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The Reboot of Dragons of Berk!

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==========DRAGONS OF BERK==========


Well, as you guys might've noticed, it's been over two years since there was any activity in the Dragons of Berk project. Don't know if people just lost interest or what, but I, Cassie_Fenix, am back for the reboot of the project! Here, we search for "Berk Dragons" by choosing which of Dragon Cave's dragon species work for them. We talk about how to train, how to ride, and we're starting an RP as well, though that's a side thing we do here, since it's mostly about breeding and "discovering" new Berk Dragons.


One other cool thing about this project: We take Berk names for this, but none from the actual movies. For instance, I'm known as "Nina Apollonia the Kind-Hearted".


Here are all the current Berk Breeds that are known of so far:

Berk Breeds:


Deadly Nadders--Canopy, Sunset, Neotropical, Bright-Breasted Wyverns, Spitfires, Ultraviolets, Fever Wyverns (names must contain "Deadly")

Gronckles--Balloon (names must contain "Gronckle")

Hideous Zipplebacks--Splits, Duos (names must contain "Hideous")

Monstrous Nightmares--Fire, Magma, Female Hellfire Wyverns, Embers (names must contain "Monstrous")

Terrible Terrors--Whiptail, Mint, Original Pygmy, Gold-horned Tangar (names must contain "Terrible")

Red Deaths--Male Hellfire Wyverns, Alt Blacks, (names must contain "Death")

Green Deaths--Deep Sea, Alt Vines (names must contain "Death")

Night Furies--Black, Nebula, Black Stripe, Spotted Greenwing (names must contain "Fury")

Basic Browns--Harvest, Autumn (names must contain "Brown")

Cuckoos--Skywing (names must contain "Cuckoo")

Doomfangs--Deep Sea (names must contain "Doom")

Electricsquirms--Electric (names must contain "Squirm")

Exterminators--Albinos (names must contain "Exterminator")

Boneknappers--Black Marrows (names must contain "Bone")

Polar Serpents--Ice, Winter (names must contain "Polar")

Vampires--Vampire (names must contain "Vampire")

Thunderdrums--Storm Dragons (names must contain "Drum")

Crystals--Geodes (names must contain "Crystal")

Loafers--Pillows (names must contain "Lazy)

Sky Dragons--Daydreams (names must contain "Sky")

Utdix--all Vines (names must contain "Utdix")

White Dragons--Whites, White Stripes, Luminas (names must contain "White")

Windwalkers--Swallowtails, Moonstones (names must contain "Wind")

Sabre-Tooth Drivers--Frills (you can rename the CB ones you have or just know that you can include any other dragons that previously couldn't be used because these were in the lineage--names must contain "Driver")

Nanodragons--All Pygmies other than the Original (names must contain "Nano")

Devilish Dervishes--Sunstones (names must contain "Devilish")

Timberjacks--Glories, Ridgewings (names must contain "Timber")

Stealth Dragons--Shadow Walkers (names must contain "Stealth")

Changewings--Sunsongs, Nocturnes (names must contain "Change")

Dreaders--Turpentines (names must contain "Dread")

Sea Dragons--Tsunamis (names must contain "Sea")

Reptos -- Brimstones (names must contain "Repto")

Venomous Vorpent-- Olives(name must contain "Venomous")

Typhoomerangs - Red, Blue, and Green Stripes (Names must contain "Rang")

Scarers - Cavern Lurkers (Names must contain "Scare", "Scared" or "Scaring")

Bewilderbeast - Frostbite Dragons (Names must include "Bewildering" in their names.)

Stormcutter - Nhiostrife Wyverns (Names can include Storm or Cutter, or even "Cloud" (which'll be obvious if you check that Dragon's page).)

Skrills-Legendary Thunder (Can contain "Thunder" or "Skrill". Any current Thunders from the Thunderdrum category can either keep their names or move to the new Skrill ones. Up to you guys.)

Grapple Grounders: Silver (Normal) or all breeds of Shimmerscale (Names must contain "Grappling")

Fireworm: Pyralspite Dragons (Names must contain "Fire" or "Worm")

Screaming Death: Avatars of Destruction (Names must contain "Death", though I'm also accepting "Chaos" too... See my two for why I say that.)

Flightmare: Falconiforms (Names must contain "Flying" or "Flight" somewhere in their names)

Speed Stinger: Shallow Water dragons (Names must contain "Speed")

Golphin: Two-Finned Blunas (Names must contain "phin" or "Golphin")

Desipis: Alpha Dragons (Names must contain "Alpha")


You can also put "Of Berk" at the end of a dragon's name if you want to do that as well.


