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Player Activities & Events

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Welcome to Player Activities and Events:


WE Are HERE for Discussion, Support, Sharing, & FUN FOR Player Events, Related Activities & Resources. We are the DC Community!! And We Are Making This Game Awesome, & Creating Fun Events & Activities, Join In!


If you have a favorite thread or site you would like me to add to our Lists, POST it in the thread and/or SEND a PM, and include a brief summary (I can make one up, just faster!) and I'll get it added ASAP! This thread is an AMAZING Resource for the ENTIRE Community, So Let's Keep it Updated & Share it with Others!




See Most Recent Posts & Keep this Thread Updated with Upcoming & Current Events!


Ongoing Raffles, Giveaways, Player Events, etc:

Lucky Lottos - New Lotto to Do Various Activities to Earn tickets to Win Super Uncommon to Very Rare Dragons! Open Ongoing, Go Now!

Gift Exchange - Donate & Random Gift/Prize Exchange - Currently Ongoing Every Wed.

Feesh's ND Giveaway - Monthly & Flash Raffles, Times Vary as NDs Available

Alternative Life Raffle - Spriter's Alt Raffle, Visit Thread for Date(s) of Next Round

Glittering Gold Giveaway - All Dragon/Prizes Open Raffle, See Thread for Date(s) of Next Round

Prize Descendants Raffle - Lower Gen Prize & Prizekin Lines Raffle, See Thread for Date(s) of Next Round.

Remind Me What I've Forgotten as this List is in Process!



1. Consider Posting if you haven't said Hello in awhile! Share some info about yourself and your favorite threads/resources/events and any special talents you have, advice, stories, your time on DC and more about IRL you too!


2. Also, Share this thread with Others! This is an Important Resource but it is only useful if we Keep it Updated & Let Others Know About It!


Basic Rules:

1. DO NOT post Gift or Teleport Links in this Thread. There are many other Gifting Threads listed in our Great References below. HOWEVER - It is ok to send personal gifts & special breeding offers via PM to your fellow Gifters & Community Helpers!

2. Keep the Conversation Positive. Always.

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Take Some time to read a bit (via a few posts) about Socializing, interacting, growing within the player base & Learn to Socialize and/or how to reach out to request gifts, grow as a player, and how to build your scroll to gift back, and other ways to better improve our personal interactions with our player community! Need some Mass Breed Inspiration?


1. Round One: Breed ALL the SUMMERY DRAGONS Dragons - Not only are we into summer, but fall will be here before you know it! What are some summer themed Dragons. For some ideas think: Sun, Life, Plants, Bright, Rainbow, Heat, Sea/Beach/Water, Families/Vacations, Fun, etc!

2. Round Two: Battle of the AP, Storm the AP & Flood over to Take Power!

Armies are Marching into the AP to overwhelm and take over. Let's send out the various armies and factions in waves to the AP and see who will win:

Army 1: The Rulers & Rich: All those Fancy Metallic, Rare, Beautiful and Dragons Descended from Great Lineages & Prestigious & Patterned need to protect the Royalty and Positions! Send them to the AP to fight the battle, especially if you want them to win!

Army 2: The Commoners: Those Common Dragons? Those Biome Blockers? Those Dragons that just sit in the way and keep breeding and showing up! They outnumber and can easily overtake all! The Commoners have joined together, will they overtake this war?

Army 3: The Non-Majority: Tired of being forgotten and overlooked by those with larger masses and those with power, the Overlooked and Often Forgotten have NOT Forgotten! They are ready to take over and be represented! Send all your "non-normal dragons" to the AP. This will include breeds like Pygmies, Two-Headed, Drakes, but can also be any dragon you feel is underrepresented and needs more attention! They will noticed, and they shall be heard!

Army 4: The Mercantile & Middle Class: Always the Long time Favorites, these dragons may not be the richest, but they are well loved and respected and often are the most common dragons that continue to be sought out for several reasons. These could include beloved older dragons like Nebula, Whites, Blacks, Hybrids, BSAs, or any sort of dragon that you love but may not fall into what people consider "rare and exclusive." They are the entire backbone of this society and they will not just be stuck in the middle. It is time for them to take the power they deserve and be recognized, and for those already recognized, assume the mantle of authority and power!


Which Army do you support? Which army do you hope wins? Do you think any of the armies should work together to overtake the others? Any army you want to see NOT WIN?? Share your conspiracies, undercover assistance, military statistics and planning as you help each of these armies take over the AP and lead their side to victory!! (And if a dragon can be in more than one army, feel free to pick the one you feel works best, or create your own power struggle story here and how it may or may not resolve!!)

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Gifting, Breeding, Dragon, DC & Other Threads & Groups & References:


Ongoing Winning Prizes Via Raffles/Lottos/Giveaways/Contests: See Prior Post (Above) for Lists to Donate, Participate, and Win! (And Have Fun & Make New Friends & Dance with the DC Community Conga Line)


Gifting: For Giving & Receiving Gifts via Forums - Specific Threads:

New Release Gifting Force  - Help Gift New Release Dragons to those Unable to Catch or Missed Out on New Release Dragons

Community Departures - One of the favorite places to post anything and everything via teleports (Both Teleport Options: One Way & Two Way). People hang out here to grab and post gifts all day long so quickest way to gift when you want it to go quickly.

Special Release Offspring Gifting - Gifting and requesting for bred in-Cave dragons (Especially Holidays) excluding 2nd gen metallics (Golds, Silvers, and Prizes), including Very Specific Lines often Harder to Find via Normal Gifting

Even Gen Gifting - Even Gens Only. You can trade, make requests for assistance, and post gifts (including opening breeding requests and lists) and teleports.

The Giving Tree (TGT) - TGT (The Gifting Tree) Easy Place to Gift & Request - Great especially for Newer & Growing Players

The Breeding, Gifting Thread - Just list what kind of dragon you want (lineages can be very specific), and requests usually filled quickly.

