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Star Jars

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Star Jars are beautiful! I wish I knew how to even make paper stars xd.png I once tried, and failed...several times. Your jars are gorgeous though, AppleMango.

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Hey guys! Sorry I took so long to reply. I was hoping to put some photos up with my reply, but I haven't gotten around to getting the photos on my laptop yet so now I'm not even doing that. Sorry.


@Ventuaer - Thank you! <3

Once you get the hang of it, you can do most of it kind of automatically so you can do it with your hands while you're also doing something else. I find it helps me pay attention a little more than normal, because I need to be doing something with my hands. I could probably pay more attention with a fiddle toy or something that needs no attention, but it's better than me using my phone which tends to take all my attention tongue.gif haha.


@andromedae - Thank you! <3

Maybe I'll try and make a guide that makes it really clear what to do. I did have a bit of trouble at first - so hopefully I have some tips that I can share that will help smile.gif


@Pryanka - If I make the video I will try and remember to let you know too smile.gif

Those ones with faces are so cute! It looks like they've been added digitally after the photo was taken, I would be so impressed if they were actually on the stars. haha tongue.gif So cute!

They remind me of the tic tacs with faces haha

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I make lucky stars too, and I've made jars with them in the past <3 I don't have any pics at the moment, but if I have some time I'll see if I have any to dig up for you.


Lovely work so far!

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How, just How?!

do you have the patience to make so many?!

I tried to make one once, but after about ~20 stars I just gave up xP

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