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*(The Callous Brother)*

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The Soulpeace spotted the female Specklethroat. Oh...no... I'm going to get attacked... like always... He flapped his wings and reared up, beginning to take off. The one thing he had not realized was that he had just broadcasted his thoughts to the others...



((Dun dun duun! Let's see what everyone makes of this.))

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As Cylax introduced himself to light, he became aware of something emerging from a bush. Turning, he wasn't fast enough to stop the dragon from crashing into him.


Nothing but sneak attacks today.


The zombie quickly regained his balance, turning to see... What? He blinked, taking a second look at the dragon that was about to take off. No doubt about it. It was a Soulpeace. Decades of his unholy existence had been spent looking for one. Now, salvation was in his grasp. Soon, he would be fre- Wait, it was rearing up. was that Soulpeace trying to fly away?


"Wait! Do not leave!"


Cylax called out to the fleeing dragon with a voice filled with hope. Instinctively, he attempted to place his large front leg on the Soulpeace's tail, to stop it from taking off.

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Eternal Slumber realized the zombie had grabbed his tail. What... what does he want... His feathers ruffled out...




The Soulpeace hatchling shivered from the cold, touching the raw wound on his neck. 'Why did my master chain me to... the tree...?' He turned towards three excited Tinsel hatchlings.

"Play with us!" the Tinsels chorused.

He squeaked in joy, racing towards them... and then a strong of magic saturated his bones, 'No...that...bad things...!'

His magic exploded outwards in a starburst so powerful it severed the three Tinsels' souls from their bodies.

That was when the Tinsels' s Guardian of Nature mother spotted him.

"You... you demon!" she roared, slashing him.

Eternal felt his blood trickle down his back. "I...I didn't mean to..."

"Silence!" She slashed him again, and the world went black...

~End Flashback~


Eternal Slumber struggled to get free. My magic just goes wrong... and when it does, I'll get attacked... He heard the noise again and turned. A Vine stepped out of the bushes, grinning cruelly.

"Time to end this. For eternity. Soon, I will be eternal with the power of your magic..."

Eternal Slumber's eyes widened. "Y-you..." he choked out.


((The Vine is the dragoness who betrayed the others of the north and Eternal - and the noise he heard earlier. Also, Eternal Slumber has his broadcast activated, so until I state he deactivated it, everyone can hear his thoughts - italics- and his normal speech. He dpes have a magic issue, like the flashback hinted. Let's see what is made of this... The Vine won't win, though.


Vine's form: (I would like her to be a NPC, but I may play her if this is acepted. Until then, she is an NPC anyone can control, and this is here for informationsl puropses.)


Name: Keina


Species: Vine


Age: 383


Appearance: Alt Vine with grey eyes.


Personality: Cruel, cold, and plotting. When she meets a new dragon, she seeks to exploit their weaknesses. She works alone and is arrogant and prideful. She does not care about how others feel.


Lineage: Unknown.


History: She travelled the frozen North with a pack of dragons, exploring their waeknesses. When a young, scarred Soulpeace appeared, she noticed his unusual powers and practiced draining mana. She then turned on her pack, stealing their magic and kiling them. However, the Soulpeace escaped and she decided to follow him. She has only just found him again...


Extra: Practiced for years in the North draining mana. As she isn't magic element, she is about decent at best...but even a decent amount of mana, especially when the dragons has powerful and locked-in mana, will make her a minor threat.


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Cylax kept his large front claws on the Soulpeace's tail, though careful not to harm it by pressing too hard. This was his chance. This newcomer was important to him. He wouldn't let the Soulpeace go until it used it's magic. He listened to the dragons thoughts. It seemed like the dragon was broadcasting his thoughts in a panic. The birds around him were mostly scared off, flying up into the trees and cawing noisily. Many were high overhead now, afraid of the four dragons. All in one spot too.


Magic going wrong?


He thought to himself.

Grrgh. It's going to be a real mess if the one Soulpeace I've found is a 'defective'.


And now it was five dragons. Nope. Nope. Those birds weren't having any of that. The rest of the scavengers took off, away from the cluster of dragons. Cylax turned to look at the new-newcomer. A vine dragon. It seemed to want something with the Soulpeace. He stared at it, waiting for it to speak or do anything that might let him grasp the situation.

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The Vine grinned nastily. "Hello. My name is Keina, and I am here for your magic." She opened her mouth and hissed. Glaring at Eternal Slumber, she continued, "Your magic might be powerful, but your biggest weakness is your own fear of it. If you were to lose control...ehehe. I think it won't end well for anyone but ME!" She lunged forwards, opening her mouth.