Important link for finding new Dragons!

FOR FUTURE REFERENCE, the HTTYD Wiki is HERE! (Dragons page)


Breeding and Project Starting Rules:

1.) You may start with any dragon--they do not have to be CB or of my lines.

2.) Inbreeding is acceptable, though I won't be doing it myself, so please, don't ask me to inbreed.

3.) Now for the training part--when showing off your Berks, you may also choose to tell us about their behavior and what you are doing to "train" your dragons. Share your tips with others! Most of all, HAVE FUN. Note that this is the "RPing" I mentioned earlier.


A Few Requests Concerning Bred Eggs - Important Rule to Follow!

Please offer unwanted Berks here before randomly abandoning them—someone else might be looking for just that one!


You may request or offer Berks here—but please note: You must breed an egg and offer it here first to be placed on the request list for the first time.


If you're reported trading off or killing a bred egg from this project, you WILL BE Blacklisted! If you're going to try for a Neglected or want a Zombie Dragon, do that with one of your own bred eggs! Vampires I'll make an exception to the rule, since there's a chance for repulsion/killing, but BE SURE to let me know if your egg gets killed during a bite!


Berk Riders (Participants)

Cassie_Fenix (Myself)



Copy the link for the banner you're using and just copy and paste where it goes in the other one to link to here.


NEW by Saori_Nightstar!


user posted image



user posted image



user posted image



user posted image



user posted image


user posted image


user posted image


user posted image


user posted image



user posted image


user posted image


user posted image



user posted image


By Trekwriter:


user posted image



Made By Epicfroggy:


user posted image



user posted image



user posted image


user posted image


user posted image



user posted image


user posted image


user posted image


Made By Deshera:


[user posted image


user posted image



user posted image


user posted image


user posted image


And by Athdaraxen:


user posted image


user posted image

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Also, we have the following Dragons (I need to add the newest ones here as well, lol) to find Berk Counterparts for:


We also have the following breeds that need Berk Counterparts:

*Water Walkers


*Undine Dragons


*Red-finned Tidal Dragons

*Terrae dragons

*Black Capped Teimarrs

*Sunrise/Sunset Dragons

*Yellow-Crowned Dragons

*Stone Dragons

*Speckle-Throated Dragons

*Soulpeace Dragons

*Seragamma Wyverns

*Seasonal Dragons (Besides Winter and Autumn)

*Royal Crimson Dragons

*Purple Dragons

*Tinsels (All Breeds)

*Pinks (Bright and Normal)


*Magi dragons

*Guardians of Nature/Avatars (Besides Destruction)

*Water Dragons

*Howler Drakes

*Horse dragons

*Hellhorse Dragons - Might add to the Monsterous Nightmares. What do you think?

*Grave Dragons

*Shadow Walkers

*Pumpkin Dragons

*Golden Wyverns

*Guardian dragons

*Green dragons

*Gold dragons (normal)

*Glaucus Drakes

*Imperial Fleshcrownes

*Flamingo Wyverns

*Dorsal dragons

*Copper Dragons (All breeds)

*Cassare Dragons

*Carmine Wyverns

*Canopy dragons

*Brute Dragons

*Blusang Lindwurms

*Two-Finned Blunas

*Blue-Banded Dragons

*Bleeding Moon Dragons

*Blacktip dragons

*Black Tea Dragons

*Two-headed Lindwurms


See if you guys can help me out with them, okay?

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user posted image


Valhalla Victorious Venom the First here, checking in after a very long sabbatical! I still prefer to be called 'Valley', but during my travels I have discovered the advantage of an intimidating name. I have a lot more scars now, and one of my legs doesn't work quite right anymore. I still have a few of my old dragons, but I have collected many new breeds that I had never seen before I left Berk. Have the rest of you seen some of these? Some of these dragons are even bigger than the Red Death!


I have recently become entranced with Timberjack dragons, and am pleased to announce that some of my trained mounts have begun to breed! Once I get my breeding pairs more established, I would be happy to help other Vikings - (by Thor I did not expect to be gone so long!) - or young riders train their Timberjacks. I expect the rest of my Timberjacks to start breeding before Summertime begins, and will keep everyone updated on their progress.


