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So since my art gets a fair bit of attention (and thus sweet, sweet feedback) but my writing goes mostly uncommented on, I figured I should post links to them here.


I'm uh. Not posting the full things because most of them are either really long or WIPs; sorry if that's a disappointment (although I'll also be crossposting some dragon descriptions here, if that's your thing).


First huge thing (well, going to be huge; there's only one chapter up so far but the second is a monster) is Hymmne oz Gatyunla: Songs of the Underground. It's an Undertale fanfiction set in an AU I created, but you don't need to know much about the AU to follow along.


Related to that, the massive blocks of lyrics for said AU are here, here, and here; the first link is on something on a delay, since I prefer to update it with large chunks, but it's fairly expansive so far.


All dragon descriptions will go in the next post.

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As a note, not all of these will have been approved yet; if you don't see it on the dragon's page, it's still in the queue. Additionally, given the sheer number of dragons I have, at least a few are bound to have been overlooked.


Prince of Scarlet Roses

The Prince of Scarlet Roses is a rather timid dragon despite his title, and he does his utmost to avoid social situations. The Prince has few friends, and is rarely seen with them in public (save for the gregarious Radiant Angel, Amezyarak). When someone manages to break the ice without scaring him off, he's extremely fair and caring. His timidity makes him a poor debater and a worse fighter, so he generally lets the other "royals" in Guillotine's care operate in those arenas. He is not a smooth talker and frequently trips on his own words when nervous. He also has a nasty grumpy streak when out of his comfort zone, and tends to rely on Amezyarak to smooth things over when he bungles something because of this. The two are extremely close and are frequently held up as an example of true love within Guillotine's territory.


Penk's Silvered Roses

Silvered is the pride of the metallic clan, being both the eldest in Guillotine's care and from a rather prestigious bloodline. He's a bit of a braggart by proxy, telling elaborate and probably made-up tales of his ancestor's exploits. No one believes him anymore and he knows it, but he's an excellent storyteller and many dragons will take their hatchlings to listen to his tales. He doesn't mind as long as he gets attention. He'll also brag about Delicious Roses's adventures, but given that they're more comedy than anything to everyone but him he tends to get scolded when she hears about it.



Amezyarak is an airheaded, cuddly flirt of a dragon, preferring to pass around meaningless flattery like candy and shying from commitment despite several proposals from charming ladies. That said, some have noticed that he's been hanging around the Prince of Scarlet Roses recently so perhaps it's more that he prefers the Heartseeker's company to any one his myriad fangirls... although that isn't to say that he dislikes his other admirers, per se. His head may be full of empty, but he hates it when people feel down in the dumps and always does his best to cheer them up. He's a good friend despite his more aggravating tendencies, and is completely and utterly loyal to those he considers friends.


Prince of Whirlpool Isles

The Prince of the Whirlpool Isles is a dweeb, plain and simple. He tries his hardest to be regal and majestic, but usually just comes off as ridiculous and childish. Which is rather fitting, as he is one of the youngest "royals" in Mage Guillotine's entourage and is still a gawky teenager, much to his elder sister's embarrassment. He's fond of shiny objects and has a large horde of shiny, but valueless, stones and materials in his lair. No one has the heart to tell him that his horde... isn't really that impressive, given his enthusiasm about defending it and adding more.


Brightly Colored Canopies

Brightly Colored Canopies is a bit of a loner, preferring to spend her days flying as high and far from civilization as she can. This is not due to treatment--her family and friends are fond of her and have a deep respect for her female identity--but simply her own preferences. She is easily overwhelmed by crowds and socialization, and she needs the time alone to recharge and recover before the next social interaction. She has something of a morbid streak and a fascination with medicine, which makes her unofficial job of saving stranded and injured travelers she finds when flying a bit... interesting. She has incredible stamina for her breed from all her flying, and if a dragon is needed to fly far and fast she's among the first to volunteer--assuming she's around to do so.


The Good Hunter

The Good Hunter (she gives no name or title, and so was eventually just named after a legendary human she resembles) is a somewhat cold, bloodthirsty dragon. Where the Queen and Prince of the Whirlpool Isles are unaggressive, The Good Hunter actively works with Judgement Hall to punish those who transgress her inscrutable moral code. She rarely speaks, but when she does it's mostly disjointed whispers about beasts and eyes and the great ones and the descending red moon. It is generally agreed that something went wrong when she was summoned, but she is sharply aware of threats to all living things in her domain, so it's never brought up to her face.

