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Heavenly ☆ Branches [OOC]

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April 12, 2116

Our mission is to protect the earth.

Our weapons are Love, Hope, and each other.

through Heaven's Wrath we purge the root of evil.


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Heavenly Branches



Welcome to the reboot you never asked for. This is the abridged version; if you want to (optionally) read more about the HB universe, here's HB 1.0: https://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?showtopic=168653


Anyone accepted there can simply reuse their characters. A chatzy is here: http://www.chatzy.com/36716430655563


Password is magewhy





Heaven's Gate Academy (HGA) is a prestigious high school on a temperate island in the middle of nowhere. Its walls of white stone are a sharp contrast to the dark forests surrounding it. While it might not seem too impressive from the outside, its students perform the vital task of protecting the world from an otherworldly threat. HGA is not just a high school. It is an experience.


The only way for normal people to even be considered by the academy is to write an admissions exam and wait for an invitation. While oddly selective with the limited amount of people they admit -- less than a hundred each year -- HGA accept students from 13 to 18 years of age from a wide variety of backgrounds and abilities.


Demonic Threat

Word of the Academy first spread online, a few years after the first sightings of what is commonly described as "demons". Those creatures are grotesque mutations of earthly animals and may come in different forms, but one thing they all have in common is their thirst for human blood. While none of them have even gotten close to any major human settlements, independent researchers on the topic have right to be concerned. Nevertheless, the current HGA students deployed seem to be highly effective fighting against them.


Branch Technology

A truly wondrous technology had been developed to counter the demons by allowing humans to wield magic. They dubbed these devices Branches. Branches come in the form of smooth stones the size of a bottlecap and they start off grey but may be a range of colors depending on the element of its wielder: blues and purples for water, reds and oranges for earth, greens and whites for air, and browns and yellows for earth. A branch is highly personal and is attuned to the person who first activates it and no one else.


A branch declines sharply in effectiveness once its wielder reaches 20 years of age.


Elements and Houses

Upon receiving their Branch, students are instantly assigned a random element between Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water. While there is no certainty on which element would be chosen, there have been cases where elements correlate with students' personalities and still other cases where the selection might bend to a student's wishes. In addition to determining what kind of magic they are able to use, a student's element also determines the 'house' they are in. There is a palpable rivalry between the students of the four elemental houses to see who can rack up the most points by the end of the year through competitions.


When paired, the base elements transform as follows:


Fire x Water = Shadow

Fire x Wind = Lightning

Fire x Earth = Steel

Water x Wind = Ice

Water x Earth = Wood

Wind x Earth = Light


Magic and Linking

As long as their Branch is within a certain distance, a student gains the ability to use minor magic based on their element. Some examples include: conjuring small flames, filling a cup of water, levitating stones, or floating slightly off the ground.


However, through Linking with a partner, both members' powers are greatly amplified and they gain a heightened awareness of the other partner and better durability and reflexes. A link is initiated through touch, however brief. Both members gain new clothes and/or armor in a magical-girl fashion and will gain an additional element to wield (provided the two are different elements). They may also summon a personal weapon.


There are no set partners, but the better two Linked partners know each other, the more stable the link. The relationship doesn't always have to be romantic to gain power; it works equally well through friendship or even sibling bonds.


If one partner is knocked out during a link, the other immediately reverts back to their normal form, so be careful! Status afflictions wielded by demons, such as poison or paralysis, transfer through the link as well. Links may be broken at will and both partners de-transform immediately when the link is terminated.



HGA's uniform consists of a black blazer paired with dress pants or a plaid skirt, plus a tie or ribbon in the color of the student's element. Furthermore, a student's Branch must be worn visibly at all times. While it makes certain teachers unhappy, there is theoretically no limit on how creative a student may get with their appearance.




I promise I'll go easy this time. It'll be great.


[b]Username: [/b]
[b]Name: [/b]
[b]Age: [/b]
[b]Gender: [/b]
[b]Romantic Orientation: [/b]
[b]Appearance: [/b]
[b]Personality: [/b]
[b]History: [/b]
[b]Element:  [/b]
[b]Branch Color: [/b]
[b]Weapon: [/b]
[b]Armor: [/b]
[b]Other: [/b]

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Notable changes from HB 1.0:


- We are now on an island, meaning the school is now surrounded by water on four sides instead of two.

- Syncing renamed to Linking.

- Minor magic is now usable without linking/syncing.

- Light/Shadow mechanic revised: both partners get Light if Earth/Air, or both partners get Shadow if Fire/Water.

- Students from all years are at the school -- this time you're not limited to newbie characters! Just talk to me first so we can arrange something.




Characters: (click name for sheet)




M/F/NB: 16/11/3


Total: 30


First Years:


user posted image

Thel Aditsan

17 - Water - Narvix


user posted image

Flint Albion

15 - Earth - Tehultimatemage


user posted image

Latoya Bennings

15 - Air - Narvix


user posted image

Freyja Breckenridge

16 - Air- Thaelasan


user posted image

Lavender Calabria

14 - Fire - Mikasa361


user posted image

Elliot A-L Charlebois

16 - Water - xvi


user posted image

Peridot Chevalier-Doxiadis

16 - Air - Mikasa361


user posted image

Aria D'Orazio

16 - Fire - Tehultimatemage


user posted image

Evonna Durand

16 - Water - Mikasa361


user posted image

William Edwards

16 - Water - Thaelasan


Hyun-ji Eum

16 - Water - hjy213


user posted image

Tae-hyun Eum

16 - Air - hjy213


user posted image

Dae-sung Hyong

16 - Fire - xvi


user posted image

Matthew MacCarthy

14 - Earth - Coryn02


user posted image

Aiden McCoy

15 - Fire - zakku_uchiha


user posted image

Opal Marit

15 - Water - Doctortear


user posted image

Jessica Nadolski

16 - Earth - Esko_the_Wolf


user posted image

Erika Newman

14 - Earth - zakku_uchiha


Stanford "Flyn" Niall

18 - Fire - padfoot


user posted image

Priam Nightingale

17 - Earth - Doctortear


user posted image

Antonio Vallejo

16 - Earth - Narvix



Second Years:


user posted image

Sienna Brunilda

16 - Air - zakku_uchiha


Qiyan "Chi" Duan

17 - Air - Chrysophylox


user posted image

Caspian M. El-Amin

18 - Air - xvi


user posted image

Alistair D. Greenwood

18 - Air - Doctortear


user posted image

Samuel Grey

17 - Fire - Esko_The_Wolf


user posted image

Inari Laukkanen

16 - Fire - Coryn02


user posted image

Harcourt Li-Summerfield

17 - Water - Chrysophylox


user posted image

Harold J-W Malson

16 - Water - TehUltimateMage


user posted image

Rose Valentine

17 - Fire - Narvix




Iori Kobayashi - 16 - Water - littlelizzie

Dimitri Winters - 15 - Fire - MrSpyro

Karna Korolyov - 17 - Fire - KuroKishi

Trent Kim - 16 - Water - XiaoChibi




Violet Ayesfield - 17 - Water - zakku_uchiha




Portrait imgur album: http://imgur.com/a/r7NbG/layout/horizontal





Google Sheets:


Clubs: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1qTL...dit?usp=sharing


Relationships: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/13Ou...dit?usp=sharing

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Is that all the reserves? I'm considering joining this, since I was going to join the last one and I think it never actually took off. From that, I'll also assume the Chatzy password is not common knowledge since I can't get in, and requires a private approval.

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A notice to repost your sheets here so I can hyperlink them to the character list. I've got half an opening post ready; we'll be able to start this weekend (don't worry we're not starting on the boat)

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Username: Narvix

Name: Thel Psych Aditsan

Age: 17 years

Gender: Male

Romantic Orientation: Aromantic (Cupio)

Appearance: Thel has short black hair that doesn't reach past his ears. It falls in uninteresting, straight strands. The top of his hair sweeps back and sticks on end from frequently running his fingers through. His eyes are a dark brown and set on a faintly narrow face beneath thin eyebrows. His features are on the sharper side with a square jawline and noticeable cheekbones. Thel’s nose is crooked, the result of a small accident that broke it. Despite the sharp features, there is a gentle look to him. Around his neck is a leather choker that carries his Branch, resting the gem against the dip in his collarbone.


With a tanned, olive skin tone, Thel has a dominantly lithe build with long legs designed more for running. Years of work have developed the muscles in his limbs and torso as well as increased his stamina. He stands at 5'7" and typically wears loose t-shirts, denim coats, and tattered jeans with boots. Other times, he’ll likely wear a tank top and shorts with sneakers on warmer days. Before entering Heaven’s Gate Academy, he often would be seen with work gloves, dirt on his clothing and in his hair, and a faded baseball cap on his head.


