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The black hands were….new. Looking slightly frazzled but possibly relieved as he emerged from the grip of the shadowy hands, Loki shivered and looked down at the cast on his arm. Really, it did absolutely nothing to help with the pain and just seemed too snug. The other bandages were fine and dandy but he’d need to get that off and look at the injury himself. He highly doubted it was just broken and a simple cast would fix it. Midgardian medicine was primitive enough as it was and he certainly didn’t need some useless hunk of plastic and cloth on his arm when it wasn’t actually needed.


“Well, I’m glad that didn’t go the way I thought it would,” he declared, releasing Mystique’s hand for an instant to touch the cast. The plastic shivered briefly before bursting into flames, causing the cast to quite literally melt off his arm. He didn’t bother with the other bandages, however, but instead his image flickered briefly before snapping back to how it had been moments before. No apparent signs of injury, his helmet back to normal and looking significantly less weakened than before. “Thank the gods the internet is not always right.” Turning his attention back to Clint, he frowned slightly then took a small, half-step closer to him. Whatever he had been about to say, however, he quickly rethought it in favor of taking Mystique’s hand again and turning away. “Well, that would be our cue! Remember to push a leash on your dog and don’t let it go running after strangers!” Quickly, he started to walk away from the archer and Spiderman, hoping to take the moment of confusion to slip away.


Chat Noir

“Don’t worry about that,” Chat replied, pulling her closer so he could wrap an arm around her waist instead. Generally speaking, jumping from this high while holding onto her arm could very well yank it out of the socket. He didn’t want to hurt her so holding her around her stomach would be better and wouldn’t hurt as much on the way down. Flashing her a smile, he other hand grabbed the rod handing on his back and he held the small cylinder out so it was hanging over the side of the building. “I’m a professional.” At once, the bottom of the rod suddenly extended outwards to an impossible degree, expanded until it hit the ground below them. The same smile fixed on his face, he yanked both of them off of the roof, planting his boots carefully on the side of the rod.


Immediately, the staff began to shrink, taking them quickly back down to the ground. The people around the staff had quickly cleared away and stared in shock as the two descended. It only took a few seconds for them to reach the ground, at which point the superhero’s staff returned to it’s normal, smaller size. “There we go,” He said, his feet now planted on the ground. He quickly let go of her waist, letting her move freely again. “On the ground, safe and sound. Cats always land on their feet, you know."

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Don't worry? Katara opened her mouth to question it, when he brought out the cylinder. What could something so small do? If need be, she could make an ice slide down for them or something like that. It was then that the cylinder seemed to grow impossibly, and her jaw dropped open. A squeal escaped her as he scooped them both off the roof and into the air, only supported by his arm around her waist. She was slender, but Sha had to be strong to be able to do this. They descended smoothly and quickly, and the entire thing was over in less than a minute.


It certainly wasn't an everyday thing, from the looks that people were giving them. She had to let out a relieved sigh, before laughing. This entire scenario was ridiculous. It had to be a dream. It was the only explanation that made sense. Could it be a shared dream? "A cat, huh?" Her bright eyes travelled over the ears, the mask that obscured half of his face. Zuko had worn a mask once, for a different identity. This was probably the same case. For a moment, she was calm and still - the next, a car came blaring by with a long honk. Katara reacted as she'd been conditioned to - throwing up her hands, the water at the side of the road immediately splashed up into a protective ice wave. She froze like that for a moment, slowly realising that it wasn't coming to hurt them. Just a loud sound in a loud place. There were gasps and cries from people in the road. Swallowing, she let the water drop back down before whirling around back to Sha. People here clearly weren't friendly to benders; it was nothing new.

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Chat Noir

Chat’s smile faltered slightly when the water at the side of the road suddenly moved in a clearly unnatural way, rising up and solidifying despite the heat into a huge icy wall. Looking between Katara and the icy wall, he looked confused as the ice melted away and the icy wall disappeared as quickly as it had appeared. And, amazingly enough, it looked as though the source of the moving water had been the girl from the South Pole. But that was impossible. Sure she could be an Akuma but why on Earth hadn’t she attacked him? Outside of that, who else had powers? Only those with miraculousness but it didn’t look like she was wearing a costume. Usually they had masks, after all.

