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3 hours ago, Aqub said:

Gift exchange is open for entries!

This is a special Holiday round, so go and share your favorite Christmas lineages and festive dragons! There's also a mini-raffle for some special gifts, so make sure to play this week if you want to enter the raffle. :D



There are some very nice Prizes in the Raffle. And the Giveaway is always a ton of fun. To participate, you just need to donate one dragon. You don't even need to participate, you can donate a dragon that can be gifted to someone else as a prize or bonus prize. But why not do both, it is always fun to see what people donate and gift! Also, since I donated a Prize to the Raffle, it being a 2G Gold Tinsel Egg x Solstice, If you know anyone who might be interested in that kind of Winning, other cool things, donating cool stuff and/or also participating in this great activity, please invite them to join and introduce them to this awesome player activity! This is the time to get in if you've been putting it off!

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Wow! I just realized that sign-ups for Secret Santa end tomorrow! If you have been thinking about signing up but just haven't gotten around to it, now is the time! Don't miss out! Get over there and sign up now! The gifting period doesn't start until January so you have plenty of time to clear your scroll of those last holiday eggs before it starts filling up with gifts to give and gifts you receive!


This is a really nice player-run activity that gives you a chance to have some fun, get some nice dragons that you need, and give lovely gifts to another player. Even if you don't want to enter the exchange yourself, you might consider signing up as a Helper to assist others in getting the eggs that their giftee has requested. :)

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