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Holiday-Kin Massbreed Event

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In the middle of breeding all mine, got interrupted by maintenance. xd.png


Phew, finished! Bred 275 pairs. Can't wait to see all the Holidaykin in a few days!

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Finally done! Bred all 200+ of my pairs, cannot wait to catch some holidaykin babies!

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I've tossed out 8 gold and 4 silver so far.

All 3rd gen checkers of various types.

I hope someone enjoys them.


My commons are not being very nice at all.

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Just a reminder that we prefer users don't post eggs they don't own for the protection of whoever picks them up. If people posting lineages could change them to the parents progeny, that would be much appreciated. ;~;

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37 holiday-kin eggs to the AP, mostly 2Gs and checkers. Hope you like them!

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Happy Eastern to you all! biggrin.gif


I'll be breeding all my holiday checkers in about half an hour. smile.gif


So if someone wants some, please take a look at my spreadsheet (the link is in my signature under the lable "prize lines"). You can request a line by PM. Unfortunatly i haven't listed my Halloween lines yet, but Valentine and Christmas lines can be found under their respective tabs.


And if someone wants to help me out: i have a long list of mates i need in my profile... xd.png

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2G 75

3G 36

4G 8

5G 4

6G 2


Everything i dropped are perfect checkers, i hope someone finds the perfect mate in them smile.gif


Send a few shinies to the ap



myself searching specifically for a

1x 3G white x v09

1x 2G heartstealing x striped river

1x 3G yule x red

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58 eggs, mostly 2nd gens but also Metal checkers, Avatar checkers just went to the AP. smile.gif


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Yeah, I'm holding off with breeding my Lunar holidaykins until tomorrow (tonight cavetime) when they start breeding golden!


Otherwise, I've bred most of my holidays, only the CBs are still available and some Gold pairs. None of the Silvers produced sad.gif and of the Coppers, only those produced whose offspring I *don't* need anymore (I still need two 3rd gens as mates for my unmatched holidays but the according pairs *never* produce sad.gif). Win for AP hunters, I suppose.

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I bred most of my checkers last night. I only got 5 eggs, which I attribute to the fact that I love metal checkers. lol. Mostly got "no egg" or "not interested" results.


I'll try to breed more today, though the kids are coming for dinner so I don't know how much time I'll have. If I don't get time I'll breed tomorrow. I have quite a few of my alts on cooldown due to trading but what aren't will be bred plus I'll likely breed the rest of my CB holidays.

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Only had a few 3rd gens, but bred and dropped those as well as a bunch of 2nd gens that will hopefully be helpful to someone. Good luck finding mates!

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Bred 114 pairs, then got sick of breeding, I admit. Bred my Valentines, bred most of my Christmas dragons, did not breed my Halloweens (that said, most of them are spirals, so it's not a huge loss). Took me more than an hour. xd.png *sweatdrop*


These gave me eggs (77):