Eternal Slumber yelped and tried to dodge, but Keina grabbed him in her mouth. The Vine gloated, "I practiced for a hundred years, and now I can drain your mana!"


Hearing this, the Soulpeace struggled, one claw gashing the Vine's neck. She dropped him, allowing him to twist away. He tried to flee, but was dragged back by a vine.


"I am not done...yet!"A thorny vine lashed Eternal Slumber down, but the frightened Soulpeace managed to rip it off him... leaving a group of gashes from the thorns. He staggered back. Keina glared, before lashing him down again."You try to run, eh. You know what I want, do you not? The rest of you-" here she glared at the others "-don't. Your magic is mine. The Soulpeace? I'll deal with him and his magic later." She tossed her head and sent thorny vines at everyone.


Eternal Slumber struggled. Looking at Keina, he choked out "Betr...betrayer..."




The injured Soulpeace looked up. A dark Black dragon... was tending to him? It confused he who knew only hate.

After healing he followed the group and aided them... but the grey-eyed Vine had a plan.

One day, she cornered everyone. Killing them, she stole thwir magic.

Then she turned on Eternal Slumber.

"Your magic will be mine." She opened her mouth.

Eternal Slumber roared and lashed out, before fleeing...

~End Flashback~


"You...no..." Eternal Slumber growled softly, still struggling.


((Eternal Slumber will escape a little later. First, let us see how everyone fights this Vine. Also, for your OOC information on why Keina wants Eternal Slumber's power... He is more powerful than the average Soulpeace, but too scared to use it after the magic bursts many magically powerful hatchlings probably have actually killed dragons, and then the hate kicked in...))

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Cylax roared as the Soulpeace was wrenched from his grasp. He watched the Vine lash out and attack the Soulpeace. He didn't know what history they had, but... it was obvious that if she drained the wounded dragon's magic, it could jeopardise what Cylax had been searching for all these years. Every second he wasted, the Soulpeace was getting more and more hurt by the Green dragon ahead of him. He turned to look at Light, not having noticed the Speckle-throated above them yet. This was sudden. Those thorny vines were headed for everyone. He cared for the Soulpeace more than his new acquaintance. But he would feel a little bad for leaving the Silver dragon to fend for herself. Emphasis on 'a little'. His own desires won this mental moral debate, and as the first few vines headed towards him, he reared up, attempting to slice through them with his claws.


As his claws descended, potentially on the vines, he made sure to keep his hands in a position to reduce contact with the vines. The grey-eyed dragon had said something about draining mana, and claiming that he and Light's magic belonged to her. It would be best to avoid having his own magic drained. He had no idea what would happen if it was, but he wasn't keen on finding out. It could leave him in a state worse than he was now. While it might kill him outright, which was understandably his goal, it wasn't a surefire way. The Soulpeace's magic was.

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(Yeah, Keina can be a character you roleplay as. biggrin.gif)


Edghen tried processing what had happened. The zombie tried to catch the Soulpeace dragon, though without intent to harm it, then a vine dragon appeared and is now trying to drain their magic. 'Perhaps now is a good time to jump down... of course it is!'


Maybe if Edghen distracted the Vine Dragon, then the Vine Dragon would get distracted and let go of the dragons. Does magic work that way? Was this even magic? No matter; if it doesn't, then she'll either take down the Vine Dragon herself or distract the Vine Dragon long enough so they can escape anyway. Or maybe attacking the plants will cause them to let go.


Edghen positioned herself to pounce like when she used to play with her mother when she was younger. Pretending she was still a young hatchling, aiming for her mother's tail to chase around, she aimed for the Vine Dragon's exposed back. Edghen finally kicked her back legs onto the tree and soared through the air, though momentarily. With front legs outstretched, she got ready to claw the plants themselves.


(Just to be clear, Keina hasn't dug himself in the ground, right?)


(EDIT: Wait, Eternal's a boy? Sorry.)

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((Hello, I previously PM'd this character sheet a week ago and had no response. Is the RP full or may I pop in?


Name: Draertes Tumeric


Species: White Dragon


Age: Old enough to be considered an adult, the equivalent of a human entering middle age.


Appearance: Not too different from a normal white dragon, if a bit on the small side. She does have a faint pinkish-yellow shine to her hide, though this is seen mostly in strong sunlight. Slightly dirty from travel. In place of a staff, carries a spear with an elm shaft and iron tip bearing a small stylized design. Also has a worn purple ribbon with gold bells tied around the spear's top before the iron part.