Complete Scroll / Wish List - The King of all Wish Lists Threads. From Wishes to Goals to Dreams, & Most people will link their WishLists in their Sig to their post in this Thread. Great Place to Find Specific Gifting Inspiration!

Birthday Gifting - Gifting to Celebrate Birthdays! Special Gifting to Celebrate the Special Day of Our Players and Make it More Special!

BSA Gifting Foundation - Great Place for Newer Players or Players with Very Few BSAs to Start Stocking Up & to Help Others With This

Room of Requirements - Gift, Request & Trade Very Specific Lineage/Dragon Requests for to Help Find & Fulfill Very Specific/Hard to Find Lineage Requests


Other Assistance & Help for Players:

Influence for Me - Assist Players who are Unable to Influence Themselves. A way to "gift" your resources by helping out with influence for those in need! (And probably a great place to find people to contact about donating Pink Hatchlings or ask them which Gender they need most!)

Description Force: Support & Get Support for Dragon Descriptions & Reviewing Descriptions!

Thank You Thread: A Place to Thank all those wonderful individuals who have helped you (in the past or recently) in DC related Activities! Keeping it Positive!

Encyclopedia Helpers - People Post Dragons of all Sorts to Help You Unlock Info from the DC Encyclopedia. You can also add a post to Help Out too!

Name Check Thread - Get Advice from Mods & Players So Your Dragon Names are Always Within Policy, especially when concerned to avoid bad stuff!

List of Active Fan Sites (Also Hatcheries) - All the Currently Active DC Fan Sites, including Click Sites & other Resources!


Best Gifting Threads to Find Specific Lines (including Holiday & Kin) & Mates:

Special Release Offspring Gifting - Gifting and requesting for bred in-Cave dragons (Especially Holidays) excluding 2nd gen metallics (Golds, Silvers, and Prizes), including Very Specific Lines often Harder to Find via Normal Gifting

Room of Requirements - Gift, Request & Trade Very Specific Lineage/Dragon Requests for to Help Find & Fulfill Very Specific/Hard to Find Lineage Requests

The Breeding, Gifting Thread - Just list what kind of dragon you want (lineages can be very specific), and requests usually filled quickly with Great Community.

Even Gen Gifting - Even Gens Only. You can trade, make requests for assistance, and post gifts (including opening breeding requests and lists) and teleports.

Zombie Advice & Strategy Thread AND

Zombie Success & Discussions - Zombie Assist & Advice & How-To's & Success Stories - Essential with New Zombie Update & Sprites! Now able to try it all year with new release zombie updates & sprites - Collect them all!


Breeding, Collecting (& Some Gifting) Projects & Resources:

Great Lineages Found in the AP - Post & Share your AP Gems/Special Finds. Breeders Love seeing their babies posted here as it lets them know their efforts are appreciated & often inspires others & is a great community place for many reasons! Take the time to Post here if you don't already or haven't in awhile!

Z'Project - Easy & Fun Group to get involved, donate, and get gifts for any dragons whose code starts with Z or z. Great Project for people of all skill level!

Lineage Advice - Advice for any Lineage Project or Questions Ask for advice on anything related to lineages and questions!

The Thank You Thread Post thanks to specific people, groups, or just in general for anything related to DC!

ND Experiment Announcement Board - Community of Players, Basic Info & Additional Assistance in the creation of NDs.

Lunar Heralds & DC Moon Society - Know when each Lunar Herald Color can be Bred/Caught & Track changing Moon Cycles in DC universe!

Lumina & Dark Lumina Breeding  - Keep up on the Lunar Cycles impacting Breeding of Luminae & Dark Luminae!

Lovely Commons Project: Using Common / Easy to Obtain Dragons to Build Beautiful Lines. Great Place to Start with Lineages, Breeding & Gifting!

Checker Database: Where everyone can add their checker lineages to a single database to make swapping, trading, and gifting easier for all.

DC Lore AMA: DC Lore Questions, Suggestions, Clarifications, & More! Ask the TJ09 as the World & Dragons of DC continue to develop & expand!

Do You Have a Thuwed? Thread to Post your Thuwed Dragons and Lines, Offer Breeding, Post Gifts, ask for Assistance and/or Discuss anything related to lineages involving "Thuweds" (aka TJ's Dragons)

Do You Have a Dorkface? - Thread to Post your Dorkface Lines, Offer Breeding, Post Gifts, ask for Assistance and/or Discuss anything related to lineages involving the Famous Midas Dorkface

List of Active Fan Sites (Also Hatcheries) - All the Currently Active DC Fan Sites, including Click Sites & other Resources!


Other Player Games & Groups:

Forum Games SectionNote: Most of these will be Links to the Forum Games Thread itself, and occasionally we may Highlight or List Particularly Special Groups from There. *In the Forum Games Section*, you will find lots of Fun & Variety for something New with your Game Time. I especially recommend The Ongoing Bingo Games!. I'd link to these amazing games that are more than just quick posts & very engrossing. And You May Find Yourself Addicted to Them!

CPA (Compulsive Posters' Anonymous) - Long Stand Group & Only Forum Thread Approved for "Ongoing Chat." That is why they Exist!. And they love to hear from anyone and always welcome to new folks and others popping in to say Hello. And they also serve brownies, drinks (mostly non-alcoholic), snacks and have a wonderful Continental Breakfast to Enjoy During your Stay!

Original Art Forum - Create Your Own Thread to Share Your Various Art from Drawing, Spriting, Writing, Photography, or any other sort of Multimedia or Art Form, and also take requests from Players (for free or for Dragon Trades), link to your portfolios & other sites (including places for projects & taking commissions). Interact with the Community & Other Artists to Improve & Develop including New Skills. If you want to share multiple art types, you can create individual threads.Ever consider wanting to potentially learn about spriting and improving and maybe one day being involved with the DC Artists & Games? Great Place to Start!




