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Name: March

Pokémon: Metagross

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Human appearance: In human form, March stands at 1.7 metres with a pretty muscular build and a slightly tan skin. He's wearing a blue shirt with long sleeves and a grey X on the front, blue jeans and black shoes. The ends of his sleeves and jeans all have 3 grey triangles coming from them. He has short black hair curling up a bit at the ends and his red eyes are covered by black sunglasses.

Pokémon appearance: A Metagross with legs just a tidbit shorter than the usual length.

Day they woke up: Day 10.

Region: Hoenn.

Backstory: March had always been a regular person that just wanted to have fun with his Lotad, and Lombre when he grew older. When he was 20 he didn't move out of his parents' house, because he didn't have to. This came in very handy as his job as a supermarket cashier didn't pay much, and he could never afford a house of his own. His parents left Hoenn to go and live in Kanto to work on a very important project concerning environmental protection. The company they did this for only had enough money to give them two plane tickets, and March's parents didn't have enough money to take their son along. He missed them every single day, and wished that they would either come back to Hoenn, or that he could move to Kanto. His very low level of education also made that he had no chance of getting any better of a job. One day he had a weird dream and...


... He woke up in... where was he? What happened? He thought. I remember... a game. What game? Returning memories. Team Helix. Destroying research. Why? I don't know. So how? Special powers. What powers? He looked at himself, noticing his outfit looked a lot like a Metagross. Metagross heh? I wonder if... Suddenly he transformed into a Metagross. Shocked by what had just happened and not really able to control his limbs and his levitating body he flailed about in the air and randomly used all of his moves on the rocks surrounding him. When he calmed down, he happened to turn back to his human form. He decided to stay where he was for now, there seemed to be some vegetation, including trees with berries that he recognized. On his third day there he had a fateful encounter with a female Snorunt, and, as he was used to after two days of understanding what all the pokémon were saying, he understood what the Snorunt was saying. The Snorunt asked him to go to the nearby town. March gathered all the berries he could find, planning to sell them when he got to the town, so he could buy a poké ball for the Snorunt. After a day of travel he arrived there...

Personality: He is a bit introverted and quickly satisfied. He is also very caring and will do anything for people and pokémon he cares about.

Nature: Quiet (+Special Attack, -Speed)

Ability: Clear body

Moves: Bullet Punch/Iron Defense/Hone Claws/Meteor Mash/Psyshock/Earthquake/Magnet Rise


-Snorunt (Frost), [None yet], Female, Jolly (+Speed, -Special Attack), Ice Body, Weather Ball/Bite/Ice Fang/Leer

Other: Can I reserve a legendary for him to encounter later on? If so, I'd want to reserve Diancie. smile.gif


-concerning the rest of the issues you had: His shoes are black to represent the nothing between a Metagross's feet and the ground while floating. I added a 7th move now, so as you see I'm not going for the levels. And yay! Diancie! laugh.gif


And I'm sorry, next time I'll send it by PM.

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Name: Ellie

Pokémon: Vulpix

Age: 22

Gender: Female

Human appearance: Deep auburn tresses sit upon her oval face. The ends curl tightly into tight coils, often brushing against her cheeks. Three of these sit upon the crown of her head, creating an elegant topknot and bun. Her hair falls just above her shoulders, bouncing freely as she moves. Ellie's skin is a cream, while light and delicate in the cloudy and wintery places without sun, it does tan to a healthy bronze in warmer climes. Her large, almond eyes are a deep brown, flashing between amber and garnet in the light. She has a small, button nose with a light upturn. Her body is average, of a slender, graceful build. Her curves while average in size, are well proportioned to her body. She stands at 5'4" and is surprisingly agile despite her overall elegant, petite appearance.