Because of the amount of farm labor he has done with his dad, Thel’s hands are roughened. The skin on his fingertips has cracked and hardened, causing them to be less sensitive than they should. Calluses layer his palms and the undersides of his fingers. Scars of various sizes and darkness decorate his body, caused from a range of scrapes, cuts, and a significant gouge or two from mishaps on the farm. Fortunately, there have only been a few knicks on his face, one slicing through the end of his right eyebrow while two others bend under his chin.

Personality: The first thing that a lot of people tend to notice about Thel is how flirty he can get. He enjoys being around people and flirting with anyone he sees but, there is no romantic connection for him. More often, it’s just a playful interaction for him or there is a legitimate, sexual interest he wants to pursue. If this makes someone uncomfortable, he won’t back away immediately but, at some point, he’ll leave them alone.


He doesn’t tolerate blatant stupidity or arrogant individuals. However, he doesn’t shout angrily in response. Generally, Thel will become sassy and show a bit of elegance in his unamused response. Though, that won’t stop him from using a stronger word or two before making his exit. He’ll add flair to his actions if he knows it’ll irritate the person. In some cases, he’ll make sure he has the last word. Maybe it’s petty to do so but, if someone won’t use their head or come off their high horse, why shouldn’t he be allowed to respond as he pleased?


On the other end of his personality, Thel has a bad habit of being pessimistic and easily tricked. As the gullible sort, he’ll swallow up any believable, tall tale someone shares about their past experiences or things they’ve learned. As such, rumors that reach his ears are taken for truth in his mind until the subject of said rumors says something conflicting. Though he denies it, Thel is slightly a gossip and he can’t help but to further spread whatever he’s been made to believe.


His pessimistic way of thinking is not always noticeable right off the bat. More often, it comes out like cautious thinking or open-minded evaluation. Thel won’t jump to dark conclusions about failing something, but he won’t hold up a bright hope about achieving everything. Mostly, he keeps his hopes low in an attempt to avoid as much disappointment as he can. If he can avoid it, he won’t invest himself in too much, mentally or emotionally keeping people or his goals at arm’s length, if not farther. He doesn’t expect much to come out of his life and so he isn’t very concerned with doing anything big or world changing. However, it doesn’t stop the wandering thought and desire to be someone important one day.

History: Born to an English father and a multiracial mother, Thel identifies more with his Native American heritage than with the rest of his mixed lineage. Raised primarily on a farm, he started working at a fairly young age, sooner than a great majority of kids. The distance between home and the city delayed his entering a public education system, his mother choosing to homeschool him until he was 13. Though he hid it from his parents, he wasn’t as thrilled about going to a school in the city as his parents believed. Thel more favored the freedom and activity of farmlife. For each scar on his body, he could recount how he got it with vivid detail. However, not many students appreciated his scars as much as he did and he was often sneered at by a consistent bully. He did his best to not let the opinions of school peers sway him though.


While at school, Thel paid as little attention as he could, only doing the bare minimum to pass each class so his parents wouldn’t lecture him about bad grades. Except, he discovered his love of linguistics and fervently participated in his Chinese language class. When he found the time, he pursued the other most common languages as well. Though he didn’t pursue them long to become flawlessly fluent, he learned enough to make basic conversations in most of them. However, he became strongest in three: English, Mandarin Chinese, and Spanish.


Beyond farmlife and linguistics, he started to explore his sexuality only recently at about 15. Frowned upon by a lot of adults, Thel kept his activity secret, using it as a means to learn more about himself and the types of people he was attracted to. It was easily discovered that he held no sexual attraction towards girls; he much more preferred the male physique. However, he couldn’t find a romantic or emotional attachment, providing him with one-night stands that ended in dead-ends or unreciprocated affections. Initially, it disturbed him and the constant thought of something being wrong with his head shadowed his days. Eventually, he found a way to push the idea out of his head and chalk it up to being an accepted reality.


When word of Heaven’s Gate Academy opening enrollment reached his ears, he dived into the opportunity and strove to pass their prestigious standards. Applying himself much better in his classes to achieve higher scores, he saw the school as a chance to connect with someone emotionally, hoping that the teachers could “fix the problem in his brain” that he thought existed. After all, the school was said to pair up lovers.

Element: Water

Branch Color: A blended gem of blues and purples, as if paint strokes had brought the two colors together horizontally across the middle. [#151B54 - #0000A0 and #571B7E - #461B7E]

Weapon: Heart Seeker; a recurved bow made of maple wood and a matching quiver of arrows with tempered steel heads. The quiver is made of worn leather and a strip of violet cloth wraps around the center of the bow. The fletching on each arrow is made from goose feathers.

Armor: Covered in a darkblue, skintight bodysuit, Thel's sleeves are only a 3/4 length. On his chest is a lighter blue leather vest that serves as added armor. Black belts loop around his waist and right thigh, a dark purple quiver slung behind his right hip. A cloak hangs from his shoulders, some of its fabric reaching up to conceal the lower half of his face. Reaching to the middle of his calves, the cloak fades from a dark blue to a sky blue coloring by the time it reaches the bottom. His hands and feet are covered by black gloves and boots.

Other: Thel’s ambidextrous but writes as right-handed. Able to speak in three of the most common languages (though not all fluently), he has recently been learning to speak and write in both Navajo and Cheyenne.


Username: Narvix

Name: Latoya Bennings

Age: 15 years

Gender: Female

Romantic Orientation: Panromantic

Appearance: With dark chocolate colored skin, Latoya has an average build. She stands at about 5'5" with black hair and dark maple eyes. Her hair is shoulder length and often sports one or two thin braids among the free-draping strands. There is a bit of a wave to her hair but nothing that gets too out of hand. Her shoulders are narrow and her face is slightly triangular with a pointed chin. Full lips, high cheekbones, and a slender neck add to her physical attractiveness. With mostly subtle features, she has soft skin and more of a column shape.


Possessing few developed muscles, Latoya has meat on her bones but small breasts and (in her opinion) no butt. Her nails are neatly maintained and often sport vibrant colors with floral designs. She has long, nimble fingers on delicate hands. Three silver rings adorn the fingers of each hand; two for each ring finger and the third on her thumbs. They aren’t very decorative beyond a few engraved lines of various swirls. However, she loves them enough to never been seen without them.


Latoya likes wearing long pants and v-neck shirts or tank tops. Her favorite footwear is a pair of ankle-high sneakers and she will, once in awhile, sport a favorite coat. On occasion, especially if she wants to give a good first impression, she’ll wear a colorful skirt and nice blouse. Her clothes are never without designs, phrases, or brandnames. Typically of the flowery or inspirational sort, her shirts and pants can often sport various amounts of sequins/rhinestones.

Personality: Latoya is very much a dreamer. She enjoys setting goals for herself and imagining almost impossible futures of glamour. She prefers to think of a bright and successful life for herself. Sometimes, she gets caught daydreaming instead of paying attention to something important. She’s passionate about her dreams, especially those of being a famous chef with her own restaurant one day. She hates it when someone makes fun of her dreams or tries to undermine her confidence in achieving them.


Latoya is a sensitive girl who is able to often detect any changes in someone else’s demeanour. She isn’t always able to tell but she tries her best to notice when her friends are upset or something is troubling their mind. Having a short temper, she can be easily hurt or amused and never fails to express herself with a loud voice. Some might call her dramatic or overly energetic.


With all of the dreaming she does, some have called her naive and, in truth, she often is. Latoya prefers to ignore many troubles of the world and live in the sparkling image that she fashioned in her thoughts. Her experiences are more positive ones than they are negative, adding to the gilded view that she has. Similarly, it doesn’t help when her mother has shielded her from many things as she grew up.


Largely, she’s self-conscious, always trying to boost her physical appearance with padded bras and pretty make-up. Throughout an entire day, she won’t stop fidgeting. She’ll pick at her clothes, redo her hair, touch up her make-up, and adjust her grudgingly, tiny breasts. It’s a seemingly neverending struggle for her as she only wants to be accepted. The way to be accepted, from what she’s been fed through media or social interactions, is to have a body which she does not naturally possess. And that upsets her to no end.


She doesn’t handle stress very well. When faced with something unpleasantly challenging or that upsets her, she will cook instead of trying to find a way to resolve the problem. This has also made her into a nervous eater when she’s stressed if she can’t find anyone else to eat what she’s cooked up. If she can’t make use of a kitchen and ingredients, she winds up staying awake through the night, finding all sorts of recipes to make.

History: Latoya was born to a woman in her late twenties, before her parents were married. Her father was a few years younger than her mother and very, very short with a personality that always left a lasting impression. However, he died shortly before their wedding date and her mother hasn’t held a long relationship since. Growing up, her mother focused as much attention as she could on Latoya but, living the life of a Pediatrician, it wasn’t as much as either would have liked. So, for many years, Latoya was mostly raised by her grandmother.


