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The Multiverse {CLOSED}

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This will only be open for a short time and only with limited spots. Reserve a spot now if you want to join.

Esko and Coryn02 currently have reserved spaces

rampaging wyvern also has a reserved space but has not decided if they will be joining yet.


You need to be somewhat active to join this RP. You don’t need to post every day but if you know you can’t make at least one post every other day, it will be difficult to catch up when everyone else moves ahead.



There are many Earths out there. Each planet develops from the choices that each person makes and, as there are infinite choices, there are also infinite worlds. Each universe threads out in a spiderweb like structure that comprises what is called the Multiverse. While the Multiverse continues to spread and grow on the outer rims as new worlds arise from the decisions we make, the center of the Multiverse is always inhabited by a singular Earth. Earth Prime is the original, the first Earth from which all others arose. It is also the largest support of the Multiverse and, without it, the entire multiverse would collapse into the abyss.


Now, the multiverse has always been somewhat unstable. Cracks between different Earths have allowed individuals to see other worlds. This has inspired many works of fiction, even though individuals that may be viewed as characters in one universe actually exist in another and live out their lives. However, more recently, these small cracks have grown and Earths have begun growing, creating vacuums that draw individuals from one universe into another. This spells disaster for the multiverse as it suggests that something is wrong with Earth Prime. For the sake of the multiverse, you must figure out a way to navigate the Earths and make it to the center and save Earth Prime.




You play as a "fictional" character in this that has been drawn into another Earth due to the collapsing of the multiverse. Joining up with others, you figure out why you have been drawn to another world and how to stop the destruction of the multiverse. To start, the characters will end up in our world, but expect them to move to many others.



*You must play as a fictional character, aka, a character from books, movies, plays, etc. No original characters.

*No godmoding or power playing

*Try to keep this semi-lit (5 sentence minimum per post)

*Respect each other and be nice

*Post characters in this thread (This will be the OOC)

*Talk to me if you want something to happen in the plot or have suggestions for something. I welcome discussions and may even open up some kind of chat to discuss plot details.

*I may change these rules if something arises where I feel the need to add something.


Character Sheets

Okay, this section is a bit weird considering we’re playing as already defined characters. However, this exists to prove that you know enough about your character to play them and in case others don’t know enough about your character.


[b]Name of Franchise[/b]:
[b]Appearance:[/b] (Images are fine)
[b]History:[/b] (Keep this brief and try to avoid major spoilers. If you are playing a character from before a story starts or halfway through their franchise, tell us. For example, if you want to play as Harry Potter, tell us what year you want him to be.)
[b]Powers[/b] (List these in bullet points and explain any that are not self explanatory)



Taken Characters

Chat Noir (Miraculous Ladybug)--pudding

Nicholas Wilde (Zootopia)--pudding

Lawrence Mundy (Team Fortress 2)--Shadow Claw

Undyne (Undertale)--Shadow Claw

Scout (Team Fortress 2)--Shadow Claw

Luciela R. Sourcream (Elsword)--Thaelasan

Ciel (Elsword)--Thaelasan

Isaac Clarke (Dead Space)--Thaelasan

Clarion (They Bleed Pixels)--Coryn02

Dante (Devil May Cry)--rampaging wyvern



Name: Adrien Agreste (Chat Noir)

Age: 14-15 (Highschool)

Species: Human

Name of Franchise: Miraculous Ladybug

Gender: Male

Appearance: Plagg

Adrien Agreste

Chat Noir

History: Adrien is a shut away, having been denied the right to venture out from their mansion by his protective father. His father, however, provided Adrien with little affection or time and due to the disappearance of his mother, this led to Adrien largely being raised by his father’s assistant and his own bodyguards. In an effort to please his father, he professionally models for him but eventually convinced his father to let him attend a high school instead of just learning from home as he had for most of his life. Around this time, Adrien came onto a ring known as a Miraculous that contained the creature Plagg. By using the ring and Plagg together, Adrien became able to transform into his alter ego Chat Noir and protect the city from the super villains that had appeared along with his partner, Ladybug.



*Fencing (Level unknown)

*Can use his Miraculous ring along with the Kwami Plagg to transform into his alter ego, Chat Noir.

Chat Noir:


*Increased speed, agility and strength

*Enhanced hearing and smell

*Night Vision

*Proficiency with his staff, which can extend to a seemingly infinite length and be split in half. More information on his staff can be found here

Cataclysm: Chat infuses his right hand with bad luck. By touching his hand to objects, it affects them negatively. Stronger objects like metal and stone corrode and easily break while weaker objects like paper and wood immediately dissolve. Using this ability drains his energy, however, as he can only use it once before a countdown begins to revert him back to his civilian form.