Personality: Draertes in most cases is a kind, forebearing dragon with the occasional paranoid thought and a gift for making compromises between others. She will gladly heal anyone in need, though she will hesitate visibly at more dangerous looking individuals. But she's gotten better at socializing with others and trusting authority figures.


This is not most cases.


Taken out of her element, Draertes is a strained, borderline hysterical dragon who just wants to find her mate and offspring. Hopefully unharmed, or barring that, healable. She fully well knows that being dismissive of other dragons is not only impolite and contrary to her usual nature but potentially life-ending. However, it's too much effort for her to think about where her family's gone, why they haven't come back, who could possibly hurt them, why they would be in some random forest of all places, how her remaining family is doing, banish the paranoia taught by her mother, AND remain civil all the time. She wants answers. Now.


Lineage: She has a White dragon father and a Sunrise dragon mother, with one Sunset brother. Has a Daydream mate and three adult children. Two of her children are Soulpeaces, while the other is a Daydream.


History: Draertes's mother was exceedingly distrustful of the clan she grew up with, and not the most stable of dragons. Her father was one of the few that tentatively earned her trust by healing her every time she was injured. He was also a bit frightened of the Sunrise dragon, especially when she demanded abruptly one day that he visit her den immediately. And at least a little more when she placed a bunch of gifts around him and actually spoke to him in a non-hostile and sincere manner.


When Draertes hatched, the time she spent with other hatchlings was restricted heavily by her mother. They were all looking to kill and squash anyone that could be squashed. The leaders were a sham. Violence was always around the corner. Her father was more lenient and sometimes snuck her out to play with the clan. Relations with other hatchlings and non-parental adults were initially very awkward due to all the things said about them by her mother, but improved with time (and nudging from her father).


Eventually she met her mate, Cleckle Tumeric. He was odd, but a mostly harmless odd. In addition, he helped socialize her and her mother with the rest of the clan more. Years passed in bliss.


Until one fateful birthday, her children were reported missing. Cleckle gathered a search party and traveled to find the children, only for all to remain away for a month. The search party returned. Maimed.


She only had one lead and it was a particular forest not controlled by her clan. Some dragons popped in and out, but that was it. Telling only her parents and brother, Draertes set out to find and bring them back herself.


Extra: The spear was pushed on her by her mom and brother. The bells are enchanted to be silent unless the wielder wants them to ring. Useful for stealth and calling back some lost dragons.



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((No, she is above ground.))


Keina snarled in pain as her back was clawed. Dhe opened her mouth to attempt to drain magic...


Eternal Slumber tore loose of the vines. He lashed out, scoring a gash across Keina's back.


Keina roared. She tightened the vines around everyone still in them, but Eternal Slumber was angry now. He roared in wrath and ripped at the Vine dragon's leg, causing Keina to drop everyone still entangled.


The Vine grinned maliciously. He's mad now... heh. I know he probaly will be scared again after this ends, but mad dragons don't always think clearly.


She bit down, draining some of Eternal Slumber's mana, and raked her claws across the old whip scar on his face.


Eternal Slumber stumbled back, his claws over the reopened scar. You...urk... betrayed the only dragons who were nice to me...!


Keina growled "All part of my plan,", lunged at a dragon, and tried to drain their mana.


She failed to notice the angry and bleeding Soulpeace behind her...


((Next poster gets to fight her. Also, Eternal Slumber is mad and rinning on adrenalin. Keina better watch her back...))

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(*raises hand* Oooh! Oooh! I wanna fight!


Also, yeah, you can join. But I didn't get any PM sheet like that.)


Edghen smiled. Her plan worked.


Suddenly, the Vine Dragon turned around and lunged at her. Edghen tried to lurch back, but to no use. Quickly, Edghen kicked onto the Vine Dragon, hoping to send her flying off.


(Yeah, that was short.)

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Keira stumbled back..right into the claws of Eternal Slumber, who tore into her flank.

She lashed the troublesome Soulpeace down with another vine, and lunged at another dragon.

Her mouth opened wide as she attempted to drain mana.

Eternal Slumber clawed the gine off himself, and bit down on Keina's tail.

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((Huh, strange. Must have been a quirk of the messaging system))


I need to find them. Find them. Find them.


A white dragon slowly flew over the forest. Barely above a few feet above the treetops, Draertes's wide blue eyes darted wildly over every inch of vegetation. She gripped the wood shaft of the dragon-sized spear tightly in her foreclaws as if letting go would kill her. Every so often, she'd move on, hovering over to the next patch of trees. Or her head would suddenly snap around, attempting to catch sight of any baby blues or shining feathers.


Cleckle! Narmasha! Holima! Fralix! Come back! NOW!


