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Choose your own adventure!

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I choose E.


Oops, you accidentally activated it. The green dragon howls with rage! Oh no! The devices were actually monster/dragon enragers! Explains the slug, the rabid leprechans, and all the other things! The green dragon gets so angry at you that it attempts to eat you! What do you do?


A.) Attempt to fight back.

B.) Run for your life!

C.) Take a leap of faith. Yolo.

D.) Attempt to pacify it by feeding it the kitten that is sitting near you, watching everything unfold.

E.) Give up and let the green dragon eat you.


DO NOT ADD ANY MORE CHOICES! It ruins the fun.

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You run for your life. Yes? Well, the wall is three feet behind you, and the angry people who you stole the devices from also surround you. You're trapped. What do you do?


A.) Give up.

B.) Attempt to fight.

C.) Eat cake.

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C) Eat Cake.


As a magical cake appears out of no where you begin eating it. You totally forgot about your balloon friend buddy from earlier, so you hop on his back and fly away. Oh no! The green dragon follows you!


Do you

A) Throw the cake in his face.

B) Keep eating cake.

C) Jump off the balloon dragon into what appears to be a lake below you.

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I choose C!


You jump off. Oh no, it was actually a pit of lava dyed blue! You flail around int he fiery pit, and then you notice: you're not dead. A hellfire wyvern sits near you. What do you do?


A.) Ride it

B.) Eat it. You're hungry, and cake is not that filling.

C.) Ignore everything and continue to flail around in the fiery pit.

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I choose A!


Oh great, it flies up to the mountains toward a huge dark cave.


What do you do?


A. Jump back into the lava pit.

B. Start hitting the wyvern's head.

C. Stay on the dragon, curious about the cave.

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You mean A? :3


Anyway, I choose C.


You and the hellfire wyvern venture into the caverns, curious. As you fly, you sense something flying behind you. You turn around, and you see the Green Dragon! Oh no, it followed you! You pound on the hellfire wyvern, asking it to hurry up. It obeys. Oops, it bumped into something... a stone dragon! The stone dragon seems angered, but... it spots the Green Dragon! They breed to produce an egg. A Geode dragon! What will you do?


A.) Take it.

B.) Continue to explore and leave the new couple in peace.

C.) Stare. Just stare.

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You stare at the two dragons in.....awe? Disgust? You're not sure; either way it was an enlightening experience.


Do you:


A) Take the egg now.

B) Try talking to the dragons.

C) Contemplate the meaning of life.

D) Continue exploring the cave.

E) Leave the cave.

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C. You stand around in philosophical thought, and don't notice the Green dragon becoming annoyed at your presence.


Oh no! The green dragon swipes his tail out at you! Do you:


A. Fall over because you weren't paying attention

B. Grab his tail as it hits you, pushing you into the cave

C. Duck

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