The outfit from which she wakes up with cute and elegant all at once. Her top is a short-sleeved turtle neck of a soft, cottony linen. The majority of it is a dark orange, with the front a light cream, reminiscent of the vulpix markings. Thick leather bracelets with bright orange embroidered curves adorn each wrist. Her brown skirt sits at her waist and falls just below her midthigh, lace edging the bottom hem. It hides her matching brown shorts. Long, brown stalkings come to her knees, lace lining the top of them as well. Her shoes are a sensible, cute heeled leather boot, with matching orange embroidery to her bracelets. To finish the ensemble is a dark brown trench coat, the back curling into six tails. The front stops at her mid thigh while the back curls back up to her knees.

Pokémon appearance: She is an average sized Vulpix. While her color is, for the most part, quite normal, she has a patch of lighter fur on her that creates a heart shaped on her back. Her fur is also rather flush and luxurious for a pokemon, a bit longer and fuller, making her look very fluffy.

Day they woke up: Day 13

Region: Kanto

Backstory:Ellie grew up a normal human in her family. She learned much about local pokemon professors, and aspired to learn as much as she could about pokemon. Her mother worked at the local pokemart while her father worked as a scholar and field reporter for a local newspaper. She grew up as an only child in a loving, normal home. She had her friends and peers, went to school, and learned as much as she could about pokemon. Her first pokemon was a small, abandoned poliwag her father found while in the field one day while running about.

She nursed it back to health and, together, they went on many adventures, while never going too far. However, he grew old and soon passed away from an illness. It only made her passion to learn more about the creatures that shared her world grow. As she adventured and met different trainers, she found she had an affinity with fire pokemon, the opposite of her precious poliwag.

As she grew up, she joined the newspaper her father worked at as an illustrationist, drawing thumbnails and sketches of pokemon for those who read the publication. It allowed her to travel the Kanto region and still work with her family. Before she met the spirit, she stood a tall, willowy 5'7" with blonde hair and blue eyes, reminiscent of her parents.

The spirit came to her one night while she was camping under the stars, watching the night bird pokemon and zubats soar through the clear night sky. She wondered, not for the first time, what it would be like to be a pokemon, to have the power to help others, and, more than anything else, to forge the strongest possible bond with pokemon, to truly understand them. She didn't notice the darkening fire, nor the stars twinkling out.

A voice whispered in her ear, "What would you do in exchange for that to come true?" What would she do. The first thing that came to her mind ended up coming out. "Anything." A pensive pause followed the announcement before the voice once more began to speak to her, the world growing darker still. "I want to play a little game and need people to partake in this event. If you win, you will be granted a wish, any thing your heart desires," the words float, tantalizing and enthralling. Before Ellie knew it, she had agreed to the rules, the conditions, everything. What had she to lose? Her parents would understand, she hoped, and it wasn't like there was a special someone to come home to. No, her passion was pokemon, and it consumed her. Being able to form the closes of bonds, understand them to the best of her ability took precedent. Anyways, she rationalized, she would never fall for anyone who didn't love pokemon as much as she. "I accept, she breathed,"I want to be able to bond with pokemon and be the ultimate pokemon trainer and breeder," and the world went black.

When she awoke, Ellie found herself in a strange land. Heck, everything was strange, her body, hair, skin, clothes. She didn't remember a thing other than her name and the rules of her new life: she lost her memory, yet gained special abilities. She will win when she remembers who she is and what she asked for, and that her objective is to destroy all of Team Helix's research. Those rang through her head, clear as a bell.

She found a stream and watched her reflection. Wide eyes, brightly hued with a button nose. Her hair shone in the light of the unfamiliar land. Learning forward, she pulled back when the tip of her nose touched the water. A surge of panic and surprise jolted through her body. Breathing heavily, something happened and, within a moment, a vulpix stood where she was. It gleamed brightly in the light, a light orange creating a heart-like shape on it's back with fur flush. Only when the vulpix tilted it's head did Ellie realize that the pokemon she saw in the stream was her. And so she began freaking out and pacing wondering what she would do now.