With the home dynamic she had, she grew closest to her grandmother and savored every moment with her mother. Once she became of schooling age, she saw less of her mother when her school-days ran through her mother’s off-days. But, Latoya never faulted her mother for how absent she was. She understood the need to work a job as successful as a Doctor’s. Still, it never prevented the envy she would sometimes feel towards children spending time with their parents.


As Latoya got older, the savored bond between her and her mother eventually dwindled as work soon became an obsession for the woman. When her grandmother passed after she turned eight, Latoya withdrew even further from her mother and spent much of her free time in her room. For awhile, books were her distraction until she learned to cook. First done out of necessity, cooking soon became much more enjoyable and a means for her to explore her talents. In a way, after hitting puberty, cooking also helped to make her feel better whenever she was depressed about her lacking appearance.


Latoya kept to herself through grade school and middle school, constantly looking up new recipes to try and personalize when she wasn’t busy with homework. When she turned 12, her mother signed a contract to work with the local hospital. No longer an independent Pediatrician, her mother started coming home more often and started working to repair her relationship with her daughter. Thrilled, Latoya heavily involved her mother in her passion for cooking.


When she discovered Heaven’s Gate Academy, her mother wasn’t entirely pleased with the prospect of Latoya attending but the girl was adamant about getting in. She wanted to see what else she could do beyond cooking and, filled with the idea of a glistening world, wanted to help make a brighter future possible. So when it came time for the exams, Latoya studied hard.

Element: Air

Branch Color: Two spiraling lines of pearly white and emerald green twisting inwards towards the center of the gem. [#5FFB17 and #EAE0C8]

Weapon: Cyclone Whispers; twin fans with steel prongs that protrude from the cloth like knives. The fans have a simple, painted design with colors to depict the flow of a breeze. Their wooden edges are painted green with floral designs in white.

Armor: The biggest thing you’ll notice is the sheer amount of frills in her outfit. Dressed in something like a leotard and frilly skirt, Latoya’s armor certainly has a flowery design. Mostly a forest green in color, the top half of her outfit has thin straps on the shoulders and a low, v-neck collar. Along the collar and straps are cream-colored puffs that almost look like flowers made from cloth. On her sides are silver plates of flexible metal. On her shoulders and upper arms are similar pieces of metal, placed to maximize movement while increasing defense.


The lower half is a more expressive story. Layered with several frills, the colors alternate between cream and forest green. Metal plates are concealed throughout the skirt. Covering her legs is a pair of black, knee-high socks and upon her feet are forest green, steel-toed heels. Streaks of cream coloring highlight her socks.

Other: She’s right-handed. Latoya has great cooking skills but a nervous habit of wondering whether people like her food or not.


Username: Narvix

Name: Antonio Vallejo

Age: 16 years

Gender: Male

Romantic Orientation: Gray-romantic

Appearance: Antonio has dark brown hair that falls in soft locks just above his ears and a bit long in the back. It remains in spikes that sweep back and out from hairgel. His eyes are a similar brown, set on a round face and beneath a deep brow and thick eyebrows. His nose is slightly wide, perpetually appearing as if his nostrils are flared. As a result of his Hispanic heritage, Antonio’s skin is somewhere between an olive and brown tone, darkened a couple shades from sunlight.


His build is sturdy with a broad chest, strong shoulders, and sturdy limbs. In height, he stands about 5'8". With faintly knobby fingers, Antonio has large hands and possesses a surprisingly light touch. He’s a bit on the heavy end but not enough to be considered noticeably overweight. Natural strength does not evade him though as most of it is muscle weight and he believes the rest to be in his belly (which does give him a small “potbelly”).


For clothing, he prefers to wear tank tops, shorts, and sneakers. He enjoys comfort but overheats too easily, making thin or minimal clothing rather desirable. However, he conforms to public modesty or dress requirements just fine despite the discomfort he might experience from being too hot, resulting in pristine uniforms or body-appropriate outfits. You won’t catch him wearing sloppy or ill-fitted clothes outside of his house. Lastly, his Branch can be found as a brooch pinned to his coat collar.

Personality: A lot of people notice Antonio’s seriousness first and his driven ambitiousness next. For all appearances, he doesn’t seem to understand humor very well but, in truth, he does. He just generally doesn’t find any of it exceedingly funny. A lot of his own humor can be awkward or dark, typically resulting in no laughs for either case. It’s really the reason why he doesn’t try often to make jokes.


He’s dedicated to his educational pursuits and strives to understand everything, to learn every last bit of knowledge he can obtain. He wants to be a teacher for future generations, especially for his baby brother. As such, he is very academically oriented and spends little time doing much else beyond attending classes, completing homework, and researching various subjects. Antonio much prefers reading a textbook or research journal when compared to going out and passing the time with some activity or another. Many might label him a stick-in-the-mud for his lack of humor and educational focus for this. He either brushes off such opinions or doesn’t hear them altogether.


He is a thoughtful person and all you have to do is get his attention. He’ll set down whatever he’s doing in order to listen to what you want to say. If you’re unsure, he’ll encourage you to speak with gentle prodding and smiles. However, you’re likely to get a response, even if you don’t want his opinion. Antonio isn’t blunt but, he doesn’t have much of a filter. While he doesn’t cuss to a ceaseless amount (he doesn’t really even cuss to begin with), he doesn’t always know when it’s best to leave something unsaid. Through this, he can end up hurting someone’s feelings without meaning to. Thankfully, his responses come slowly, giving people time to leave before he might say anything.


That’s not to say he has some sort of mental impediment. He just isn’t good with quick remarks and requires time to think of his words because English is a second language to him. Antonio prefers to take his time while speaking because it irritates him when he stutters or can’t find the right translation of the word he wants to say. Words are often taken literally so any exaggerations or overly dramatic phrases will stump him as he tries to work out the logic beneath. He’s not overly outgoing either so some social interactions will leave him baffled.

History: Born in Sinaloa, Mexico, Antonio and his parents moved to the States when he was 11 years old. Citizenship was not what they had for the first few years as it wasn’t easy to obtain. While his parents worked tirelessly to obtain citizenship, Antonio did everything they asked of him and avoided getting into any trouble as best as possible. When he was fourteen, his parents had saved enough to pay for the paperwork and processing needed to obtain citizenship. As Antonio learned English much more during school than his parents did through working, he taught them what he knew at home, helping them obtain a broken usage of the language.


Shortly afterwards, his brother was born. Obtaining citizenship had seen Antonio growing lazy in his education and work ethic. However, the birth of his brother saw that dedication returned as he found a new purpose for it. Driven with the idea of teaching his brother everything that he learned, Antonio returned to his former habits of working diligently in and out of school.


His parents also continued to work tirelessly in order to keep afloat in their home, leaving Antonio to care for his baby brother a lot of the time. He didn’t complain though and made it a point to strength his relationship, to hopefully become a proper role model and the support that his brother needed. As he discovered Heaven’s Gate Academy, he felt that it would be a wise idea to enroll and find out what he could learn there. Perhaps he’d be able to learn important information to teach his brother in order to get ahead in life later.

Element: Earth

Branch Color: A mingling of yellows and browns, similar to a tiger’s eye gem. [#FDD017 - #EAC117 and #AF7817 - #806517]

Weapon: Dual Beretta 9mm handguns with silencers. The magazine clips and silencers are a standardized black in color but the rest of the handguns vary in color based on Antonio’s partner’s element; red, blue, silver, or brown. The bullets themselves are magically created (requiring no additional magazines) and are either of Earth or a combined element.

Armor: Antonio’s armor highly resembles the gear worn by police officers. Dominantly dark brown in color with highlights of golden yellow, his armor takes shape in a basic uniform of a long-sleeved shirt, pants, and heavy-duty boots. Over his shirt is a tan Kevlar vest that allows protection from a minor range of projectiles. Around his waist is a black belt with two holsters for his guns. Additional padding wraps around his thighs and forearms. Black gloves cover his hands and a plastic visor protects his eyes. The visor is connected to a plain helmet that rests on his head.

Other: Right-handed.

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Oh boy, I forgot how big this sheet was. Save for a minor few changes, everything about this sheet is pretty much the same as before.