When I get my land legs back, I'll spend a little bit of time documenting all of my dragons, to make keeping track of their antics a little easier. I can report that I definitively have Monstrous Nightmares, Deadly Nadders, Terrible Terrors, and even some Nano dragons! Some of these dragons I seem to call something the village does not, so I'll have to learn a few of the official names.


It's good to be back!

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Great to see you again, Valley! biggrin.gif As you can guess from a lot of my unnamed dragons, I'm going to have a LOT of Berks to name eventually. Still have quite the flight of Nebulan Furies going as well.

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It's good to be back. I'm flabbergasted at how big your Fury army has become, Nina! I've never seen so many Night Furies in one place, much less answering to one Viking. You and your fiance have been very busy in my absence!


Some of the dragons I left behind have begun to introduce me to the babies they hatched during my absence. This Terrible Terror was made by some of my newest dragons. I honestly didn't think they would remember me, seeing as how they were barely trained when I took off. But they came right up to me when I headed to that part of the island, and the older two still remembered most of their commands! I must get the new generation up to snuff.


My very first dragon, a Deadly Nadder I have always called my Death Match, has been a great help with my mobility. He came with me on my journey, and got me out of a couple of tight spots. (He's even faced down some of the biggest dragons we encountered, keeping them at bay long enough to me to get to my feet!) I rely on his wings to get me over the rough terrain, and he is amazingly patient with me. Many of my dragons might have taken advantage when I tore my hip. I hope that now we're home, he might finally settle down with a mate.


I don't remember training some of these dragons. Like, I vaguely recognize the species, but did I have so many Terrible Terrors? And surely I never had so many Monstrous Nightmares.


~ . ~ . ~



((Out of Character - Two things. One - I may develop a second persona, and use one for movie dragons and one for book dragons. Two - I have some formatting suggestions for the first post, if you're interested. Organization, goals, and outlines, etc.))

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((Formal suggestion to make Plated Colossus Dragons Catastrophic Quakens. Their name should include 'Quake', or some variant thereof.))


So, I've been watching this male Alpha and his Catastrophic Quaken mate ever since my return. I'm pleased to announce that they have had a baby! Quaking Alpha is a twitchy little guy so far. He acts real tough when at the nest, but when Hideous Jack Heinous Zack and I got too close, he started blustering. Thank goodness Zippleback reflexes aren't dependent on the rider's! We almost collected new burns today. I think that, with time, Alpha Hale might make friends with my dragons. I should very much like to be able to count such a dragon among my successes. We dropped a few fish to him. He's having some trouble figuring out this hunting thing, but he wasn't terribly grateful.


While fishing, we had a Skrill sighting! I was hoping to find a Red Death, but instead we found this beauty. Death Match and Terrible Nuisance were flying with us, and Nuisance got a closer look. He was definitely an act of the gods! Skrills are beloved of Thor, and I named him appropriately. My poor Terror just barely escaped electrocution, because her name was aptly earned.


((I am attempting to untangle my book dragons from my movie dragons. I will have a massive update, probably Thursday or Friday. In the meantime, enjoy that little snippet of what Valley's been up to!))

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Or we can let this thread dwindle and die too. It took a long time to untangle all of my Berk dragons, but I more or less have a handle on them now.


In simple terms, I have several goals that I have set for myself.


I need a 3-4g PB line of each dragon breed, both book and movie. It depends on both my level of patience and the cooperation of the dragons. This will be slightly waived for those like the Scarers and Boneknappers, which rely on holiday breeding for reproduction. A checker will do well enough for these lines.


I want to have at least one dragon from each breed that contains all possible contenders in the lineage (especially for the Nadders). Obviously, this will need to be waived a little for those categories that have both dragons and drakes or pygmies in their line up.


I have completed up to 3g of my Alpha line, with a Catatrophic Quaken, Alpha/Desipis, Green Death, and Bewilderbeast as the grandparents. I will eventually add at least one Night Fury, a Red Death, a Screaming Death (which I may represent with a Xeno, depending on how my dragons behave), and a Forever Wing, represented by a Terra male.


I have a Nadder checker in the works, using Bright Breasted Wyverns and Fever Wyverns as the base. All the dragons on my scroll for this follow the naming scheme of 'adjectivenoun of Bashem'. I have an auxiliary line following along formed by eggs found in the AP, which have no obvious rhyme or reason to the breed pattern.


I have the Spenstig Neshorn line of Gronckles, the 'Resilient Rhinos', which use Scandinavian personal names along with the line name of Spenstig Neshorn.