Personality: As an only child, Ellie has always been shy and preferred to play with herself. She never understood why people couldn't get along with each other, and thus don't quite get why other children would make fun of her. She learned to love pokemon at a young age and greatly enjoyed spending time with her parents, giving her a deep appreciation of pokemon. She is creative, and draws, paints, and writes in blurbs. While quiet, preferring to observe than be center stage, she is loyal to those she trusts, and will stand by their side. The problem is that few people have the patience or the ability to work through her quietness, unable to find the right subject that will make her flare to life. When angry, she fumes, often taking out her frustrations in the form of angry drawings, prose, or paintings. While she feels intensely, she is not demonstrative to most people, only towards those she is closest to. She has a 'process' to what she does, and it is not always neat and tidy. She is non confrontational unless pushed to the extreme.

Nature: Quiet (+SpA -Speed)

Ability: Flash Flare (powers up fire-type moves if hit by one)

Moves: Flame Thrower / Will-O-Wisp / Extra Sensory / Dark Pulse / Heat Wave / Inferno


-None Yet

Other: Despite losing her memory, she still retained her kinesthetic memory, and is able to draw and paint. She will often doodle while listening to others to help her focus on what others are discussing.

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- considering the number of items you can start with is 3, March definitely did not pick up 30 berries on his way to Fastfall. You can have him find a discarded Pokeball on the ground if you want.

- Nobody near the fountain has said the word "shifter" aloud, as far as I can see.

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Oh, alright. I thought the Axew said it, but now I look back it indeed didn't.


Going to fix that now. xd.png


EDIT: Fixed it. He now finds a discarded pokéball upon leaving the pokémon center and he gets curious by the Axew mentioning "normal humans".

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To make things easier for you guys, I've added an extra column to Quick Battle Ref in the wikia. Go to the 'Pokémon Belonging to Shifters' section, and you'll see the requirements your shifters' Pokémon need to evolve to their next stage. Remember that for evolution, battles only count if they have been written.

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Alright, edited my post, sorry if the battles seem a bit short, but right now, I really don't care cause I'm really tired due to work

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Bumping this up.


We're currently waiting on posts from:

Fastfall - someone to talk to the gym leader, preferably one of the humans

Lifferoad - Leo's waiting on a response from Chompers

Shifter fight - Dam (not urgent, but still)

Serpent's Fang - literally anyone. Please someone talk to this horrible man.

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I think Eos probably knows she was in a ball, but I vould be wrong.


Also, Dammerung's question 'just like you'? He doesn't know if it's normal for humans to understand Pokémon here, he's pretty freshly shifter-ed, and I don't think he's yet seen something where thhere was a reason for someone here to speak to their Pokémon if theybcould. Again, correct me if I'm wrong.

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I'm going to go ahead and bump this thread. Since November us finally over HOPEFULLY everyone is going to be drawn back in and this can continue like normal.

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Oh- sorry everyone.


My RP's fire's kinda... gone out. Would it be better if I quit? I can try to finish Meeres's scene.

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It depends on what you want, Dusky. You can finish the scene and then see if you want to continue or not, or make a new character

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Announcement - Gen 7


Guess who finally finished playing the game.


Anyhow, nearly a month has passed since the release, so it's about time we start considering if we should add Gen7 to the RP. First of all, I'm going to need confirmation from every active player that 1. They have completed the game or 2. They don't mind spoilers. You guys can either answer here or in chat.


Be reassured that if you don't want spoilers and you haven't finished playing yet, we'll wait before introducing Gen7. I don't want to ruin anyone's experience of the game.

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I've completed too. smile.gif

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Announcement - Gen 7


Everyone has either completed the game or don't mind spoilers. Gen7, here we come!


In general:

-From this point forth, you can encounter and catch any of the normal Gen7 Pokémon. NPCs will start using them too.

-New shifters can come from Alola and/or shift into Gen7 Pokémon. They won't be able to shift into Ultra Beasts, though.

-Due to their backstory, Type Null and Silvally won't be available for capture or as shifters.


