staring intently at the trees over the holes. Light flipped to the proper page again and showed Ether the instructions for the levitation spell. "Try this spell. Good opportunity to practice, right? But read the instructions carefully.... Oh! And while you do that, I have to give Cylax his flower.


As she floated over the barricade to Cylax, a sound came from inside, filled with disbelief and despair. Light looked down, alarmed.

What was that?!


"You heard it too?"


I heard an echo... like a tunnel... oh GoN. Keina. Someone help me with these trees, please?


Light put the forget-me-not back in her bag again and looked for a suitable tree to help lift. She really needed to build up her strength sometime.


((... Huh? I don't see what that has to do with anything, but okay.

Riath does raise some fair points, though. Unless we split up sometime, there are simply too many characters in this one location. And the way you typed them out makes me feel that we're going to meet them sometime or something.


Anyway, can I claim one of the bright pinks if we're going to be meeting them or something?))

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((Yes you can! Sorry if I'm making them too psychic... seems to be how I wrote them. And uh... sorry about mistakes I make with my text. I may have read up on what I can find about what I'm playing, but I am more familiar with Pokémon and their sizing. Correct me if I make mistakes, please.))


Eternal Slumber did not like the look Draertes had given him. It reminded him too much of how others would look at him... and heck if he didn't want to run. The fact that Light had offered to teach him -teach HIM!- control over his magic and the fact that Cylax, Edghen, and the undead Black -what was her name again?- had fought off Keina gave him enough confidence in the group to stay. He listened as the others discussed Keina. Guess I can do this...urk. Ether was weak compared to the others, and it showed in his ability - or rather inability to lift the tree at all, until Light passed him the book. He scanned the spell carefully, before going through the motions shakily. The tree now had a faint glow of blue magic around it. He attempted to move it, only for the magic to give out. He repeated this until he magic stayed- at which point it shot across the clearing. "Aaah! I didn't mean to!"


Dusky growled and ducked the tree, ripping at dirt and trees until there was a hole 2m in diameter visible.


Who wants to go look that can get through that? We probably should send just one person, maybe two if there is something hostile down there. The rotting dragon looked around, noting the mass of dragons there. On second thought, why not spread out a bit? Or if no one wants to look...


She looked around. There are multiple holes where trees were uprooted, and someone needs to do damage patrol. ...I think I can do damage patrol, unless someone else wants to do it or wants to come too.


Dusky shifted, awaiting any reply.


((Not sure what to have Keina do, so I'll hold off on RPing her unless someone a. figures out her location or b. is near her. Like Charlotte and Ethan or the Flamingo Wyvern mutt.))

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The duo had been scanning the remains of the forest fire for some time. Ethan picked up, examined, and questioned everything he saw. Charlotte adored his curiosity for the world; it gave her a tranquil feeling inside that she couldn't quite understand, but loved nonetheless.


They decided to break for a snack, resting in a small patch of grass that had begun to spring up from the charcoal ground. They ate their food as Ethan played with the soft grass; sliding it between his fingers, taking in the rough, earthy feel.




Yes, Ethan?


How is there grass growing here? Isn't everything supposed to be burned and dead?


Charlotte stopped eating and began to pack up their supplies while taking the question into thought.


Let me put it this way: Where there is death, life will follow. With destruction, comes creation. You can knock a tree down and uproot the rest of it, but you cannot stop the fact that more will grow in its place. It may take some time, but it will happen. Kill one flower, and usually another five will grow. Even the worst disasters will never stop mother nature.


She looked down at the small blades of grass; running her paw through them.


Yes, the fire destroyed a lot, but that just leaves room for more, much stronger, things to grow.


Ethan smiled, laying down in the soft grass as he finished off an apple. Charlotte wrapped herself around him, placing a protective wing over him as they both started to doze off.


I'm glad that the forest will come back, Ethan whispered, I really like the grass.

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((I think Riath is more concerned with how too many people are here already, then if those guys come, that would just be overkill.


Also, thank you!))



Light grunted and pushed a blackened trunk off the hole and surveyed the scene. Most of the timber was gone now, but there were still enough wood on there to make squeezing in a difficult task for anyone. Well, except maybe a human. As the black zombie pushed another trunk away, Light noticed that one in particular was shining with a faint glow. The glow flickered for a bit, then the tree was catapulted across the clearing, hitting her nose in the process and rather painfully too. Light rubbed her snout as the soulpeace yelped and apologized.


"That was pretty good," Light assured him."And really, don't worry too much about how far you fling it. From your description of your own powers you're lacking in control, right? So think of that as the first step in learning how to use it your mana." Light thought for a moment, then laughed, embarrassed. "Okay, I probably should have started you off with something smaller."


Who wants to go look that can get through that? We probably should send just one person, maybe two if there is something hostile down there. On second thought, why not spread out a bit? Or if no one wants to look...