“How’d you do that?” He asked, looking more impressed than anything else. If he wasn’t a superhero constantly used to strange occurrences himself, he probably would have acted a bit more panicked. Like the civilians around them. Speaking of which, they looked a bit frightened after the display. “Actually, on second thought, why don’t we walk and talk? Let’s try to find a place with less cars, alright?” He smiled and looked around before starting off down the sidewalk, walking backwards to watch her so she wasn’t left behind. The crowd naturally parted around him, allowing them both to have a pretty good space for walking.

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"I think so too," Katara agreed, glancing around herself self-consciously again before breaking into an awkward jog to catch up with him. So. He didn't even know about benders. Which was absolutely bizarre. It was a part of her entire life; she was the last waterbender of the South Pole. There had not yet been more children with bending abilities. She fell into step beside him, furthest away from the 'cars' - hands balled into fists as if it might help her relax. It did, sort of. "In my world, I'm called a waterbender," she explained. It was the first time she'd ever had to say such things.


" Water... Earth... Fire... Air. Long ago, the four nations lived together in harmony. Then everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked. Only the Avatar, master of all four elements, could stop them. But when the world needed him most, he vanished. A hundred years passed and my brother and I discovered the new Avatar, an airbender named Aang." She took a deep breath, hugging her jacket closer to her. "Long story short, we fought a war against the Fire Nation. But we won." And grew up far too quickly.

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The men in blue seemed really intent on apprehending them. Ciel turned back, confused, as he continued forward behind Lu.

"Uh... they've been following us for a while now. Yelling at us to stop. What should we do?" Corrin asked, confused.

"Not stop." Ciel replied firmly.

"But they look important..."

"NOT STOP." Ciel repeated, stepping along the sidewalk faster than before. Soon, they were in a jog as the two men in blue began blowing whistles.

"RUN FASTER!" Kinu yelled happily, finding this as some form of game, as she dashed ahead of everyone else. Ciel began speeding up as well, grabbing Lu's hand and pulling her along. Corrin struggled to keep up with Kinu. The blue men began sprinting as well. Ciel was growing increasingly concerned as to their true nature.

As they dashed along, they passed by what appeared to be a girl in some form of traditional garb with another group of people. The girl had a coat over her shoulder, and some form of ice wall had been crafted by her that was disappearing. Ciel just chalked that up to another odd occurrence today.

Lu seemed to want to question her but Ciel kept pushing them forward, and now they were heading towards a man wearing medieval armor. Ciel could have sworn the very sun seemed to beam upon him. Kinu even shielded her eyes.

"What...?" Lu remarked, confused.

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Solaire of Astora


As Solaire continued to walk among the people, looking for the biggest building he could find, suddenly something very fast came at him.


Immediately, he backstepped, fully prepared for an attack of some sort. Instead, the group simply seemed to be running past him- for a strange band of people this was.


They didn't seem very much alike; save two, they were all differently clothed. What stood out to him was that those two were in bright blue. Solaire didn't get a very good look at them, but he was interested nonetheless.


How strange... It's not often one comes across clothes that blue. Perhaps they're of high standing; maybe sorcerers of Vinheim? They might be able to tell me where the Bonfires are.


He stepped back where he was before, intent on following them, when suddenly, he was barged into by several men. They were all knocked over, save the knight. Solaire just stared at them, assessing who they were.


They were also wearing blue clothing, but they seemed intent on pursuing the others that ran ahead. Solaire could only form two logical conclusions: Either they were pursuers, or they were attendants of some sort. Since they had garb of similar hue, he assumed the men were travelling together to some end.


"Ah! So sorry, gentlemen. I should watch where I am going. Were you trying to catch up to those people over there?"


The men didn't seem to appreciate his question, and they started to get up, to continue to pursue the two in blue and their company.


Solaire was not going to let such rude behavior slide; he'd asked them a question and apologized for being in the way, and they were just going to ignore him? He questioned them again, somewhat more sternly.


"Excuse me, I was asking you a question. Why are you chasing those people?"


Solaire sighed, and was about to go on when they insisted on continuing their attempts, and the chase resumed.


I'm losing my patience now... So many people, and no conversation to be found!


The Warrior of Sunlight did the only thing he could think of, and he chased after the two groups. It was his job to help people in need, and it didn't matter if he wasn't involved. Every Undead is involved with one another, and in a dangerous unknown world with so many, being selfish is inexcusable.

