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Stardew Valley

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19 hours ago, smokeytripod said:

I checked and it's still not out :( on Concernedapes twitter he said its been pushed back again....

That's weird.  I I know for a fact that it's out on Switch, so I wonder why they had to push the co-op update back for PS4 and XBox One.  I'm sorry.  <:(

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I love Stardew Valley! I've been playing for a little over two years now. I usually marry Shane, I married Seb my first play through but Shane is by far my favorite :) 


I'm so excited for this big update. We get to have our own fisheries (not sure if that's the right word?) to harvest roe and all sorts of new stuff.


And yes, co-op finally is available on PS4 but still not Xbox. I feel so bad for ConcernedApe, he's trying his best. Chucklefish is the worst! :(

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