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So I like to doodle.

And because I travel a lot, most of the times I draw on memo notes with pencils provided in hotel rooms. I don't really color things because I don't have enough time for that, same for digital drawing.

I'm not good at drawing tho, because I am not an art student nor a professional. Feel free to give me advices.

And I sometimes take requests, sometimes don't, because unfortunately I'm very busy. But if you want me to draw something, feel free to ask.

I also post stuff on my tumblr account:woodlandcapitan

Enjoy. smile.gif


Gravity Falls' fanart: Reverse!Pines


Loki, from Agent of Asgard


Starfire in which I drew a long time ago


even older fanart of Avatar:The last air bender


I ship Obikin like crazy and did tons of drawings of them, but I will not post those because I can't even look at them _(:з」∠)_

Will continue to update more drawings as soon as I finish the midterm, especially DC dragons because I LOVE them

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