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Chat Noir

Chat frowned slightly as a few strangely clad individual ran past them, followed almost moments later by what looked like the American version of the police. While the uniforms didn’t match up with what they wore in France, he had seen at least one badge so it probably wasn’t that bad of a guess. Huh. Well, if the police were chasing them it probably wasn’t an Akuma. Besides, he was positive that Akuma didn’t actually appear anywhere aside from Paris. The Papillon seemed focused in that area in an attempt to get his hands on the Miraculous. He had no reason to send Super villains out to other parts of the world when there was no way Ladybug and Chat Noir could stop them. So it was probably just some normal people wearing strange outfits. Why the police were chasing them was another question but should he stop them? His moral compass certainly seemed to think so. But he had someone to look after and the police seemed like they had it under control. No need for him to intervene, then.


“Sorry, what’s an ‘Avatar'?” he asked, frowning slightly. “You mean like, métamorphose?” Not quite sure what the English equivalent was, he was forced to default back to French. While he could certainly hold a conversation in it, some words caught him off guard a bit. Specifically, ones not used in common phrases were tricky since it meant it was unlikely to be taught in his lessons. Closing his eyes, he tilted his head towards the sky, trying to think everything over before shaking his head slightly. So it was clear she wasn’t from Earth. Did that mean she was an alien? No, surely not. She looked so human. “You said your world. Are you from Earth? Or, I guess, another Earth?” He frowned for a moment then sighed slightly. “Maybe we should consult the Internet on this one. We might be able to find some answers there."

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It took a few moments for Mystique to realise that Loki had put a glamour over himself one more. She couldn't help but wonder why - he wanted to look strong? To not draw attention to himself? She reached for his hand at the same time that he went for hers; it was becoming a subconscious action now. Not that she liked holding his hand or anything. It just made it easier to stick together, she decided. She stuck close to Loki as they strutted away, although she glanced at him confusedly. "The internet?"




Katara frowned, glancing up at the sky. "He can control all four elements. Well, it can be a he or a she. There's a cycle. A new avatar is reborn when one died. Aang disappeared for a hundred years, and the world fell into conflict without an avatar to keep peace..." Chat had devolved either into 'French,' or there was another English word that she wasn't understanding.


"I'm not from here, that is for sure. That's why I am sure that it is a different world." A man was sitting at the side of the street, holding a cup and shaking it gently. She paused for a moment, rifling in her pockets. She had a coin, but it probably held no value here... Unless this was the future. But she didn't see how it could be. Giving him a pitying look, she walked back alongside Chat again. "What is it you were saying? The internet?" she asked, glancing back at the man again.

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For a long time, the woman was silent. Well, she was silent either way, but that's not the point. She just stared at the group, her blue eyes wide. At this point, she wasn't sure who to trust. The clawed girl seemed since enough, and so did the funny man. But his...machine. It scared her. The only machinery she trusted was her portal gun and her boots. Those never failed her. They never betrayed her, never tried to kill her.


But he said it was okay. Humans weren't as inclined to lie as robots, were they? It'd been so long since she'd actually talked to, let alone seen another human! Other people couldn't be as bad as robots. Resolving to trust the stranger, Chell slowly inched forward towards the group. Though, when she appeared from the other side of the TARDIS, her expression was still wary.







Oh, how he missed Earth! Maxwell grinned, closing his eyes and inhaling another drag of his cigar. Ah, but this happiness couldn't last. They were always there. Clawing at his thoughts, whispering awful things. Things that got...hard to resist after a while. Lines blurred on who's idea was whose. But that didn't matter right now. He was free, free from the throne! And he still had the Codex Umbra! It was like...like..


Nothing ever happened. Except Charlie...She wasn't here, and all those people he had trapped...


All this meant it was for nothing.


Guilt surged through the frail old man, making the cigar taste foul in his mouth. This was his fault. He had doomed those people. And Charlie. And now there was nothing he could do. His initial thoughts of relief soon soured into guilt and anger. Another long drag from his cigar didn't help, either. Maybe...maybe he should stop thinking. Buy some alcohol. Enjoy the company of others for once.

