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Monsters and Men: The Stardust Revolution

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Stars fall every day.


They are silent, and mostly unnoticed. Myths of wishes and good fortune surrounded their existence, and children of the past would glance up and point, drawing the round eyes of a friend. Round eyes that would sparkle and crinkle up as they smiled.


Stars falling used to be an exciting event. They used to grant wishes.


Now, they are omens of disaster and chaos.


At the end of the year 2016, a meteor struck the earth, destroying half of the world's population. It created a chasm in the side of the world, which the entirety of the east continents drowned in. From this rip, toxic fumes and radiation poured out, soaking everything and everyone that came into contact with them. Many more died, and it seemed like the world was truly at an end. Until the infamous durability of humanity kicked in. People began forming immunities to the poisons, and they sucked up the radiation waves like they were mere UV rays, meant to tan the skin and donate vitamin D.


To some, this was a blessing, a sign from God that mankind was chosen to persevere against all the odds. To others, it became a dark curse that they were forced to live with for the rest of their lives.


The radiation affected them in strange ways, giving them impossible abilities, making them stronger, faster, more intelligent. But like in every comic book, there was a drawback. These abilities made them outcasts in what was left of humanity, and they were easily identified by deformities which were usually alarming or gruesome. Some became enraged and turned their backs on mankind, choosing to embrace the beast in them rather than the human. Others retained their sense of self and tried to help by venturing out to the east side of the world, where atrocities of nature and otherworldly creatures had begun stirring. Creatures and atrocities that had a particular taste for mutations.


However, while they fought the good fight, those who had left humanity started to band together, rage and bitterness fueling their very cores. They were planning a revolution. One that couldn't be stopped by normal humans.


If humanity was going to survive, it needed a lot of help. Help that could only come from those that they shunned and feared. They needed monsters.



Character Forms:




Side(revolution or outcasts):





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Name: Alex Scarlet (Her stage name is "Siren")

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Appearance: Here She's 5'5", green eyes

Personality: RP'ed

History: Before the meteor, Alex lived her life as a successful pop artist with many adoring fans and a fairly average life. She had a loving family consisting of her two normal, if not worrying, parents, and an older brother whom she looked up to more than anyone. Alex loved life, and it loved her. She was so blessed that when the very world shook at her feet on a solo vacation in Hawaii, she didn't even worry. Until she saw the news, that was. Upon seeing that her home had been decimated, Alex frantically tried to catch a flight back to England. However, seeing as how all transportation aside from medical care had been stopped, she had little luck. So by the time she was able to go home, it was a month later and her family was dead. She learned from a neighbor that had survived that a group of monsters had attacked the town only days prior, and her brother had tried to stop them. He'd been torn to pieces. Her parents had quickly followed suit. Drunk on rage and vengeance, Alex wandered aimlessly around the world, looking for fights and power, trying to find those that had killed her family. She learned how to fight, how to use a gun, and how to use her hatred as a weapon.

Other: Has a scar across her left eye from a monster she'd killed on her journey.


Name: Harry Sculd

Age: 44

Gender: Male

Appearance: Here 8'0" normally. Can grow. And Shrink.

Personality: RP'ed

History: Was a botanist working in Europe when the comet hit. He was working with swamp bacteria and trees when suddenly the building was collapsing on top of him. When he woke up, the tree had amalgamated with his body, turning his skin to wood and moss, and making him a perfect human-tree specimen. He fascinated himself and once he was able to leave the ruined building, he spent his time researching the meteor and its radiation. Harry had no family or relationship to speak of, so he was alone. The persecution he received from humans didn't bother him much, as he was much more absorbed in the mysteries of monsters. The isolation he gained suited him.

Ability: All tree and human things. He's basically Groot but can speak more than three words.

Deformity: He's a tree but also a human.

Side(revolution or outcasts): Outcasts, for the most part. He's kind of a neutral party.

Other: More concerned about science than anything else, really.






Name: Lilac Magic Pastry

Nickname: Strudel

Age: ...Old enough to marry. o-o

Gender: Female

Appearence: Red/brown hair in a ponytail, Light blue hoodie, light green shirt, cloud patterned shorts, brown sneakers, pale skin.

Personality: Quick to get angry. Rest will be rp'd out.

History: Secret.

Ability: Teleportation.

Deformity: Light blue bunny ears and sharp teeth.

Side: Outcast.

Other: Can remember little of her other life, She seems to remember someone called 'Max'.


Name: Demon Eyes/D.E

Age: 39

Gender: [Classified]

Appearence: Short black hair, red eyes, light-but-not-pale skin, capris and sweater along with winter boots.

Personality: Protective of younger sister, Lilac.

History: They were born on a cold summer night in a barn, raised until she was 5. They had been neglected a long time, so they had learned to do her chores and such on her own. Another five years passed, and their family with it due to wolves attacking and them being the only one knowing how to protect herself. When they went to school the following day they met a girl-Lilac to be exact. She was 4 at the time. A while later they were adopted into Lilac's family and the rest is history.

Other: Adopted.

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Okay, good smile.gif


Name: Wade Walker

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Appearance: Picture - He's very tall and lithe, standing at about 6'2. His hair isn't very long, falling a bit below his ears, and his tail appears where his spine ends.

Personality: Wade is very cunning and sarcastic. He is slightly sociopathic (and can be very psychopathic at times), and dislikes/distrusts people in general. He has always been a skilled outdoorsman, and is excellent at hunting and tracking. He hated himself even before he was mutated, and when the meteor came he withdrew completely from humanity, becoming consumed with self-hatred at the monster he had become and allowing his beast side to consume him. He's a very gruff guy, very protective towards those he cares about, and a reckless fighter.

History: Wade lived a pretty normal, if not secluded, life before the meteor hit. He and his parents and two younger sisters lived in a house in the woods. They were homeschooled and largely self sufficient, and he was very close to his sister. He and his father would go hunting for meat for the family, and he'd help his mother and sisters in their garden, gaining a vast knowledge about herbs and growing plants in general. He would often encourage his parents to spend time together once he was old enough to care for his siblings, and the day before his sixteenth birthday, on his urging, his parents went out for a walk in the woods. They were killed by a small rogue pack of rabid wolves. Consumed with horror at what his actions had produce and hatred, he killed the beast and raised his sisters with the help of his uncle, who lived nearby. When the meteor hit, it killed his sisters. He was out hunting and was thrown over fifty feet through brush and thorns before falling unconscious. When he awoke, he had taken the traits of the very animals he despised, and upon finding his family was dead, withdrew from the world.