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Question of the Week or Other Update In Progress for future


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To Help Share & Promote the Thread, please follow this thread for all the latest updates & grow our base, share it with other people, and also consider adding either add either a Link via Text or Banner (change size as you need) to your signature for others to Click & Find Us! Please also invite both older players but especially newer and midling players that can really use the resource lists we take the time to create. Just remember to take the link from the thread/Text Link & link it with your banner to make it easier for them to find us! Thanks DirtyTabs for Art! PM if you wish to Donate other Art! Also, say hello if it's been awhile! I am happy to be back and cannot do it without our awesome people! Let's Make Magic and Fun Again!


Text Link: Player Activities & Events Thread


 user posted image                                  799785266_PlayerActivities.jpg.ae30189245443cb8a0530bf5e7f46dd6.jpg



And Thank YOU for returning or joining to help us help others and be a place to share, encourage and celebrate Player Events & Activities as this is something *WE* can Create and is a way to get involved & Give Back to the Community!



And for the Archives: The Top Answers for the Question: What is Your Most Favorite Way to Gift?

1. Lovely Lineages, Eggs and Hatchlings Dropped in the AP (Biggest By A Good Lead)

2.  Posting Teleport/FFAs on the Forums, etc for Anyone to Grab (Some People Really Love Leaving Surprise Gifts in Various Threads and Sigs, especially the Community Departures Thread)

3. Gifting to Specific People via PM or "Glomp" Gifting (Many Still Love that Personal Touch)

And a few Runners up that Show People Love to Gifts, Especially to Support other Player Events, Activities and Lottos/Raffles, but still like to know the "Donation" is going some place it will be well loved.



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I am torn between keeping my "original Post" introducing myself. I think I'll keep this for now but add a few extra details, but may turn this into a forum post place, don't worry, one of the things I'm updating/adding is monthly/weekly whatever questions so people can have an idea of things to answer if they'd like to post and share some info! Your info is more appreciated than you may think, and its good to hear from each other sometimes! So I've decided that I am going to make this spot the Top 2 Pieces of Advice, or few, that I think people really need to hear. And then the second half my sketch pad for ideas flopping around in my head.


1. It is very easy to get very frustrated when you want to start gifting back and no one seems to want your gifts and everyone else has all these great gifts they gift all the time. This is totally normal. Don't take it personally. (Many of us have actually been thru it ourselves. I've seen people actually really crushed and upset over this. It happens. That is why this place exists so we can help you get awesome gifts and start doing more Gifting, Fun & Help or Whatever you want!) Instead, take some more time to build up your scroll with pairs of dragons that will breed offspring that people will want to have. There are a few gifting threads that specialize in getting you very specific nice lines and mates so you can do this. Build these up, and before long, you will be one of those bigger gifters. And anyone can take a lower timed egg from the AP and gift a hatchling. Everyone loves hatchlings. Especially scrolls that are trying to build up their dragon count so they can reach that next level or any level. And people who are looking for freezies. Also take this time to build up your BSA Armies of Reds and Pinks (and possibly all Sorts of BSA's and Hatchlings to Freeze and Grow Scrolls Faster & More!). You will really need them. And it takes just as much time to get & raise nicely lineaged Pinks and Reds (and other BSAs or specific Dragons you want to add to your scrolls) as it does to get messy ones. Why not just get the nicely lineaged ones so you can gift nicely lineaged BSA. Double Winner on Gifting!!


2. Most People who love to gift are super sad that "no one" seems to contact them about asking for gifts. (I am not talking about people with super rare dragons, do not harass these people.) But if someone says they will gladly breed something from their scroll as a gift for nothing, take them up on this! Not only will this make them happy, but you will often make a new connection and friend that will be helpful. If you don't know what to ask for, just ask what their favorite or most popular dragon to breed/gift is and/or if they would be willing to breed you a "pair" that you can rebreed on your own so you can start gifting back. Many Gifters love to support this and you should also always ask if its ok if you can contact them again in the future. Don't spam them, but if they have a good relationship with you, this is a good thing. And feel free to let them make a list of multiple dragons they like to gift. Take them. And the thing about Checkered lineages is even if you don't have the exact checker, you can always combine checkers of the same even gen to make really pretty combos.


I started around Aug/Sept 2011 and will update a short bio of myself at some point. I'll Post that Somewhere else Later. The rest of this space is my "Future and Current Ideas & Goals Pad for this Thread"


-Advertise Unofficial DC Discord - Great place to go with lots of great stuff, kinda like the forums but in a chatting easier simplified scale, lots of cool people and most people these days honestly use Discord vs IRC.

- Need some Organizational Feedback on my Resource Categories and Breakdowns. And this can include things to add! But they need to be active and staying active, not in a state of decline unless we are trying to bring it back and save that resource or project/group/event

-Get Feedback from the Descrip Force, this is their Forte!

-Calendar for "upcoming events" like via Google Docs link, and let anyone who is approved, obviously anyone would be approved after submitting something simple, and back ups would always exist in case someone went crazy. Link that Here.

-List of people who happily breed for free for most or a good number of dragons or do other things to help people in need, especially younger/newer players in need of those really helpful and necessary BSAs and maybe just tryign to get a few dragons they think are really cool & Special, so Gifters both Breeding & Catching.

- Link to mentors?

- Should be good enough that people want this Share this with new players in the Intro thread as a resource!

-Redo/regroup Organizational breakdowns, nothing super fancy, and also make sure

-Request for a Pinned thread on things that are Forum Rules that are not necessarily posted that people don't know. like WE CAN NEVER discuss ND making or even asking about it on thread - how would a newb know this? maybe suggest to mod?

-Event or Thread or Promo for Zombie Prep & Vampire Fun along with Lowering AP times, celebrate All Play Styles!