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The Doctor slowly grinned as the girl made her way out from behind his TARDIS. Maybe his good ol' girl calmed her a bit, with her soothing colour and authoritative figure (humans tended to trust their police). "Great!" he exclaimed, straightening as she came nearer. He turned to look at the rest of the group, before whirling around to face outward from his spaceship's door. "Now, the TARDIS' inside might stun you all a little. You can't help it, with those adorable human brains," he declared, patting the shoulder of the soldier who'd been carrying the girl earlier. "So, prepare yourselves. And-well, please don't scream too much."


With a cheeky grin, the tall man shifted to lean against the TARDIS' side and clapped his hands. The doors swung open and the impossible inside could be seen by all. "All aboard then. Don't want you bleeding out," he said, looking pointedly at Chell's injury. She was a strong human to still be standing.

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The Dream Team


Lu turned as she noticed someone chasing behind them in shining armor. It was the knight from before. She gestured to Ciel.

"Look! He must also wish to fight us for no reason!" Lu sighed, hand on her face. "Why are we making so many enemies so quickly!?"

"I could give you many reasons, my queen." Ciel rolled his eyes, smirking.

"Was that, a jest?" Lu narrowed her eyes.

"More people to play with!" Kinu cheered, holding out her hands. "Such fun! Such great fun! Heheh!"

Ciel leaned to Corrin as they ran.

"Are you sure she isn't slightly insane?"

"No." Corrin replied. "But she wouldn't hurt anyone and she's always fun to be around!"

"....I suppose there's a person for everyone." Ciel shrugged, continuing to run at a brisk pace.


The officers turned back to see the armored man. Confused, they waved for him to stop running with them.




Isaac Clarke


He stepped through the door of the TARDIS, but surprisingly wasn't actually taken aback. He'd seen some very strange things during his days in space. A super-large ship instead of a police box? By this point in this universe, he really was not shocked.

He leaned against the wall, coughing.

"Well, as long as you can heal her, man." Isaac commented, exhausted.

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((First time I've ever posted with both of my characters at once.))




The men in blue stopped and addressed Solaire, seeming to imply that his presence was not acceptable.


"Excuse me, sir, I'm afraid you're intruding upon a police investigation. Please stand down and let us do our job."


"Oh? Do you underestimate a Warrior of Sunlight?"


Before he could react, the officer was immediately struck down by the pommel of Solaire's Sunlight Straight Sword moments after it was drawn. A second was hit in the head by the flat of its blade, and the others attempted to restrain him.


Do they really think they can stop me?


Fire burning in his eyes, Solaire took out his talisman and, whispering words of power asking for Lord Gwyn's blessing, conjured a golden bolt of crackling electricity in his left hand.


They all widened their eyes and immediately backed away, surprised one man could wield such stellar potential. Solaire leveled his blade toward the men in blue.


"Let this be a lesson to you! Never question the power of the sun! Now go, while I still allow you to leave unharmed."


The Warrior of Sunlight patiently waited for the men to aid their subdued comrades (who were more surprised than injured) as they left the scene.


Calming down somewhat, Solaire allowed the Sunlight Spear's energy to dissipate before he put away the talisman. He sheathed his Sunlight Straight Sword, and turned back to the group being pursued.


They look like an odd bunch... Perhaps they might know something about my current predicament as well.


"My apologies for such a dramatic display. I am Solaire of Astora, and I'd like to make your acquaintance."






The Doctor did seem to want to help, and he led them into the police box by clapping his hands to open the door.


A bit of dramatic flair, that. Did he install a clapper in his door or something?


Clarion's jaw dropped at what was inside. An elaborate structural support starting from the middle of the room, which seemed to house some sort of computer. Nothing in this machine seemed to be Earth technology, which wasn't surprising at this point. Was this some kind of ship?


Still in awe, Clarion asked the one question she could think of:


"However did you come by this machine?"


The Book of Claws continued to drip blood on the ground, now on the floor of the Doctor's machine.

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“Mortal invention,” Loki replied, thinking it over. Actually, the internet would be a great place to start. He could find news articles related to Thor, himself, the Avengers or Asgard to try to figure out what had happened while he was gone. They’d need to find a computer. Oh, wait. He was being really stupid right now, wasn’t he? They didn’t need to find a computer, they had one right on them. Or, at least, he did. But he still wanted to try to sneak way from Clint before just pulling out his phone and standing still for a while. So he walked away just a little bit faster before pulling Mystique into an alley. Resting against a wall, he took his hand away from hers to reach into his pocket and pull out his phone. Ah, the joy of never having to worry about data woes. One of the perks of both theft and magically enchanting a phone. Did that count as a crime?