Ability: His nails can sharpen into claws at his will, he has quick healing, and is very flexible. His senses, especially his sense of smell and hearing, were largely improved. He has excellent balance and will switch before loping on all fours and walking. He has the ability to perform the stunts of a gymnast and often will when hunting. He can also eat raw meat, but prefers it cooked.

Deformity: He has wolf ears, a tail, golden eyes, and extended canines.

Side(revolution or outcasts): Outcast

Other: He has a home of sorts in a huge cave in the woods, with a fresh stream of water flowing in the back and a place for him to sleep safely in a corner. The opening is large enough for him to fit and small enough to keep away most large predators, such as bears.


Name: Tanner Wilson

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Appearance: Whee - His scales are pitch black, seeming to absorb any light nearby. His eyes (and his hair) are black as well, with red flecks. He is about six foot.

Personality: Has little humanity left, and enjoys killing for fun. Sadistic psychopath with wit and charm. Tends to talk a lot. Rest to be rp'd.

History: Tanner grew up with an alcoholic father and no mother. His father would often come home in a drunken rage, taking it out on his son. Tanner has many scars because of this. After the meteor hit, he was delighted to realize he was a monster, and his almost demonic personality switch led him to brutally murder his father and what was left of the town he lived in. He joined the revolution for a while, though he was kicked out after being made angry by three monsters and proceeding to kill them in his rage. He lived alone after that, often talking to himself and scaring away all wildlife nearby, which he both loves and hates. Tanner still suffers from nightmares and is almost constantly lonely, not realizing what he truly wants (coughneedscough) is acceptances and friendship (and love, if he could find it considering his changes. Not that he knows or would ever admit that.)

Ability: Shadow Manipulation - the dark bends to his will, taking shapes that can't be touched but leave a mark.

Deformity: Dude, he looks like a dragon. Isn't that enough?

Side: Outcast (former rebellion. Was kicked out when he killed several of his team in rage.)

Other: He can fly... sorta. He's still learning.

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((I'll start then biggrin.gif He may be a bit more... violent then I meant him to be. But he's more of an animal then anything else right now, but don't feel like you have to pardon him or anything xd.png))


A lone figure stalked through the sparse woods, the lean, well muscled figure having a sort of animalistic look about him. The pure white tail of a wolf continued where his spine should end, waving behind him as he prowled easily through the woods. A wolf ear flicked away a mosquito that flew too close. His hand darted out, and without even a passing glance, smashed the bothersome insect between two claws. He wiped the remains of the insect on his pants with a look of disgust, his lip turning up into a growl of displeasure, revealing sharp canine teeth. His golden eyes scanned the forest, halting once to prick his ears to listen and smell the air. It was a damp day, the air filled with moisture and bleak gray clouds above heavy with rain. The man gave a sort of malicious grin upon spotting an unsuspecting rabbit through the underbrush, transferring smoothly to all fours and slipping through the trees like a shadow. He was almost on top of the creature before it realized he was there, and he grabbed it by the ears and snapped it's neck quickly to minimize its suffering. "Thank you for your life, so that you may sustain mine. May your water be fresh, food prevalent, and den safe." He murmured quietly, carrying the rabbit by its ears through the forest back to his camp.


The noise of voices in the barely discernible breeze made him halt, his lip pulling up in disgust. He hated them for calling him a freak, a monster. He hated even more that they were right. He hadn't been there to save his parents, or his sisters and uncle. He didn't deserve to live, and neither did those... humans. His sisters and parents were worth more than they and he put together ever would. They would all die, or he would die trying. Either way, in his mind at least, he would gain - either in death, or in vengeance. He wasn't completely sure why he needed revenge upon them, but in his animalistic mind it made sense. He stowed the rabbit away where it would be untouched for later. He slunk silently through the trees, his nails curving into sharp, deadly claws as he walked. He paused behind a tree, watching the small group of men - there was about five of them - as they sat around a small, crackling fire. They were laughing, some cleaning their guns while others drank from old beer bottles and talked, their speech. He snorted slightly in disgust, and deciding they would be no threat to him, decided to make himself known before he killed them. They'd really be better off dead anyways - he doubted they would survive the next two months, even with guns. Food was running short, and animals were becoming harder to find. And he doubted they knew types of herbs or what foods and mushrooms were safe to eat.


He stepped out from the trees, his eyes burning a molten gold and tail flicking behind him. He snarled to get their attention, the men jumping slightly at the unexpected noise before laughing and jeering at him. " 'Ey look, Tom, it's that freak Wade!" One laughed, loading and cocking his gun. "I'll just put a bullet in 'im, dogs like 'im need to be put down and out of their misery." He shot the gun and Wade moved a fraction before they could move, the bullet embedding itself into his side. All went silent, and Wade fixed them with a bored stare before glancing at the wound, digging the bullet out without so much as wincing and turning it in his fingers, staring at it for a moment before flicking it away. Blood flowed from the wound but he looked unconcerned as it began to heal. The men shifted uneasily as the feral man fixed them with a predatory stare, Wade sauntering towards the man who shot him with a twisted smile, his eyes sparkling with hatred.


"Consider this an act of mercy." He rumbled, his voice rough and raspy. Before any of them could react, Wade had the man by his throat, lifting him and watching him struggle a moment before snapping his neck. There was dead silence for a moment, the other four staring at him in shock before jumping into action, scrambling for their guns or some sort of weapons to kill him with. The loud crack of gunfire filled the air, and Wade snapped the neck of the gun's owner quickly and without mercy. The remaining two had nothing but their glass bottles of beer. One threw the bottle at him which he dodged easily. The other tackled him when Wade was distracted, slamming the bottle on the back of his head. The wolf man staggered slightly before giving a bloodcurling snarl and pulling himself up to his full height, towering over the two men and fixing them with a deadly snarl. He pounced on one, digging the claws of his left hand into the man's abdomen and using his right hand to snap his neck. The other man had grabbed the taller wolf man by the torso, dragging him off of his friend too late. Wade flipped over, pinning the man to the ground before springing to his feet and turning to stare at the man on the ground. Gasping, with eyes wide in terror, he scooted back, stopping only when Wade's foot pinned him to the ground. Wade tilted his head, staring at the man thoughtfully. "Go back to your... settlement and tell the others what you've seen. Stay out of my woods. If you come back, I will kill you."