"Hmmm.... I'll go. I can probably get into smaller spaces more easily, and then I want to find the source of that sound. But will someone please come with me?" Light looked around after speaking. "I'm not much of a fighter."



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"Good, good. We would have came in earlier if someone hadn't been drooling over the thought of killing that vine!" Snapped Frost. Blaze cast a look at Frost and let off a growl, but Frost ignored it. "We would love to search for the vine, but I'm afraid that we are too big to fit through that hole." As Blaze said this, he pushed aside another tree that has fallen. "So yes I think I would go and search, that was a good suggestion...you." Blaze said, pointing at the black zombie.

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Cylax weighed his options, looking at the hole in the ground. He should stick with the Soulpeace. That was his priority. But it seemed like the Expunging wouldn't be a success without Ether's new magic teacher. Light seemed to have taught him a levitation spell. Quite impressive too. It wouldn't do for Light to get hurt down there, as it could impact Ether's lessons. But he wasn't sure if he could even fit down there to help the Silver out.

"If there is a way to expand the hole, I can fit inside and accompany you."


He looked back up, his gaze falling on the other large dragons.


((How big are the other dragons? Cylax is about Elephant sized.))

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She had found something dead. Very dead.

The wyvern sniffed over the carcass and sneezed, shaking her head side to side. It was too dry, charred even, and the scavengers that had been faster than her had gotten to the good stuff, leaving cracked bones and leathery skin. She experimentally gnawed on a blackened rib before pulling away. The smell of it was faint; there was nothing for her to eat here.

Craven’s stomach rumbled and the aching started deep in her belly. She disliked this place, a blackened forest only just starting to grow again. It unnerved her how open and vulnerable she felt here.

She shivered, then shook herself and stood up, flapping her wings and stretching her flight muscles. She had found things to eat here before, stuff buried under ash and dirt, so this place did have food. The wyvern would just have to be quicker than everything else. If she got desperate, she could dig around for roots and new shoots, things that could fill her belly for a short time.

Before she could sniff around the area for anything else, the distant echoes of sound filled the forest. Roars, harsh yells of telepathy filled her ears and she snorted, shaking her head and lashing her tail as it overwhelmed her. It didn’t last long, thankfully.

However, sound meant other creatures. Other creatures, especially ones these loud, usually meant there could be food. Maybe something died. While it agitated her and made her feel weary, since noise could attract other, nastier creatures, her belly decided for her and the wyvern flapped her wings, taking to the skies with quick, broad strokes. After a moment of floundering and trying to find a current, the wyvern caught a draft of warm air and coasted, swinging her head around and taking in the air, trying to catch a scent.

Fortunately, the wind was in her favor and she caught a whiff of smells, mixed together but definitely dragon. And, she thrummed excitedly, it also brought the scent of rot and death. She flapped a few more times, gliding as best she could while following the trail.

Hopefully, these other dragons leave the area. Craven didn’t feel up to a confrontation, especially with so many in one place, but the temptation of meat and a full belly was strong. It was still a ways ahead, giving her time to relax and scan the forest under her. The treetops, while mostly bare, were only a few feet below her and the wyvern had to dodge or fly higher to avoid larger trees, and the undergrowth, while new, was still good at covering the ground. She didn’t see any loud colors, only green, black, some more green, and some more black. No creatures under her, she decided. If she was quiet enough, maybe she could hide in a nearby tree or bush and wait for the mix of dragons to leave.

It wouldn’t take too long to get there, and, she hoped, by then the dragons would be gone and she could have that dead scented thing to eat in peace.


(Craven's about as big as a small car. Kind of stunted.)

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((Whelp. I got Keina's size wrong. Just say the tunnel was smaller, 6 feet (2m) in diameter. And thank you for the chart, beningtian. For RP purposes, I propose zombies be the same size as their living breed, so different depending on the undead breed. Based on the chart if the human is 5ft tall, Dusky is 9ft. Ether is smaller from the abuse he has endured, so appx. ~8ft compared to normal Soulpeace ~12ft. Keina is 6ft.))


Dusky growled. I'm certainly too big for that tunnel, but digging it would be an idea... except Vines dig better than pretty much everything else. Because everything else is fairly bad at digging. I only uncovered that hole because most of the tough blockage was trees, which I can handle, and so can most of us. Here she stared at the sleeping Edghen, the glaring Draertes, and Ether. The dirt... well, Keina wanted to show us something. Otherwise I certainly couldn't have uncovered that hole.


She paced the clearing. She couldn't smell anything due to being undead, but her remaining nostril was flared. Nexus... yes. Two searchers are better than one, as they say. Beside, I'm undead, so I can't hear anything other than telepathy and I can't smell. You're alive, so you can. Unless anyone else is interested in coming, we should get moving.


The black zombie looked around. She began walking towards a partially burnt area of brush, deciding to go clockwise around the perimeter of the clearing. Hmm... then they could fan out in spokes. She turned. We could start by circling this clearing, and head towards anything out of place. Otherwise, we'd circle outwards. Sound good?