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A pudding RP? Sign me up. I'll see what sort of character(s) I wish to make, if possible.

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You're always welcome, Thael!


Also, there isn't a current restriction on characters so you can play as many as you can manage.

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Yo yo yo



Name: Lawrence Mundy

Age: mid to late forties

Species: human

Name of Franchise:Team Fortress 2

Gender: Male

Appearance: here

History: Lawrence, although a native Australian, was actually born the long lost New Zealand. Found and raised by a lonely Australian couple, he grew up an only child. Unlike the tough, bearded children that were his peers, Lawrence was a quiet sort, ending fights by throwing rocks in trees rather than brawling it out. As an adult, he took up a job as a traveling assassin. His skills were noticed by Mann Co, and Redmund Mann hired him as a mercenary. With 11 other mercs, he fought over gravel pits and plots of land as the RED team. It was only when the dueling Redmund and Bluford were killed were all the mercenaries fired. Determined to set things right against the Mann's murderous third brother, the RED team split up to stop them. Here, Lawrence 1) discovered his New Zealand origins, and 2) was killed. For only six hours, though. He was eventually revived by former friend Medic. Stitched up and only half-dressed, this is where his story is interrupted.


Lawrence has no special abilities! He does, however, carry the following weapons:

• red dot sight sniper rifle

• a kukri

• Jarate (multiple jars filled with urine :/)

Other: As stated in the bio, Lawrence is wounded and has just awoken from major surgery. He will be weak for some time.


Planning on adding other characters (probably more Tf2 characters tbh)

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Yeah, there it is!


I'm on

My phone now so I'll properly link the sheet when my I can get on my computer.

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Name: Luciela R. Sourcream

Age: Unknown, appears to be roughly 16.

Species: Demon

Name of Franchise: Elsword

Gender: Female

Appearance: user posted image

History: Lu was the demon queen of the underworld, or at least one of the most important, before her own vassal turned upon her in a fit of jealousy. Chained and bound in the abyss, she was forced to watch as her power and rights were taken away from her, her blood becoming meaningless and her magic rotting away.

Unable to stand it any longer, she amassed the last bit of her power and tried desperately to break free. The result left her weak and with the appearance of a child but thankfully fate was not to be so rude to her.

She was discovered by a tall, jacket-wearing assassin named Ciel, whose appearance was very deceiving of his personality.

Powers Soul Realm - Lu and Ciel are bound together through soul. As such, they both have access to a realm of safety and solitude to rest and live. Here, the duo member which is not in play can regain mana to prepare for their next entrance.

Spectral Spear - Lu's nobility is evident through her use of spears and her elegant appearance. Her trademark weapon is a simple spear but if Ciel has collected souls before its use, the spear grows in power.

Evil Claw - Lu may summon a claw to grasp enemies before her and restrain them for a short period of time. ((In game time at the time of this post is currently 2 seconds.))

Swift Smash - Lu may leap into the air or stay upon the ground to summon a pentagram to damage all enemies around her. If she has five souls, the damage is increased by a small margin.

Strong Strike - Lu punches an enemy, giving her 3 demon fires which track targets after the punch is given. If they hit the target, she gains bonus damage for a short duration.

Shadow Bolt - Lu stops moving entirely and becomes vulnerable as she summons a ring in the sky that she may control at the cost of her mobility. This circle begins to fire spectral spears at the ground, dealing damage to enemies in the path of the descent.

Again, during this, Lu is not invincible.

Noble Presence - Every time the two are allowed to gather their max souls - five - or if they maintain them, Lu and Ciel gain a stacking buff known as Noble Presence, increasing their magical attack power by a small amount.

Castle of Abaddon - If either Lu or Ciel has not attacked in some time, prepare for their penultimate combo - the Castle of Abaddon. Ciel prepares as Lu leaps into the sky, summoning the gates of the castle where the demon Abaddon is sealed and allowing a bit of his power to leak through. Ciel keeps the gates shut as a hundred spears and one huge spear fly from the doors, ripping through any enemy in their path.

Other: "Fufufufu.. look how much power I regained thanks to Ciel..."


Name: Ciel

Age: Appears to be 24-25, is actually 27.

Species: Half-demon.

Name of Franchise: Elsword.

Gender: Male.

