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The Black Fox

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Inspired by the song Little Black Fox by Heather Dale.



Others can apply unless mage posts their sheet here.


In a Victorian England, a troublemaker has been hard at work. At first it was eggs and chickens, pheasants and other game foul, then it escalated. Pigs, sheep, goats, a cow or a horse. Linens, barely, wheat, corn, fruits and vegetables out of gardens and orchards. Soon even that became a chair off a porch, valuables from inside houses with unlocked doors and windows, wine and ale, even little children would disappear for a day then show up at home in the morning with fantastic tales of a black fox who turned into a man and giving them toys or sweets before playing games of hide and go seek or skip stones with them.



None believed the children, but the livestock was always seen with a black fox nipping at the heels leading them to the woods. Hunting parties came, but the fox outsmarted them all. Druids came and went in a huff. Knights set traps for both the thieves and the fox. Somehow they all went off but sat empty.



The village put out a reward for anyone who can kill the fox, and double to the person who can catch the thieves.




What the partner can decide:

1)Steampunk: yes or no?

2)Boy love or Typical F X M ? (I'm fine with either)

3) any other ideas I haven't touched on.




What they can't decide:

1)Will turn romantic, I'd try platonic but it always turns romantic at some point. Just how I roll.

2) I'm the fox




1)Magic is allowed but people are superstitious, so if witch, elf, fairy or something keep it hidden, cleric, healers, druids are well known and liked.

2)Obey rules for said race if chose. (I.e Fairies are harmed by iron)

3) let me be the only animal / human character in this please? Druids can turn into animals, but none with ears and tails while human!

4) lurkers and stalkers welcome but don't post please!

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Name: Jeremy

Sex: Tod (male fox)

Approx. Age: 19-22

Race: Fox shifter

Personality: Troublesome, thief and tricky. Mischievous laid back,easy going. Once you earned his interest, he's observant and studious of your movements. Intelligent. (Typical fox things) He makes tools, so an inventor of sorts. Playful, childish at times, adventurous and daring but also knows when to proceed with caution. Rest will be developed in role play.

Appearance: Jeremy is 5'5" tall, fair skin with black markings over his body. These marks turn orange- except the ones on his ears, eyes and tail- when he turns into a fox. This fox appears like a regular black fox that looks like it got into some orange paint from afar but up closer one can see it is part of its fur. Intelligent light yellow green eyes, medium-long messy hair. He has a thin slender build, a lopsided mischievous grin on his lips and sharp k9s as a human.

Abilities: Shift from human to Fox at will. Can get into anything, locks that are complex are interesting to him and considers it a challenge of his locksmith skills. Quick witted and sly. Not much of a con artist, but he can trick himself out of bad situations sometimes. Amazing climber.

Animals: A Very large cat He calls silver.

Unique marks: All his marks and descriptions below the image.

Social status: outcast, criminal, thief, animal need I say more?

Other: his fox form is smaller then the cat. But the side of a normal red fox. The cat is aTurkish Angora (said to be the ancestors of the Maine coon)


((Fox image is the work of Fractional pi day, I thank them many times over for it! smile.gif ))


Name: Clover

Sex: Female

Approx. Age: 19

Personality: She tries to be bold and confident, but her facade easily melts into meekness when she is flustered, nervous, or afraid. She has big ideas, but not the determination nor the force of personality to follow through with them -- which usually leaves her in trouble when she does something halfway.

Appearance: http://cdn.photonesta.com/images/9f1780.me...hair-autumn.jpg This is closest I could get. Long, wavy brown hair, almond shaped eyes, round face. She is not very visually stunning, looking quite average, and doesn't put too much thought into her appearance. She stands 5'4.

Abilities: Good singer and good at gardening. Has a good eye for beauty.

Animals: Owns a few rabbits in a hut behind her house.

Unique marks: A vaguely star-shaped birthmark on the front of her right hip.

Social status: Mayor's daughter


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A general unease settled through the village. Not only had a phantom thief managed to swipe everything from pearls to swine from right under their noses, but now a fox was attacking the livestock! Even before hearing of the mens' failure to capture them, Clover could see it in her father's face. He seemed to have grown old overnight. She couldn't imagine what kind of pressure the village council put on him, but he was a man who liked to do things himself -- and that included setting the traps for the black fox.


And yet, all those traps would remain empty. It wasn't like the animal avoided them; they were triggered and yet the fox remained uncaught.


Unlike the knights or the village farmers, Clover didn't think these two incidents were unrelated -- there had to be a connection between the two, somehow. If she remembered correctly, things began disappearing around the time the fox was spotted, but foxes didn't have thumbs to unlock gates nor would they have the need to steal household items and ale. Assuming the thieves and the fox were connected, it was very likely that the fox was trained. Which meant that once they caught one, they'd catch the other.