-Hiring Heralds. Info Slueths. Not hard, just something I need to do.


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1. Who Are You? Please feel free to introduce yourself!


I gift because I love knowing my eggs are going to good homes where they will be loved. I enjoy making other people smile. I gift via departures thread, via PM if I see someone wants something I can provide, or just by donating nice eggs to the AP. Originally seeing others gifting nice things made me want to give back. That started my breeding checkers and other nice things to be able to gift, and my lineage projects took off. My favourite breeds are silvers, ices, falconiforms, undines, and celestials. Apparently I really like blue and blue-green dragons... I also really love autumns and pillows. My word code dragons are some of my faves, and I really love when they pop up in the AP finds thread. biggrin.gif


2. What is your favorite Threads, Events, Practices, Habits, Tools or anything else when it comes to Gifting and Helping in the world of DC?


Departures thread, EATW Dragonmarket, the AP, and the DC Facebook Group are where I find homes for most of my gifts. I also flit around the trade threads to see if anyone needs something I can breed.


3. What advice would you give to people who wanted to become more involved gifters and/or gift more or nicer items than they feel they currently have? Or is there a question you have about Gifting and Helping? Would you like someone you can PM for various ongoing questions related to this? If so, post it!


Start with low gen (2nd-3rd) nice checkers. Try to grab the harder outcomes when you can, because you can nearly always get a very easy trade for a mate. If you see a 2nd gen metal from a common mate in the departures thread, grab it, and look around for a mate if you can't breed it yourself. The IRC chat and the Facebook group (linked above) are great places to find people willing to breed you something. Always offer to breed something in return, but I find that most of the time, people are quite willing to help out with the common mate. smile.gif The CHECKER DATABASE is also a fantastic resource for finding mates and even pairs!


4. Is there something you would like to post about for a discussion point for feedback or just an opinion?


I find being open-minded about where your eggs go really helps. I know some people are against freezing, biting, etc., and that's everyone prerogative. If you don't mind, though, it's really fun to drop eggs in the AP and see if they pop up in the AP finds thread. biggrin.gif


5. Have you had difficult experiences with gifting and/or helping that you found a way to overcome? Or just an experience you need help overcoming? As long as it is posted in a non-negative manner, it is ok to post it if the intention is to get positive responses on how to not get frustrated and resolve the manner to better benefit everyone.


I find that being very clear what you expect from the person receiving your gift helps keep everyone on the same page and prevent hurt feelings. If it's a free-for-all (especially if it's something especially nice), be sure to state that so no one gets upset if someone who already had one get is. If you want someone who has few/none of what you are offering, put it on a two-way trade and ask for a dummy egg and to be able to look at their scroll so you can see where it is going. Same if you want an egg named, etc. This really helps prevent frustration all around, as everyone knows exactly what to expect. You'll never get 100% compliance with your wishes, and you do have to keep in mind that once an egg is one someone's scroll, it is theirs to do as they please. However, the clearer you are, the better everything goes. Even if someone doesn't follow your wishes, try to be happy knowing that you still probably made their day. happy.gif

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HmmMMMmm, I love a discussion thread about gifting, and I hope you don't mind a shortish answer. The first post is rather daunting...


1. I'm Dirtytabs/Tabs. I've been playing since 2008 but only discovered the joy of pretty patterns in lineages a couple of years ago. Usually when I build lineages, they're checkers with commons, particularly ones I feel people haven't done before. I keep a chart of 2-breed perfect combo lineages but not a spreadsheet with my dragons because I uh, can't get my priorities straight. But I am using ADP's checker center, so I'm improving in that regard.


Here's a picture to break up the text

user posted image


Unlike natayah, I got my gold trophy long before I released my giant-lineaged messy dragons. I still have a lot of them because they have descriptions attached to them. I don't remember the first thing I tried to gift, but it probably was a gold-horned tangar or swallowtail - one of those breeds I thought was reasonably uncommon. I usually give away rare breeds or breeds I know lots of people like to guarantee there is a taker, but sometimes if I particularly like a lineage, I'll try to give a related egg away, too. (e.g. stupidly proud of my colossus projects)


Am I stroking my ego by typing multiple paragraphs...? Let's break this up with another picture

user posted image


2. I like the departure board, Happy Birthday Gifting, Breeding, Gifting!, and the massbreed raffle thread, and I sometimes use TJ's leave-and-take. I'll be honest here: one of the reasons I've done a bit of gifting because ego. Hey everybody, I have this egg. Look at its pretty lineage that I helped build. Don't you want it?


3. I am in no position to give advice C:


4. Hmm, thoughts on killing/biting/neglecting gifted eggs if giver doesn't mention any caveats?


5. Nope! I like participating in events and stuff, but I don't like organizing them.

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Oh, a bit more advice for new gifters! If you're good at catching things, people always love CB rares and even some of the popular uncommons like seasonals. New release eggs are always loved, because some people have trouble catching them. BSA (especially pink and red) lower time eggs (5 days or less) or hatchies, no matter the lineage, go fast. High time eggs don't tend to go fast unless they are nice lineages or rares, though.


If you want eggs to go to a new home fast, be ready to accept either APing them or putting them on a one-way teleport. It always takes longer to get bites on a two-way teleport. The flip side, of course, is that you don't always know where your babies go in a one-way teleport.


And whatever you do, find some way to keep good track of your lineages! Use custom scroll sort, or google docs, or a website; whatever you need to do to have all of your lineages easily on hand. I can't stress enough the need to start this early! Do it from your very first lineage, or you'll be spending a lot of time down the road getting it all sorted out. Stay on top of it, too! As soon as you have a new dragon grown up, put it in your "need mates" section. As soon as you have a proven mate, put it in your "paired dragons" section. I like to use custom scroll sort to put paired dragons together, and I have all my unpaired dragons sorted by generation on another section of my scroll. At the top of my scroll I leave any dragons I have not recorded yet, and they don't get moved until they are recorded both on my website and (if applicable) on the checker database.