I have the Mareritt Bran line of Monstrous Nightmares, the 'Nightmare Fire', which is a purebred line of Embers using Scandinavian personal names.


I have a purebred line of Ridgewings as my Timberjacks.


I have a line of Hideous Zipplebacks with the naming scheme of 'Hideous [name] Heinous [name]'. These were renamed from the previous scheme of 'Hideous Heinous [name]', which is less flexible. I currently have only Splits in this line, although I hope to expand to include also a PB line of Duos, and a checker of Splits and Duos.


I have quite the collection of Terrors, Basic Browns, and Nanodragons that I am still working on untangling.


I have my own spreadsheets and reference logs should this thread go belly-up like the last one. If there continues to be any interest in this thread, I may port over some of the breed-to-species equivalents I have decided upon, such as Catastrophic Quakens as Plated Colossus, Day Glories as Death Songs, and Water Dragons as Scauldrons.

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I've been quite busy myself, which is why I haven't replied as of lately. ^^; Too many Berks to name as of late (those Furies sure got outta control with how many I've saved!). Managed to get several new breeds as well.

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Well, I FINALLY have gotten around to seeing all the new dragons (and there's A LOT where I'm at) thankfully. We've had a lot of rain the last few days (turns out some of our resident Thunderdrums were a bit grumpy and called down the torrential rain), but as Dragan and I discovered, we had a few new flights around as well because of this!


The first was of the Bewilderbeasts. First having spotted two of them previously, we soon discovered that there were a few new individuals that had joined them.


The second was an entire flight of Stealth Dragons! I don't know how we missed these guys the last time around, but there they were! From what Hiccup told us when we went to visit him to find out how to appease the Thunderdrums so they'd stop the rain, the Stealth Dragons are very cautious about when they breed and usually only do so for one week in October, and that our flight that we had found likely had been slowly growing for a few years now in the safety that our area provided, seeing as no dragons are hunted here (although I've heard of a few clans that do still hunt them, as the Hairy Hooligans and the Rough Riding Nidohooligans don't).


There have been also quite a few new additions to our Night Fury flight that has taken up residence near our village, so many in fact that they haven't all been named yet! Looks like Dragan and I have our work cut out for us as the rain kept us from checking in on the dragons for quite a while!


What follows is the list of Dragons we currently know of with stars next to the newly-named ones as of this time. As more get named, we'll add them along.


Dragons of Berk (HTTYD Lineage)

Vampires (Vampire Dragons):

Vampire Lord of Darkness

Lucky Vampire

Vampire Prince of Darkness

Vampire of the Harvest Moon

Vampire Isabella

Vampire Rebecca

Vampire Alexia

Vampire Jacob

St Patty Vampire

Royal Blood Vampire Prince


Deadly Nadders:

Flare Lineage (Ultraviolets):

Little Deadly Flare

Deadly Little Sunbeam

Deadly Ultraviolet Flare

Deadly Nova Flare


Sandstorm Nadders (Spitfires):

Deadly Sandstorm

Deadly Sahara Sun


Bright-Breasted Nadders (Red-Breasted Wyverns):

Deadly Chaos Nightshade

Deadly Darkshadow

Deadly Black Widow

Deadly Trickster Loki

Deadly Prankster

Deadly and Tricky

Deadly Gypsy

Deadly Quetzacolitis

Deadly PoisonClaw

Deadly Belladonna

Deadly Flying Viper

Deadly Striking Viper

Not So Deadly

Deadly Tiny

Deadly Little Harpie

Deadly Winter Goddess

Yugi's Deadly Shadow Stalker

Deadly Flyer


Terrible Terrors:

Tropical Terrors (Golden-Horned Tangars):

Triple Terror

Terrifying Tangerine

Terrifying Tropicolo

Tropical Terror

Tropical Paradise Terror

Terrifying Kiwi

Tropical Palm Terror

Tropical Paradise Terror

Habanero Pepper Terror

Ghost Pepper Terror


Mini Terrors (Original Pygmies):

Terrible Trios

Late Terror Scare

Terrible Tina

Terrible Harpie


Mini Terror


Ground Terrors (Mints):

Terrifying Tricero

Terrible Troublemaker


Brown Terrors (Whiptails):

Terrible Trickster



Swallowtail Windwalkers (Swallowtails):

Zelda Windwalker

Link Windwalker

Midna Windwalker

Aeolus Windwalker

Cassie Windwalker

Stratos Windwalker


Moonstone Windwalkers (Moonstones):

