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I'm trying to expand one of my ocs, here is his introduction.


Despite being tall, he was small boned and untoned, causing him to have a lanky look. His scraggly tricolored hair was just long enough to brush the tip of his nose, efficiently hiding both of his eyes in layers of black, gray, and then red-orange. Around his neck a torn and wrinkled gray bandanna hung loosely. The black leather jacket he wore was buttoned to the collar; the back featured a bleeding anatomical human heart. The cuffs of his black cargo pants hung over polished black combat boots. Just by appearance, anyone could tell Mute was not a normal boy.

  His body moved automatically as his thoughts were concentrated on expanding the ideas in his head, but his long legs brought him quickly to his destination. It was the office supplies located in the back of the Walmart Supercenter, the biggest store in his small hometown. A loud crash brought him out of his daydreams, and he glanced down the aisle.  Some idiot had knocked over a pile of large drawing pads.

  Mute mentally shrugged off the event, and turned his attention to his goal. To his surprise, Walmart had run out of spiral notebooks. His surprise didn't last long. He turned and left the office supplies, slowly walking a couple aisles over to the books. The small movement of his hand in his coat pocket was barely noticeable to onlookers as he surveyed the science fiction selection. 

  After only the few minutes it took to read all the titles, he walked swiftly and confidently back to the office supplies. Mute stopped in front of the large stack of newly stocked spiral notebooks; removed his right hand from his pocket to select the black notbook from the top of the stack. Then he headed towards the check out with a small, knowing smirk twisting up his lips.

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