Ether looked up. "I think I'm too big to fit through that hole... so I want to go with Cylax. Edghen looks like she fell asleep..." He looked hopeful.


Then, he twitched. What if Cylax doesn't want me coming? I'm just a Soulpeace who can't even control his magic... but he was nice to me. So was Light... but I can't come with her. Ether tucked his wing over the scars on his back. He hunched over defensively, staring at Draertes. She had stared at him like other people did. Like he was some kind of demon... Ether inched closer to Cylax and Light. He was too big for Keina's hole, and he was no fighter. He was mad at Keina, sure, but he was also scared of her.


The young Soulpeace shuffled closer to the undead Aegis, keeping a wary eye on the white dragoness.


((Light hasn't noticed Cylax's wound not healing, but she saw the passive healing magic on Cylax in action? Once again, waiting to play Keina. By the way, Dusky has no healing magic on her, just animating and eye muscle fix. Meaning eventually, she might be missing some bones or most of her flesh.))

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((I don't think she's really been paying all that much attention to the others' appearances apart from really egregious things like Ether's scars. All she notices is that Cylax is pretty much whole and that's good enough for her.


Actually, I was already going by that, RP or not. It makes no sense for Aegis Cylax to be the same size as Black Dusky when both of them were so different in size when alive.

Light's also shorter than average, more in the 1.9 m~2.1 m feet from forepaws to head when straight. No reason, just her genes.


For that matter, from what I can tell, stones are actually bigger than on the chart.))

I'm certainly too big for that tunnel, but digging it would be an idea... except Vines dig better than pretty much everything else. Because everything else is fairly bad at digging. I only uncovered that hole because most of the tough blockage was trees, which I can handle, and so can most of us. The dirt... well, Keina wanted to show us something. Otherwise I certainly couldn't have uncovered that hole.



Light looked in the hole again. Would there be any danger in it? She desperately wanted to find out what little sound rang from in there, but for all she knew, the vine was planning on ambushing whoever came in, especially with the black zombie's warning that Keina wanted them to see something. She usually tries to stay out of fights, but considering that the vine just started to drain away at people the moment she met them, Keina wasn't the type to consider that she can walk, or burrow, as is the case, away without harming something.


"Why does... Keina want to drain magic? What's the point? It's not she can use most of the spells of whatever she drains without figuring out how mana can bring about it and what mana to use for optimal power since she wouldn't have the innate ability, right?" Light turned from the hole, looking at all the dragons in the clearing, and really looking at them after the battle. Most of them were scraped, wounded, and whatnot, not including scars they already had or something. "Oh, and I never got your name, lady black zombie...." Light trailed off, waiting for the reply. "I'm Light."


And speaking of zombies, she still has to give Cylax his flower. Finally, Light flew over, holding the forget-me-not out to him with nothing interrupting her. "So yes, I give flowers to people, enchanted so that they might help make life a tiny bit easier." Light took the forget-me-not out of the bag again. "These have a small charm in them to mess up a person's scent. I can't erase it completely, I'm not that skilled nor is there a spell I know that can do that, but at least you won't attract the attention of every vulture in a mile. And I have some more for you, lady," Light addressed Dusky here, turning with a bow of her head. "If you want them, of course."

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Keina? She is a scheming rat with some type of racism against everything non-vine. You know how Vines are not supposed to have magic? That's why we got such a bad surprise when she attacked. Thing is, the magic draining me did not feel like Dark element... it felt like Magi element being corrupted by Dark element.


Dusky remembered. She remembered the inexplicable human love of tradingeggs with magi teleports. Was Keina teleported as an egg...? That might explain the magic... if something went wrong with the teleport. Or the magic. She shook her head.


I never saw that ability before she attacked us, so it's possible she was only a magic drainer. She did go on at length about how Vines should be able to learn magic, and how they were better than every other species.


Dusky remembered what Light had said. ...You wanted to know my name, Silver? I am Dusky Darkly-Flame, and I cannot rest till Keina has paid for her misdeeds. A vulture repellent? Yes, I suppose so. I want as low a chance as possible for Keina to figure out I'm there.


Dusky looked at Light, before turning. She surveyed the scene, wondering when the Nexus would speak. She looked around. I think the Aegis and Eternal Slumber are both too big for the hole. But, two zombies, even with scent disguise, might attract something... well. Let's see what he wants.


The zombie dragoness walked over to the taller undead Aegis and smaller Soulpeace. She looked around, noting the White standing there and the slumbering Speckle-throat. White is probably too big. Speckle-throat, on the other claw, might be good if she wakes up.


Dusky looked up at the Aegis, figuring that Eternal looked too scared to talk to. Do you want to help check for damage or suspicious dragons? We could probably make two teams.


The rotting Black leaned against an uprooted tree, awaiting a reply.

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