Username: Doctortear

Name: Alistair Dumont Greenwood

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Romantic Orientation: Panromantic

Appearance: Standing at around 5’6” (171cm), Alistair isn’t the tallest guy around and he has no problem with that. His Native American heritage is prominently shown through his smooth dark brown skin. He possess various scars of every length, all of which he just loves to tell stories about, stretched across his body. The most impressive of Alistair’s scars is the product of a mountain climbing accident: thin prolonged line that starts from the left side of his neck, right underneath his chin, that goes across his throat in a ragged fashion. Alistair has a pear build with his athletic lifestyle evident through his profound calf muscles and rounded shoulders. His head holds sharp facial features and his face is speckled by hundreds of freckles. He has a beauty mark above the right side of his pointed-edged lips, right underneath his eye. Alistair has light, but striking, close-set cognac eyes that glimmer with mischief. Alistair’s lean eyebrows are a light shade of black, showing off the true color of his dyed hair. His hair is rough and somewhat spiked with the bulk of his hair being shoved down the left side of his head, reaching down to the nape of his neck, as the right side is shaved down, leaving nothing but fuzzy pricks. The hair itself is dyed an ombre blue with the roots being colored a deep navy that slowly turns into an electric blue on the tips. Alistair wears two silver stud earrings in his right ear with one sitting right above the other. A silver chain necklace with a pendant at the end of it hangs around Alistair’s neck and dips down into his shirt. He has two black open gloves that he absolutely refuses to take off. Alistair wears his academy uniform very loosely with a popped open collar, untucked shirt, loose tie, and undone shirt buttons.

Personality: With creativity practically oozing out of his fingertips, Alistair is a peculiarly innovative person to be around. He is an ingenious visionary who paints the world around him; he enjoys painting wild scenery and likes to surround himself with various pieces of art. He's pretty laid-back, not letting his problems or other people's worries get under his skin. He holds little regard for what others think about him and expects others to do the same in regards to him. He is highly sarcastic, throwing around jokes even in the most serious of circumstances; however, Alistair's sarcasm can act as a crutch at times, leaving the impression that he uses humor to handle situations he is not comfortable with. Despite being absolutely horrid with long-term commitment, Alistair is rather flirtatious and will not hesitate to flirt with just about anyone he sees in order to provoke a reaction. Alistair is quite magnanimous and acts amiable to just about everyone he meets although such a demeanor is hard to keep up when Alistair is in the presence of someone he doesn't particularly fancy. He is a charismatic fellow who enjoys to be in the company of others, especially if they are anything like himself.


Alistair is a compulsive liar which wouldn't be so bad if he wasn't so darn loquacious. He is constantly talking and telling bizarre stories which can either be wildly true or completely phony. Precious few can tell if he's lying or not since he lies just as casually as he tells the truth. Drama is something that Alistair absolutely adores. He loves to throw a dramatic flare onto a situation or exaggerate an aspect of whatever story he's telling. He is an idealist, holding fantasies of a better world close to his heart and favoring emotional solutions than logical ones. He heavily respects people who are allocentric and wish to put forth felicific ideals. Although Alistair refuses to acknowledge it, he holds grudges for a long time, much longer than he's willing admit. Forgiveness does not come to Alistair easily as he doesn’t see why he should forgive someone who is clearly capable of performing the same heinous act again. Unless the problem is trivial or just a simple mistake, Alistair has a very hard time forgiving those who have wronged him or those he cares about. As one might suspect, Alistair's loyalty is hard to obtain, especially since he's terrified of getting into a long-term commitment. Though by no means a genius, Alistair is quite intellectual which may surprise those who judge him based on his appearance alone. Alistair himself does not judge based on personality or appearance alone. Instead, Alistair perceives people purely on their actions and forms his opinion upon them depending on that.

History: Born in a small unimportant town in South Dakota, one might think Alistair lived a particularly quiet life. Such assumptions are only partially correct. The Greenwood family was rather large with five different households spread out around the country. Alistair lived with his ever hardworking mother, a nervous step-father trying to work multiple jobs, two energetic younger twin siblings, one being a sister and the other a brother, a brood of Silkie chickens, and three large, slobbering, forever-loving dogs. Despite his outgoing personality, Alistair experienced discrimination in various forms. The fact that his mother struggled, and still does, with handling the idea of her daughter, Alyssa, actually being a boy who prefered the name Alistair didn’t exactly help. It took years for Alistair and the rest of the family to coax her into accepting who Alistair was; however, that hasn't stopped the occasional cissexism on her part along with some really insensitive comments which has, in turn, strained their relationship.


In school, Alistair was one of the more popular kids. His charismatic nature and tendency to throw out jokes at just the right moments made him one of the, if not the very most, well-known children in his grade. Over the years, he collected a small horde of friends, most of which he was not close with but hung out with nevertheless. Throughout middle and high school especially, Alistair dated a bunch of people from every background imaginable. None of these relationships developed into anything serious, mostly because of Alistair's reluctance to commit, but they were frequent enough to insure that Alistair was dating more days than he was single. During the summer, and on rare occasions on weekends as well, Alistair spent his time climbing on the various mountains within his region. He'd often use the sights he saw when on top of a mountain as inspiration for his paintings. Alistair painted just about anything that popped into his mind, but mountains and landscapes were his specialty. He'd often sell his paintings at his mother's gift shop in order to help raise money for the family.


Alistair had heard of Heaven’s Gate Academy and its fight against strange beasts that crawled out of mysterious portals around the planet, but he didn’t particularly care that much about it. He didn’t even stop to consider joining it until his local school began to heavily encourage students to try testing to join the esteemed academy. At first, Alistair brushed off the idea of voluntarily taking tests, but once he noticed that some of his friends were going to try it out, coupled with the thought that having magical powers would be pretty spectacular, he decided to try it as well. At first, Alistair didn’t take the testing terribly serious, after all, he was only taking it because his friends were; however, as he began to learn more about the testing and Heaven’s Gate Academy, he began to actively study and prepare for the test. His earnest adherence shocked his peers and family alike, bringing forth comments as to when he was going to just give up and move on with life. Alistair however did not just give up and continued to work hard when testing even when all of his friends dropped out. He saw the testing as a challenge that needed to be conquered and if he was going to take the test than he might as well go full out. When Alistair actually passed the test, everyone, included himself, was astonished. He took pride in his success but was ill prepared to leave his family to join the academy. After a long-winded conversation, Alistair finally convinced his family, mostly his mother, that yes, he was going to a attend Heaven’s Gate and no, there was nothing they could do to stop him. After the whirlwind that was his first year at the academy, Alistair is more than ready for his second year with more friends, better missions, and bigger catastrophes waiting ahead.

Element: Air

Branch Color: Mint Cream

Weapon: Alistair utilizes twin daggers to defend himself. The handles of the daggers are rather ordinary while the blades themselves are curved sidewards. These daggers are created with pressurized air that is tinted a light green.

Armor: When linked, Alistair gains a rouge-like attire. He gains a pine green, open jacket with a leather-like texture. Various buttons are gathered on the white lining on the slips of the jacket. The jacket's collar is popped open, effectually hiding Alistair’s neck from view. Alistair wears a light gray, linen undershirt underneath his absurd jacket. Like any good rouge, Alistair wears several impractical belts, all of which are a lovely shade of hickory, that are less useful than they are aesthetic. One belt is stretched across his chest, another holds his puffy, brown, cloth pants in place, and the last belt is strapped diagonally over the second belt. He retains his open gloves but they grow in length, reaching to a little below his elbow, and change to a muted brown in color. The necklace that Alistair always wears is still present although it’s hard to see thanks to the jacket’s popped collar. Alistair adorns long, eloquent, brown boots with intricate patterns carved into them that reach up to his knees.

Other: Alistair got his necklace from his little sister when he was six. There is a pendant at the end of the necklace but he takes care to make sure no one sees it (he does this mostly to spin wild stories about what is inside of the pendant rather than because he’s trying to hide something.) He has a talent for painting and is surprisingly good for his age. He’s also a decent singer and can do some pretty cool, if not stupidly dangerous, knife tricks.

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I'm currently divided between joining this RP and not joining it. The last time I tried, I didn't finish my character, and there was the more recent Angel RP where I never could get around to making my first post. However, I've been pretty consistent with another RP, so I'll probably lurk until I can work something out.

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Whatever floats your boat, Spyro. I'll be waiting for a sheet.





Speaking of sheets here's a brief rewrite of Flint with many changes since his 777 incarnation:



Username: TehUltimateMage

Name: Flint Albion

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Romantic Orientation: Biromantic

Appearance: Flint is stocky and well built like a football player, but at 5'8 he isn't particularly tall. His skin is a dark brown and bears a few scars he wears proudly. When there's people around, his wide mouth is usually in the shape of a big grin, as if he's laughing at some unheard joke. He has a strong brow with thick eyebrows and a flat nose. His hair is cut down really short to tight curls along his scalp, save for a single cloudlike lock at the top of his head that he has bleached and straightened.

Flint's posture isn't very good, but he's open with his gestures. He does not have a very good sense of personal space. His uniform is usually disheveled and his tie is loose although people tend to wonder if he doesn't care or if he deliberately does it to appear cool.


