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If we do a reboot, yeah, it'd start with the characters not knowing each other. Every species would be available again, but I'd reserve for a bit the species of the characters that have been active in the last chapter in case their players wants to reuse them. So for example, Mawile/Meganium/Infernape wouldn't be available in case Val wants to return, but shifters who left in earlier chapters like Rapidash or Zoroark would be free for anyone to use (the species, not the characters).


Also, we'd give priority to a timetable where players from here can participate. It'd probably be either Saturday or Sunday since most people have those days free, but we'd decide on a time after confirming what everyone wants.

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For reference, you can download and read through the Pokerole core rulebook here, to get an idea of what a tabletop reboot might be like; we'll definitely be homebrewing the system heavily, though, so it won't be 100% representative. Some Pokethulhu mechanics might be present, too.


Also, I'm just going to stress that neither of these options can happen unless you guys communicate with us regularly, preferably through chat. There's literally nothing we can do about your concerns if we don't know about them.

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Im kind of wary about starting from the very beginning again in the tabletop reboot since we made good progress here. Might as well just roll a new character in that case.


I know I'll be murdered by finals (I got murdered by midterms) but I'm willing to continue with what we have. Maybe instead of posting battle commands in the RP proper, we do them over chat to streamline things?


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On mobile so sorry for any misspellings.


That could be a good solution, to continue like always but having command-heavy parts like battles in chat (me or one of the participants can then summarize them in a post). We tried that with the Driemen battle and it didnt work, but maybe instead of trying to be online at the same time we can leave the commands there whenever we can? So it'd be like posting, but with only one or two sentences at a time.


Either way, continuing will require everyone to be a bit more active than we have been recently



EDIT: In case it influences anyone's decisions, right now we're close to completing the first half of the story, and the next town after we check the abandoned building would start the part where we can finally catch the legendaries we reserved

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I'm also concerned about how we're going to handle removing all the characters who've quit, because it looks like there'll be more of those than ones that are staying. Even if we can get ahold of those players to discuss, it'll be difficult to justify narratively these people all just leaving the group at once, if we're still not using retcons.

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Hey, assuming my input is allowed, I'm all for picking up where we left off. If you'll have me, I'll come back and take my trio again, too.


I like the idea of just streamlining battles via chat. I think we should post commands in the OOC at the end of the day so people who weren't on but need the info can find it without risk of losing it to additional chatter.

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Sure! The whole purpose of not retconing stuff is so anyone can return whenever they want to with their characters. Also good plan, that'd also save the exact commands we all used in case we need them for something.


About handling inactive characters, if its too OOC to have them leave that instant, the plan was to bunny them until the scene they were involved in was over and then think of something for them to get separated.




Anyhow, it seems mostly everyone wants to continue then; Felix mentioned in the chat he wanted to go on too, so that'd just leave Haze. I'll PM her to see if she's still in, and after we get her answer we can go on.

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Howdy! I'm a fan of streamlining the battles in chat. I'd rather not start over if we can help it, but I'll follow as much as I can.

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Ok, that's everyone. Let's go forth then!




-Allie and Jack&Sark against Driemen, triple battle. Pokemon: Cass, Arrow, Regina vs Haunter1, Haunter2, Salandit. Anhew is on the sidelines with Cedric.

Salandit used Fake Out on Cass

Arrow used Rock Slide, defeating Haunter1 and Salandit

Driemen sent Venusaur and Roserade

Haunter2 used Confuse Ray on Cass

Regina used Air Slash on Haunter2

Arrow used Sky Drop on Haunter2

Cass used Heat Wave on Venusaur and Roserade

J&S switched Regina for Gogurt

Venusaur used Protect.

Roserade survived due to Focus Sash. Used Sleep Powder on Cass.

Gogurt used Tackle on Roserade

Next turn: Allie


-Kim encounters three Helix members on the Pokemon Center. Last post.

Next turn: Kim



-Sine and Chompers against Leo and Jeff, double battle. Pokemon: Aster, Driller against Tropicana, Bead

Aster used Tickle on Tropicana

Bead used Surf

Driller used Dig on Bead

Tropicana used Fly on Aster

Aster used Protect

Driller used Glare on Tropicana

Bead used Surf

Tropicana used Rock Smash on Driller

Driller used Roost

Next turn: Sine


-Emil went up ahead

Next turn: Emil. His post will start the event



-Zoey and March went to find information on Phenac city and look around.

Next turn: March


-Gaes, Lamb, Rap, Valda, Z went to the Gym. Gaes and Valda are in Pokemon form, the rest in human form. Battle is yet to start. Last two post

Next turn: Lamb, to pick the battle rules

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Summary of Fastfall battle so far

Level 3 Triple Battle

Tae's Pokémon: Croagunk, Heracross, Timburr

Lambert's and Rhapsody's Pokémon: Valda, Qrow, Pooch


First turn

Croagunk used Sucker Punch on Valda

Valda used Hurricane on Heracross, Heracross fainted

Qrow used Confuse Ray on Timburr (4 turns)

Pooch used Flamethrower on Timburr

Timburr used Stone Edge on Qrow (missed)

Tae sent out Medicham to replace Heracross


Second turn

Lambert switched Qrow for Gaes

Valda used Flamethrower on Medicham

Medicham used Ice Punch on Valda, Valda gets frozen

Pooch uses Flamethrower on Croagunk

Croagunk uses Poison Jab on Pooch, Pooch gets poisoned

Timburr hits itself in its confusion


Third turn



Current Pokémon on the field:

Croagunk, Medicham, Timburr

Valda, Gaes, Pooch



Haze, gonna need a 10die every time valda attacks; 9 or 10 and she thaws out, 8 or less and she remains frozen


Mage, give us the dadbert orders

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For those interested in the Contest:


You guys can control the sign-up people. Since it's your first time there, Lambert and anyone else who wants to enter will get a free Contest Pass and Contest Case, and be granted access to the Participant's area. You'll get a number, something around 15 or so, and be told to make sure you get quickly on the stage when it's called. There should be a place around to buy accessories so you can get the ones you want while the first participants do their thing; there are probably TVs and speakers everywhere so you won't miss the numbers being called.


