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Tales of Ostlea -Updated May 28, 2019

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Banner by MonstrHugger
Every year between the dates of May 28th and June 10th a thick layer of strange magic descends on our beautiful country of Ostlea, and with it comes something truly wonderful: the Spring Eggstravaganza!
During this event, you'll be sent on a scavenger hunt and have the opportunity to craft three shelled creatures from past years and our brand new Shelled Tortoises! Please do keep in mind you'll only be able to craft one of each every half hour, we do need to give some time for that magic to work, don't we? :wink:
"It's a lump of clay... It seems to be surrounded by a magical aura."
This creature CAN be fed.
Head over to the Spring Festival page to get started!



-With the start of the Festival so begins the Shelled breeding season, all previous crafted Shelled creatures will once again produce their own species from now until June 10th. This includes "retired" species.

-As happens every year, one of our old Shellies has "retired" from the Festival. Shelled Sheeplets have moved over to the Menagerie to join the Shelled Duckles where you can still buy them for the price of 1 crystal.
-Paint, Paintbrushes and Gemdust are all non-consumable items, you'll only need to collect them once during the event.






Shelled Spiders: Gryffi & xxBurningxx
Paintbrush Sprite: ZioCorvid
Paints Sprite: Amphyrre & ZioCorvid
Gemdust Sprite: Rhynn
Eggshells Sprite: Rhynn
Flowers Sprite: Kristhasirah
Feather Sprite: Wilhelm
Clay Sprite: Amphyrre
Hints: Debri & ewe
Moss Sprite: Rhynn
Broken Item Sprites: UserofShadows
Item Descriptions: Debri & Gryffi
And a special thank you to ewe for coding both the original event!


Hint Help
*Spoilers ahead, please avoid if you don't want the riddle answers!*


Hint: First, you're going to need some brushes. I've seen studious types using brushes somewhere around here before, but I can't recall where.
Answer: The view all section of the Library
Hint:Next, you'll need some paint. Perhaps you can borrow some from prospective traders.
Answer: Trading Post
Hint: Lastly, to make things really sparkle you'll need some gem dust. Gembats are pretty messy eaters, it shouldn't be too hard to find.
Answer: Mystic Caverns
Hint: I'm open day and night, and serve a dual purpose as well. I help Ostlean creatures grow and reward you for helping me do so.
Answer: The Nursery *Please note: This item is only obtainable by clicking, not merely visiting*
Hint: In my biome, I am sustained with humidity and rain. My colors may attract you but beware. They also attract other inhabitants that are not so friendly.
Answer: Lyzta's Jungle *Please note: This item functions the same as junk items, you may need to refresh a few times to obtain it!*
Hint: If a tree falls in my biome, and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound?
Answer: Elegema Forest *Please note: This item functions the same as junk items, you may need to refresh a few times to obtain it!*
Hint: You'll find me in a place of stone, where silence shrouds the ground. Search through the empty names, and finally, I'll be found. 
Answer: Grave digging in the Sintera Tombs or by trading flowers
Hint: If you are a homeless creature in Ostlea, you may find yourself here.
Answer: The Castle Ruins


Questions? Comments? Post here! But please remember, bug reports and glitches need to be reported in the help section or through a private message to Gryffi or this account.

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Banner by MonstrHugger


For the fourth year in a row, the country's greatest explorers have gathered together to bring you all something BIG! The Creature Symposium! For an entire week, we'll be ignoring the way things are typically done around here and instead be flooding you with new additions to our magical little world!
Starting today and ending on July 29th a brand new creature will be showcased each day along with information on where they can be found! We are aware this might seem a bit overwhelming for the average tamer, but fret not! Each of these new creatures can be fed right away and though they will not be mass dropping in their respective locations they will be dropping commonly for two weeks before returning to their intended rarities. All of these creatures ARE permanent releases and will not disappear from the shops/biomes after this event!

These new creatures can be found residing in Scylla's Cove.

This large, round egg washed ashore and is covered in sand."
Please note: There is a slightly more rare variant that hatches from the same egg.

Enjoy and don't forget to thank dragontamer44722 and MonstrHugger for bringing us these new creatures!

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Banner by MonstrHugger


A new discovery has been made in the world of Ostlea!

This new creature can be found residing in Elegema Forest where it will be mass dropping until Monday at 11:59AM by the site's clock. Please note you will not be able to use food on this creature until the mass drop has ended.


This egg seems to have velvet-like fur."


Enjoy and don't forget to thank Rhynn, Infinis, Yunan and ZioCorvid for bringing us this new creature!


As you can tell this is not a normal midnight release as we are trying some things different.

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I'm not seeing a Feed option (because, as I recall, that would make Zeniths too easy to get), but they still level up when clicked.


1CrgPk.gif Rce8od.gif CT4kLu.gif 7jP6T4.gif GGkPoP.gif xUPfUX.gif

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Halloween is here! :D


[Image: Ce3BL07.gif]
Banner by MonstrHugger

It’s Halloween at last! This year, we sadly don’t have a quest to play through but we still have a special creature for everyone to be found in a special place. From now through November 7th, there is a unique Shop where you can gather the new Halloween creature. As usual, this creature cannot be fed during the event week.

[Image: b5533d558c7e2622ed9829d2dbfff0c8.png]
"You feel a heavy sense of dread when you hold this plush egg."

Please remember to thank Spatio, XiraCaster, xxBurningxx, and Amphyrre for all of their hard work.

Find more of the discussion here.







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[Image: O204UxB.png]
Banner by MonstrHugger
A new discovery has been made in the world of Ostlea!
This new creature can be found residing in Mystic Caverns where it will be mass dropping until Tuesday at 4:59AM by the site's clock. Please note you will not be able to use food on this creature until the massdrop has ended. This creature is permanent but, after the massdrop has ended, will only appear during the night.
[Image: 924ba7d7fdad1f76b1ca9cdf2787e5a7.png]
"The presence of this egg is very unsettling to you."
Enjoy and don't forget to thank dragontamer44722, Lycanious, xxBurningxx, Gryffi, and Process for bringing us this new creature!

- This creature is supposed to drop in all biomes. However, for a reason I haven't figured out yet, trying to massdrop in all biomes broke the pages. Dropping in Mystic Caverns is a temporary fix and I hope to get this creature in all biomes by the time the massdrop ends.

- The creature is now dropping commonly in the other five biomes.
[Image: vGV8m2A.png]
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