The man gave a scornful laugh. "I'd bring a party to hunt you down, you flea-bitten mongrel." Wade gave a roar of anger, picking up the man by his throat and flinging him against a tree with a sickening thud. The man groaned, staggering to his feet and attempting to charge at him. Wade's hand darted out quicker than he could blink, tearing out his throat and flicking off the blood before turning and striding off, ignoring the man's dying gurgle and retrieving his rabbit by the ears, walking off towards his cave as if he hadn't just killed five men not five minutes prior.


((That was super long but mostly just him killing people... he is a rather sadistic son of a you-know-what, isn't he? Hmm. That was a bit more violent then I'd planned, but whatever. Not all my posts will be this long, btw. My intro posts always tend to be long because I'm setting up my character.))

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((Nice, nice. xd.png I like him already. I don't know if I'll write as much as you in my intro but I'll try. smile.gif))


Alex grit her teeth and closed her eyes, hand coming up to rub the in-betweens of her eyes. The bar she was currently in was loud, smelled of urine, and made her head ache with every shout and cry the drunkards beside her let out. A year or so ago, this would have been her scene, and she would have been right there along with everyone else, singing in an alcoholic daze and looking like a fool. Now, it was plainly annoying. Before her sat an iced scotch, the sweat of the glass dripping down and wetting her twitching fingers. She hadn't been on a hunt in days, due to lack of information, and since the end of the world, she'd been near constantly moving. Rumors of monsters in this town had reached her from far, but now that she was here, she wondered if it had been mere superstitious rumor after all.


Emerald green eyes flashed open and up at the body that now towered over her, blocking the dim lights from hitting her face. The bartender looked down at her with a little bit of sympathy, and she immediately decided she liked him. He held up the branded bottle she'd been getting glasses from and she nodded, sliding him the payment for the drink. At this, he shook his head and pushed the money back to her.


"It's on the house. My daughter loved you. Begged to go to all of your concerts." He poured the alcohol slowly, smiling at her gently. Alex felt her heart squeeze. She didn't think about her pop star past all that much recently. It felt more like someone else's life than her own.


"Thank you." She said quietly, lifting the now full glass to her lips.


Before she took a sip however, she swept her deep red bangs from her face and met his eyes.

"What was her name?"


The bartender's curved lips faltered for a moment. "Emily."


"Emily..." Alex tipped the scotch into her mouth and closed her eyes. After a moment of silence, she downed the rest of it and pushed a generous tip towards her new "friend".


"For Emily." She murmured, and got up from her stool, heading for the exit. Before she could even reach for the door handle however, it flew open and banged against the wall loudly, immediately causing the bar to go still.


"M-my dad! My dad and his friends have been attacked! By the monster!" A young boy stood in the doorway, panting and red cheeked, tear streaks stark against his skin.


In seconds he was surrounded, the men in the bar speaking softly to him, trying to get the story out. The kid spoke in hiccups and sobs, saying his father and his friends had been out in the woods when a wolf man had simply murdered them all. It seemed like the only reason he was still alive was because he'd hidden behind a tree, coming back from a bathroom break. Alex pitied him.


She threw one grateful nod at the bartender and then was gone, flying out the door and following the small footprints of the frantic boy. It wasn't long before she found the supposed "campsite". Now it was more of a slaughterhouse.


Alex stepped carefully over the bodies, drawing her hunting knife from its sheath at the small of her back. She held it expertly in front of her, eyes and ears alert for the presence of the monster. It seemed she would have something to hunt after all. Blood pounded in her ears as she came into a clearing before a dark cave. Her breath stilled and she settled in her haunches.


"Alright, beast. If you've got any morality left in you, you'll come out here without a fight. It's time you answered for killing those men, and the countless others you've probably slaughtered." The scar over her left eye seemed to heat up as she thought about her revenge. She'd kill all of the monsters. Just like they'd killed her family.


((Oh btw can you delete the posts before this please? Aside from your form of course. I'm a stickler for organization. xd.png Sorry))

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((I would've responded sooner but had to put a baby down. Sorry.


Wade's also a bit unpredictable. I'm somewhat basing him off of a soon to be book character - good to get practice.))


Wade heard her before he saw her. Heard the crunch of her shoes on the grass, the whisper of her breath against the air. The rabbit's legs were roasting on the fire and he grunted in annoyance. She obviously wanted to kill him - heaven knows why. Probably because of the whole campsite fiasco that happened about half an hour ago. The child probably alerted them - he had caught a glimpse of the little boy, but he would never lay a hand on a child. Ever. Probably ran back to the first building he saw to fetch help for the monster that killed his father. Wade felt a pang of guilt and winced before shaking it away and standing, grabbing the mostly cooked rabbit from above the fire and taking a bite out of it, ducking out of his cave silently.


He surveyed the girl with critical golden eyes, tilting his head as he chewed the meat slowly. There was something about her... something familiar. His white tail flicked as he swallowed, unblinking. Then it hit him - she was a pop star, or famous at the very least, before the meteor. His sisters had mentioned her. Didn't remember her name - not that it was important - but he really didn't want to kill her. Partly because he didn't want to be the coldblooded killer everyone said he was, and partly because she brought back memories of his sisters. His ear flicked almost unconsciously as he noted her defensive stance and the knife. "They're the only one's I've killed, you know. They call me a monster, a flea bitten mongrel. I'm the type of monster parents tell their children about at night. So yeah, they're probably right. You're probably right. I deserve to die." He gave a slight chuckle, eyes filled with self-hatred. "But in my defense, they shot first. What I did could be considered self defense. And for the record - I knew the little boy was there. But I would never harm a child." He snarled slightly, leaning towards her before pulling away, staying silent for a moment. "Ever. Just remember that as you kill me." He gestured towards his meal. "Rabbit? I have extra."


He took another bit of rabbit, chewing it and leaning against the stone entrance, staring at her calmly, his face a perfect combination of emotionless and self-control.

