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The Black Dragon Alt Supplier.

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I've noticed that Black Dragons end up being abandoned quite a bit cause they are not alts...So I've decided to make something:


What we do:

When you trade us the hatching that is not a alt,we give you an BD egg.Example:

You give one of us a non alt hatchling,

We give you back an egg.

Simple as that.Instead of having those non alt BDs spamming your scroll,and then having to find another egg,come here!I will be accepting people who want to be the suppliers.To apply,ask here the number of hatching you give and the eggs we give.you.Than one of us will accept,breed/obtain your egg/s and you send the trade.


Bye and thanks for visiting!!

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I made this because I kept seeing dead hatchies,abandoned,or released BD.I needed to take action......so I made this.




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Closing. This thread would be a duplicate of other trade threads. If a member wants to trade a black hatchling that didn't alt for a black egg there are several existing threads that they can use.

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