Whispering Windwalker

Gentle Heart Windwalker

Zephyr Windwalker

Pulstrian Windwalker

Majestic Windwalker

Daywalker Windwalker

Daymoon Windwalker

Guardian's Windwalker

Moonstone Windwalker

Pale Moon Windwalker

Sailor Moonstone Windwalker

Winter Moon Windwalker

Magical Moonstone Windwalker

Distant Dream Windwalker

Distant Shores Windwalker

Distant Coasts Windwalker

Shimmering Stars Windwalker

St Patty Windwalker

First Spring Windwalker

Royal Knight Windwalker

Royal King Windwalker

Golden Moon Windwalker

Dragoon's Honor Windwalker


Dreaders (Turpentines):

Dreadful Burning Fire

Dreadful Golden Fire

Dreadful Burning Fire


Devilish Dervishes (Sunstones):

Chaos's Devilish Diva

Devilish Goddess of Fate


Cuckoos (Skywings):

Korra Cuckoo

Cuckoo for Coco Puffs


Polars (Winter Seasonals):

Polar Ice Queen

King of the Polar Ice Fields

Polar Queen Shiva

Prince of the Polar Ice Fields

Polar Frost King


Timberjacks (Ridgewings):

Berkan Timberwing

Starla Timberwing

Little Timberwing

William Timberwing

Rarity Timberwing

Timberjack of the Midnight Sun

Purple-Winged Timberjack

Blue-Winged Timberjack

Timberjack of the Autumn Sky

*Minty Mountain Timberjack


Timberjacks (Glory Drakes):

Lady Glory Timberjack

Dusk Song Timberwing <--- Is supposed to be a Timberjack, but I forgot the name at the time.

Timberjack of the Dusk Sky

Theodore's Glory Timberjack

Dawn Glory Timberjack

Helios' Glorious Timberjack

Timberjack of the Dusk Sky

*Lonely Mountain Timberjack

*Lonely Sky Timberjack


Red Deaths:

Red Deaths (Red Dragons):

Burninator of Death

Deadly Entei

Ruby Red Death

Deadly Red Sun Flare

Mayans Death Dragon

Snowy Death

Team Magma's Death Flame

A Flaming Death


Red Deaths (Male Fellfires):

Sephiroth's Deadly Meteor

Mars' Death Fury

Deadly Fenrir

Deadly Firestorm



Seaside Nanos (Seawyrm Pygmies):

Seaside Delphi Nano

Little Hydrus Nano


Blue Nanos (Nilia Pygmies):

Lapis Lazuli Nano

Blue Fire Nano

Royal Blue Nano


Joker Nanos (Misfit Pygmies):

King Nano of the Joker Clan

Joking Jester Nano

Joking Royal Nano

Joking Queen Nano

Joking Prince Nano

Little Joking Nano

Princess Nano of the Joker Clan


Dark Nanos (Dark Myst Pygmies):

Nightshade Darkness Nano

Bahamut Nano

Oerba Yun Fang's Nano

Teeny Darkness Nano


Spitfire Nanos (Crimson Flare Pygmies):

Pyrus Nano

Flash Fire Nano

Spitfire Nano

Firestorm Nano

Venus Transit Nano

Fire-Spitting Nano

Starfire Nano


Loafers (Pillow Dragons):

Loafing in the Sun

Loafing Around

Loafing Lazily

Little Loafer

Not a Loafer

Puff the Magic Loafer

Loafing Fluffball


Venomous Vorpents (Olives):

Venomous Clyde

Venomous Attila

Venomous Hun

Venomous Lilith

Venomous Vorpal

Venomous Bonny

Venomous Billy the Kid


Night Furies:

Blue Furies (Nocturnes):

Furious Dusk Dorkface Thuwed

Blue Dragon Fury

Furious Flipper

Batbrained Fury


Stardust Furies (Nebulans) - Personal Lineage:

Mystic Star Fury

Pollux Star Fury

Ganeymade Nebula Fury

Aurora Star Fury

Galaxy Strike Fury

Corona Star Fury

Starlight Blast Fury

Athena Star Fury

Noel Kreiss's Star Fury

Valhalla's Star Fury

Venus Star Fury

Solar Star Fury

Fury of the Night Star

Fury of the North Star

Southern Cross Star Fury

Star-Kissed Fury

Stardust Fury

Star-Struck Fury

Orion's Night Fury

Andromeda's Night Fury

Shooting Star Fury

Majestic Star Fury

Virgo's Fury

Galaxian Fury

Thor's Star-Struck Fury

Nebulan Star Fury

Quazar Star Fury

Phoenix Star Berk Dorkface - IB

Furious Star Wings

Bahamut Star Fury

Sagittarius Star Fury

Vega Star Fury

Dark Star Night Fury

Magenta Star Night Fury

Lapis Lazuli Star Fury

Castor Star Fury

Draco Star Fury

Crystal Star Fury

Crystal Stars of Berk

Nacara Star Wind Fury

Thundering Star Fury

Astral Star Fury Adult

Aquarius Star Fury

Crystal Star Light Fury

Fury of the South Star

Caius's Star Fury

Flashwing Star Fury

Sirius Star Fury

Starlight Fury

Phoenix Star Fury

Twinkling Star Fury

Aurora Borealis Star Fury

Galaxian Star Fury

Polar Star Fury

Winter Star Fury

Summer Star Fury

Fury of the Crystal Stars

Fury of the Shining Stars

Fury of the Shooting Stars

Celestial Star Fury

Kain's Star Fury

Cecil's Star Fury

Azure's Star Fury

Drake's Star Fury

Cassie's Star Fury

Nebulan Star of Berk

Luzu's Grand Star Fury

Jen's Star Fury

Galactic Shimmering Fury

Hallowed Star Fury

Ceodore's Star Fury

Pandora Star Fury

Stargazing Fury

Heaven's Celestial Fury

Sparkling Star Fury

Orion's Star Fury

Golden Star Fury

Cosmic Star Fury

Lunar Star Fury

Ash Ketchum's Star Fury

Glittering Stardust Fury

Albert's Star Fury

Kel's Stardust Fury

Zipping Star Fury

Shimmering Light Fury

Shooting Stardust Fury

Cecilia's Star Fury

Ezra's Stardust Fury

Venus's Star Fury

Dragonite Stardust Fury

Helga's Star Fury

Meru's Star Fury

Haschel's Star Fury

Eragon's Star Fury

Robin Hood's Star Fury

Star Fury of Vespira

Galaxy's Furious Stars

Comet Tail Star Fury

Shining Star Fury

Shining Star Fury

Castor's Star Fury

Starfon Kara's Fury

Fiery Star of Berk

Purple Cosmos Star Fury

Milky Way Star Fury

Galaxy-Eyes Fury

Desert Star Fury

Moon Star Fury

Starburst Fury

Furious Star Chaser - Last Normal Adult

Lavitz's Star Fury

Starry Nights Fury

Penk's Star Fury

Soulful Star Fury

Sunstar's Fury

Nebulan Star Fury

Spring Phoenix Star Fury

Infinity Star Fury

Magic Star Fury

Scorpio Star Fury

Mercury Star Fury

April Star Fury

Regulus Star Fury

Elemental Star Fury

Etoile Star Fury

Greenish Gold Star Fury

Bluish Gold Star Fury

Frost Star Fury

Fire Star Fury

Forgotten Dorkface Star Fury

Envious Star Fury

Amber Star Fury

Furious Starfire Blast

Quest for the Furious Star - Last Alt Adult


Spotted Furies (Spotted Greenwings):

Black Leopard Fury

Black Cheetah Fury

Furious Lynx

Furious Black Panther

Jaguar Fury

Furious Speckled Leopard

Feisty Spotted Fury

Furious Courel

Furious Quetzalcoltis

Quick Little Fury


Night Furies (Black Dragons):

BlackChaos's Fury

My Furious Dorkface

My Furious Holly-Baby

Aporia's Fury

Zorua's Fury

Twilight's Fury

Twilight Night Fury

Rukia Kuchiki's Fury

Byakuya's Fury

Furious Flyer

Furious Striker

Furious Striking Flyer

Fury of Odin

Zoroark's Fury

Antinomy's Fury

Flynn's Fury

BattleScythe Fury

Lucky 7 Fury

Twilight Battle Fury

Furious Thuwed Hunter

Furious Valkyrie

Furious Fighter

Xena Warrior Princess Fury

Furious Black Mage

Furious Black Wizard

Furious Alex

Furious Guardian

Fury of the Black Hole Sun

Fury of the Black Void

Darkest Night Fury

Furious Fury of Berk

Fury of Astrid

Furious Toothless

Dark Moon Fury

Shockwave Fury

Fury of the Dark

Lucky Tamer's Fury

Furious Kempa - IB

Caius's Fury Silver

Beat's Reaper Fury

Shiki's Reaper Fury

Neku's Reaper Fury

Michael's Fury

Rose's Fury

Black Rose's Fury

Merik's Fury

Furious Flora

Rubix Cube Fury

Dark Heaven Fury

Fury of the Erupting Volcanoes

*Fury of the Raging Seas

*Crazy Storm Fury

*Crazy Twister Fury


Striped Furies (Black Stripes):