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((Sorry as well, a friend came over))


As the monster sauntered out of the shadows, Alex felt her eyes widen a fraction. He was unusual looking, for a beast. He was less ghastly and gruesome and more... cute? No, not exactly. More pretty. He was pretty. That was it. Instead of being a hideous deformity, the wolf-like features the monster adapted suited him, making him look less like a target and more like a human.


As he examined her with his honey-colored eyes, she stared right back, challenging him with her bright green. His additional features seemed to react unconsciously, offering her a read on him better than what he actually meant to give away. When he spoke, Alex felt her brow twitch.


He hadn't killed anyone but the drunkards? Then why had they been taken apart so expertly? It had looked like the work of a professional butcher.


She was surprised again at the self-deprecation the wolf-boy emitted. He hated himself. That was unusual, as well. Monsters held contempt only for humankind, their own wrongdoings completely forgotten in the face of humanity's fear of the strange. Yet this boy, probably close to her in age, retained his sense of self? Her shoulders relaxed.


He did not act like the monsters she loathed. He acted human. Which made this so much more difficult.


"No, I don't eat meat. But thank you... I'll make it quick." She set herself once more and flipped the blade in her hand, throwing it at the boy's shoulder and pulling another, smaller dagger from her thigh, which had been hiding nicely under her black cloak. Beneath the cloak, she had numerous hidden weapons, and a skintight black bodysuit kept her warm, enabling her to wear the outfit no matter where she went. It also helped that it was bulletproof.


Smaller knife in hand, Alex charged the monster, swerving from side to side before she settled on his left side, ducking down to aim a stab under his ribs and right into his heart. This was how it had to be. She didn't want to kill him. But she would. For her family. And for the others to come. She grit her teeth as she swung the dagger upwards.



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((It's fine.))


"Have it your way then." Wade muttered, tossing what was left of the meat aside as she pulled a knife out of her coat. "Thank you for the thought, but... dying isn't necessarily on my agenda today." He grunted in pain as the knife she threw that embedded itself deep in his left shoulder and she charged forwarded, quick for a human. But he was quicker, springing upwards and tucking in his legs, clearing her head by only inches before landing neatly on his feet. Scowling and giving a slight snarl of annoyance, he grabbed the hilt of the knife and pulled it out quickly before tossing the bloody object aside. Blood pulsed freely from the wound but he ignored it as it had already began to heal. His nails curved into claws, but he had no real desire to kill the girl - but he did have a right to defend himself if necessary. "Well that was rather rude." He said dryly. "I was shot in the side half an hour ago, and now I'm stabbed? Do you have any idea how irritating that is?" The words he spoke were sarcastic but almost sounded like conversation. Wade's tail flicked as his shoulder's bleeding lessened considerably before stopping all together. He glanced down at the wound before grunting in satisfaction. "Well, glad that's handled then. Now, back to business. Are you going to continue attempting to kill me, or would you rather discuss more pressing things instead of trying to kill one lone monster... such as the revolution of the others?" He asked, leaning foward with a slight smirk and tilting his head in an almost doggish fashion.

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((Had work today. Again, I'm sorry. I'll try to be more regular.))


Alex growled lowly, turning on her heel to face him, a dark glower on her face. Didn't he just tell her that he deserved to die? And to remember the child as she killed him? Wasn't that like an invitation? Confusion and annoyance prickled along her spine. He was much faster than her. And it seemed like he had the ability to heal. Perfect. He was going to be a pain to kill.


"Why should I care about the revolution? My job is just to kill you savage creatures. Not negotiate." She spat the words, her voice sharp. He was a little too rational and a little too charming for her comfort. Had she been a different person, she might have said she saw her brother in him. But she was not. So he was simply a monster. A target.


Alex flipped her scarlet hair behind her and eyed the knife a few feet from her. It was close enough for her to roll and grab, but with the wolf-boy's speed, she doubted she had a good chance with it. And the dagger she currently grasped was too small to cause any real damage. If she wanted to kill him, she'd probably have to decapitate him or something.


That was the question, though. Did she truly want to end his life? It was true that he had massacred the drunkards, but it was also true that it had been self defense. Confliction twisted in her gut and the frown on her face deepened. He didn't seem... bad. Most monsters she had faced had been filled with greed, rage, and bloodlust. And while Alex certainly felt rage in him, she could find no thirst for anything else. He was a ripple in a pond. Calm and even.


"And why bring up the monster's rebellion? Are you apart of it? It seems to me that you're just a lone wolf, but I've been wrong before." Her body was tense like a bow, and her piercing gaze bored into his own languid figure. Was he really just an outcast? Did it matter if he was? He was a monster. The same kind that killed her family. But if he wasn't revolution... then that meant he wasn't linked to those that had killed them. So... did he deserve death?


Arguing with herself got her nowhere, so she made a snap, chance decision. She straightened out of her crouch and sheathed the blade.

"It doesn't matter. I may be an idiot for this but I don't want to kill you. You remind me of someone I once knew." Taking no heed of the potential danger, Alex walked forward until she was mere centimeters from him. She looked up at him, slightly annoyed that she had to look so far, and poked him in the chest.


"Prove to me you're not like the mindless animals I've had to put down before. If you can do that, I'd like to form a partnership with you." Her proximity to him made her slightly uncomfortable, but she wasn't sure whether it was due to his nature or his attractive face.


Something told her that a partnership with him would be beneficial to both of them, and she'd always trusted her gut before. Why stop now?

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((It's fine, I understand. smile.gif ))


"Am I truly savage, though?" Wade asked, tilting his head. He could see the indecision on her face. Her green eyes glanced to the knife he had tossed away, hesitation clear in her gaze. He chuckled lightly, true amusement clear on his face when she called him a lone wolf. "I am a lone wolf, both figuratively and literally. I have prowled these woods, relying on no one. I would rather die than join a rebellion formed of greedy, vengeful monsters that have no respect for human life and kill only for the satisfaction of taking a life." His chest rumbled in a light growl at the mere thought, eyes flashing, though his body remained loose and unthreatening.