4. Hmm, thoughts on killing/biting/neglecting gifted eggs if giver doesn't mention any caveats?

If it is an AP find, I don't usually worry about it. If it is one I take from a thread or anywhere I can easily contact the person, I always PM them to ask about biting/neglecting. I do re-gift without thought, since I often grab eggs I know my friends have been looking for. I try to drop the gifter a PM or mention in a reply to their post that it is going to a friend's scroll where it will be well-loved. All of my friends name their dragons and don't use any bad actions, so I know they are safe for any rules the gifter might have.

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DirtyTab's Question Re-PHrased : Basically Is it ok to Bite/Kill/Release/Freeze Gifts you find and/or get from the Forums where the gifter offers no stipulation?


My answer, Yes and No.


Anything you find in the AP and/or that you get on a one way teleport that is in a thread that doesn't have the ability to put stipulations, or the person chooses not to put them even though the thread has it as an option, is a true free for all do whatever you like and game rules back this up.


Here is my Caveat: If the lineage looks like it is really special or took a lot of effort, I am not likely to do anything to harm it because of the amount of work and it is so special. Or, I might suggest that someone ask first because if they really think it would make an awesome vampire line, and the owner is ok with it, that way if it fails or repulses, you have already created a contact to get a replacement. Story examples below.


I have had someone find one of my AP eggs (if I toss it to the AP I am totally ok with people doing whatever they want to it) send me a PM to ask my permission if they could do a vampire bite. Basically while it was a nice lineage, they liked it so much they thought it would be really cool to have a nice lineaged vampire and really liked the lineage theme for a vampire. I thought that was really super sweet of them. And if someone specifically asked for a line to attempt to turn to a vampire because they think it would be super cool, I think that is flattering and am 90-95% or more likely to say yes. And if it fails or repulses, I am more than happy to rebreed them another to attempt. Now if its one of my harder to breed "special rarer" lines - I'm probably gonna require a trade for that kinda request. Cause if I get something out of the deal, at that point, they have "paid" for it and I have signed over all my rights to dictate anything.


And after all that is said.... There are certain Gifting Groups that do not allow you to EVER harm any gift you give thru their proper channel courses unless you arrange it with the gifter in advance. And they record that stuff and take it very seriously. Such as The Giving Tree (TGT). I think Newbie Gifting and Rare Breeders works the same.


What I love about the Dragon Community Departure Board is, unlike other FFA Gifting Places, is they allow you to put stipulations on your gifts. I mean, there isn't an enforcement branch like there is with TGT, but I have found people to generally be pretty respectful of things I give there. But I also make sure that things I gift there are generally nicer things that people are really excited to get. So if I say don't kill it don't bite it don't freeze it, the person who is taking it is pretty likely to respect that action. But I always allow the option for them to re-gift it because if they know the perfect home that is what is most important to me. And while I will Two Way the stuff I care most about, I have always found that thread to be good about respecting my wishes. But then again, the line is worth those requests. If for some reason I was posting something that wasn't really something many people would find special, I wouldn't care what they did. But I'd make that clear by not making any demands. If it isn't stated, and it's not some super special line, I would safely assume that the breeder isn't going to be torn up.


I tend to get more upset when I make nice even Gens and they breed it with a crazy messy long oogly gen and make oogly babies. Since I only ever gift lineaged stuff, I will ask that they at least breed the same gen or continue the pattern and this seems to avoid the need for me to want to gouge my eyeballs out on my grandbabies.

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I have been playing since 2010, but only casually until a few years later which is when I started taking an interest in lineages and reading the forum more often. I want to tell a story about the gift I received around that time, that stands out the most in my mind.


I remember being too shy to post very much on the forums. Being a new person on a forum is always kind of like going to a party where you don't know anyone. I didn't have any Silver or Gold dragons - since I hadn't really taken part in the forum up until then (aside from asking a few newb questions), my only way of obtaining an egg was in the Cave or the AP, and you know how seldom Silver and Gold appear in those places. I desperately wanted to ask for one (any lineage), but the wall of rules in the gifting threads intimidated me. There was so much text that I felt (irrationally) sure that no matter how carefully I read the rules, I would miss something and make some sort of a mistake when requesting and end up embarrassing myself, so I didn't. Also, Silvers and Golds were so awesome and rare in my mind that I had a hard time believing people would just give them away for free.


I finally managed to trade for a Silver on EATW, and was so thrilled that I felt like I would burst if I didn't share the good news with someone. So I went on IRC and wrote something about how glad I was to get my first Silver, and I vowed that someday soon I would have my very own Gold too! Odeen saw what I said on IRC and gifted me my first Gold then and there. It was a Thuwed to boot, and I didn't have any of those either! I was so happy I almost cried. This Gold is the gift she gave me. Since then I've gotten many more Golds but I don't think any of them are as special to me as that one. Even later when I finally caught my first CB Gold, it couldn't take the place of that first Gold in my heart.


Even Generations Trading and Gifting Centre, and Special Release Offspring Gifting Group are my favorite gifting threads. I think this thread is a great idea and I will post more later! Thanks to all the gifters out there for making others happy. wub.gif


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Somehow, despite deliberately not being ARK-listed* and generally being sneaky about the few times I break my own codex (I admit it's been happening more frequently lately), I've been roped into this. laugh.gif


Hi, all! Here's that lady who keeps using the post icon 'user posted image' as if it were an emoticon.


I'm your local evil anarcho-capitalist who does not believe in gifting. I believe in trading!


You may freely view me like your stereotypical neighbourhood Ferengi.


