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Any papercrafter here?

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Is here any other papercrafter of dragons, Which ones did you build already?


I already did:

The frost ragon from skyrim, quite detailed

Dragon from Earthsea, that was easier, but I used too weak paper, do not have it anymore.

Arokh and Werokh from Drakan OOTF


I would like to speak about models, where to get someand if there is some mad to 3D graphic as I am, I would like to meet.


Also I'm considering papercrafts of DC dragons...

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Not a papercrafter of dragons, but I did do some Pokemon papercrafts when I was younger. What stopped me was the need for a color printer + thick paper (I didn't have a color printer and my school won't let you swap paper out). I've also designed a papercraft from scratch for one of my fabrication classes, but it's not that good xd.png

In terms of programs for that project, my workflow was Sculptris --> Rhino3D --> Pepakura


Papercrafting is pretty fun, though I've already got my share of cutting and gluing by building scale models for school. xd.png

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my workflow was Sculptris --> Rhino3D --> Pepakura


Hmmmm... if you can create some 3D models of DC dragons, I may be able to texture them for papercraft, that would be quite cool!

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