Wade tilted his head, eyes widening in slight surprise when she made his decision... to allow him to live. He would defend himself if she attacked, sure, but he had just killed five men, giving him more than enough reason to kill him. His whole body went rigid when she walked up to him, poking him in the chest. Asking for a reason for her not to kill him. Showing mercy - something most men would rather not show for fear of being thought weak. The thing that baffled him the most was that she would willingly touch him - a monster, treated like scum by those that hadn't been transformed by the radiation. "You would touch me?" He asked softly, unmoving as he stared down at her with questioning gold eyes. They had softened from their previously challenging glare. "A monster, a creature you oh so obviously despise?" He paused for a moment, thoughtful. "You want a reason not to kill me? I'll give you one. When I was sixteen, my parents were killed by rabid wolves. Their bodies were mutulared beyond recognition. Their dental records were required to identify their bodies. I made an oath to myself that day, that I would never - NEVER - kill for the joy of killing. I would never take a life unless I had to. And then the meteor hit. I don't even remember most of it. I was hunting in the woods for food for my sisters and I. I was knocked unconscious, and when I woke my family was dead and I was forced to accept I would bear the mark of the very creatures that killed my parents."


His voice raised and he stepped away, his eyes flashing in anger towards himself. "I had to wake up every single day knowing that I bore the resemblance of the monsters that murdered my parents in cold blood. And what made it worse is that it was my fault they were out in the first place - it was my fault they died, and now I have to be reminded of that every waking moment for the rest of my life." He was silent for a long few moments, his body absolutely still and as taut as a wire. "That's why you should trust me. I have information about the revolution. I will give it to you, asking for nothing but to be left in peace in return. But this is your choice." He fixed her with a heavy stare, his tail waving back and forth being the only indication of his remaining agitation.

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((Thank you. smile.gif))


"Touch you? I was just trying to kill you. Why would poking you be overstepping a line? You're not that bad. You might even be cute if you took a bath." Alex joked, eyes flicking across his face to try and get a read on his emotions. He truly believed he was disgusting. It was no wonder, really. Since the deformations began appearing on people, all kinds of words had been tossed around. Those who considered themselves "pure humans" were quite often the cruelest. They could be blamed for the forming revolution and the war that was being waged between them and the monsters.


She wasn't one to preach, however. Alex had become just as hateful as the others upon learning about her family. She still believed that most of them deserved to die. All those who had killed senselessly... Those that had torn children from their families... White-hot anger burned in her stomach at the thought, but she pushed it down, concentrating on the boy before her.


As he explained his story to her, the ex-pop star felt her body sag in defeat. She truly could not kill him. He was as innocent as she. Though not perfect, he did not deserve the hand he'd been dealt. Her eyes softened and she stopped watching him for possible attacks. Instead, she let herself feel sympathy. His pain was so similar to her own.


"I do not despise you." She spoke quietly, and turned her back on him, waving for him to follow.


"I will not force you to associate with humans, but I do need to stop by the town to resupply. The rumors of a monster being here had been just that to me. Rumors. I didn't expect to actually find you." She smiled to herself.


"What do I call you, anyway? I'd rather not call you "monster" or "beast", seeing as how you're not one."

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((I had church this morning, would have responded sooner otherwise. Sorry.))


Wade was puzzled. She didn't despise him? He was usually pretty good at reading people - perhaps he was the exception, though he couldn't imagine why. And then there was the cute thing - he wasn't completely sure how he felt about that. He was a monster, he wasn't supposed to be cute. Rugged, maybe, but not cute. She had turned, waiting for him to follow. She had to restock, and that meant going towards people. Did he really want to go? Leave his solitary life, at least for a while? He had the risk of being seen, yes, but the revolution was a bigger problem. Despite monsters coming once every two weeks ago, he had continuously denied them. Even he was at risk, despite their promises to not kill their brethren.


"Wade." He said finally. "My name is Wade. And I can help you get what you need, so as long as its not bullets." He told her, picking up the blade she had stabbed him with and wiping the blade on the grass to rid it of blood. "I can hunt, if food is what you're worried about." She was under his protection, at least for a little while, and he always made sure to protect and provide for those he cared for. He would never tell her that - he figured it would probably offend her - but it was his dominant personality combined with his beast side made for an alpha male complex that was not easily ignored. "And say what you'd like, but I'll always be a monster in someone's eyes. But that's not much of a concern. I will follow you to the outskirts of the town and wait there. I would rather not enter for fear of getting a bullet in the brain. I'm not completely sure I could heal that. At any rate, I'd probably end up with memory damage or something, which would be unfortunate." There was sarcasm in his dry tone, his gold eyes holding something akin to amusement, though there was truth in his words. "The revolution sends scouts to recruit us monsters every few weeks, and its due time for another, so just watch out. Unlike myself, they will not hesitate to kill what they consider to be human scum."

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((It is a-ok xd.png))


"Wade, huh?" She tested the name out, deciding that it suited him. Alex grabbed a rubber band from around her wrist and used it to tie up her hair. The red locks were heavy and difficult to deal with, so this was how she usually wore it.


"That's fine, I'm full up on bullets. And hunting isn't a problem either, though I appreciate the offer. I hunt monsters for a living, so deer and rabbits aren't really that much of a challenge." They walked along the makeshift path, and Alex tried her best to ignore the birds singing overhead. This scene could have been seen as peaceful, and she didn't need peace right now. Her mind was whirring. She felt as if she needed the environment to embody that.


They arrived faster than Alex remembered leaving, and she turned to Wade, feet still on the edge of the forest floor.


"I'll be back in ten minutes. If you hear anyone come, leave, and don't wait for me. I'll find you." She untied the black cloak from her neck and pulled it off her shoulders, bundling it up in her arms. It would fetch a fair price.


With that, she finally turned and exited the woods, her feet crunching on the gravel laid down to the town. "Oh, and my name is Alex."

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Wade followed her obediently, not bothering to speak as he felt no want or need to do so. His ears were pricked for danger, yet the only sounds were the natural ones of the forest. Ten minutes, she said. His tail flicked and he nodded. "Very well. I'll be around somewhere. Hope that's not the town you told that you'd kill me, or else things might get a bit awkward." Without a word he turned, disappearing into the woods almost as if he had never been there in the first place. But not before he heard her name - Alex. It suited her. The world rolled around in his head, and he finally had a name to place on the face of the first truly friendly human he had met since the meteor struck. He scaled the thick trunk of a tree, resting on the strong lower branches and staring into the heavy clouds that obscured the sun. A droplet of water landed on his arm, running down. Another droplet fell, landing on his cheek.