Anyhow, if you guys want I can post the announcer's speech and presentation of the judges, or i can put it on the chat or PM it if you want to include it in your posts to get the shopping done quicker.


Reminder we're gonna be using anime "will-work-if-it-makes-a​-modicum-of-sense" Sinnoh rules; only difference is that only one Pokémon is allowed to participate for each trainer.


(Also if you guys want to skip the shopping and just write in chat what Gaes and other Pokémon want to get for accessories and go directly to the first stage, we can do that too)

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Memory guidelines:

- shifters can only remember specific events, and not general information about their past life; e.g. someone can remember playing with their Bulbasaur when they were young, and extrapolate from that that they used to have a Bulbasaur, but cannot directly remember the fact that they had a Bulbasaur.

- the memory will be exactly as clear as it would be if the shifter tried to remember the scene before their memories were taken. Things they used to remember well will be more detailed, they will only remember specific thoughts/feelings if they focused on that during the event, etc.

- as a special prize for advancing the plot, Chompers, Emil, and Sine will be able to remember some vague context for their memories, such as who a person in the memory is.

- and, reiterating from the IC post, memories from the month leading up to the shifter's entry into the game are not allowed.


If you have further questions about what memories are allowed, come ask in the chat.

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Bit of news:


I might be changing jobs soon in Real Life. As a person with negative social skills and who gets anxious even thinking about talking with strangers face-to-face, this is being extremely stressful, especially because I got my current job through informal means so I've never had an actual job interview before. This has been worrying me a lot the past few days, to the point where I can't properly concentrate on writing. I'm not going to scrap Choice until I'm the only one left wanting to continue, but we might have to go into a small hiatus until I'm able to string 2 sentences together without questioning my life decisions.


Very sorry for the inconvenience. Feel free to keep coming into the chat to talk about character interactions (like that one sleepover almost everyone had at Vertia) or possible quests for the Legendaries you want, since that's going to happen after we talk to either the Champion or Jhon.

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Uhm... I really should have told you about this earlier, but my recent absence (which I am very sorry for) was due to me not really.... having a laptop anymore. It was broken and repair would be more expensive than getting a new one. So I had to ask my parents to help me get a new one, but anxiety, a week holiday to Rome, etc. made it so that it took until today to finally get a new one (but it was for free though!)


Long story short, I'm sorry for not letting you guys hear anything of me lately, but now I'm glad to tell you that I'm ready to join in on the fun again, if you'll still have me :3

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If you look at the post directly above yours, you'll see that we're on hiatus and have been for several months, due to issues that aren't fixed by your return. The RP will resume eventually. Please wait for it to be announced in the OOC thread.


Also: bynd/starchat is a private offsite RP, and it was only linked in Choice chat because some of the Choice cast is participating. Please don't go into the chat without asking. If you want to join, PM me.

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Yeah I found out after posting... I'll delete my post if you'd rather have that.


And about starchat... I saw it linked in the chatzy and got confused and wondered what it was, so I thought I'd take a look... but don't worry, I won't enter it again I still don't even know what it is, really


Sorry about both, I guess


EDIT: I thought I was typing this in the pm... huh. When trying to delete it, I noticed even that changed... I guess "hide" is the thing I want to do?

EDIT 2: Seems the notification was from you mentioning me in your post... I'm not used to that happening on the DC forums... shows how long I've been gone, I guess. Anyway... I guess it's my own fault for not double checking things... multiple times in a row :x

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Hi Felix! Good to have you back!


Unfortunately, like I explained in the above post, right now I have too much going on with RL to be able to properly GM Choice. And since I want to give you guys the best RP I can, I decided to put a hiatus until I'm able to mod it the way I used to. My own fault for having 48 NPCs with their own backstories and motivations and battle mechanics that required me to made a damage calculator excel myself ^^"


In any case, the tentative date for starting again would be around September. I'll tell everyone more once things are more concrete.


IC, we went off and had a battle royal with Rap vs Valda vs Zoey vs Z vs Qrow vs Bugface vs Tusk vs Tama (Z technically won), and have met up with Lambert and Gaes after they returned from the contest. If you want, a bit before starting again I can contact you and set up a sidequest for March to explain why he wasn't with them at that time, and then we can all go to the helicopter ride together ^^



BTW, Starchat is a chat for the RP Pi created, which is basically Magical Girls with Pokémon Partners. The link was here because most players in Choice wanted to join.

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Ah, thanks for the RP update! And yeah, a sidequest would be nice :)

And if you're able to continue again around September that would be great, but in any case do take your time!

And Starchat... as I said I entered ithe chat out of curiosity... but magical girls isn't really my thing, so I'll pass.

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