Appearance: user posted image

History: Ciel - though this is never made really clear - was born or made an orphan very early in his life. Unable to survive by any other means, he was forced to turn to petty theft and then to large-scale jobs, such as assassination and burglary. By the end of it, he had become the King of Assassins, his name feared across the city that was his home.

On his way back to his home one day, Ciel found a young, white-haired girl abandoned in an alley. Horrified at first, he felt compelled to at least take her home and take care of her. Soon, he was fixing her meals and helping her recuperate, even if it didn't make sense why. She couldn't tell him anything but that her name was Lu.

But soon, a squad of demons found Ciel, and he was forced to help her escape as he fought them off. They fled but it was in vain.

Ciel finally died for the first time in his life, shot through the chest by a demon known as Karis. As he lay bleeding, Lu remembered who she was, and took his soul into her realm to make an offer with him "Serve me and I will bind your soul to mine and save you, because I do not want you to die. You are too important to me."

Ciel, of course, didn't want to see the young girl cry and replied "As long as I may see you happy, I will do as you ask."

Once this was done, the two were on the path to regaining her nobility, and Ciel will do it at any cost, becoming known as her Royal Guard.

Powers Soul Collector - As Ciel and Lu battle, they gather fragments of power known as Souls, pieces of the life force of their enemies. As Ciel collects these souls, the damage of his bullets and their range increases. However, he may also give these to Lu as tribute for her skills.

Death Sentence of Marbas - A gun given to Ciel by Lu, Marbas is a legendary weapon that Ciel is now known for. It has made him into the ultimate guard. While he has it out, Ciel stands still to bar against recoil as he begins unloading bullets into his foes in front of him. The power of Marbas is increased if he has max souls.

Soul Extortion - Ciel tears the life force from foes in front of him to give himself soul pieces. If he has max souls, he gets mana instead.

Strong Strike - Similar to Lu's, but instead of a punch, Ciel fires a single, piercing shot.

Fantasy Impromptu, First Movement - Ciel flourishes his muskets and then Marbas, walking forward in a seeming dance of bullets. At the end of it, if they have swapped enough times, Ciel will move into the following skill.

Fantasy Impromptu, Second Movement - Ciel and Lu together come out at once and Ciel summons phantasms of his guns and Marbas, firing bullets in all directions to hit every opponent possible. This skill is extremely dangerous to anyone in close proximity.

Other: "Hmm... being a butler isn't so bad."


(( I was going to add Isaac Clarke from Dead Space or something but right now I'm trying to decide how I'm going to play Lu/Ciel.

I didn't include Eschaton or other skills like that because I'm pretty sure they have enough. Also, though these sound overpowered, in pvp, Lu/Ciel are actually at a disadvantage due to how squishy they are. I'm serious. So squish squish.

If you believe that these are too strong or overpowered, though, I'll see what I can do. I'd really like to play them. They're my favorite character pair, period, of all time.


ALSO, as a sidenote:

During battle, Lu and Ciel cannot be out at once. This is due to her mana constraints making it hard to materialize them both in battle. Outside of combat, they will both be seen normally near each other.

To be honest, it's never made quite clear if they both can be in the soul realm at once or not, but I like to imagine the soul realm is an abyssmal void of blue and crystal with a house in the center of it crafted by Lu for them to rest and sleep.

Either way, they will not both be fighting at once, and I already have a plan of how to play them without making them too strong. :3c ))

Edited by Thaelasan

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I'll accept them but I am curious what souls are defined as. Are they literally deceased enemies whose souls have been reaped, or are they just fractions of power? Also, can they be collected from living creatures or dead ones?


I'll be on my computer later tonight and I can put my own sheet up then.

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here we go, last characters for the time being


Name: Undyne

Age: unknown, assumed mid-twenties

Species: Monster

Name of Franchise: Undertale

Gender: Female

Appearance: here

History: Captain of the royal guard, Undyne serves as a servant beneath Asgore. She arrives on this Earth pre-ending to a pacifist run.


- can force an opponent to be unable to flee

- generation of magical spears

- strong fish

Other: nope


Name: Scout (actual name undisclosed)

Age: about 20

Species: human

Name of Franchise: Team fortress 2

Gender: male

Appearance: here

History: Scout is usually pretty quiet about his private life. He lives alone with his Ma, and although the team insists Spy is his dad, he doesn't actually know who his father is. Before he arrived, he was tagging along with Saxton Hale.

