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Trio and Avatar Trading Thread

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Hey guys. There are several trading threads for things like rares in general, metallics, unbreedables, etc. So I decided to make one for the forces of nature- Ice, Thunder, Magma, Avatar of Creation, Avatar of Change, and Avatar of Destruction. (Not GoN for obvious reasons.)


You must be at least offering a trio/avatar or looking for a trio/avatar, but you can definitely do things such as "CB Ice for Paper" or "Vampire for 2g Avatar of Destruction from a male Royal Blue."


So yeah, that's it. This shouldn't be a duplicate. Um, have fun I guess.




Offering: CB Thunder (close to hatching as of the posting of this thread)


Looking for: 2 CB Lunar Heralds (of any color, they just have to be Caveborn) or just a cool surprise.


Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!

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Mods have discussed this topic and don't feel it is needed. Trios and Avatars can already be traded in the current threads. I'll be closing this now.

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