Probably not. Nobody had to know that one and the gods didn’t care enough about mortals to check if he was stealing data. Besides, the prices were outrageous as it was. The data companies were the real ones stealing. The prices were absolutely ridiculous. “It’s basically a limitless book that can supply you with any information you may desire. And like most things, humans decided to use it for lewd images.”

Taking his hand back, he fished around for his phone before pulling it out. Typing with one thumb, he managed to pull up google before pausing. What should he type in? Where to start? After a brief moment, he typed in his brother’s name, deciding news on him would probably spread more quickly.

“Ah, well,” He said, eyes narrowing as he started at the first few results. “That is not what I expected.” Scrolling through the results for a moment, he sighed and leaned back, lifting his head towards the sky and closing his eyes. Alternative timelines were not something new to him. But this? This was too much. Sighing, he looked back down and clicked the first link, reading over the Wikipedia article briefly before apparently growing disdained with whatever he was reading and closing the window. He pondered over what he had read briefly before looking at Mystique with a tight-lipped frown. “I…This may sound like an odd question but is Mystique the name you usually go by? I need something you can easily be traced by.”




Chat Noir

“Oh, you don’t have the internet?” Chat replied looking a bit confused. How was he supposed to explain something like that? Continuing to walk, he raised a hand to his chin to think before shrugging. “The internet is like… a source of information that can easily be shared between a group of individuals. You can ask questions or find information and people who are more qualified than you can answer them. It’s like all knowledge that we currently know has been compressed into one easy to access form. It’s really something amazing.” He smiled as he walked down the street, pausing at the corner before turning to face her. “Anyway, if you are from a different world, I guess we’ll have to try to figure out a way for you to get back. Any ideas why you ended up here? Retracing your steps might be the best way to get you back home."

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Lu gazed upon the newcomer with approval as Ciel could only clap a few times.

"Marvelous magical ability. Not that I haven't seen far more superior spells in my time... but good fighting nonetheless." Lu commented, shaking her head so that her hair was better placed on her face. "Solaire, hmm? Sol. Aire. The Heir of Sol? Or more like the Sole Heir to some sort of throne? The Soul Heir of Astora?"

Ciel, however, bowed slightly in recognition of this new person, who seemed to radiate nothing but benevolence and goodwill. He did not sense arrogance but only a knowing of his own abilities.

"Then your acquaintance is made with us, Solaire." Ciel said, standing back to his full height. "I am Ciel, and this is Lu, my queen. We are two.. and yet one."

"Uh... I am... Corrin, of Hoshido. And this is my wife Kinu." Corrin gestured.

"HIIII!" Kinu waved.

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((Perhaps I should update the sheet again with this implication I'm making.))




Perhaps once, it could have been...


Queen Lu seemed to think the name he'd presented was a sort of title. He was nothing more than a Warrior of Sunlight, a servant of those in need. But Soul Heir he could indeed have become.


Solaire shook off the pain of his memories, trying not to let it get to him. This person was a queen and her company! That must make those men in blue from before bandits, meaning he'd saved a member of the royal family. She'd be able to help him for certain. The first order of business was a bonfire, and then finding out how to return to Lordran. Unless he was meant to search for his sun here...?


"I believe you misunderstand me. My name is Solaire, it is not a title. And I am no sorcerer; that was a miracle shared by all Warriors of Sunlight. Though in such a strange place, I wouldn't even be surprised if you'd never heard of them!"


Solaire laughed for a moment at his own joke, and then sensing they did not grasp the humor in the statement he cleared his throat awkwardly and continued on.


"If you could be so gracious, my Queen, perhaps you could direct me to the nearest Bonfire, or at least tell me where I am? I'm afraid this land is unlike anything I have ever seen before."

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Mystique watched Loki with no small amount of wonder. She'd fashioned her 'cellphone,' earlier from seeing his, but she hadn't understood the sheer extent of its abilities. "A limitless book?" she breathed, more looking over his arm than his shoulder (he was ridiculously tall, she noted, as her chin brushed his sleeve). Ah, so he could type things in that he wanted? The keyboard still looked like one from a typewriter, but very much smaller. Many girls in her day went into shorthand typing. It guaranteed a future with money that was suitable for women.