Cosy Weather x Vibrant Allure

Beaten Wings x Comfortable Vice

Afternoon Light x Fabulous Plush

Frostlove x Unaffection

Saccharine Poison x Painful Thatching

Lovetide x Gahrahno

Shamanic Hero x Radial Sky

Paled Love x Sugar Eleno

Untamed Love x Nachbarlichkeit

Sweet Tisane x Woodcarver

Liebesschmerz x Eternal Iridium

Alluring Tempest x Vibrant Poetry

Gemuetlichkeit x Concealed Vice

Prunk x Plush Omega

Promised Dance x Warm Flutter

Shackled Desire x Vaewolf

Sweet Vinegar x Sympathology

Inherent Worth x Lecherous Greed

Cosmic Fox x Galactic Vixen

Radiant Virtue x wUVEr

Poisonous Lust x Thorntoxin

Warmherzigkeit x Neighbourly

True Bleeding Heart x Tomas Nau

Lycanthric Affection x Zartes Blut

Warmth of Affection x Affectionate Tribble

Eternal Affection x Cosmos Iridium

Amdijefri x Illuminated Love

Tyrathect x Ache of Affection

Sjandra Kei x Bleached Affection

Jaqueramaphan x Cupid's Teatime

Destructive Singularity x Plush Millipede

Loyal Khamsin x Desperate Lust

Cerise Banners x Ramuq

Herrlichkeit x Kiquacar

Zaertlichkeit x Xiarat

Zuneigung x Chalawan

Reconciliatory x Pranash

Quiet Kiss x Senjar

Cleptocordial x Reshigah

Poison Decoration x Monstrously Sweet

Chaotic Feathers x Radiant Peach

Toxic Locket x Venomlined

Blood-Tipped Wings x Chaotic Glow

Hacheyio x Chaotic Colours

Beowulff x Kyuzova

Makeinen x Tyrian Peach

Rose Ribbon x Serksnas

Siren of Serenity x Jalidi

Fuchsia Berry x Quetza'ala

pinkgovic x Obsidianthorn

Deepest Pink x Love's Depth

Dustsnow x Taygetea

Blizzardpaw x Kalykea

Emerald Strawberry x Astringence

White Measles x Most Timid

Syanune x Furaqatu

Shy Frost x Sunmelt

Voltaika x Amatheria

Papyrustled x Toxic Plastic

Consumed Pearls x Shrinkwrapped

Devourer of Gifts x Vapoure

Plastic Merchandise x Geysira

Festive Spell x Razorspell

Fluorescent Strings x Blackberry Sheen

Frozen Hellflame x Rimeflame

Glitterspell x Razorswarm

Foxshard x Tiltresk

Majestic Festival x Scintillating Frost

Christmas Hellflame x Frozen Sound

Centeocihuatl x Arapalya

Frostgift x Precious Snow

Solstice Thrill x Pink Corn

Amber Sugar x Sunlit Peppermint

Silvered Candy x Sugarcane Jewel

Silverspeckled x Silversoakeed Leaf

Mintstone x Creme Menthe Poivree

Sugargriffin x Festive Ballet


These weren't interested (14):


Distant Yearning x Bright Cerise

Deep Narcissism x Delicate Paint

Concealed Blade x Berserker Vice

Once A Hummingbird x Svesgepo

Behaglichkeit x Tefatin

Stained Wings x Taste of Wine

Mardochayos x Sustra

Saltcrusted x Saltrose

Measletoe x Gelgita

Poisonpaper x Thornvenom

Seashell Artifice x Refracting Lightning

Blackberry Fluorescence x Mango Winterhold

Frostpattern x Patterned Frost

Overexposure x Keebo


These gave me no eggs (22):


Sonnenpferdchen x A Carat Of Love

Narcissistic Paint x Cerulean Tatters

Tarnished Lust x Greenrust Aru'ak

Soft Affection x Soft Tribble

Saccharine Sun x Csikohalak

Tattered Membranes x Zartes Blau

Balacrea x Basdei

Intrinsic Value x Thermodynamo

Desert's Embrace x Lover's Flamenco

Compersionate x Halene

Cancasi x Ursula Rachis

Bombono x Ayrana

Through The Heart x Heretic Blossom

Blossom Aru'ak x Heresy Dragon

The Will of the Ancients x Nanyd

Unrequited Sorrow x Devouring Lust

Anmar Ani'gi x Winterfrost Mage

Archipelagon x Blackberry Yoghurt

Piano String x Fluorescent Glitter

Ixtlilton x Phanchiria

Cheerful Jingle x White-water

Candy Silveware x Phantom Iridium


And I got a refusal (for various CBs I was trying out new pairings, so it was bound to happen with a pair or two):


Zuneigung x Chalawan
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Okay, working on my contributions right now.

60+ eggs, lots of no interestes/no eggs produced and some refusals later:


Did I really just spend 2 hours breeding and matchmaking with my dragons? Wow!

I could try to do some more matchmaking, but, well, I've had enough for today. :/

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I am also getting a lot of no interest/no egg results. More of those than eggs, maybe. I just finished breeding all of mine that have mates and aren't holiday x holiday. Happy hunting!

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Just breed mine. biggrin.gif Mostly 2nd gens Magma/Holiday. And some nice checkers. smile.gif


Happy hunting. biggrin.gif

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Whew, finally over - just finished breeding my entire Holiday dragon collection, resulting in a whopping 214 eggs (give or take an egg, no idea how many 'no interests', 'no eggs' and 'refusals' I got, since I just counted the successful breedings), 4 Metallics and 1 Trio among the bunch. They're all either 2nd gens or perfect checkers. Happy hunting everyone! smile.gif

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I've sent 25 eggs to the AP, mostly 3G checkers. About half my attempts got "no egg" messages, so they weren't very willing. dry.gif


I do have three lineages with golden lunars I can breed, so I'll try to remember to do them when the color turns later laugh.gif

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Haven't been on DC for a while, so nearly each pair I bred produced an eggy ^^

A lot of lovely checkers will show up soon smile.gif

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Most of my shinies did not cooperate, but I did manage to send one 2G Silver from Solstice to the AP. Good luck finding it! biggrin.gif

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Almost done, whew!

My metallics didn't cooperate, either, apart from the Coppers.

The egg production rate seemed to drop in the course of the day, even for common/uncommon breeds. Oh well, I still sent about 60 eggs to the AP, the rest will follow after a short break. wink.gif

Can't wait to see all those goodies on the AP!


Happy Easter, everyone!

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What few nice lines or 2gens I could make are out there! Can't wait to catch some other goodies!

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Happy birthday! *offers favorite birthday treat*

Thank you! Fittingly, it's chocolate. tongue.gif I'll start breeding my dragons now!

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