She made sure to lock the rabbit house tightly every night. But, if her hunch was right... It wouldn't make much of a difference. A determined human would be able to tear through the mesh covering the windows of the hutch, and each of her three precious buns would be a quick snack for a predator. She didn't really want to think about it for too long.


It was daytime, though, and she let them loose in the garden. Some days she let the village children play with them -- though her father was wary about having children play in his spacious backyard -- as long as they promised not to frighten the animals too much. She would watch them from her favorite spot under one of the giant oaks beside the house, a book in hand that she never really opened.


Today, even the children were talking about the fox. Clover suddenly sat up straighter, trying to listen in on the conversation.


"Were you scared?"


"No, not a chance!" The boy paused for a few seconds. It occurred to Clover that they were talking about the boy getting lost in the forest, and then found a day later. "Maybe a little, at the beginning. But then, not anymore! The fox was all black and painted with orange. It wasn't that scary at all, but that's not even the best part! It could turn into a man, and that guy was super nice too!"


"No way!"


"...I wish I got to see the fox!"


Wild kids. A fox turning into a human was impossible. They must have seen something else instead, but it gave weight to the theory that the two incidents were connected.




What would a fox enjoy....? Clover was just on a walk, wearing a simple white dress with a light grey flower patterning on the fabric, but it was no coincidence that she chose the parts of the forest where most of the traps were set. She didn't really expect to find anything, but this was the area the fox was rumored to be.


Now, if she were a fox, where would she hide? It was a simple question with thousands of complex answers.

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Jeremy was up in a tree. He was dropping heavy stones and sticks into the traps near his den. Maybe den was stretching it. He accommodated a large burrow abandoned by its previous occupants and widened the inside to hold him in his human form, and two other adults. Possibly about four kits, or two, with two adults inside. In other words, it was roomy and cozy.


He had furniture, things he's collected from the village. Most of the time the things where broken or where about to be sold, so he took them, fixed them up and used them in his own home. How he got the things inside? Well, a magician never reveals his secrets. As for the animals, well..... he had to eat yes? He kept one cow and a horse in a old barn in the woods, the house that it belongs to was buried beyond repair and now the scorched shell had grown choked up with vines and flowers. This was also where he had a garden... or tried to have one, he had more of a brown thumb then a green one.



And okay, sometimes he took things he liked the look of, like a pretty vase or that painted China plate with a Dragon on it, or maybe that quilt that had a pattern of a forest and stream with a stag on it. But that's not the point! He took things people didn't want, he made sure the hen was old and couldn't have any eggs, or a hen who had to few that was going to be a dinner sometime anyway and he only took an egg or two from the chickens that had five or six. The cow wasn't milking, for she was bitten by Fox that wasn't him, and her owners where going to sell her for meat. That horse was old and sagged backed, they too where going to give him to the butcher. He justified his actions as liberating the animals.



He stopped tripping the traps when his ears perked up. They swiveled around locating where the sound came from. He scampered easily up the branch to the trunk and across another branch leaping to another one on the next tree smoothly. When the steps grew louder he stopped and crouched among the leaves, hoping his dark green tunic and brown trousers hid him well.

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"Who's there?!" Clover shouted, then put a hand over her mouth. She froze, only her eyes moving and looking around the forest ground. She thought she heard rustling, above her and around her, and she really hoped it was just a squirrel. But a squirrel wouldn't be as loud as that, humans weren't that fast, and foxes couldn't climb trees.


She waited, then took a few quiet steps forward when she thought no one was there. She could see one of the traps set by her father's men, and it had snapped around a heavy stone. Definitely not something a fox could do. She looked up into the trees, staring right at Jeremy without realizing it. It would be easy for the thief to break the fox traps by dropping rocks from high up...

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A thought occurred to Jeremy and he grinned. Flattening his ears to hide them he called out to her. "Brown hair, Brown eyes, tiny thing... you look like a mouse. You make a lot of noise for a little mouse. " he moved sitting up a little, allowing the sun to shine on his yellow green eyes. Dramatic entrance was his specialty. "I heard you a ways away... I can easily snatch you away... or... you can do something for me. Which is it?" He asked smoothly. Waiting for her response.

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The voice startled her and by reflex she cowered backwards to make herself look smaller. Her eyes caught movement in the tree she was looking at, and a pair of piercing green eyes shone through the leaves. No... He'd been following her all along? A cold shiver went down her back. She didn't want to say it, but she was a little afraid. The thief -- this guy had to be the thief, right? -- hadn't reportedly killed anyone, but there was the firm possibility that she might be the first.


