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The last SIGNATURE CONTEST was back in December of 2013, so I'm starting this back up. n_n


THEME: Musical Bands



- Signatures must be comprised of two or more images. Do not slap some text on an image and call it done.

- All work is to be made by YOU. No grabbing other's artwork and calling it your own.

- Do not solicit votes.

- Have fun and be creative!

- Do not flame someone's work. No drama of any sort.


NOTE: If you are using a stock, texture, or brushes from another artist, be sure to always give proper credit.



A CB Xeno (Your choice)



Feb 1st



coming soon

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This looks really interesting but do you think can explain what this is further?

And when is the end date?

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Sorry, I'll try and make up a few examples here soon. :3


The end date is the end of January (So, let's say Feb 1st).

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