She shook the spear, causing the golden bells at the end to ring together cheerfully. There was a time her mate used it to call back the children when they were hatchlings. The irony was not lost on her. The day was a repeated cycle of mental shouts, scrutiny, and bell ringing. She was sleepless, and her wings were aching and tangled with leaves. It became mindless work, almost taking her mind off why she was doing it. Almost.


Find. Them. Find. Them.


The snarls and sounds of battle from far off alerted her. No! No! None of them knew how to adequately defend themselves! They were all so naive! NO! It was her time to save them they had to be saved saved and rescued and back home


Her wings practically screamed at her, but Draertes was a white blur sailing towards the battle and mentally shouting in that general direction.


Cleckle! Children! If you're there, GET OUT. Don't be a hero! Just get out!


She barely noticed the Vine Dragon or the others for that matter. As soon as she saw a mix of blue and purple, Draertes dropped to the forest floor out of exhaustion and relief. The spear dropped out of her grasp, but the White dragon hardly cared. She was too busy running towards Eternal Slumber.


Get out of there! It's too dangerous!

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Keina roared and attacked Eternal Slumber. The scarred Soulpeace dodged her attack, heart pulsing and wings shaking. He roared before gashing Keina with his claws. Keina narrowed her eyes, hot fury at her plans unraveling clouding her mind, and sent thorny vines at the Soulpeace, gashing his neck and body.


((Keina is completely ignoring everyone else now... Perfect chance to attack and make her run.

Also, remember that Eternal Slumber has scars, one from a chain around his neck, one on on his face from a whip, and some on his back and sides from dragon claws.))

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(Should we wait for Cylax. He should do something important in this battle, and plus, I'm not sure it'd be nice to do this entire battle while leaving out an equally important dragon.


'While' autocorrected it 'Draertes'. What?)

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((Yep, I was about to reply. I missed out on a lot while I was asleep.))


Cylax circled around the Vine dragon, looking for a chance to pounce. In that short period of time, two more dragons seemed to have appeared. The White was running towards the Soulpeace, and the Speckle-throated had leapt from above to join the fight. What was with this dragon? Ever since the Soulpeace had landed there, it was as if he was some kind of dragon-magnet.


Ah, there was his chance. The Vine was lashing out at the Soulpeace. He reared up once more, before attempting to slam his entire upper body down on the back of the Vine dragon. With his huge bulk, it would hurt quite a lot if he managed to land on her.

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Keina roared in pain and struggled to break free. Cursed Zombie... I'll mince his him to bones. Then I will bury those, and he will be alive and awake for eons, but trapped. And the Speckle-throated... I have plans for her after I kill that Soulpeace and take his magic...


Eternal Slumber recognized the look on Keina's face. No, not again... never again. He got to his feet unsteadily and tore at her exposed tail.


((Eternal Slumber... after this, I plan to have him follow the group. Mainly because Edghen and Cylax attacking Keina is the closest thing to nice he has been shown, other than the Alt Black healing him.))

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(Buy your dragon magnet today! Only 5.99!


Sorry, I had to post that. Well, this useless post is already here. I've been waiting to introduce these two characters. They won't participate in the fight, I think. There's so many dragons fighting, anyway.)


"Look! Look!"


A small, dark shape ran towards a frog, opening its mouth wide open. The frog didn't see the Dark Myst Pygmy coming, but it was too late; Rayvun had snapped his jaws closed onto its lunch. Rayvun presented it to his much-bigger friend proudly.


The Desipis Dragon stood in front of the little black dragon. He looked older and tired from the bags under his eyes, and a bit smaller than the average Desipis Dragon. There were few orange crystals dotting his scales. "Third frog this day?"


Rayvun nodded proudly, setting his lunch on the forest floor. He bit into it, tore a large bit of meat off, and gulped it down. The Desipis Dragon smiled. "Your enthusiasm about hunting reminds me of someone."


"Who? Kallus?"


The Desipis Dragon paused for a moment, before smiling. "Well, that's what they all call him, yes."


The small Dark Myst Dragon frowned. "But Kallus is evil! It's probably 'cause something happened to him, like all the villains in the stories other dragons tell me!"


"He was still a friend to me before he had gone crazy."


"You were friends with Kallus?"


"Yes. There is nothing wrong with that, right?"


Rayvun shook his head. "No, No-Name, there isn't," he said. "So when was the last time you saw Kallus?"


No-Name shook his head. "Well, last time, we were just... being good friends. When I last heard... well, his brother was dead and he ran off."


"That's why he went crazy, I think."


"Yes, I believe that, too."