Personality: Flint's reputation usually precedes him. A bit of a class clown, Flint likes to crack jokes and is relatively easygoing. While he only talks occasionally, he seemingly has no shame and loves the attention he gains through his gestural theatrics and half-baked stories. He still likes to seek excitement, but thinking that not many people share his interests he usually wanders off himself without telling anyone. When alone or in small groups, he drops his idiot facade and is surprisingly alert and insightful.


History: Flint had been a thrill-seeker in his younger days but has mellowed out a little in the past year. He loved to go out alone to explore and to trespass and acted like he was invincible down the streets of Chicago, much to the chagrin of his single mother. Through those years he honed his physical abilities and was highly involved in the athletics in school, he never really thought to make any friends. He didn't trust himself with other people.

He chose to take the Heaven's Gate exam for a shot at turning a new leaf and meet more people like himself. It might have been more for personal glory and getting people to talk about him rather than doing true good for humanity, but what did that matter? It was a chance to punch demons in the face.


Element: Earth

Branch Color: Maroon

Weapon: Igneous Breaker - A pair of massive stone gloves patterned with lava-like veins that glow the color of his partner's element. They are incredibly heavy, but Flint acts like they weigh nothing to him. They cover his hands up to his elbows.

Armor: Flint goes completely shirtless with only the magical properties of the tribal-style tattoos on his shoulders and chest to offer him protection. He gains the baggy pants of a martial artist -- specifically those of a lion dancer with each leg decorated with layers of glittering red fabric and trimmed with white fur. A gold sash is tied around his waist. He has a pair of black wushu sneakers to protect the soles of his feet.

Other: He gets seasick easily and isn't particularly keep about boats.





Username: TehUltimageMage

Name: Aria D'Orazio

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Romantic Orientation: Homoromantic

Appearance: Olive skin, a round nose and thick lips, perfectly shaped eyebrows and long eyelashes, Aria goes a little farther than most people to make sure her appearance is fierce and flawless even while she is sweating on the playing field. Her chestnut curls are usually pulled back into a high and full ponytail. She stands on the taller side at 5'7, with a soccer player's build and the wide hips of a pear-shaped body. Her uniform is worn to the letter with the exception of the many bracelets under her sleeves, with the frontmost one on her right wrist being the one in which her branch is set.

Personality: Hot-headed and impulsive, Aria is a traiblazer and someone who likes to get things done. She is strong-willed and acts before thinking; she also hates to admit she is wrong even when the facts are against her. She talks a lot just to occupy herself and other people for she hates being idle. She is a good leader when gathering people, but she tends to micromanage. Aria is quite a known personality in school parties, too -- most people either love her for her vibrant personality or hate her for her petty attitude when things don't go her way.

History: Aria lived under the shadow of her two older brothers for a long time, and as a result was never afraid to get her hands dirty helping them or trying to overthrow them (whether it be in street fighter or in her fight for parental affection). It didn't matter that nobody else saw her potential -- she was going to be the boss of whatever game they played, one way or another, leading her to become a notorious school bully. Very much a competitive player, Aria joined the soccer team of her junior high and may have demolished some other kids in a fashion that had gotten her suspended temporarily from the school. The decision to take a chance at Heaven's Gate's exam was an impulsive one born from a thirst for power.

Element: Fire

Branch Color: Hazard Sign Orange

Weapon: Aria's weapon is a huge singled edged sword three quarters of her height and at least a foot wide. Grooves and holes are cut into the blade to reduce the amount of steel in it, and the handle is wrapped in red leather. The blade itself is rather plain but the handle end ends with a loop through which is tied a cute oversized keychain of a ram. She needs to wield the sword with two hands but it isn't that hard for her to carry it with one arm.

Armor: Her armor is of a more post-apocalyptic flavor with a cropped denim jacket with one arm missing and the other sleeve rolled up, over a grey tank top long enough to reach past her hips. A red muffler scarf is around her neck and several fancy belts are around her waist. Her leggings are a navy blue, resembling jeans, and her feet are protected by combat boots. On the arm with the missing sleeve is a steel bracer, and on her other wrist is a bracelet set with bright orange stones. [Here's a drawing.]


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Username: Thaelasan

Name: William Edwards

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Romantic Orientation: Heteroromantic

Appearance: Black hair trimmed into a ponytail, with a face beginning to chisel due to age beginning to hit him. His jawline has yet to set. His eyes are blue. His arms and legs look quite strong due to his love for swimming. Pale, due to his nordic ancestry, though he has a slight tan from years of the outdoors. He is 6'2"

Personality: Will loves the water more than most things in the world. From a very young age, he and his father fished, swam, and worked together to build boats due to his father's job as a fisherman. He loves saving and getting money. And he's infatuated with pirate tales and speaking with their methodology. Whether it's because of some form of Middle School Syndrome (chuunibyou) or because he honestly loves it, he's been doing it for years.

History: William, even as a young child, loved the open waters around his home. Warm or cold, water was always there for him. He loved to swim, loved to fish, loved to be around it. His father prided himself on that, and his mother got him books about pirate lore and the water. Thus began William's love for old adventures and legends. As a child of Scotland, William has a natural Glaswegian accent that he carried even after his family moved to America when he was six years old.

Around the time he was 13, after moving farther north in Scotland for many reasons, William attempted to swim in a deep part of the water to prove himself - and he hadn't been prepared. The ice had clutched at him and the cold had almost killed him. A hand reached into the water and grasped his own.

He had been saved by a girl known as Freyja, who seemed to carry with her a "kind wind." Over the next few years, the two became inseparable, wandering the beautiful landscapes together.

Soon, however, they learned of Heaven's Gate. Realizing this was his chance at the adventure he always wanted, he enrolled.

Element: Water.

Branch Color: Aqua-Blue, almost icy.

Weapon: An anchor, the anchor of his father's first fishing ship. Heavy and wrought of iron, he is one of the few people who can use it, even at his age. He has trained to use it as a mace and as a bludgeon and has become adept with its strikes.

Armor: Beware he, the watery abyss. He dons a pirate costume with a twist - a beard of coral sprouts from his face and sea life decorates his clothing. Armor of coral covers the arms and chest, as well as the legs. Water eternally pours from him.

Other: He has a HEAVY Glaswegian accent, sometimes causing him to be misunderstood. He also wants to be called Captain Will. Whether people call him this or not is up to them.


"O western wind, o western wind

how swiftly doth ye blow,

from mountains high to round the bend,

to forests far and valleys low."

"O northern wind, o northern wind,

how chilly are ye now,

frozen over, cold as sin,

an icy kiss that's pon the brow."

"O southern wind, O southern wind,

hot and humid too,

comin' close to bein' boilin,

almost like a witch's brew."

"O eastern wind, o eastern wind,

the final o the four,

not much about ye do I kin,

but I love ye all the more."

"O four winds who bless me sails,

And keep me from the depths,

from me throat I tell your tales,

and with me are your secrets kept.


Username: Thaelasan

Name: Freyja Breckenridge

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Romantic Orientation: Heteroromantic

Appearance: Freyja, (or Frey), like Will, loves to run and be free. As such, her arms and legs are a bit more muscular than most women of her age. Her hair is red-brown and her eyes are green. More tan than Will, due to her years of running around outdoors rather than swimming. She is 6'1"

Personality: Freyja is a hearty girl with a love for adventure that is shared by her greatest friend and beloved William. She enjoys the feeling of the air in her hair and against her skin and loves to run as much as Will loves to swim.

History: Freyja was born in northern Scotland and was raised by a small family. But from a very young age, Freyja loved to feel the wind. She'd climb upon the mountains near her house just to see the land beyond and feel the air upon her. It was said she always seemed to have the wind at her back.

When she had just turned 13, a boy from southern Scotland caught her attention when he had tried to swim in the waters where she was playing. The icy water almost brought him to death but she reached into the water and worked hard to pull him out before he lost consciousness.

The two become fast friends and she loved to hear his legends about pirates and old tales. Such freedom sounded absolutely glorious. They both made a promise that when they got older, they'd go and see the world together.

When they turned sixteen, Will seemed adamant about going off to fight the demons. Not one to be afraid of a new adventure, Freyja sent in a test as well.

Element: Wind.

Branch Color: Green, like the fields of her home.

Weapon: A chain, which she wears around her wrist. It is thick and made of iron, and takes great swings to use effectively.

Armor: Like the valkyrie of norse mythology. Great wings expand from her back, and armor covers her body made almost of gold. Her chains become enchanted with the power of wind.

Other: Like Will, has a heavy Glaswegian accent.