Somewhat more seriously, I think everyone benefits from exchanges where both parties get something, and no one feels like they owe the other anything afterward, which is why I try to add something to the effect of 'one hatchling from my commons wishlist in return for this would be nice' when I do trade nice things to people who need them more than I do. That's mostly an extrapolation from myself, who gets edgy and nervous when people gift me things without asking anything in return, so I try to throw things at them that they'll like, or I hope they'll like.


That said, in my trading I also don't believe in accepting overpayments, unless they are desperately needed as a tie-breaker between offers. What do I mean with overpayments? Example: When I get lucky and catch a CB classic metallic, I typically put it up for trade for Halloween hatchlings; while my aimed for 'ideal' rate is 5 for a CB silver and 6 for a CB gold, I often get offers of more, and then (try to) argue people down to the maximum. (To my shame I have to admit I have failed to convince some people in the past. Not for lack of trying, just out of not being very good at arguing.) Another example is that someone recently offered me 20 hatchlings from my wishlist for a CB copper, and I argued them down to four.


My attitude is why I made the League of Impatient Cave Cleaners, which I am unfortunately often bypassing lately by going directly to PMs. Oops.


If I gift trade give someone something, I encourage biting or experimenting with it (especially if it has an awesome lineage). I freeze caveborns and pretty-lineaged hatchlings, after all, I have no wiggle room to judge what someone else's love is. smile.gif


Long story short:


I am kind of misplaced here and will probably just scratch up the furniture, but I like what you've started here.




* for complex reasons that boil down to my stated philosophy above, plus some community dynamics at the time (couple of years ago), plus some very strong personal opinions about badges to that effect in general, I asked not to put on the list. It was a really awkward PM conversation. I feel sorry for the people who had to deal with me. ...also this is the first time I'm publicly admitting to this. Shhh. It's a secret. *pushes it back under the rug where it was previous stored*

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I like how this thread is coming along. smile.gif


I'm Sapphire Ryu, known around other parts of the net as Sapphire Dragon. I joined just last year but found a lot of great people and have been super active ever since. I hoard many dragons, mostly Soulpeaces, but I also love Alt Blacks, Thunders, Solstices, Aegises, and Radiant Angels. I don't own any Vampires or Green dragons and never do any action that could possibly kill or freeze a dragon. I gift occasionally, though not as often as I'd probably like to.


I absolutely love the Departures thread- it is one of the best places for newer people to get lots of dragons! If I may, could I suggest it be on the "List of Commonly Used Threads & References" section above? It really is the best. wub.gif


Another thread to check out is TGT, or The Giving Tree, which is much more rule bound (no trading, hurting, etc of gifted eggs) but is still another great place to get dragons.

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So... hello there smile.gif My name is Eve. I am not the greatest writer, I am rather shy and not too social, but this thread is lovely and I'd like to be a part of it.


I've started playing DC not so long ago, so I may be not as 'established' as you all are, but I find great joy in gifting eggs, especially to people just beggining their collection wink.gif Just as I was greeted by some amazing people here two years ago. I love catching and searching the AP in quest to find something that would make other person smile. When I trade, I always feel rather awkward that I DEMAND something, that other players may feel I ask for too much, or that they may be sad they don't have what I want. With gifting this issue doesn't exist.


I don't have much. But I also don't need much. Seeing a dragon I gifted being bred makes me feel better about myself. Egoistic, I know wink.gif but even better than that is getting a PM from someone saying 'thanks, that's a really nice lineage'. It makes dragon collecting much more personal.


Sure, there are things I don't like, like taking the egg without a word, but most of the time people here are really cool. I feel like we should help eachother as much as we can. It's not a competition. It's a game. A form of relax.


My favourite thread was Take An Egg, Leave An Egg, but the rules have changed, it's much more strict right now, so I am mostly using Departures Thread or trying to fulfill little wishes of random players gathered around the Forums. It is a game within a game wink.gif


All you people are lovely and kind and reading about your actions inspires me even more. Keep up the good work.

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To Pinkgotchic: Even though that may not seem like a "Gift" and yes it is technically a "Trade" there are many kind hearted people who will take something is WAY less than the value of what they are trading because the person on the other end just cannot afford it, but really "needs" it (or doesn't have any or so few it doesn't count), but you want them to feel like they also gave you something in return. This is actually not an uncommon feeling amongst gifters or what we may call.... "generous traders to those in need or deserving."


There is a value in letting someone give you _something_ for a trade, even if it the easiest to snatch and hatch CB Common from the AP or random hatchling you want to freeze and don't care about the lineage. It gets players into the trading and also teaches them not to just write off trading due to frustrations. I see people who post many nice lines (not just you but others too) who will post 4-6 Gen Prize Lines or very nice even gen Lines for nothing other than a single Hatchling. They want to hoard the hatchlings and/or get some freezies, but they want something small in return for it to make sure it isn't just some someone who might be considered just a "greedy". Like many people will charge $0.99 for an ebook even though they would give it away for free because it's the idea that if they pay something for it, they value it more than if they just got it for free.


And there are also many people who will NOT accept just a free gift. Even if its from their BFF and it's something they really wanted and needed. They insist upon giving something back, even a simple easy to attain item because they don't feel right about getting something for nothing. It is just a personal manners and appreciation thing.


So certainly, gifting stuff with very low trade values, while not strictly giving, is done for the same reasons (kindness, altruism, more concern about getting something nice to someone who wants it rather than getting the most money they can for it to someone who would care less). When I trade or gift something, I am often far more interested in finding "the perfect home for it" rather than making a really good killing. (Not that I don't appreciate a good trade, but you know what I mean.) And if it isn't a dragon that is worth a good solid trade that I happen to really need that trade value at that moment, a good story where someone has the perfect mate or someone who would just love the gift because of whatever reason (and a real story vs a made up silly one) will easily sway me to getting that.


I kinda feel like its a form of Destiny or something. Sometimes I just believe certain dragons were meant to be with certain people. And you can just tell those moments when you gave the perfect dragon/line/code/whatever combo to the right person and the wold was a better place because of it. It may be virtual, but when it's right, you know it and its the best feeling.