"A mouse?" she repeated. She wanted to yell at him, be mad at the comparison, but the words came out as a quiet squeak. She shouldn't have come out alone, but... if she asked for an escort her father would have definitely forbidden her from going out at all. "D-do what, you t-thief?!" she managed to stammer. "Depends on... what you want me to do..."

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"Timid mouse." He pondered. "It is quite simple. Get rid of these traps and hide them. The smithy can only make so much. You see, my pet likes to wonder at night, and I worry about her with these nasty things around. She might get killed! I'd be very angry then. She's the only company I have. I raised her from a kitten. You see why I have a few concerns? " He shifted closer, his scar and eye marks showing now. "All I ask is for you to trip the traps and move them, and be a good little quiet mouse, not letting anyone know you've seen me. If not... I'll steal you away without a trace. I am giving you a choice little mouse, I hear that other thieves wouldn't give a choice to a young woman alone in the woods."


The eyes tilted slightly. "Hmm... thinking about it, most thieves are cut throats, but don't quiver little mouse. I only kill what I eat." He stated flatly like this was a well known fact. "I may be a thief as you say, but I have a heart."

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He must be talking about his fox, Clover assumed. But weren't fox babies usually called pups? "You and your pet have been stealing from the villagers. That sounds pretty heartless to me!" Her voice faltered when she met his eyes. The thief had a face like a young man and a scar over one of his eyes, black hair, sharp features. Clover felt like she was being toyed with.


"...If you stop, I'll tell them to stop setting traps." It was a little naive of her to ask why he swiped things from the townspeople, and she herself felt incredible naive for trying to negotiate with someone who threatened twice already to kidnap her. But he said it himself -- he wasn't like the other thieves. Now that he finally showed himself, she couldn't promise that she would keep quiet about it. "I-if you take me away, the bounty on your head would likely double. They know you're in here somewhere. They'll know it's you."

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((grey foxes can climb trees cool))



He scratched his chin. "A bounty on my head huh? Didn't know that. I would if I could mousie. I gotta eat something. Besides, is one really a thief if they take things and animals people don't want anymore? Like that broken rocker, or the hen in the brick farmhouse that they wanted to fatten up because it she wasn't giving any eggs, or that cow who wasn't milking anymore because her utter was bitten and her people just thought she was old and useless?"


He smiled sheepishly. "Granted I did take a few things I wasn't supposed to, but I can give them back. Otherwise, I got no money. Oh and might I say it's your hunters that steal all of my prey from my traps and leave me up and starving all the time! Oh and silver hunts rats, squirrels, snakes and spiders, yeah she likes chicken and fish sometimes, but what cat wouldn't?" He argued.


"Make those blasted men stop hunting in my forest and we got a deal! I'm tired of those bloody hunters thinking they can take all the young healthy ones, leave the sick and old, and every other animal starving. Those children are lucky I got to them before some wolf did! A hungry predator wouldn't think twice about snacking on a human child." He snorted then took a deep breath to regain his cool demeanor. "Of course, if that isn't possible, leaving a gift or corn or eggs, a but of pork or lamb, or something like that in the forest tied to a tree would be nice. If they give me things, I wouldn't have to steal them." He put in, his voice smooth once more.

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((Today I learned something new about foxes.))


"Yes." Clover nodded, though it looked more of a trembling of her head. "The villagers find you troublesome enough to offer a handsome reward for catching you. That's not-- that's--" she tried to find her words. "Even if the things look like they are unwanted, you can't just take them without asking! Frank was about to fix that broken chair, it sounded like it was really important... to him..."


He was talking as if he were a wild animal, and she had a general feeling of unease. She ignored it. "...You look human... Have you lived in the forest your whole life? You never thought of settling down?" Now she was genuinely curious and she stood up a little straighter. He did have a point that the hunters were going farther than usual, but the village was growing. "I'll... I'll see what I can do about the hunters."

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((Considering his colors (and his type I had in mind) was a silver fox (also knows as grey) he can climb trees ibn fox form. This I didn't know until yesterday xd.png))


He sighed and dropped a rock into another trap making it snap shut. "I have made a home here. I'm settled down enough for now. And besides if I ask. " he dropped out of the tree in a crouch in the shadows. "You would try to kill me anyway once you get a good look. So I say, what's the point? Steal things, they hunt me, ask face to face, they grab their muskets and run me out. It's just how things are for me. So, you get those hunters to stop taking my prey, and set off and hide these traps, and I'll stop taking some things from the village. But I like to have a decent meal.... and it's hard for me to grow anything out here, so unless you got an idea for that too little mouse, I suggest we shake on it now, and you scurry off to do your part."