Edited by Thaelasan

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Username: littlelizzie

Name: Iori Kobayashi

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Romantic Orientation: Homoromantic

Appearance: Iori is very short for his age, standing at a whopping 4'7. He weighs close to 100lbs and is surprisingly fit: however, if he were to suck in his stomach, his ribcage would become fairly visible. He has a slightly visible backbone, small wrists and knobby knees and elbows. He is pale because he cannot tan, and as a result has quite a few freckles from being out in the sun so much. He has several faded small scars along his hands, elbows, knees and arms that stayed with him as he grew up. He has one particular scar that goes down almost the entire length of his right arm, but hardly anyone knows that he has it because he always wears long sleeve shirts to hide it. He often sports a bandaid or two somewhere on his body as he gets scratched up very easily.

Iori has a rather appealing face that some may call cute. He has round eyes with a slight upwards slant, that he sometimes doesn’t like, and a cute button nose. He has his tongue pierced and his left earlobe is pierced. There aren’t that many freckles on his face, but the occasional one does pop up here and there on his cheeks and nose. He dyed his hair bright pink before he came to the academy, and it hasn’t faded quite yet, so it’s still very bright pink. He cuts his own hair, and as a result of this has many unbalanced layers. His bangs are choppy and are often messy, and they often flip out on either side of his face which annoys him to no end. His eyes are a medium brown and reflect his emotions.

He does not like the school uniform and has found a way to sneak around wearing the blazer: he simply wears a dark gray, almost black, over-sized sweater. He also doesn’t know how to tie ties or bowties, so he’s substituted the required neckwear for a dark purple scarf. He does wear the regular slacks, but he rolls them up into capri’s. His shoes are black high top converse, but they are very beat up and have ducktape covering holes and cuts in the fabric. He keeps his branch on a pin, and he attaches his pin to his left shoe (making sure to tape it so that it doesn’t fall off). Sometimes he attaches his branch to his clothes, but he much rather prefers to have it on his shoes.

Personality: Seemingly always smiling, Iori has a happy-go-lucky personality. He doesn’t try to let many things phase him, and he doesn’t understand why some people are so mean to other people. He would much rather be friends with everyone than have people hate him, and he’ll do pretty much anything to get people to like him. He can be very polite, but he does not let anyone push him around and will defend anything that he believes in. Because of where he grew up and who he was friends with, his politeness is actually him being rather sarcastic. Not many people are able to tell, though, and he just comes off as a polite boy. He has a good sense of humor and tries to make jokes, but sometimes his voice isn’t very loud and he sometimes falters so he’s not always heard. Around new people, he is a lot more reserved and watches interactions to figure out when a good time to interject is.

Whenever he’s friends with someone, he’s a lot louder and people often tell him to shut up. He likes to talk and gossip, and he’s not the best at keeping secrets. He isn’t one to brag about anything, though, and he’s not conceited and he doesn’t put himself above others (unless he’s joking). He is usually the loudest and boldest one out of his group of friends, but he can also get embarrassed and shy. He knows when it’s appropriate to be quiet, but he sometimes gets over excited and forgets to use his inside voice. He usually thinks faster than he can speak and often stumbles over his words, and he loves to use his hands as a form of communication. He uses signals with his friends and enjoys teaching them new signals (that he often makes up and then forgets). He makes sure that all of his friends have a special handshake and he tries to include them all in everything he does. He also likes to send them random messages and he has gotten in trouble for writing notes in class.

He has rebellious streak to him and sometimes does some things people tell him not to do. He doesn’t understand why people are so concerned about the safety of his body, mostly because he knows it’ll heal by itself eventually, and because of his lack of understanding he often does very stupid and dangerous things. His pain tolerance is incredibly high and he never cries over any injuries he receives. He also does not realize he's bleeding unless it soaks his clothes or if somebody points it out. He just doesn't care about any injuries, but if he knows it's important to be looked at then he'll go to an adult and tell them about it. To say the least, he has definitely broken some bones before because of stupid stuff he’s done. Ironically, he does not like anyone he knows getting hurt or sick and will give them bandaids and pamper them until they feel better. He will take up anyone who dares him, and unless someone pulls him away or convinces him it isn’t actually worth it, he’ll go through with it. Some people might consider him stupid in that sense, but he is actually a smart boy.

Put simply, Iori is very extroverted and loves talking to people. He doesn’t think about his body and is very reckless, and he won’t back down from a challenge. Because he is new to school, he’s trying to keep his personality toned down, but sooner or later it’s going to come forth. He can’t wait to make friends, but he does miss his friends back in England.

History: Iori was born in Japan and lived there for two years, but his parents decided to live in England instead and moved there. He has lived in England from the age of two, and he had lived a pretty happy life. He never had to worry about money problems and some might call him spoiled, but he never asked for more than what he needed and it was his parents who bought him all the gifts. There was nothing drastic that happened during his childhood and there weren’t any life altering events. His parents, who both had plenty of money stored away for them by their own families, often took Iori back to Japan so he could reconnect with his roots and meet his relatives.

When he was entering his teen years, he started to want to be more free and began rebelling and hung out with his friends more often. He often got injured during his escapades with his friends, and he had gotten in trouble by the police once or twice. His parents, who were very worried about their only child, tried to restrain him and keep him at home, but he always found a way to sneak out. He got in trouble very often when he was between the ages of thirteen and fifteen, but he has tried to mellow out and be more understanding towards his parents feelings. They now get along very well, but Iori still doesn't take care of his body and they are both very concerned for his safety. He has not told his parents about his sexuality because he knows their feelings on the issue and doesn't want to ruin the relationship he has with them.

When he first had heard of the demons, he thought that they were actually quite scary, but one of his friends dared him to apply to the academy. He didn’t want to, but he didn’t back down and took the test. He had always done good in school and he knew he was smart enough to pass them, and he had done good in gym and participated in sports so he wasn't concerned about either section of the test. He honestly wasn’t expecting to get in because he didn't really try that hard on the test and he honestly does not want to fight the demons because he's rather afraid of them. But, his friends dared him to do it, so he’s going to find a way to pull through and stay alive.

Element: Water

Branch Color: This shade of purple.

Weapon: Kusarigama (still a WIP-ish thing)

Armor: Iori’s armor isn’t very protective, honestly. He wears several layers of shirts, the first one being a tight long sleeved shirt which only actually has one long sleeve (he’s cut the left sleeve off but kept the right one). The second layer is a simple tanktop and that is covered by a leather half breastplate. He wears a short sleeve hoodie over the other shirts. He wears a belt to keep his pants up, and his pants are tucked into knee-high boots. His boots are laced, and on the sides of them is a simple polka-dot design (maybe??).

Other: He’s naturally left handed, but he has become ambidextrous due to having broken his dominant wrist quite a few times. He uses his left hand to write and shake peoples hands. He knows three languages: Japanese, English and ASL. Also, his parents own a private helicopter just because they can and he's been up in it a few times. He eats a lot because he wants to be taller.




Username: littlelizzie

Name: Ashley Rew

Age: 17

Gender: Demiboy.

Romantic Orientation: Demiromantic

Appearance: blond hair and brown eyes

Personality: aloof and kind of a dick


Element: fire

Branch Color: red

Weapon: baseball bat with spikes



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Username: MrSpyro

Name: Dimitri Winters

Age: 15

Gender: o->

Romantic Orientation: uh biromantic i guess

Appearance: Dimitri stands at 5'9" with a slight build. He doesn't really go outside much, so his skin is rather pale, which makes for an interesting combonation with his dark chocolate-colored hair and amber eyes. His hair is mostly kept short, and tends to spike up, and he has a rat tail about a foot and a half long that he holds in place with a green hair tie and flips in front of his left shoulder.

Dimitri's only preference as far as street clothing goes is that he dresses light (even in cold weather) as well as his plain glasses, and he wears his uniform with the blazer wrapped around his waist, and the sleeves rolled up because he is that opposed to heat. His Branch is worn on a gold hairclip because hairclips are for men.

Personality: Dimitri is a major brainiac, which is how he got into the school in the first place. (His physical portion was slightly below par, and his intelligence test balanced it out) He is a walking entity of sass, and acts really snarky and sarcastic, and his mouth does get him in trouble on occasion.

However, this is actually a fragile façade, and any blow to his slightly larger than normal ego will cause it to come crashing down to reveal a rather immature and very annoying little kid. He also never has ever let anyone know this ever at all, but he is a huge superhero nerd.

History: Dimitri was raised in a relatively normal middle (now upper middle) class household, with his parents and a dog. He had one of the highest grades in his school, and almost skipped a grade in middle school. He claims that he applied to HGA because his intelligence would be put to waste, but it's actually because he wants to be a superhero in real life, even if it's only until he becomes an adult.

Element:   Fire

Branch Color: Hot pink

Weapon: Dimitri's weapon is an arm cannon in his theme colors.