And on the flip side (and one of the main reasons I started this thread) is there are people who are amazing gifters and breeders who give away stunning lines all day long, but they are so shy and can barely bring themselves to the thought to "ask" someone for a dragon (even when they have big signs all over their sig and profile that say "I will breed anything you want for free please ask me!!!!!" and I try to explain that requesting a gift makes people feel so happy and honored.... and even though that person is so flattered and that means more to them than any trade.... they still hate having to ask for a gift because they are afraid of being rude and they feel they most offer a trade on everything and don't want to impose.... I am hoping with this thread that while I can't overcome it always, it will help people be a little bit more brave to ask. Because so many people are sitting there dying to gift beautiful lines and just wishing someone would ask... and then the other half who are afraid to ask because they don't want to impose, and they are often on both sides of the equation. But between being shy and being polite, that is just how they think. And this is many people in the game so hopefully together we can make the "asking" a bit easier and let people know we don't think it is abuse. In fact, we are flattered and so glad to meet new people who love the same things we do! And many of these people go on to become good buddies that keep in touch and update each other every time they get new nice lines so they can let the person have this wonderful new line if they want it.


Really, if we can all get to that point, what a wonderful place this would be. And there are so many threads (and yes I'm going to get them all added in the next few days) that gift and take donations, or sometimes take donations, that a lot of these gifters can help these places get really nice eggs and help award their players and people for their participation.


All of our Kindness Together is Greater than the Kindness of Any One Person.... Even the famous Mother Dragon Theresa who opened all those Orphanages and found homes for the missing and unloved AP dragons and Cave Blockers....

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@Pinkgothic: Offering high end eggs for low end offers is still gifting IMO. Obviously it can't be put in gifting threads, but I've often contacted people via PM and asked for something they could get (for some hatchies usually) for things like a 2G prize.

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Seeing as I'm the one who asked


Personally, I don't try any unfriendly actions on gifts I directly receive, like departure board eggs. Even if I think it'll be a cool vampire lineage, I'm still wary about the possibility of repulse/death. I don't like taking up that egg slot.


If I put an egg up for grabs as part of a lineage that I'm super proud of or the parents are finicky, I'll likely say something like "please be nice", but of course once the egg is someone else's, they can do whatever they want with it. When I toss eggs to the AP, no matter how nice I think they are, then anyone can definitely do whatever with them. Nothing's a free-for-all like the AP. I used to get upset when nice lineaged things die, but putting items in the AP is condemning them to death, in a way.


Now, the only thing I get grumbly about when it comes to gifts is if the recipient uses them as trade fodder elsewhere, which hasn't happened.



About trading rather than gifting: I like leaving and grabbing stuff in gifting threads, but when PMing a user personally with a request, I always try to find something to give in return. It's extra hard when the user's wish list contains things I can't provide or they don't have a wish list, meaning I start combing through their trade posts and find breeds they like, embarrassedly ask if I can have the thing for free, or maybe not ask at all.



Pinkgothic scratching furniture is a funny mental image

user posted image

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Seems to me, yea me, aka yoso, that if you take or accept an egg this means you also are responsible for that egg, hatchling, and adult. If you like raising Vamps, then just be aware that you're Biting a gift. If it isn't meant to be, then breed it and bite the next gen egg.


I don't take eggs that have a stipulation of what I can do with them because the game rules say that can't happen. Once you get an egg, it's yours. If you want to bounce it off the ceiling, give it a try. If you want to stipulate what happens to your egg, make your post very specific but don't come up after gifting and try to tell someone the egg can't be Bit or Traded.


You all know me. I gift, trade, and circle the Departures thread really often, and I also seem to run a home for unwanted shiny things. I'm a magpie (sort of, anyway) for new, shiny, and neat. Seriously, if you need an opinion, I've got one and if you need an egg, I'll try to breed anytime for anyone, no payment required. Another also, also, if you are having a special occasion or event and you need some pretty decent prizes, I'll freely breed for that as well, just give me time to get it all done.


I am horrible about checking threads, so if you need me, you'll have a much better chance if you PM.

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Pinkgothic scratching furniture is a funny mental image


...I died. laugh.gif That is so adorable! Thanks for drawing it. biggrin.gif

My avatar is actually of Darwin, a mascot I created for my team at my previous workplace. I could totally see baby Darwin scratching at the furniture.


I'm surprised how much people seem amicable to my approach, I was expecting more resistance. Happy to see my habits are more widespread amongst the community than I previously assumed. smile.gif That makes me feel a bit more at home. user posted image


I find the biggest hurdle to trading gifting moving dragons around on my side is that I usually don't have a lot of time during the week.


Does anyone else find that's a recurring issue? Do you have any tips how to make gifting/trading quicker? I mean, the thread I mentioned (the League of Impatient Cave Cleaners) was an attempt at making things quicker for me, and of course it's really easy just to post transfer links in public threads, but are there other speedgifting tips?

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Darwin is an adorable baby wyvern. <3 I can't help representing people by their avatars, haha.


I've been able to leave more eggs by having more slots, but that's difficult. Hm, have you tried writing something like, "I'm online RIGHT NOW. I check often!" or "I really don't want this, I won't bite, don't be shy"? That's worked sometimes. laugh.gif

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I think this is a great idea for a thread!


I'm Rokk. At the moment I'm more giftee than gifter, as I've only recently become aware of lineages and as a result have a lot of messy rares on my scroll. I started playing in September '08. Yesterday I bred a few spiral lines and let the results go to the AP. Hopefully they'll do ok. I think spiral lineages are my favourite, and I have plans to develop and gift more of them.


The Departures thread has given me plenty to work with, and everything there is always so shiny to look at. I'm currently in the process of organising my dragons so I know which ones are viable breeders; having the best part of 2200 of them is making it a slow task, since I'm not a fan of the site default by breed sorting.