The tiny print and the way it moved did her head in, and Mystique eventually looked away. Loki was silent for a few moments more before he spoke again. She looked back up at him, biting her lip and nodding. She glanced at the phone. Would he be searching for her? "I... When I want to be a person, I'm Raven Darkholme. But when I have to be a mutant, I'm Mystique." There was a reason why she said person, as opposed to human. There was a difference. Being human was a biological fact. Being a person was a condition of society, and it wasn't granted when she showed her true form.






Katara nodded at the explanation, blue eyes widening. That was both scary and wonderful at the same time. If they'd had this 'internet,' then everyone against the Fire Nation could have communicated. But then, Fire Lord Ozai could have communicated with his own, too. She wasn't sure whether the future of her world would be benefited from such a fantastic and terrible thing. "I don't know how I got here," she admitted, giving another car passing by a wary glance. "I was in my home, healing a child. I'd just finished when I landed up... here." It didn't compare at all to the South Pole. Her home wasn't loud or noisy or smelly (usually). It wasn't so dirty, either. And there were never any beggars, she noted, as they passed another figure curled up. People looked after one another. This place was scary.


"You haven't had any experience with spirits before, have you?" The question was hesitant, but serious. Aang had gone into strange places before, and it was the only thing that her mind could comprehend. It would make perfect sense, too. A warning that this could be the future that awaited her world. A place where there was no avatar, or bending or Southern Water Tribe. The question was - why her?

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"Warriors of Sunlight? What sort of Bonfire?"

Lu and Ciel looked at each other, mulling over the words, then turned to Corrin and Kinu. Corrin shrugged, equally confused. Kinu just shook her head.

"I know how to MAKE a Bonfire though!" Kinu proclaimed proudly. "Daddy taught me!"

"Wait, you can make one?" Lu asked in disbelief.

"Yeah! We just need a lot of wood, some flint, some good tinder... Wait, tender meat? No. It's some kinda stick." Kinu shrugged, smiling. "Like really thin but burns well. Got any?!"

"No." Lu stated.

"Nope." Ciel shook his head.

"Uh... we may be able to FIND some outside of the city. But why is a Bonfire so important, Solaire?" Corrin asked, hand on the hilt of his sword out of habit. It wasn't meant to be seen as a sign of hostility, nor was his body prepared for attack. He was leaning back casually, thumbing the end of the blade with his left hand.

"Yes, really. And who are these 'Warriors of Sunlight?'" Lu asked, arms crossed. "Some form of military regiment?"

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Simply dumbfounded, Solaire had no idea how these people- royalty even- had no idea what a Bonfire was. He was shocked at the consideration, since he had known about Bonfires for as long as he could remember.


And to think they know nothing of the Warriors of Sunlight? I think it is quite clear this land is nothing like Lordran... Indeed, there might not even be any Undead other than myself.


Holding a hand to the visor in front of his mask as he found his words, Solaire addressed the four again as he spoke of his group's identity.


"The Warriors of Sunlight are my covenant. Our goal is to act as the agents of Lord Gwyn, and aid those in need even across unknown realms. We shine out from Lordran like the rays of the sun, lighting up even the darkest corners of the world."


The young woman with the vulpine traits- Kinu, was it? - seemed naive enough to suggest that she knew how to make a Bonfire. She seemed only to know about normal fires, which a Bonfire was clearly not.


"My lady, I admire your enthusiasm to help me, but making a Bonfire is more complicated than that. And if I am going to use one, we'll have to make one, since I doubt we will find one in a land without Undead. Given that, if you'd be willing to help me, it could certainly be done..."


Corrin and Lu also asked about the meaning of the Bonfire, almost defensively. But that reaction was nothing compared to the rejection he expected to face when they pieced together what he was.


"When an Undead dies, they come back to life at a Bonfire. In this land, I have not found any Bonfires, and know not what atrocities it holds in store for me yet. Besides, I might be out of Estus."


Solaire took out an emerald-green flask from his satchel and shook it horizontally from the neck with one hand. An indistinct amount of golden-yellow fluid swished around in the very bottom. He upended the bottle onto the ground beneath him, and only a few drops trickled out.


"Yes, that might be a problem."