CLOO's Fury

Kevin Flynn's Fury

Rinzler's Fury

Tron's Fury


Monstrous Nightmares:

Monsterous Monstrous (Magma Dragons):

Monsterous Feral Chaos

Monsterous Ifrit

Monsterous Diva

Monsterous Minstrel

Monsterous Flame Witch

Monsterous Innocence

Monsterous Prince Thuwed

*Monsterous Titan of Fire


Flare Monsterous (Female Fellfires):

Monsterous Medusa

Monsterous Hera

Monsterous Nidohogger

My Monsterous Dorkface


Cinder Monsterous (Embers):

Monsterous Firefly

Frozen Monsterous Flare

Monsterous Sparking Embers

Monsterous Embers

Monsterous Firework

Monsterous Firestorm

Monsterous Firestarter

Monsterous Fire Twister

Monsterous Fire Striker

Monsterous Vulcan Flame

Monsterous Doomfire

Monsterous Solar Flare

Monsterous Ashes

Monsterous Ash Storm

Monsterous Pele

Monsterous Dark Bahamut

Monsterous Independence


White Dragons:

Bright Whites (Lumina Dragons):

White Night Prince

White Night Princess

White Night King

Bright White Star

Bright White Moon

Bright White Aura

Bright White Comet

Bright White Meteor

Bright White Nova Dragon

Bright White Star Shower

Bright White Supernova

Bright White Sunburst

Bright White Aurora

Bright White Gamma Ray

Bright White Solar Flare

Bright White Star Flare

Bright White Royal Flare

Bright White Royal Star

Bright White Luminare


Boneknappers (Black Marrows):

Bone-Eating Vulture

Bone Mistress of the Ember

*Boney Little Raven


Thunderdrums (Gray Dragons):

Thunderous Odin

Mage of Thunder Magic

A Thunderous Goddess

Thunderforce Storm


Crystal Dragons (Geodes):

Crystal Force Dragoon

Crystal Star Dragon

Crystalized Stoneasaur

Crystal Lizardon

Victor's Crystal Guardian

Crystal Star Dragoon

Crystalized Angel

Crystal Cocoon's Guardian - IB

Crystal Thuwed Arcana

Crystal Heart Dragoon

Mountain Crystal Dragon - IB

Crystal Heart Guardian

Crystal Queen Guardian

Crystal King Dragoon

Valkyrie's Crystal Dragon

Crystal Seeress of Stone

Crystal-Covered Diamonds

Crystal of the Midnight Star

Leo's Crystal Clutz

Crystal Ore Dragon - IB

Crystal Fire Dragoon

Crystal Moon Dragon

Crystal Dragon Goddess

Crystal Dragon God

Crystal Palace's Guardian

*Crystal Tomb Guardian


Electricsquirms (Electrics):

Squirming in the Rain

Squirm in Fear of Thor's Might

Thunder Squirmy


Sea Deaths (Deepseas):

Death to the Kraken

The Siren of Death

Bermuda Triangle Death


Sky Dragons (Daydreams):

Sky-High Dreamer



Utdixs (Alt Dark Greens):

Utdix of the Dandellions

Camo the Utdix


Utdixs (Normal Dark Greens):

Sneaky Vine of Berk

Crazy Vine of Berk

*Udtix of Berk


Reptos (Brimstones):

Repto Maurus

Repto Minus

Repto Julius

Repto Cleo

Repto Darla

Repto Pepper

Repto Ricter

Repto Alex


Black Deaths (Alt Blacks):

Flying Shadows of Death

Death of the Nightwolf

Zekrom's Deadly Lightning

Deadly Chaos Bahamut

Deadly Chaos

Deadly Siren

Deadly Cie'th Dragmire

Deathly Slinking Shadow

Lunar Death Cry

Death in the Night Sky

Death Star Queen

Death to the Haters


Hideous Zipplebacks:

Hideous Zipplebacks (Splits):

Hideous Gleeok

Hideous Hydra


Hideous Double Zipplebacks (Duos):

