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KNIGHT SUBCLASSES! DLANCER SUBCLASSES! WITCH ADJUSTMENTS! SWAPPING MADE EASIER!!!!!  *dances* As a sidenote I found out that shummy/ele reworks comes with the addition of seperating the Mega into its own tab. PRAISE NEOPLE! First that, now edits to ease swapping. <3


.... Hey, that's the art from the gallery!.... And the Great Metastasis dimension is shoved into the side. XD

I hope we finally get the lore behind FSlayer's part in the Great Meta....



Probably for Origins: Hilder's Chamber of Secrets ... What's Marrelette doing there? Map with labels. Mainly important here because I can translate XD



Congrats on the leveling, hahaha. Your prize: a spiffy damage font and a weird video CDnF made for Luke Raid.


Recent Stream revealed our future updates! People are saying that we'll get Tower of Grief and Echon by August and Luke by September.... ((That's a bit fast, don't you think?))

Eyyyyy Priestess 2nds! At last!

what kinda name is divineress

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I also love how the revamped places look. I can't wait to see it in DFOG! I can't understand anything in that Hilder's Chamber of Secrets, but it does seem to be related to Origin..? Wish I could read Chinese though, cuz this seems really interesting. :P Also that is... quite a weird video.


Newlington Rod is still needed on my main, so Tower of Anguish will definitely come in handy when it arrives on August 8th... Anton Raid arrived on September last year, so maybe it's not so soon to have Luke Raid this September. GM is potato tier, so I wonder if I'm even Luke Ready™ with what I have.

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Well, that's where I come in. :P

Tell me what you want to know, and I'll translate~ 

For instance, the letter is just Hilder taking 2 paragraphs to ask you to protect Arad. The interesting bit in it is how she mentions a "calamity" that apparently occurred three years ago, but doesn't go into which one it is, though I personally think she's talking about the Great Metastasis.... Even though the letter references Lorien Forest and West Coast. Are you saying that time-traveling, dimension-hopping Hilder isn't canon?

... Actually, the letter might be a reference to a CDnF meme that's basically people saying "I'm sorry I didn't protect Arad" on certain videos because of the Great Metastasis.


... Maybe.... I mean...Luke Raid is intended to be excruciatingly difficult, "top 1% of KDnF players only," sort of hard. Heck, IIRC they vamped up the difficulty of it after it released because "too many people were clearing."

And GM buffs are on the horizon! Believe~~


At any rate, if you decide to do it, I'll say this: Phase 1 is the easy one. Phase 2 is where everything goes to hell.

For Phase 2, breaking off Luke's power reduces his defense or something by a lot. Some raids wait for one party to break off his power before going in to fight Luke.

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