"I usually don't see you this close to the humans, Wade." A voice drawled lazily from below him. Wade glanced down at the familiar figure, one of the recruitment officers for the revolution - the monsters were nothing if not organized. "I came to see if you've changed your mind."


"You know I haven't." Wade responded calmly. "I do not share the same views as you do. I may not be fond of humans, but I have no desire to see their extinction."


"Come now Wade, stop fooling yourself!" He exclaimed, staring up at the stubborn man. "What do you owe the humans? Nothing! All they've done to you is call you names, disrespect you, and attempt to kill you. You really wish to stand aside and do nothing to help our cause when you have the chance to get the revenge you deserve?"


"I have no one to take revenge on." Wade said calmly, swinging himself out of the tree and onto the ground. "I killed the five men who treated me unjustly not two hours ago. My revenge has been taken, I require nor want any more."


"As you wish then." The monster responded with a sigh. "We will bother you no more - though if you change your mind, come find me. You know where I stay."


"You have said all you wanted." Wade growled, his tail swishing. "Now leave my territory. If I want you, I will find you. Do not step foot upon my lands again."


The monster nodded. "Very well. Farewell, my brother." He sauntered off into the forest disappearing in the brush. Wade sighed, and shook his head with a frown. He did not relax again, instead prowling the surrounding area for any source of a threat until Alex returned.

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Alex sighed, placing her newly aquired bag over her shoulder. She'd gotten less than she was hoping for the cloak, and the supplies she'd gotten would probably last them until the next town they came across. Without knowing where they were going or what they were going to do, Alex had merely bought the essentials, and that hung heavily on her mind. If they went to a colder region, she would have no protection. Of course, she could hunt for pelts, but she prefered not to kill animals. She didn't eat their meat, either, so the idea of killing for warmth didn't really appeal to her. Before, she'd told Wade that she could hunt deer and rabbits, but that was really more for his sake. He diet was mostly breads and wild plants. If she ever had the money for it, she'd stop by an actual civilized restaurant, but that was rare nowadays.


Advancement had halted after the meteor. Many people seemed to have gone back to olden times, where hunting and gathering was necessary. That was evident by the beast hunts, if anything.


Alex adjusted the strap around her neck and looked herself over. She'd restocked, gotten some new weapons, and purchased dry-oil for her bodysuit. Now that she was outside and noticing the rain, she decided that had been a wise decision.


She kept her head down as she headed back to the spot she'd left Wade, cautious about the townspeople noticing her and asking about the "monster". Had they asked, she would merely tell them she'd killed him and be on her way. If she could avoid that, though, she would.


It seemed she was in the clear until a clap of lighting sounded and was closely followed by a scream.


"Where do you think you're going, pretty lady?" A voice whispered in her ear, and Alex spun immediately, pulling a knife from her waist and directing it towards her surprise acquaintance. Before she was able to do any damage, however, a hand caught her wrist in an iron grip and squeezed, causing her to gasp and drop the weapon.


Her eyes focused on the figure before her and she snarled. A monster towered over her, horn-like protrusions sprouting from his head, and a lopsided jaw hung open, revealing a maw filled with saber teeth. The rest of his body was huge and hulking, but otherwise normal, aside from the vicious strength. She spared a quick glance behind him and saw that similar situations to hers filled the town square. The rebellion had decided to stop here, it seemed.


Alex cursed to herself. She should have taken Wade's warning more seriously.

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Wade heard the shrill scream of terror through the trees. Something was wrong. He droped to all fours, his claws extending as he raced across the forest floor, halting when he saw several humans being held hostage by monsters of the rebellion, including the one he had spoke with earlier. The monster - Jed was his name - held Alex with an iron grip. He scowled. Jed was this particular legion's leader - he had boasted so on several occasions - and knew that he was no match for the six monsters. He had to find a different way. His mind raced as he prowled the treeline, just out of sight. The monsters would kill him without reservation, so he had to find a different way. He was beginning to give up hope when he had an idea. Wade just hoped that Alex would understand.


"Toying with humans again, Jed?" The feral man asked, sauntering out of the forest. "I thought you were better than that."


"You thought wrong then." Jed replied, dropping Alex's wrist in favor of confronting Wade. The wolf man stood almost eye to eye with the monster. "Have you rethought your decision to not join the revolution, or are you here for something else?"


"Something else." Wade responded. "And no, I don't mean a human to mutilate. I come with one request. Let. Them. Go."


The monsters roared (some quite literally) with laugher. It took almost a minute for Jed to regain his breath as Wade watched with distaste. "You're a funny guy, Wade. But seriously, what do you want?" Wade didn't answer, staring down Jed with a withering stare. "Oh, you're not kidding. Why would I want to let them go? What do they owe you? Don't tell me you've formed... attachments to them."


"Of course not!" Wade snarled, his lip lifting to show his sharp teeth as a growl rumbled in his throat. "I'm offended at the thought, Jedidiah. I propose a deal. We fight. If I win, you let everyone go and leave this place. If you win, you may take the city."


Jed grinned maliciously, his sharp teeth glinting and eyes glittering cruely in anticipation. "To the death?"


"To the death." Wade agreed. "Do we have a deal?"


Jed didn't hesitate. "Yes. When do we start?"


Wade cracked his knuckes and rolled his neck, smirking. "Now." The two didn't hesitate, darting towards each other with inhuman speed while the other monsters cleared the area and made sure no human escaped. Wade's appearance had taken a less human look, and a feral gleam had entered his golden eyes. He ducked under Jed's attack, his claws flashing across the monster's midsection. Jed roared in anger, a stray hand batting Wade in the stomach with enough force to send him into a wall with a crack, his spine snapping on the impact. With the adrenaline roaring through his body, he mended almost instantaneously, pouncing onto Jed with a snarl and swinging onto his back. The monster roared and swung around, backing into the wall. Wade didn't let go, his claws allowing him to cling on. Reaching forward in a desperate attempt to fell the warrior, Wade's hand slithered around Jed's neck before being yanked back with the monster's thrashing, ripping out Jed's throat in the progress.