Armor: Dimitri wears a dark purple vest with gold trim and two coattails with a hot pink diamond-shaped bead at the end of each, as well as white wing-like decorations on the sleeves and a golden bow on his chest with a hot pink heart-shaped stone in the middle. He wears a pair of gloves the same color as his vest and two sets of gold bracelets: a pair on top of his gloves at his wrists, and a pair halfway between his shoulders and elbows. All four have heart-shaped gemstones like the one on his chest on them. He wears purple shorts with gold trim that go just below his knees with a pair gold and pink striped stockings that are just long enough for the tops to be hidden by his shorts. His shoes are purple and yellow boots with red ribbons serving as the laces, and each one has a white wing-like decoration on the outer side. Most notable part of his outfit is a purple witch/wizard hat with a diamond-shaped stone like the ones at the ends of his coattails. A gold ribbon is wrapped around the base with another pink stone on the left side. His hair tie is replaced with another ribbon of the same color.


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For a sheet so brief, this took way more effort than it should have.


Username: Coryn02

Name: Matthew MacCarthy

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Romantic Orientation: Panromantic

Appearance: Matthew has always been a fairly skinny boy, accentuated by his liking for running. He's around 170 centimeters tall. He has Caucasian skin, freckles on his cheeks, thick blond hair that always seems to be a mess and brown eyes. When allowed to wear what he wishes, he generally wears normal T-shirts without any particular embelishment and work pants, as both he finds relatively comfortable to wear. He doesn't wear socks when in his own quarters and has absolutely no sense of formal dress. Matthew's branch is worn as a pendant.

Personality: Matthew is usually very laidback and calm, not really prone to getting upset about happenings in life. While he can be hardworking with sufficient motivation, generally he only puts as much effort into something as he feels like, which can come back to bite him when he doesn't try as hard as he should. When he does apply himself, Matthew is the one who is most willing to roll up his sleeves and do the difficult parts of the work. Since he doesn't usually feel too upset about the events unfolding around him, Matthew often tries to help other people get around their differences. Ever since he was a child, Matthew has always loved exploring and discovering new things, which sometimes involves getting in trouble for finding something he wasn't supposed to.

History: Matthew grew up in the countryside on a farm, with three brothers and four sisters. Whenever he wasn't helping his parents, he would often play games with them as they all got along quite well; in particular, he liked to race against them. Once he was old enough to be apart of high school, he did quite well in spite of his relaxed attitude initially getting him labeled as lazy. He also acquired a more specific interest in track and field while he attended. When word came out of the demons and the Heaven's Gate Academy, Matthew's family was interested in the new information about them, but nobody seriously considered joining except for Matthew himself, who was adamant about signing up. None of them were more surprised than he was when he was accepted; Matthew decided that since he'd signed up for such a rare opportunity, however capricious his interest in it once was, he could not afford to pass it up now that he was accepted. While sad to see him leave, his family was completely supportive of him.

Element: Earth

Branch Color: An orange cinnamon color, mixed in a swirled marbling of various shades.

Weapon: Knight's Honor - A large steel greatsword 260 centimeter-long blade with a 45 centimeter-long two-handed hilt. Its girth is 50 centimeters. The pommel is decorated with precious stones similar to the color of his Branch.

Armor: Matthew's clothing becomes white plate armor with silver arm guards and greaves. His chestplate is decorated with a silver dragon emblem, which is indented into an upraised silver plate section of his armor. He doesn't wear a helmet.

Other: When he speaks, Matthew has a very pronounced Irish accent. He doesn't care enough to sound any other way, and he probably wouldn't even if he was asked.

Edited by Coryn02

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I'm going to post this here for now so people can preview and I'll edit as sections get completed. I didn't mean to add another boy to this sausage fest, but it kind of turned out that way.


Username: ArchiosLukos

Name: Issi (Lapis) Vass

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Romantic Orientation: Unknown, seemingly no preference


-eyes: brown

-hair: brown, short black sides

-skin: fair, heavily freckled, light tan

-height: 5'10"

-weight: 136 lbs

-build: lanky

-overview: Issi is a fairly normal looking boy, maybe a bit too normal for his own good. He's has about an average height and weight, but his build makes him look willowy and somewhat under-fed in appearance. His posture is loose which also gives him a noticeable swagger when he walks, and he always seems to have a relaxed grin gracing his features. It looks good on him, like it should always be there. A sleepy laid-back air flocks around him in a cloud wherever he goes.


He is moderately handsome with sleepy looking puppydog eyes the color of fudge. Issi's face is stout and heart shaped with full lips and girlish eyelashes. The only features that suggest a more masculine appearance are his narrow nose and thick eyebrows. His nutmeg colored hair is long and shaggy on the top, but the sides slowly trail into a trimmed black crew-cut. It looks like it may have been dyed, or that his hair is naturally darker at the roots. His cool beige skin has rosy pink undertones and is covered in swathes of powdery freckles. A slight but even tan clings to him.


Issi wears a standard uniform, if a bit more uninspired than those of most other student's. This consists of a slightly rumpled looking dress shirt tucked into a pair of black slacks, a black blazer, worn grey gym shoes, and an unadorned sage green tie. A silvery green branch has been glued onto a tie pin and secures his tie. His blazer also has the school's crest sewn onto the left breast, in case there was any confusion as to what school he was attending.

Personality: Issi is about as laid back as you get without venturing into 'completely lethargic' territory. Nothing seems to phase him at all, even things which should be personally devastating. He strums his guitar in the face of the impending void and says to it "Would you like to join me? There's plenty of room". Despite being cool with seemingly everything no matter what it is, he doesn't go out of his way to do anything that would get him or any other students in trouble. For the most part he keeps to himself until others come along, at which point he's more than content to socialize and make friends. He's good at resolving conflict, though this is likely due to the fact that he won't be the one to escalate, and per human nature people are less likely to strike out at someone until they've shown hostility first. He's no great pacifist. Issi will still eradicate demons alongside the rest of the student body, but he never expends more effort than is necessary. He's often the person that students call to come play for their parties


Element: Wind

Branch Color: Tea Green




-His name may be a dorky rock, but please just call him Issi

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Some old faces in the cast, some new faces in the cast. Most of you have been linked up to the second post.


With the completion of my two sheets and a decent number of characters, the IC topic will be posted tomorrow. Signups will remain open.

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Found that my password for the X-Dreamers chat doesn't work, come on the site to see if I can find a new one, and find this.

Funny how things sometimes work, eh? Anyways, ol' grumpy Jess will make a comeback, not sure about the twins. I need a good backstory for them first, and definitely a not-so-flat personality for either of them. Esko needs a new name.

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[ shows up five minutes late with starbucks ] i here


eek these aren't done yet i'm gonna draw them in a bit !!!

i present: one punch man and fairytale prince


Username: Lady_Lunevis

Name: Dae-sung Hyong { 홍 대성 }

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Sexual/Romantic Orientation: Demiromantic homosexual

Appearance: Standing at 182 cm (6'0") with traditionally Asian looks, Dae-sung has dark eyes and his black hair shaped into a bowl haircut, with a sideswept fringe and a round face. Tall and friendly, he can be described as a gentle giant--he is easily approachable and carries himself with an easygoing air. Not one to adorn themselves with jewerly, Dae-sung is as bare as he can be. He's not even sure he has ever owned a suit, much less worn one--completely different from his father, who is even seen without. Fond of beanies and with a charismatic smile, Dae-sung has a well-toned body through his hapkido training and large structure, which can seem at times overbearing if he's in an enclosed area. His arms are especially well off, as he focuses intensely in training and his favourite thing to do in a match is throw someone over his shoulder.

However, the way he dresses outside of battle is completely opposite; with his uniform, Dae-sung looks ready to apply for a job interview. Clean-pressed and crisp, his tie is always professionally done and his clothes are without wrinkles. His Branch is embedded into his silver watch that he wears on his right wrist, being left-handed.

Personality: At first glance, Dae-sung seems happy and carefree. Always with a smile etched permanently onto his face and a joke on his tongue, the witty youngster loves to cheer others up and be a shoulder to learn on. Due to this, he's well known throughout with a reputation for just being nice. Seemingly fearless, Dae-sung is a bit of a daredevil and won't back down from any dares directed at his person, making him popular and well-liked for his almost insane acts.

However, deep down lies an insecure child. Dae-sung has forced himself to grow up very quickly, and is harsher on himself than anyone else. Secretly, he blames himself for his sister's demise and will punish himself as so, wanting to repent for what cannot be undone. Due to this and his upbringing, Dae-sung developed a fear of trusting others--he will make friends and do normal things, yes, but never has anyone grown close enough with him to know about his family and background. Instead of one close friend, Dae-sung has twenty people he barely knows other than how they like to party and that they're bad at science. Once someone gets too close, Dae-sung freaks out and shuts them out completely without warning--which leads to a lonely life.