He remained in the shadows, although the light got to him now. His eyes had orange looking peaked make up beside them, hair black with subtle hues of grey and silver in it. His eyes seemed to flash and glow in the moving shadows. Speaking of, a thick black one flickered behind him for a second.

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((Was real busy on Sunday.))


She was sensitive to his plight. But, she had to keep telling herself, he was basically a criminal, and one that she just met not even a dozen minutes ago. There was something... just not right with him. Maybe it was the wild eyes highlighted with color, or the flickering shadow behind him which she thought was just a trick of the light from the wind blowing through the treetops and making the leaves dance.


"What do you mean...?" What did he mean by 'a good look'? His face showed no signs of disfigurement, apart from the scar, and although he was fit enough to climb trees she couldn't see if he had anything strange happening with his body. "Show me what you mean!"

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He huffed. "Pushy little mouse. You better not scream I hate it when they scream." Jeremy said, relaxing his ears and striding out so he stood directly in front of her. "There, now you see?" His black and orange tail flicked. "You humans scream demon and shoot at me. They think some evil spirit has come at them and send for druids and priests, which by the way are a waist of your people's money because it obviously did nothing about I'm not a demon or evil spirit."



He waved his hands indicating his ears. "I'm a fox." He stated simply. "And the pups know that I won't hurt them, they believe in the more benign magical things more freely then the adults do so I quite enjoy their enthusiastic company."

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Try not to... scream?


Clover did clamp her mouth shut with her hands just in case, but no yell escaped her throat. She wasn't entirely sure what she expected, but the man's -- would he still be considered a man...? -- the man's appearance was not as shocking as she imagined.


Shadows sprung up from the top of his head, revealing themselves to be a pair of furry ears, and the sweeping thing behind him turned out to be a bushy fox tail. Tattoos covered his body, and his sharp green eyes were as wild as ever. She could see how he could be mistaken for a demon, as the devil was known to appear as a stunning seducer.


His fur was black and sleek. That's right, his talk reminded her of the childrens' claims. A nice man who could turn into a fox... And spoke of magic...


She needed a moment to gather her thoughts, and she looked away, shoulders hunched. "You haven't hurt the children..." Then, she finally met his eyes. "I'll trust you."


((I guess after your reply it's about time we move it to the next time they meet?))

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Jeremy nodded. " Then I'll hold you to your word. Besides, I like kits, why would I harm them?" He gave her a lopsided smile. "Do your job and I'll do mine." He turned and jumped, his human form melting into a sleek black fox that bounded away.



((I'm doing that now smile.gif ))



A week went by since the encounter with the little mouse. The traps had gone and the hunters still went in the woods but not to deep. As a thanks, he would leave hares and fish on windowsills or things he took back on porches.


For things he couldn't return or didn't want to he left notes explaining why, such as he needs a bed to sleep on or the cow is happier with him. Frank's chair was back and it looked better then new. A note was left with it saying he rather liked the rocker and asked if he had a old one he didn't want, leave it somewhere with a red ribbon tied to it. Or he'd exchange something for a new one.


This request became popular as most of the items he returned where show items or things like cookware and plates he needs to eat with. He also asked for a few eggs or a basket with spices and cheeses inside.



Things still went missing, although it wasn't any meat. Fruits and vegetables along with some herb leaves and lots of seeds where the only things taken.


Clover's father even got his bull horn he had made into a saddle horn. Children got wooden toys that where remarkably carved, from puzzle boxes to figure.


With all of these gifts are returns, he left clover something on her bedroom window. A little Fox and a mouse carving, the mouse had a paw raised like it was scolding the fox as the fox tried to hide a few eggs with his tail looking sheepish.

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Clover rubbed her eyes as she sat up on her bed. It had been a week, now, and she kept thinking of the moment when the man seemed to shapeshift into a fox. She didn't believe it when it happened, and she still thought part of it was a dream, but now she opened her mind to listening to the children now and then because sometimes, just sometimes, they were right.


Now, every night she kept an eye out for the little black fox from her window and she was the first to leave him gifts. She picked the reddest tomatoes from her garden, peas, lettuce, turnips and carrots, and even some fresh and dried herbs, although she was not sure if he knew how to cook with them. And since she thought he was probably meat-eating, she added some dried beef in the basket as well, which she left on the porch. It would be gone in the morning. Soon, the whole village was following her example, and she was glad the number of thefts dropped to almost none. Some people said it was because they were willingly giving things to the thief now, but at least nothing was taken without permission. And, the 'thief' would leave behind trinkets or notes as thanks.