Hideous Troublemaker

Hideous Terrible Twos

Hideous Double Trouble

Hideous Double Dragon

Hideous Royal Lady

Hideous Double Terror

Hideous Double Fury

Hideous Double Troublemaker


Changlings (Sunsongs):

Changing Views

Slippery Golden Changling

A Changling with a 'Tude


Scarers (Cavern Lurkers):

Scaring Up a Storm

Scaring Shadows

Scaring Eclipses

Little Scarer



Typhoomerangs of the Earth (Green Stripes):

Minty Rang

Little Green Rang

Little Earth Rang

One Rang at a Time

Earthen Rang

Nature Rang

*Terra Firma Rang


Typhoomerangs of Fire (Red Stripes):

Flare Rang

Pyrex Rang

*Fiery Rang


Typhoomerangs of Water (Blue Stripes):

Aqua Rang

Blitzer Rang

Striking Wave Rang

Blue-Striped Rang

Sapphire Rang

*Cerulean Rang


Tsunamis (Tsunami Wyverns):

Tsunami Alexia

Tsunami Roberto

Tsunami Triton

Tsunami Alex

Tsunami Samantha

Tsunami Ricardo

Tsunami Adele


Stormcutters (Nhiostrife Wyverns):

Shimmering Amethyst Cloud Jumper

Shimmering Amethyst Cloud Hopper

*Shimmering Amethyst Cloud Jump

*Amethyst Jumping Cloud


Bewilderbeasts (Frostbite Dragons):

Northern Frost Bewilderbeast

Shiva's Bewilderbeast

*Northern Frost Bewilderbeast

*Southern Snow Bewilderbeast

*Winter Frost Bewilderbeast

*Southern Frost Bewilderbeast

*Northern Snow Bewilderbeast

*Eastern Frost Bewilderbeast


Skrills (Legendary Thunders):

Plasmis - Demon of Thunder

Thundering up a Storm

Raiden - God of Thunder

Larxene - Thunder Queen

Thor's Thunderous Fury

Thunderstorm Striker

Lightning's Thunderous Fury

Thunderous Striker


Fireworms (Pyralspite Dragons):

Warm Garnet Fire

Fiery Garnet Storm

*Pink Fiery Garnet


Flightmares (Falconiforms):

Falcon's Flight of Fancy

*Falcon in the Sky


Stealth Dragons (Shadow Walkers):

Stealthy Halloween Specter

Stealthy Halloween Ghost

Stealthy Halloween Shadow

Stealthy Halloween Mist

Stealthy Halloween Fog

Stealthy Halloween Moonlight

Stealthy Halloween Spirit


Tribute Groups:

Berkian Royal Blues Honor Guard (CB Royal Blues Starting Lineage):

Hiccup's Silver Moon Dragon

Astrid's Silver Moon Dragon

Fishlegs' Silver Moon Dragon

Stoick's Silver Moon Dragon

Snotlout's Silver Moon Dragon

Tuffnut's Silver Moon Dragon

Gobber's Silver Moon Dragon

Ruffnut's Silver Moon Dragon


((Out of Character: Yes, there's MORE dragons than those listed here that still need naming, as you can tell. ^^; ))

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I am screaming over the latest season of Race to the Edge, but my Alpha line is coming along swimmingly. I'm not sure which line to work on next - Zippleback or Thunderdrum.

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Well! During a routine check of all my dragons, I discovered the nastiest little pests ever to grace this world. We have an infestation of Grimora, which I was quite lucky to survive. I've counted at least six of the things, mostly infecting the local Deadly Nadders. We've taken some precautions against them, but - and I shudder to even consider the thought - they appear to be breeding


I have most auspicious news to report, after the terrible time that was the Grimora infestation. The alpha species have been quite busy! Doosmday Death has a family that boasts every known alpha species. Still a Tiny Tooth, the little one won't grow up for a while, but it is a Green Death. I can't wait to watch one of those age into maturity!


And finally, for this short update, I have recently tackled another new species of dragon. I think I shall call them - Night Terrors. They swarm in large groups, but training the right one seems to have a contagious effect on the rest of them. I can't wait to see how this goes!

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Have decided to make things more interesting and more challenging for myself, and I cannot use any dragon on my scroll that I did not hatch before August first for my new lines. This is both to promote cave hunting, because I've been playing in the AP, and to bulk out my scroll a little. Not that it needs it, but if I keep pulling from my current stock, I'm going to end up without spare CBs. And we just can't have that.

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