Powers As a human, Scout has no actual powerrs. He does, however, have the following weapons:

* A scattergun

* a pistol

* a baseball bat

Other than this, he's very fast, and can jump higher than the average man.

Other:. He's a scrawny person and is a little on the short side. Has a heavy Bostonian accent.

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Strong fish is clearly too OP of a power. You're gonna have to keep those guns under control.


Anyway, they're both accepted. I'll be adding the sheets/taken characters up soon. If nobody joins by tomorrow afternoon, we'll hit the ground running on this.

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(( As an afterthought, thought it's apparent in their pictures and I think I've told you about them, Pudding,


Ciel uses gunblades, his combo style focusing on ranged harassment as Royal Guard, his entire life now dedicated to keeping demons at bay for Lu so they will never lay a hand on her.

Lu uses a pair of demon fists. Noblesse's character story is exactly that - because Ciel protected her so fiercely, she became legendary, and added ranged attacks to her arsenal to assist him.

I don't think I can say how much fun they are to play in game in words. Everyone's looking forward to a third job change though, so we can see adult Lu - how she was as a true queen.

But still, meh.


Another pair of skills I didn't include for this was Tribute, which allows Ciel to sacrifice souls to remove poison and other status effects on him or Lu.


As for what Souls are, they are explained to be fragments of an enemy's life force or mana. The enemy doesn't have to be dead - it can be absorbed from them freely. Think of it like sapping Chi, really. It's pulling from the very essence of a living being. ))

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I'd like to join, if there is room left. How fictional do these characters have to be? I'm thinking of one very old character, but fictional nonetheless.

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Shadow is correct, OCs are not permitted. Any fictional character goes, however, I do reserve the right to deny a fictional character. For example, you cannot play as Jesus from South Park to avoid offending people and because South Park is best avoided to keep swearing to a minimum and preserve the PG-13 rating of the forums.

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If a character doesn't have a given name, is it all right if I assign them one? Everything else about them is pretty well-defined. (Changed my mind about my prior question, using someone else.)

Edited by Coryn02

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I'm not sure it depends on what character you're talking about. Can you tell me what you were thinking specifically? A lot of characters have default names even if the name can be changed

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I'm not sure it depends on what character you're talking about. Can you tell me what you were thinking specifically? A lot of characters have default names even if the name can be changed

This character is unnamed the entirety of the game. She is the main protagonist of the They Bleed Pixels video game. I always gave her a name myself in my head since she is never named in the game. She doesn't talk, either, so we never find out what she calls herself, though arguably her actions speak louder than her words.


EDIT: I call her Clarion.

Edited by Coryn02

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You can, or you can leave her unnamed if you're feeling daring. I won't force you to since writing is a different medium and much harder for a character to go unnamed.

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Shadow is making me want to play Heavy or Medic from Team Fortress just so I can go "YOU ARE CREDIT TO TEAM."


LIke that could be amazing.


But all jokes aside, I'm currently trying to decide on adding Female and Male Brawler from DFO, maybe Priest, Isaac Clarke from Dead Space, the Dragonborn from Skyrim...

Oh god. What about Dante from Dante's Inferno, and I don't mean the play....


On second thought, that's far too mature and dark.


Hmm hmmm hmm.. so many choices. But I really want to play just an overly mature character like Isaac so that if everyone picks happy-fun-times cute characters, we have the one guy who is like "I'm losing my mind."

And the best part is, Isaac IS, so he could be like "The marker is doing all of this. Where is Ellie. WHERE IS NICOLE?!"

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I can't decide if I'm gonna join in or not but it looks like it'll be fast-paced and I won't be able to keep up but I'm watching this!!

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Pudding RPs are famous for being fun to be in and begin fast paced but normally we begin to fall into a casual pace. I've never been in one that hasn't gone to at least 10+ pages. I believe even Black and White made it to 12? I'd have to double check.

The page number is irrelevant though because the post length is normally long, as Shadow, pudding, me, and various others prefer to write long posts rather than fire out short ones. So don't worry. We don't like to just three sentence things. And that's no fun anyway.

Much more fun to delve into the reality we've put ourselves into. So as long as you're able to read a large amount of information ever so often, you should be set.

Don't let speed ever discourage you from joining something that sounds interesting. If you told us you needed us to slow down, you wouldn't be bothering us at all. We could make it work.

So many people just ignore topics because of that. "It's too fast" or "It's too detailed" or "I keep getting left behind."

Never feel like you're unable to ask for help. That's ridiculous. Nobody is going to look at you different.