When it comes to gifting, I prefer my gifts not to be bitten or killed, although I accept that the owner of the egg has overall say in what happens. Personally I won't freeze a gifted hatchie, but am usually ok with others freezing the hatchies I give them.


But yeah. I have a breeding Thalassa pair, if anyone is interested.

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Hi my name is Starry. I love to gift. When I catch rares, especially silvers and golds at the AP, I start looking at scrolls to see who have none and then I send a teleport link with my gift. I remember being new, all those years ago, with DSL that was so slow, I couldn't catch a thing. I was gifted my first silvers and golds. They had terrible lineages but that didn't matter to me. I was so happy to have a silver and a gold...and then a dino and a chicken. Folks were so kind to me as a new player that I enjoy surprising other new players.


Recently I had 2 "Z" codes and surprise gifted them to an unsuspecting stranger who collects "Z" codes.


I was a surprise giftee for having DC Wiki in my signature as that apparently helped that gifter. The surprise egg as their thank you. I smiled the rest of the day at such thoughtful generosity.


When I gift, the gifts are offered string free. It doesn't matter if the egg was one I bred, caught at a biome or the AP. I give it with a smile in my heart and the giftee can do what they wish with it.


added later as an afterthought:

I want to add something to those asking for gifts: Please do not lock your scroll if you have asked someone for a gift, especially like breeding a specific pair of holiday dragons. The polite thing to do is keep the scroll open for that special requested egg(s), most especially if your are told the time of that breeding.

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*Waves* Hello, I'm Pippy happy.gif Some of you may already know me, I post a lot of gifts on the departures board and collect Purple Dinos. I also like all sorts of different dragons and different lineages, especially the really pretty lineaged ones. Some players come up with fantastic ideas for breeding partners, I wish I was that creative! laugh.gif


I originally got in to gifting after receiving some gifts from various gifting threads and generous players. It was my way of 'giving back' to the community, so to speak. These days, I still frequently pick up pretties and feel it is only fair to give something back and more. I've built up quite a collection of rares and pretties with a lot of help from others, so it's nice to be able to breed them and gift their desirable offspring wub.gif


My favourite thread for gifting is the Departures Board. I used to be a big part of Take An Egg, Leave An Egg & The Giving Tree but currently I just tend to post on the board smile.gif There are lots of other interesting gifting threads about if you're willing to have a look!


Some advice I'd suggest for beginning to gift would be to be patient, it takes time to find pretties to breed and get appropriate mates for them, especially if you are new to the game and haven't gotten many dragons yet. There are also a lot of kind people here on the forum that may be able to help you with lineages, just remember to be polite and respectful if you ask for their help. Also keep in mind that no one is obliged to help you, and that they shouldn't be spoken to or about in a negative manner if they don't smile.gif


I think that's all for now, I'm really glad this thread has been made ^.^

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1. I'm mo (or mo7, but I prefer mo) and I gift because I've pretty much reached my scroll goals and I like making others happy and helping lineages unfold. I got started gifting probably around when I had gotten everything I wanted from trading offspring from my CB holly. I ended up sometimes gifting commons from my holly to people I knew could use them in lines, and I started gifting BSAs, and offspring from things I was paid for holly trades (like prizes and stuff). I'm particularly proud of my gifts when I see that they're used in nice pretty lineages :3


2.When it comes to tools to gift with I really like raffling things off in the dragonlotto irc. I just find it fun. I also like dropping BSAs on newbies heads because I feel like you honestly need a good lot of reds and pinks and magis if you want to succeed in this game.


3. If you don't think you have anything worthwhile to gift, snatch up a few magis/pinks/reds from the cave, hatch them, and then give them to new players. That's what I do when all my stuff is on cool down.


5. I do kind of wish there were more dragonlottos and that more people knew about them/did them. They use to be more popular and they're pretty fun.



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Oh, this is a lovely idea for a thread! I don't know that I have anything all that useful to say, but happy to introduce myself, at least.


I'm hamsterwoman, and I've been playing since 2008, but only ended up on the forums when I came back after several years' absence to active play, in 2014. I was missing tons of stuff -- blusangs, GWs, trios, coppers, all sorts of holidays, all prizes, not to mention that all my lineages were super-messy, because I'd never paid any attention to that. Community Departures and the old Take an Egg, Leave and Egg threads helped me catch up on all sorts of things, and once I'd built up some nice lineages, it felt only natural to give back. I also benefitted from raffles and generous people who trade for things like CB coppers for just a couple of hatchlings, and have tried to contribute to those myself.


My favorite things to breed for gifts are my PB blusangs and gold wyverns (especially as I got my first PBs as generous gifts), prizes, and neat lineages like this -- pretty but difficult to categorize even-gens, I guess. And it's always a pleasure to gift neat AP lineages I can't continue myself. I like posting the pretty/neat even-gen gifts in the Even Gen thread first, before throwing it out FFA in Departures, and if that's taking too long, gifting through EATW's Dragonmarket or TJ's Take/Leave tool. I do breed BSA and alt lotto eggs into the AP (just need to remember to do that more often), since that seems to be the most efficient way to get them to people smile.gif


I'm really not very good at catching rares, so one bit of advice to people in the same boat is to stock up on lots and lots of reds, for those times when the AP is incuhatchable -- people are always very happy and quick to claim hatchlings, regardless of lineage, so that's one easy way to gift once you have enough incubates.


Another bit of advice that I'm often too lazy to follow myself tongue.gif -- if you provide a lineage link when gifting a pretty-lineaged dragon, or at least mention what the dragon you're gifting is, that gets more people's eyes on it and gives others interested in the lineage the opportunity to PM you for future gifts after the dragon you were gifting has been claimed. And that way you know the future offspring are going into the hands of someone who will really appreciate them smile.gif

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