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Lu frowned, rubbing her chin.

"So you're... some kind of ... zombie?" Lu asked, now with her hands on her hips. "I don't know how I feel about that..."

"That's rude, Lu. Look at him." Ciel gestured. "Undead or not, he helped us. And he feels... positively warm. Don't you sense it?"

"Actually, yes." Corrin stated, interrupting. "He feels like he's emitting the heat of a sun. I thought I was losing my mind."

"It's so nice and warm... Makes me tired..." Kinu said, swaying gently. "I could jusht... Shleep here..."

"Kinu! Not on the stone!" Corrin said, struggling to hold her up. "I should have known you were still sleepy after the wounds you took. Come on, get up on my back."

He lifted her up so that her arms were over his shoulders, around his neck. Soon, her eyes began to close, and she sighed. It was obvious this entire time she had been feigning being fully awake.

"Yesh... just.. like this...." she murmured. "So nice and warm..."

Corrin smiled lightly as he looked back at Solaire. Lu and Ciel were already thinking.

"A bonfire, a means of resurrection?" Lu asked.

"Is it like our Resurrection Stones, then? Just in a constant form?" Ciel pondered.

"Do we even have any resurrection stones left?"

"I'm not sure. Let me see..."


"Only four."

"That's not good at all.... Keep those safe then. We should have always carried more than that."

"We may have lost some in the transit..." Ciel considered.

"Just great then. Fantastic. Stuck in this strange, new world with only four resurrection stones. We need to be careful."

"Indeed, milady." Ciel replied, turning back to Solaire. "This Bonfire of yours, ... I suppose for now we could help make one. We do owe you after all."

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As he figured she would be, Lu was naturally suspicious of Solaire's Undead status. Ciel encouraged her to discard such beliefs on account of his well-meaning intent.


Well, Undead are mostly just normal people. That said, I wouldn't trust a regular human any more than I would trust any Undead.


"It's something you get used to. I know I have!"


Solaire chuckled to himself. It was difficult adjusting to a life of constant death and revival, but it wasn't anything he hadn't expected. After all, the Undead didn't have it easy.


Kinu actually seemed to fall asleep as she was talking, Corrin mentioning her wounds as the cause. Kinu appeared perfectly healthy, but some harms weren't so obvious. Solaire heard myths of bug-eyed creatures that spew clouds of magic smoke which turn those who breathe it to stone.


"If your wife is hurt, Corrin, we should tend to her instead. But if you want to help me make a Bonfire, we'll need something very hard to find in Lordran. Though here, it should be quite easy to come by."


Bonfires had several components; a sword, a flame, a body, and humanity. He had a dozen spare swords and humanity, and he could easily make a flame. Human bodies were uncommon in Lordran, but this realm was practically crawling with them. They probably had tens of thousands of dead in this city alone.

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The fun of freedom was...quickly gone. So used to the incessant droning of soft swing, Maxwel found it difficult to process the world around him. The passing chatter, all the people and places...

It was like all the whispers in his mind were around him, taking the form of man.


Was there even a difference between demon and human? All that time, trapped on his throne, he had thought so. But now? They were just as loud and irritating as them, if not worse. How many men were slaughtered purely out of bloodlust?


As these thoughts consumed him, the darkness at his feet pooled, writhing with clawed, angry hands. Poor Maxwell was so easily influenced and he didn't even know it. Those men hadn't been worth helping. No one was! In fact, this world was no different from his own! Only now, he was free from his throne.


He could play with puppets as long as he wanted to.


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"Lordran? Something hard to find there?" Lu asked, now utterly lost. "What is Lordran? A city? A land? A town?"

Ciel sighed, equally confused. In none of their travels had they heard of Hoshido, Nohr, Bonfires, or Lordran... it was like they were in a completely different world.

Corrin, however, shouldered Kinu more comfortably.

"Oh, don't worry about her. She heals quickly. She's as tough as she is.. beautiful, I suppose." Corrin said, pleased. "Let's help you. What do we need to find?"

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Solaire ((Jeez, Sunbro, you got really dark really fast. But that's Dark Souls for you, I guess...))


What am I thinking? These people know nothing of Lordran, I'm being too cryptic. Then again, my world is so steeped in myths and legends that I don't know if it will help aside from what I know for certain...