Alolan forms:

-Since we're going with the lore that trainers brought all kinds of Pokémon to Lamorak, both normal forms and Alolan forms can be encountered and caught. However, a normal Pokémon that has an Alolan form won't be able to evolve into the Alolan form, and viceversa. This means Alolan Rattatas will always evolve into Alolan Raticates and normal Rattatas into normal Raticates, but a normal Cubone can evolve to either Marowak or Alolan Marowak since Cubones don't have an Alolan form.


Ultra Beasts:

-The UBs that appear at the end of the game (Nihilego, Buzzwole, Pheromosa, Xurkitree, Celesteela, Kartana, Guzzlord) will be allowed to be caught instead of a Legendary. The same rules of no doubles and only one per RPer apply, with the additional rule that all characters who are going to catch an UB will need to go to the same place for the sidequest. Remember: UBs do not come from this world, so part of the sidequest will be to calm them down from their "holy Cosmog where am I" freak out, and they must have a good reason to join you instead of trying to go back to where they came from.



-The Tapus, Cosmog, Cosmoem, Solgaleo, Lunala, Magearna, and Marshadow won't be available for capture. Marshadow might become available later depending on new information. Necrozma will be available, though. Here is the updated list.

-Talking about that, I just noticed Volcanion was in the 'cannot catch' list. My mistake, sorry; you can pick Volcanion as your Legendary.



-Like Mega evolutions, Z-Crystals will be available at a later point in the RP.

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Looks like we're going again, so bumping this thread up too.


Reminder that the OOC and chat both exist literally for the purpose of discussing things like character interactions and what you should do next. We can't help you if we don't know what's going on.

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Since we seem to be getting kind of stuck in the battles, I was thinking;


In legal battles (aka all the ones we've had until now - I'll let you guys know on the occasions when it changes), do you all want to keep on as we've have, or would you like to use the chat to plan them out? As in, I was thinking we could set a day and time where all the participants can get online, and rp it out quickly in the chat. Just "A uses X on C" "Ok, then B uses Y on A", and so forth.


Let me know what you guys think



Reminder: the current battles are

Gaes, Lambert, Rhapsody, Valda, and Tae in Fastfall

Chompers, Sine, Leonard, and Jeff in Lifferoad

Allison, Cassandra, Jack&Sark, and Driemen in Taismog

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Ok, so I really should've done this before instead of letting everything stagnate. I apologize. Real life has been really tiring this year and I didn't have the energy to be a proper GM and poke people.


Honestly, I was considering giving up Choice. People either left or weren't posting and we've been stuck in the same battles for a long time. And a significant part of the blame is mine since in the only other battles we had, all the players were online at the same time, so we breezed through them without any issue and I got complacent. Turn-based long battling really isn't made for a format where people only post once every few days.


The original plan was to close the RP and answer any question you guys might've had by PM, since I really wanted to finish the story some other time so I didn't want to reveal all the plot. Me and Pi had been looking into an online tabletop adaptation (concretely, we were looking at PokeRole), since we felt real-time interaction would significantly help with the flow, especially in the battles. This would've been a complete reboot, so we'd have started from the very beginning, with a few changes to help the story.




So, I want to ask you guys a question. What would you prefer? If 2 or more of you want to continue, we can try by moving away the characters that have become inactive. I'd have to ask that we use the chat more, especially during battles to coordinate better and not stall still for long again.


The other option would be to wait until the tabletop reboot. The cons would be that it'd need real-time participation, so we'd have sessions like other tabletops (once a week or so, by text chat). Might be inconvenient, but we'd advance much faster, and I can promise that whatever system we end up using wouldn't be too complicated to learn. Any character from here would be automatically accepted, along with their team.



Anyway, be sure to tell us what you think and want.

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I'm fine with either choice (no pun intended) but I do have a couple questions as to where we would start if this was closed. Would it be a fresh reboot where no one knows each other yet? Would the taken Pokémon shifters be available?


I'm online most of the time, but may not be available if it comes down to it, which worries me slightly. I am moving to a more permanent 8-5 shift (might subject to change) so nights will be sort of iffy for me.


Also, November is going to be a very slow month due to that writing website thing

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