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((Waiting on Cylax to deal with Keina. Where is Light anyway?? Also, interesting. Don't mind if I submit another form?


Name: Dusky Darkly-Flame


Species: Zombie (originally Alt Black)


Age: 874 before death.


Appearance: Alt Black with deep green eye and red underscales. She is missing a chunk of the left side of her neck, her whole gut, and one side of her face has rotted away, including that eye.


Personality: Calm on the outside, with an undercurrent of wrath. Has lost ability to feel most emotions.


Linage: Lost to time.


History: Over 850 years ago, she came to the North. She created a pack of dragons, made up of those who desired to flee the south and those whose eggs were lost in the North. One day 840 years later, a grey-eyed Alt Vine turned on and killed everyone but a young, magically powerful Soulpeace, who fled. Now, she has returned from the dead to exact revenge on Keina, and she cannot rest till she has killed the betrayer...


Extra: She was revived by her own magic and her wrath. She won't hesitate to kill/injure/severely injure anyone who gets in the way of killing Keina. I'll introduce her returning from the dead.


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It would be hard to break free, considering Cylax was the size of, and weighed a little more than an elephant. He continued to push his weight down on the dragon, unsure of whether he should try to finish it off. It seemed that she and the Soulpeace had some history, and it might be unwise to get between their grudge. Then again, she had tried to kill literally everyone in the surroundings, so maybe ending it as fast as he could would be a better choice. He growled in frustration, before attempting to lift his hand and slam it down on the back of the Vine's head.

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Keina twitched, before going limp and still. Time to play possum... To anyone not looking closely, she appeared dead.


Eternal Slumber looked up. "She...." He did not know what to say, and nor did he know how react to these acts of kindness. What...what do I do...this is so strange... They don't hate me...though everyone else did...


((Eternal Slumber's still broadcasting, so you can still hear his thoughts.))

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(Go ahead. We now have two zombies.)


Edghen dodged out the way, watching as the large zombie dragon slammed his weight onto the Vine Dragon, eventually killing it. To Edghen, the Vine Dragon was dead. Ash covered her paws.


If Kallus hadn't burned this forest down, what would've happened to the Soulpeace and the Vine? To her, the most likely thing to happen was the Soulpeace dying. At least some light came from this darkness.

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((Gonna wait for Cylex before continuing the forest scene.))


-Far to the North-


The ice trembled.


She... Must... Die...!

A rotting Alt Black opened her eyes, trembling with wrath.

The... Betrayer... Will... Die...


The Alt Black burst through the ice and snow, creating a spume of snow and ice. She blinked, before roaring and flying to the south.


((So meet Dusky Darkly-Flame. Like Cylax, there is magic on her to allow her to see better day and night, but she only has one eye. I don't really feel comfortable playing a character with an type of blindness than night-blindness. {I am night-blind in real life.}))

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Huh. That was surprisingly easy. Cylax, still watching the corpse, got off it. He made sure to keep his eyes on it, but wasn't watching it too intently. He turned his attention back to the Soulpeace. He seemed to still be broadcasting his thoughts. The zombie reached up to scratch at his rotting scales, before turning his attention towards the Soulpeace.

"Hate you? The opposite, dear Soulpeace. I would like to request a favour from you, in exchange for having fought off that dragon for you."


His hunch had been right after all. Soulpeaces were kind, good dragons, aligned with light and life. That was all he knew about them. And he had rationalised that if he came to the site of a great disaster like the forest fire recently, it would be likely that one of these dragons would be present. To help with healing those hurt, providing relief efforts. While this one seemed to be here for another reason, it didn't change the fact that a Soulpeace was present. That was good for him.

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Keina decided to play dead for a bit longer.


"Wh... what favour do you want?" Eternal Slumber bobbed his head nervously. He tilted his head down, occasionally peeking up. His wings trembled from nervousness and fear.




The cold winter temperature of the North kept Dusky from rotting any more. The undead Alt Black was flying so low each flap produced a glittering plume of snow, but she had lost the capacity to enjoy it. Steadily she flew towards the south, towards the Betrayer.


Oh, she could sense the Betrayer being alive all right, because her magic had given her the ability to sense her target when she came to life out of wrath towards her...

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Cylax's attention was now on Slumber. He wouldn't need to bother with the corpse any longer if everything went right, after all. Hope started to fill his heart. Hope, the feeling that had been absent in his life until several minutes ago, when the Soulpeace crashed into him and Light.

"As a Soulpeace, I am sure you have the power to send souls back to the afterlife when they have been denied passage. I wish to leave. I wish to return to where I should have ended up years ago. I want you to separate my soul from this accursed body so I may go free, back to where I belong."

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