One such trinket was the small wood carving she spotted on her windowsill. Seems like she missed him again. The thing was charming in its own right, and it made her smile. He'd taken quite a liking to calling her a mouse, didn't he? Humming to herself, she took the carving and placed it on her desk, before changing and getting ready for the day.


Her father was in a remarkable mood. At first he was skeptical when she asked him to reduce the hunting parties; but after a week the results showed themselves. He had a new drinking cup, and figured that the thief wasn't so bad after all -- although it was a mystery to him why he didn't bring his craft more openly into the village. Clover chose to keep the fox part a secret.


Outside there was a light wind. She would need to feed the rabbits and tend to the plants before anything else, but she quickly looked around the outside of the house, hoping Mr. Fox would still be here. She'd have to thank him for the gift.

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The bunny house was open, the wire mesh in the back was split open like an animal had gotten in. A body of a coyote, very thin and with a malformed paw lay by the back fence. A sun bleached, weather worn cloak could be seen inside


Inside, Jeremy was wrapping a bandage on the Buck rabbit's foot and setting it into a splint. He had a brackish brown cloak on to cover his ears and tail, and some awful smelling herb paste in a long gash on the back of a doe. The third rabbit was already wrapped up. Hand made stitches where on the bunny's shoulder.



He looks up when she approached green eyes twinkling in the gloom. "Hey mouse. No worries, your little buns are fine. Rub this on the wounds when you change the bandages. They should be fresh every twelve hours."


He sat back and handed her the little capped tin of the smelly stuff after tying the wrap. "Thanks for the herbs and vegetables. They are great and stew... and your carrots are bigger then mine. Name's Jeremy."




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Guess he had gone already. A little disappointed, Clover went with her usual routine of carrying hay to the hutch. She nearly dropped the bag when she saw parts of the rabbit house torn into by some sort of animal. For a heartbeat she thought it would have been the fox, but she assured herself that from what she'd seen before, he would never do anything like that.


Her thoughts were eased when she saw the body of a coyote nearby. Thinking of how the fox talked about how everyone's gotta eat, she couldn't help but feel a little sorry for the predator who was just trying to survive.


When she first stepped into the rabbit house Clover didn't recognize him, but when she saw his eyes (and the distinctive patterns around them), she knew. She didn't expect to actually bump into him today. It was just a hope she had, but now that they were face to face, she didn't really know what to say. "Ah, yes... I grew the vegetables myself and, thank you for the carving! It's very nice... And for taking care of the bunnies!" She took the tin delicately between her fingers. Of course he would have learned about healing herbs, since he had lived alone for so long. She put the medicine into the front pocket of her apron, which was tied around a dark blue dress. She had the sleeves rolled up to her elbows. Taking one of the females who she felt was shivering in her hand, she went to calm the bunny down.


"Sorry for not introducing myself first," Clover looked away, sheepish, her face heating up with a blush. "My name is Clover. My dad's the mayor. And thanks again for the carving! The villagers really appreciate the stuff, too."


She had a few questions to ask Jeremy, now that he was here. "...How have you been?"

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((Kindle wasn't working))



"A mouse named clover. It fits you nicely. Nah, don't thank me, a gift for a gift is the proper way. " He answered. "The coyote came after me after it thought the rabbits were too hard to get." He tilted his head watching her.


"My garden doesn't really grow anything really. The days are treating me well enough. How are the days treating you?"

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"Oh, you know... The same." Nothing much really happened in the village. Life continued on. The incident with the thief was one of the most interesting things that had happened in a while. No wonder they overreacted.


"Did the coyote hurt you? Are you alright?" Clover put the rabbit she was holding back onto the ground and picked up the second one. "And, have the hunters stopped with the traps? I told father to stop setting them, but we never know if his other hunters would risk doing it behind his back."

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"Ah, not much." He moved the cloak and showed his tail that wrapped up. "Gave him a fright when I changed." He cackles like a fox. "Nothing I can't handle."


He dug at his, ear, looking comical with his hand cupped and moving like a kicking leg. "Still a few traps. Probably from fur trappers. They're mostly for rabbit now, Fox hunting isn't till fall where the coat is softer. I can avoid those.


Found a few fox ones though... don't know who they belong to. "



(Hate auto correct! xd.png)

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((I guess I'm a little short on inspiration, which is why I didn't reply earlier.))


He was acting like a fox, even if he was human -- well, a human with fox bits. It was... kind of cute, actually. Clover couldn't help but laugh.


The fox traps Jeremy mentioned, though... That was a little worrying. But, like he said, nothing he can't handle. "As long as you're careful in the woods."

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