Jed grunted, gurgling, before falling to his knees. Wade sprang off, flicking the blood off his hands as the monster fell for the last time. "I win." He grunted. "So back off."


"We will hold to our former leader's word." Another monster growled, a hideous mix of shadow and human. "But you have chosen to side with the humans, and when the revolution comes, you will die as one of them."


Wade gave a menacing snarl. "So be it."

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As soon as Alex was released, she snatched her wrist back to herself and cradled it, checking to see if anything was broken. She couldn't afford to be crippled now. When she was sure it was simply bruised, she lifted her head up and concentrated on what was going on before her.


The confrontation taking place practically dripped with tension, and Alex found herself stepping back as the aggression steadily rose. There was going to be a fight. And it wasn't going to be pretty. Meeting the eyes of the townspeople currently cowering, she gestured for them to escape while the monsters were distracted, and while they filed out, Alex approached the other creatures.


She sensed, more than heard Wade's fight start, the bloodlust creating a blanket in the atmosphere that was almost stifling. Her eyes swiveled over to the violence and she swallowed at the sight. They were brutally ripping at each other, all claws and teeth and animal instinct. She was forced to look away when Wade hit a wall, almost positively breaking his back.


While the revolutionaries were focused on the fight, Alex crept behind them, steadily slipping poisonous needles into their flesh. They were all large and heavily muscled, which was advantageous to her. It meant they wouldn't feel her pin-prick attacks, and they wouldn't notice they were dead until the poison severed all connection they had to their muscles. It was a merciful death, really. Painless.


Just as she finished with the last one, the fight came to an abrupt end. She looked over just in time to see Wade gouge out the leader's throat, and she felt sick at the sight. Death was not usually so extravagant around her. She was quick and clean. This much gore was unusual to her emerald eyes.


The first monster she'd attacked spoke to Wade, a threat ringing steadily in his voice, which Wade answered with surprising conviction. Alex was puzzled. Her opinion of the wolf-boy was steadily changing. He was willing to die to protect the humans he so obviously held contempt for. And he was willing to die with them. She felt a stirring in her heard, but ignored it for the moment. She didn't have time to dissect its possible meanings.


The monsters seemed ready to retreat when the one closest to her collapsed. Once he was down, the others quickly followed, like dominoes. She walked towards Wade, placing the needles back in her bag, and the one who had threatened her companion grabbed her leg, still hanging onto life by a thread.


"Y-you..." It gurgled, and Alex ripped her leg free from its grasp.


"Don't touch me, murderer." The creature's eyes rolled back in its head at her words, and its last breath hissed out between clenched teeth.


She approached Wade quickly, concealing the unsettling feeling that threatened to expose itself on her face.

"Are you alright? I have medical supplies if you need, or morphine. I heard that break. I know you heal, but I need you to sit down and let me look at it. Your movements may have caused it to reattach strangely." Her hands hovered around the wolf, concerned and useless. How was she supposed to help him if she couldn't even keep up with his healing?

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"Well done." Wade complimented as the monsters fell. He sniffed the air, smelling the poison that killed Jed's lackeys. "Poison. Smart. A bit merciful for my tastes, all things considered, but smart." He rolled his neck and stretched his back, checking for damage. It was a bit stiff - he supposed mending the bone in seconds had that effect - but other than that he seemed alright. "I should be fine, it seems like it healed properly. Though you can check if it will give you peace of mind." He shifted uneasily, his golden eyes surveying the small crowd that gathered to gape at the monster that saved them. "I don’t particularly like all this attention." He glanced at the slash marks from Jed's claws that had almost shredded his side. They were closing relatively quickly though blood still seeped from the wound. He decided he would need a bath after everything here was over, as he was rather dirty and bloody. "They're moving quicker than I thought." He murmured, swishing his tail and walking towards the woods. "This is no longer just your fight. We need a game plan."

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Alex looked him over doubtfully as he retreated.

"I agree. But first, we're going to get you treated. Come with me." She grabbed his hand and tugged, silently asking him to follow her. Then, she walked straight up to a portly young woman with a pleasant face who had been just off to the side of the clearing. Upon seeing her approach, she stiffened in fear, and Alex frowned.


"We need to use your inn. Just for a moment and then we'll be on our way, I promise." Using all of her ex-pop star charms and smiles, she fluttered her lashes at the woman. After a moment of hesitation, glancing at the wolf-boy behind Alex, she nodded. Smart choice.


It seemed the woman understood that Wade had just saved her from a probably violent, painful death.


Alex wandered over to the town's inn, steps furious and determined. Once she was in front of the building, she turned and waved a hand at Wade.

"Well, what are you waiting for? Come here."

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Wade allowed Alex to drag him along, his face morphing into a scowl as he took her into the city after requesting to use an inn. His tail flicked behind him angrily, his ears laid back in displeasure. "I said in the forest, away from these... these... humans!" He hissed, his hand tightening around hers to get some sort of support. Several men had gathered on the streets to watch him warily, and he flashed his teeth at them. They stiffened, but did nothing to halt the odd pair. "I trusted you, why would you do this?! They're staring at me like I'm a circus attraction!" His expression was an almost hilarious mix between angry and horrified that Alex would even think to do something like this. "I am fine, I do not need medical attention! This is ridiculous!" Despite his protests, after Alex had released his hand, he stalked moodily after her though he stopped outside the entrance to the inn. "I don't want to go in there. They'll attack me. And don't say they won't, because I know they will. I'm a monster - to them, it'll just be defense against an imminent attack."

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"If they attack you, I'm sure you can handle yourself. You're a big bad wolf, after all. Besides, I'm mostly taking you here so you can have a real bath, and not just some dip in the stream. I don't want to travel with the smell of blood and dirt hanging around." She opened the inn door and stepped inside, immediately heading to the room on the far end, where she had stayed last night. Her confidence about the townspeople leaving them alone was so strong for one reason only. If they dared to attack Wade, she'd kill them. It was that simple.


Alex turned to look at him just outside the entrance, raising an eyebrow. "And I'm one of those humans, by the by. Now get over here and take your shirt off."