He is also a horrible teamworker--afraid of failing someone or letting them down, Dae-sung would rather act independently rather than in a group and as such has trouble following orders. He's afraid that if anyone trusts him, he will mess up and destroy that delicate bond, and so Dae-sung would rather work alone to avoid his biggest fears from becoming reality.

To himself, he is a horrible mental coach, always pushing himself to the limit and beyond even when it may be self-destructive or unhealthy. He wants to be the very best to avoid failing anyone--anything--ever again, and so will go to extremes to reach his impossibly high standards, of which he almost always falls flat upon.

Deep down, he holds the dream of being able to see his mother again, to sip tea with her like they did so long ago and discuss normal things. Holding his fantasy of such a day close to his heart, Dae-sung has a fondness for fairytales.

History: As a child, he witnessed a tragic, unfortunate event--his baby sister, who their parents had left in his care, crawled out onto the street and was hit by an incoming car while the then-young Dae-sung had been distracted. Since that day, Dae-sung has been in and out of therapy to try and recover from the shocking event. Though his parents have never blamed him for her death, a certain kind of coldness settled between them in the wake of his sister's death, and he never received the loving care that some parents showed their kids as it was ultimately too painful for his parents to move past.

Engulfed in their sorrow, Dae-sung's father moved back to Korea and threw himself into his work headfirst--he worked from day until night, making money for the family and keeping himself busy from grief. Now living with only his mother, the woman threw herself into a headfirst spiral of depression so extreme that Dae-sung was the one who was responsible for making meals and keeping house. Because of this, he is fiercely independent and still loves his mother very much so--on days when she can clear her head, she'll invite Dae-sung to sit with her as the two enjoy some tea and talk about interesting subjects, be it Korean fairytales or food recipes. In an attempt to cheer up his mother, Dae-sung did well in school and would eagerly bring home good grades and fun stories to try and cheer her up. They lived in somewhat peaceful harmony until Dae-sung began high school--the sight of her son growing up was not good on his mother's fragile mentality, and the woman would become even more withdrawn and prone to screaming fits from time to time. Helpless, the young Korean boy reached out to his withdrawn dad and begged for a way to help his mother--as a result, his father drew up a plan: his mother would be going back to Korea for constant care, and Dae-sung would stay behind and make himself a future in hopes of brightening up his family once again. After his mother left, Dae-sung was left on his own, and the boy felt completely alone.

He threw himself into martial arts--his father was surprised upon Dae-sung's initial request, but granted it to him nonetheless--he began training in the art of hapkido, finding it a healthy way to release pent-up anger and stress. Since then, he has now been training for about five years and is well-versed, and his favourite place to be is the dojo.

When he heard of the academy testing, Dae-sung applied with nothing to lose. Admittedly, the thought of fighting against demons makes him nervous, but--if he can do one good thing for the universe, then maybe it'll forgive his wrongdoings . . . ?

Element: Fire

Branch Color: Venetian Red #C80815

Weapon: 손오공 - Sun Wukong { Monkey King } - Sun Wukong takes the appearance of two Vajra, made of brass with elegant designs and shaped to fit the hand. In battle, Dae-sung uses hapkido fighting arts to overpower his enemies by force, and will rush into battle without much thought. Since he has been training since a young age, Dae-sung is efficient on the battlefield.

Armor: Dae-sung's armour reflects his fighting style--loose and free, easy to move around in. His set consists of loose fighting pants and a vest for protection, though Dae-sung is not above shedding this should it get in the way.

Other: He has a habit of cracking anything he can--be it neck, back, or knuckles. He'll do it anytime, anywhere, as soon as the urge gets to him. His muscles also get stiff very easily, so during his spare time he'll be either giving himself a massage or stretching in an attempt to unravel knots.

He prefers to be called Dae-sung--only very close friends can call him Dae.



Username: Lady_Lunevis

Name: Caspian Mufasa El-Amin

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Romantic Orientation: Panromantic Asexual

Appearance: Caspian, being of Swedish-Arabic descent, has pale skin and curly pastel pink hair to his shoulders, likely tied to the side in a loose ponytail. His eyes are blue, and his face is narrow with high cheekbones and a refined nose. His lips are thin, and his teeth are very white. His eyebrows are shapely, most noticeably done in a manner that makes him look as if he is disappointed in the world and all that is before him, and his eyelashes are long and dark. Caspian is 5'8", with a skinny frame that gives him the appearance of being taller than he really is. Caspian is legally blind, and switches between contacts and glasses as a result of his illness.

Being a dancer, Caspian is very graceful and walks as if he is flowing through the air.

Personality: Caspian is gentle and sweet, a role model for his younger peers. The boy does not let his previous experiences hold him back from anything; he intends to live out his life as he should, and will not let anything get in the way.

Through traveling frequently during his youth, Caspian adapted a wanderlust deep within himself--he loves the world, nature, and everything around it. He dreams of bright blue skies and clear weather, roaming the seas and skies without a doubt in his mind.

The loss of his mother weighs heavily upon his mind, and Caspian values friendship greatly. He is almost afraid to enter a relationship, for he doesn't want to put his partner into the trouble of having to deal with his medical issues, yet he loves to make friends and memories while he still can. He wouldn't classify as overly popular or well knowing, but he is always there to help when needed. Caspian is not very patient, and does not care much for school.

History: Born to a Swedish mother and Arabic father, Caspian traveled around a lot as a child with his mother, a diplomat. As a result, he was homeschooled up until the age of 15. Ever since he was a child, Caspian was raised to uphold traditional values and respect his elders, morals he holds close to his heart even to this day.

Upon the age of 15, Caspian's parents came to a decision that would change his life forever: his mother decided to head back to Sweden to further her career in the government field, while Caspian was to immigrate with his father to start a new life in America.

Entering public school was harsh on the then-15 year old--during his travels, much of his education in the field of sciences and mathematics had been greatly ignored, and he struggled a lot in the curriculum. However, he wasn't given much of a chance to recuperate and catch up on education, for the boy contracted pulmonary sarcoidosis, the same disease that plagued his mother.

He spent most of his teen years in the hospital, living with the fear of knowing that his illness was both terminal and would eventually weaken his body. His parents, surprised by this sudden onslaught, suddenly worried for their only son and sold many of their possessions to gather enough money for his treatment. His mother eventually abandoned her government job in Sweden to move closer to the family home, where they spent a tense few years living with anxiety, yet very closely together as a family.

However, Caspian did not want this to hold him back. The boy had accepted that he would not live as long as his peers--but why waste a life, if one was given an amount of time to represent their stay on earth? He threw himself into his studies, and worked hard.

Upon the age of 17, his mother passed away. The disease had affected her nervous system, leading to moodswings as well as symptoms much like arthritis. To cope with her loss, Caspian began to dance--as a child, he had always loved the sport, but he threw himself into the waltz and ballet with reasonable measures, both as a source of therapy and a way to keep his body healthy for as long as he could.

Element: Air

Branch Color: Ivory white.

Weapon: Dies Irae - Lacrimosa: A pair of traditional Chakram connected by chains, they are wielded through expertise and practise. Caspian wears golden chain gloves, etched with traditional Arabic script and engravings of roses, a delicate weapon that takes some practise to get used to. His fighting style seems a lot as if he is dancing, through spinning his Chakram and pulling them back with ease.

Armor: olivia from fire emblem Caspian's armour consists of silks, a loose material tied together in a stylish concoction that makes it easy for him to move around with ease. They cover the shape of a ballet suit underneath all of his accessories. Golden anklets adorn his ankles, jiggling the sweet melody of pearls, and his feet are lightly clothed in slippers. A sheet flows out from his lower back, reminiscent of a cape, and cascades down one side. Ivory entwines his arms, delicate designs that spiral over his skin to reach his gloves, his weapons. A headpiece holds his hair back, and when he twirls the silks attached to his clothing give the illusion as if he is dancing.

Other: Caspian speaks many languages and understands more, all from his frequent childhood travels.

Edited by Lady_Lunevis

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This just in: our gender ratio is now 12/4 and I find that absolutely hilarious


I've also linked Dae and new kid up on the list. Glad you decided to join!

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Hmmm that is an important question. Probably something with sea salt and caramel for Will just because he likes the taste of saltwater. (Weird guy.)


Freyja would probably be Peanut Butter chunk or something.

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Honestly, Alistair is more likely to wolf down a container or package of raw cookie dough than take the time to bake them. Although if I have to pick an actual cookie for him, nothing beats macarons. The flavor doesn't really matter, but he probably leans towards the more sour/bitter flavors.

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