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the perks of being a wallflower

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Anyone else read and loved this book?

What character do you relate to the most, and why?

Have you read it more than once, and did you catch things you missed when reading it again?


I've read this book about four times now, and it seems like I understand more every time.

I love Charlie so much, and in many situations he reminds me of myself. Some of the things he said I swear I've said before just in different words .

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I just finished Perks about a week or so ago! I really enjoyed it. I definitely relate most to Charlie, with his inability to express himself and floundering through life completely unaware of the problems he causes for himself.


Patrick was my favorite character hands down, I love him. [spoilers for someone who hasn't read them] What happened after Brad's dad found them together and his spiraling downward hurt my heart so much.


Sam, though. Sam has the coolest head and the best understanding of how the world works. She's brilliant. She's so candid and so good at getting to the heart of the matter without mincing words.


I have only read it once but it was a thoroughly enjoyable read. Man, though, I wish we knew who his special friend was!

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