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"I suppose you're right." Wade muttered, inwardly preening at the fact she thought him a big bad wolf. "And I do not smell that bad, thank you very much." He huffed, hesitating for several moments before letting out a rumbling growl and stepping in after her. The inn wasn't too crowded, since it was a little past midday and most everyone was out, but there were still people around to gawk at the monster that dared step foot into a human inn. No one dared say anything though - not even the few men there were stupid enough to pick a fight with the feral monster. He flicked his tail and rolled his eyes upon realizing Alex may have take offense to his previous comment. "Don't take it too personally - you're better than most. Not something I'd expect from an ex-popstar, but then again, we've all changed since the meteor hit." His tail flicked, his mouth lifting into a smirk as he raised an eyebrow, brushing past her and into the room. "Little forward, don't you think?" Wade asked, sarcasm dripping from his tone as he removed his shirt away from the prying eyes of the inn's occupants. He poked the previously shredded skin of his side, grunting in approval when he saw not even a scar remained. "I haven’t been in a true building in months." He murmured to himself, his golden eyes sweeping the room.

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Alex choked back a laugh. For all of his senses, was Wade around blood so much that he couldn't even smell it anymore? He was practically wearing it as cologne. It didn't really bother her, so long as she separated it from the image of the monster's trachea she'd just been exposed to. She wasn't squeamish, but she'd like to think any relatively normal person would feel a little nauseous after seeing something so horrific. It wasn't like they were characters in a story. This was real life.


At the mention of her popstar past, Alex's ears warmed, and she turned to face the door as he moved swiftly by her, hoping to hide the redness doubtlessly highlighting her cheeks. Once they were both inside the room, she closed said door, protecting them from prying eyes. Who knew the wolf-boy was so sensitive about humans. She would have guessed that his distaste for them removed any concern for their thoughts of him. Apparently she was wrong.


"You wish." Alex frowned as her blush inevitably deepened at the almost flirtatious remark. She tried not to focus too hard on the fact that he was shirtless and very well muscled and in the same room with her with the door closed and-


"A-anyway, I know you said you healed fine, but I'm going to check your spine regardless. Precautions. I can't have you crapping out on me in the middle of a fight due to a bad back." She teased, walking toward him with feigned confidence.


"Okay, I'm going to poke at your back a little bit. Don't bite me or whatever." Alex grinned at her joke and set her hand in the middle of his back, nearly drawing back at how warm his skin was.


Built-in thermal regulation? No fair. She huffed, thinking about the cold she would have to face without her cloak.


With gentle pushes and taps along his spinal column, Alex checked for anything out of the ordinary, happy when she only found overworked muscles and stretched plates. With his healing abilities, he should be completely healed within the next couple of minutes.


Clearing her throat, the ex-star stepped back, nodding to herself.

"Okay, I hereby give you a clean bill of health. Now go take a shower, pup, you smell like a slaughterhouse."

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((Do they have running water? I'm just going to assume that they do.))


Wade plopped down obediently, allowing her to probe his back and politely choosing not to mention her flaming cheeks. Maybe he had more of an affect than he thought. It was a harmless joke - flirt, if you wanted to go that far, not that he would ever admit it - but the fact that he managed to get her so flustered amused him. He figured going a little farther wouldn't hurt - he had inherited his dad's sense of humor, after all. "I only bite people I don't like, and, well.. you know." He said with a sly smile, turning his head to glance at her and wink. He didn't press any more after that, allowing her to poke and worry like a mother hen in peace, allowing the probing to relax him. He was half asleep - the day's activities had really drained his energy - when she cleared his throat, but the only thing that gave away his surprise was the slight twitch he gave.


Wade stood, flicking his tail and nodding. "Even though I knew I was fine... thanks anyways. And for the record, I'm not even going to ask how you know what a slaughterhouse smells like." He said with a chuckled, glancing down at himself to realize he was indeed covered with blood - both his, and the blood of others. "Oh, and you might want to go while I'm showering. No telling what the others may think if you don't. They may think we're, how did they use to put it... ah!" He grinned cheekily, golden eyes dancing with amusement. "Getting it on." With that, he grabbed his shirt and disappeared into the bathroom and shut the door before stripping down and stepping into the shower, allowing the semi-warm water to relax his muscles as they continued to heal.


He wasn't long, and ten minutes later he stepped out and dried off before redressing, struggling slightly to pull his tail through the hole in his jeans. It was a comical sight, and he was glad no one was around to see it. He ruffled his hair and ears in an attempt to dry them, tugging his shirt over his head as he left the room and throwing the towel over his shoulder, letting out a yawn. He was exhausted - he needed sleep.

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((Yeah, they've got running water and everything, but only the really untouched, rich areas have stuff like electricity.))


Had Alex any more blood in her cheeks, she could have put up good competition with Wade. She had resorted to digging her nails into her palms to try and stay distracted. The wolf was cheeky, and despite being alone for who knows how long, he sure knew how to talk to push her buttons. Alex blamed her lack of experience with men in general. As a pop star, she hadn't had much free time, and with overprotective parents, a boyfriend wasn't really possible.


She also tried to ignore the feeling swirling in her gut at seeing him nearly asleep. It was almost cute. Almost.


After he thanked her and cracked another joke, Alex nodded to him, taking her bag from around her neck and placing it gently on the floor. She looked up to him as he kept speaking and her mouth dropped open.


"Y-you...!" The red-faced girl sputtered, embarrassment filling her head like helium in a balloon. She felt like it was going to pop.


Grabbing a tissue box from the table beside her, Alex hauled it at him, just missing as the sneaky lunatic disappeared behind the bathroom door. The box thudded against the wood before falling to the floor with a strange, comical finality.


While Wade showered, Alex tried to calm herself, sitting down at the tissue table and pouring out the contents of her bag, organizing to distract. She pulled the buckles and weapons off of her legs, and then then the rest from her waist. Once they were sitting nicely, the girl sighed, rubbing the back of her neck. Today had been a weird and long day.


Drowsiness began to overtake her, and Alex felt her eyes growing heavy. She looked behind her at the bed and then thought better of it. Wade probably hadn't slept in a bed for ages, and frankly, he deserved the rest. Plumping up her bag, Alex laid it on the desk, and then set her head gently on it, falling asleep almost immediately.


Good night, wolf-boy.



((We should do a timeskip after they both sleep. smile.gif))

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