The Warrior of Sunlight was relieved that Kinu was going to be alright, and Corrin was correct in his comparison: His wife did indeed look attractive.


"Glad to hear that. Maybe she'll wake up sooner than we think, by your account."


After Queen Lu's understandable confusion, Solaire felt the need to explain what he meant in further detail. Though this would require a whole history lesson to be fully comprehensible, he said enough for it to make sense.


"Lordran is the country of the ancient Lords, who started the Age of Fire. I went there myself to seek my own sun. A prophecy once spoke of Lordran and how it relates to the fate of the Undead, so nowadays it's very difficult to find a human body since almost everyone who's ever died there went Hollow. And that's the only thing we need to make a Bonfire that we don't already have or can get easily- we need a human body."


The reason for this was cryptic, but for what Solaire knew about kindling Bonfires, one could not do so when they themselves were Hollow. Bonfires were started on a corpse and fueled with Humanity, so it only made sense a Hollow's remains wouldn't do the trick. After all, wouldn't it not have any Humanity left to burn?


"Now, I'm not suggesting we kill anyone. That's preposterous, a Warrior of Sunlight does not condone murder. The body needn't be in any particular condition as long as it's still the remains of a person, and it can't be an Undead. So, I suppose there's another way we could go about this."


After a short delay, he added a short phrase at the end of his specifications:


"If you have absolutely no idea what I'm talking about, please feel free to ask questions. I've got an eternity, quite literally. Or at least, in all likelihood, longer than you've got left."


Solaire laughed at his joke, though in reality it probably wasn't all that funny.


I guess when the world's gone to hell, there's not much left to do but laugh. It's about the only thing that will take your mind away from the slaughter.

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Lu listened to the story but scoffed at the final bit.

"Demons live for ages, Sol Heir." Lu flipped her hair haughtily. "We can survive long past the age of men. But a country of ancient lords? ... Sounds majestic and wonderful."

She dreamed for a moment of a land like that. Trees, forests, cities, lost lands. It was probably a great place to visit.

"But what's a Hollow?" Lu wondered. "Some form of bad Undead?"

Ciel was still concerned about the last bit, his face in a bit of disgust.

"..A ... human body? Please understand my concern but as a once human, even an assassin, that's not normally a thing people allow you to mess with. A lot of people like their dead to stay untouched. Once they're buried, they're buried."

Corrin nodded hurriedly, concerned.

"Indeed, to touch the bodies of the dead is to desecrate them!" Corrin added hastily after Ciel finished. "We can't do that! That's not right! Not even a Nohrian would defile the dead!"

He turned to Ciel, worried.

"We... even if we want to help this man, we're not doing that, right?!" Corrin asked, pointing. "That's just not right! There has to be another way! Solaire, do you know of any other way to make these bonfires you speak of?"

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So she calls herself a demon... And Ciel is no longer human? Are they both demons? They can't be from the ruins, or they'd know about the Undead. So, they must be demons from another world.


"An Undead is branded with the Darksign, a curse of great power. The bearer will rise again when they die, but if they lose all hope and humanity they'll become a Hollow. Essentially, they go mad and kill anything unlike themselves. That's why it's so important that I find a Bonfire. If something happens to me here, I need to guarantee that I'll come back to life at least once."


Corrin and Ciel greatly protested Solaire's suggestion that they find a body to use.


I'm glad they have integrity, even if one of them is an assassin. But I need a Bonfire, one way or another. Perhaps... I could use any old body, even an inhuman one. But I'd probably have to offer all the humanity I have.


"At least in theory, there must be enough humanity to fuel the flame's kindling. Using a human body is the most common method because it generally has enough humanity in it from the start. I suppose there are two other ways: We could put our own humanity in it, or we could have someone become a Fire Keeper. But the latter isn't ideal, since it entails a lot more than that. I've got enough humanity to fuel it myself, so I think we can try that. A body of some kind is still necessary, but it needn't be human."


These thoughts of Bonfires reminded Solaire greatly of his father: A great man, by many standards, if perhaps a little deluded. He gave up everything he had, even himself, to try and preserve what gains he made in his life. But in the end, that only inflicted more pain upon those whom he'd helped.


Including me... Why did he do this to us? My father was a Lord, and yet he saw fit to abandon humanity to the Darksign because he would not let the Age of Fire end... Nobody can have power forever.

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