Sorry but that's just how I feel every time someone says that. I could go on for days about it but I'll quit here.

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Mind if I join in? I'm a little nervous about roleplaying here because I haven't done that here is forever, but I'll give it a go.


It's been a busy night, so I don't have time for filling out a sheet. I'm thinking about 1-2 characters for this one, no more.

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Thael has a good point. Usually in RPs that Shadow, Thael and myself are in, we tend to power-house through the first two or three pages and then settle down more when characters meet up and are introduced. And while we are prone to writing a lot more, I don't mind summarizing events if you get a little lost. Usually when I do put out a lot of posts in a short time, it is when my character is in a smaller group so my rapid-firing doesn't affect other groups of individuals. That is why I will be suggesting that when we start, characters are split off and don't stumble across everyone all at once.

For example, we may start off in groups of two to three before fusing into larger groups, just to keep things rolling and so nobody gets lost early on in a mass of introductions.



Alright, so far I've got both Esko and Coryn02 with reserved spaces. That sets us up at five RPers. Wyvern, if you decide to join I will extend a spot to you as well but I'm going to close things off here for now. I don't want this getting to many people because larger RPs with more RPers tend to die quicker and I'm hoping this stays active. I love Multiverse RPs. I've also updated the first post and added my character there with links to the other sheets.

Edited by pudding

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Clarion it shall be! Also, the fan art varies widely for her age depiction (the fan art that's in the game that's probably also concept art), so I'll assume she is still a school-age child. How's this? Should I clarify anything?


EDIT: How's this for dark, Wyvern?


Name: Clarion

Age: 14

Species: Human (Mostly)

Name of Franchise: They Bleed Pixels

Gender: Female

Appearance: Clarion is a Caucasian girl, wearing a red bow in her black shoulder-length hair and preferring black clothing. The linked image is of her fully transformed state.

History: Clarion was once a normal girl attending the Lafcadio Academy for Troubled Young Ladies. When getting her books on the first day of term at the school library, she found a mysterious tome called the Book of Claws. After reading some of it, Clarion experienced horrifying nightmares in which her skin became purple and her hands turned into lengthy claws that constantly drip blood. Only through use of this curse was she able to wake up the next morning, as the creatures haunting her mind seemed quite intent on killing her. To make matters worse, after the first night, Clarion began to progressively experience this transformation in the real world after every successive nightmare. Now suspicious of the book's intent, she repeatedly attempted to dispose of it in various manners, only for it to reappear at her side the next morning in perfect condition. Shortly after the completion of the change, Clarion left the academy in secret to seek a cure, taking the Book of Claws with her.


  • Her claws are deadlier than most conventional weaponry, being able to harm even phantoms. Their blood secretion also ensures they remain lubricated, and thus easy to extricate from a foe.
  • Heightened strength and speed: Clarion is able to dash to strike in a manner surpassing the reaction time of her opponents. She can kick enemies away quite easily, and into the air to finish them off or disrupt their attacks. She also has the strength to jump up walls by grappling with her claws.
  • Clarion has increased resistance to most harms, such as falls from high elevations and spinning saw blades. She is also immune to disease and starvation, though she must still drink water.
  • When Clarion lets blood with her claws, she gains power that is visible in a purple aura or light around her, gauged by intensity. When at its highest level (of which she is immediately aware on a mental level), she can summon a Sigil that will heal her wounds. The Book of Claws will always appear next to a Sigil if it becomes estranged from its owner, by Clarion's intent or otherwise. Clarion can only make one Sigil at a time.
  • Clarion carries the Book of Claws by force, both in that it never leaves her side, and in that she is unable to destroy; it might prove useful in lifting the curse, so she has some incentive in preserving its existence for now.
  • The Book of Claws is self-aware. It contains such an evil power that it has developed a consciousness, and is trying to gain a foothold on the world through Clarion (not that she knows this, given that it doesn't speak to her directly). We can't understand its motives, as it will curse anyone who tries to read it.
  • Clarion hates it when people touch her bow, since she can't put it in herself anymore. It's a miracle it's stayed as it was after all this time.
  • Lafcadio is a boarding school. Since I envision it to be in the United Kingdom, Clarion will have a British accent when speaking.
Edited by Coryn02

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Looks good, I'll add you to the front.


All these interesting characters from things I've never played before. Might have to invest in some new games.

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Aaaa you guys have sold me.


Reserve me a spot, I'll be right back as soon as I've decided which character(s) I'm gonna use why did I have to get into so many video games as of late

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