She knows. She knows far, far too much, and it is the source of her erratic behavior and intense focus. She sees a dark, grim future and is willing to do anything to prevent it from happening. Her fanaticism is by far her most dangerous trait, and the most omnipresent.


fam-ne wa-fen-ny rei-yah-ea

fam-ne wa-fen-ny rei-yah-ea (he goes by "wa-fen" in conversation) is an eccentric dragon at best; he sings near-constantly when using magic, but he also has an uncanny knack for mimicry that leads to decidedly unnerving shifts in sounds coming from an otherwise affable giant singing xenowyrm covered in foliage. wa-fen is well aware of the effects these talents of his has on listeners, and uses that to his advantage in pranking trespassers and unwary travelers. He mostly keeps to himself, although he does have a few close friends.



EXEC (she is very insistent on the capitalization), like her mate METHOD, is from a lineage with many famous dragons, and were she not so aggressively prideful it would probably wear on her. As it is, her insistence on giving a huge speech about her ancestors before battle tends to lead to foes getting the first blow (although that is also usually their last; she is no slouch in combat). EXEC constantly trains to do her lineage proud, which hints at a certain insecurity about it... but that's the only indication that she may not be as confident as she acts.


Angel from the Surface

Angel From the Surface is a very calm dragon, but also a fairly driven one. His goal is to ensure that The Judgement Hall and The Good Hunter never have to get involved in any sort of judicial matters, and he plans to do that by ensuring that people do not feel the need to do things that bring their ire. It has been a long time since he was able to exist as his own person; he would likely be left purposeless if The Good Hunter stopped her grim mission and The Judgement Hall was pacified for good. He mostly defines himself by what his affect on others is and running damage control for the two is, unfortunately, much of what his life has revolved around in recent memory.


Flowers Blooming From the Dead

Flowers Blooming From the Dead is as morbid as her name, having a deep fascination with the physical processes of death, funerary rites, and the various tales of the afterlife. She is perfectly affable, but most find her uncomfortable to be around due to her tendency to endlessly talk about her interests. She is something of an unofficial gravekeeper; being incorporeal protects her from aggressive undead, and her knowledge assists in keeping resting places properly maintained.


Marble Fountains Flowing Red

Marble Fountains Flowing Red is less morbid than his name would suggest; where his mate, Flowers Blooming From the Dead, is fascinated with all things associated with death, he has a special interest with methods of preserving life. He lacks magical talent in healing, but he makes up for it with a constantly expanding knowledge of ordinary treatments. He assists the local villages as a traveling doctor and is very willing to pass on his knowledge to any who ask. He does, unfortunately, lack the ability to tell when a topic is appropriate and has very poor social skills overall, as well as a tendency towards flapping his wings when excited, so he has fewer friends than one would expect. Outside of his duties, Flowers Blooming From the Dead is one of the few who doesn't mind his quirks.


Crystal Fountains Flowing Light

Crystal Fountains Flowing Light is an anxious, awkward dragon; when she is not singing or reciting epics, her two great obsessions, she avoids socializing despite her intense loneliness. She has poor social skills and is easily overwhelmed by loud noises, strong smells, and even moderate crowding. She has developed a mild tolerance for them, but it stresses her out greatly. She spends most of her time buried in scrolls and sheet music, usually without any light source save herself and her mate, Flowers Blooming in the Night.


Glansee Rudje

Glansee Rudje is a somewhat distant and stern dragon, and despite her beauty and her species' gentle reputation she comes off as quite intimidating. Part of it is that she does actively cultivate that image for the sake of business--she sells plant seeds bred for specific traits, and being intimidating helps keep them from trying to take advantage of her poor eyesight--and partially because her eyes take ages to adjust to light changes, which makes her squint in bright light. While she's never been a social butterfly, she isn't actively antisocial; she just feels that if she's really needed, she will be found. It's not like she's one to wander off, after all.


Ghost Ship Sailors

Ghost Ship Sailors is one of the most recent successes of the mage Guillotine's forays into necromancy, but unlike the other, older, Undead that wander her territory, the once-Tidal is surprisingly placid. He mostly swims in deep water, away from any living dragons, and is frequently seen with "passengers" (mostly small crustaceans and the occasional octopus). He's mostly just disgusting to look at and not actually dangerous, although given his mindless nature he does pose a danger to small fishing vessels in his path.
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That only applies to growing dragons. You can post a view link to an adult or frozen dragon unless I've drastically misunderstood the rules.

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