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Hey guys,

I been recently using custom sort to sort my dragons along with breed sort. However it's a pain it the butt to constantly re-sort the scroll every time a dragon grows up or something.


When I mean multi-sort the scroll automatically sort itself (whether it's Date (Default), Name, Growth (Eggs then Hatchlings then Adults), Breed, Color (Rainbow), Custom) and then those special freezes, dragons and other what nots appear where you want them to go.





Have this beautiful 2G spriter's alt (thanks spriter). Of course I want to see him/her every time I access my scroll but I enjoy all my under breed/colour/name/date/ect. So of course I have the custom sort option but every new dragon I get, I constantly have to update the scroll. I

Instead i have the option of choosing multiple sort option. I could see this being useful for:


Keeping dragons together

(______ then custom - my custom sort draggies remain in a certain position and all the other dragons automatically that their places in their given breed groups)


Constantly fiddling around with the scroll

Lets us enjoy the dragons instead of finding your special dragons every time a hatchie grows up

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I'm having trouble figuring out what you're exactly suggesting. I think you need to state your actual suggestion clearly up at the top before you get into why you want it.

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Let Just say I want him at the top/ middle/ bottom of my scroll


Currently, the only way I would have to do this is through custom sort. But, because this is a game focused on collecting dragons; of course I'm going to have eggs/hatchies. As those new eggs or hatchies come through; the custom sort will change (for me: all newer dragons will be on top as I have my eggs/hatchies on top).


I thought; what about a custom sort that still acts like the other automated sorting options available. My eggs and hatchies stay on top (along with my prized dragons) and then the rest of the scroll is sorted how I like to have it (breed). When the eggs/hatchies grow up, they automatically get sorted into their breeds; instead of constantly fiddling with your scroll as they grow.


How some people sort:




*special dragons that I might want to place here*

Normal scroll sort (whether breed, growth, name, colour) (<<< or special dragons placed throughout here, like hatchies as dividers)


Lets just say I have a coastal waverunner hatchie that had grown up. Currently I would have to go to my account change the sort order (eg: breed/colour/growth/name) and then find the dragons I want to show off and place them at the top (or where ever i want them). Instead, as that coastal waverunner grows up, he is placed with his assigned (breed/growth/name/colour) group. No fiddling required. Your special dragons still (basically) remain in their spots. Unless you placed your special dragon in between breeds/growth/colour/name groups; then the special dragons "move" down a spot.


As the eggs and hatchies grow, they automatically sorted to how your automated scroll sort is.


Hopefully that makes sense. smile.gif If it does, I'll update the OP.

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I guess that makes sense, but I don't see how it would work. I just don't understand how automatic sorting and custom sorting are at all compatible.

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I used to maintain a custom sort where I kept the breeds I was most interested in up top, sorted by gen and lineage projects, with a custom color sort behind them (again sorted by gen and lineage projects they were involved in). I could see how something like that would be wanted, trust me.


However, there is a rather large flaw in that idea. How do you expect the site to recognize where you want the new things to auto sort to? At this time, there is no way to flag individual dragons to tell them where you want them to go after they grow up. It would be a logistical nightmare.



It would be cool if the site could scan your sort, and then decide based on your sort where you newest black hatchling should go (at least breedwise). So, like.. if you keep a custom breed sort, and you keep blacks in the 10th breed slot, it would realize that blacks belong there. However, thats not really something that the sites code is designed to do, and im not entirely sure it would be worth it to TJ to write and maintain something that could do that.


Personally, I would still much rather see an option where you are shown one of each sprite, that you can drag into a frame (something like the old fertility page was, or the tile sort... its been awhile) to set a specific breed order, and then have the site sort to that standard. Since multi sort is a thing, and for the most part, maintains the order the group is already in, then this could be just a step up... but again, a logistical nightmare for the person who has to write/maintain the code.

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