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Looking Glass OOC

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There are a limited amount of slots; players can only join if there are open slots. Currently we are Open; new slots are available!


-Looking Glass-

IC Thread


It is a cold, bright night. Frost forms on the dying trees and closed windows, and a biting wind sweeps its way throughout the town. Colored leaves carpet the frigid grass and invade brushed roads and driveways. Elongated clouds darker than night scuttle across the sky, turning white in the presence of the moon. It is the eve of Halloween. And you're going to go through lot more than a crazy costume party and the unbearable excitement of the pile of candy you'll receive the next day.

And weirdly enough, it started with a seemingly-innocent box stuffed with nothing but a mirror and note.



You start out as a normal teenager living a rather normal life within a small town-turning-city. Today is a special day for you-whether it's an anniversary of some kind, or a birthday, or even if you're celebrating Halloween's Eve with friends-regardless, you're going to remember this day for a completely different reason than you expected.

At one point you will check your mailbox; or perhaps it was simply left on your porch. But you will find a small box, barley big enough to hold the small mirror and the tightly-folded note held within. The note is from a girl you recall from your school - a “Crystal” something-or-other - and it mentions the plain mirror in the box as being important. She says she'll explain its importance at your school after the Halloween party there finishes... it's up to you if you really want to get into this mess, because I'm telling you now, it's going to be pretty chaotic.

  • Everyone will meet up at the school: a building sharing both middle- and high-school classes. After the middle-schoolers finish using the shared gym for their Halloween party, your character will meet up with Crystal and her friends. They will explain the importance of the mirrors that everyone has there; someone named Shadow especially will have information on this.
  • It will then be explained that there are chunks of reality scattered throughout a sort of "limbo" dimension. How exactly these chunks ended up there is a mystery, but the only way to know the reason for sure is to visit them; Crystal and her friends intend to do this. Because of the limbo state, however, these suspended chunks of reality are incredibly dangerous and susceptible to all sorts of things, so they're thinking about bringing you with them. Yup, aren't they just so friendly? Anyway, knowing how these dimensions ended up there is important because, apparently, it's causing a lot of stress in space-time and a lot of bad things could happen if they stayed for too long.
  • One interesting fact about limbo is that time doesn't occur in a way that's easily perceived or explained, so you could leave for five years, return to Earth, and it would be as though you left just seconds ago. I don't recommend staying for five years though.
  • Once everything is explained - including the dilemma everyone's in and the purpose of the mirrors - each character/team of characters will be assigned one of four current dimensions. The dimensions are extremely dangerous, so to help each person with their task everyone gets the ability to shape-shift into a specific creature of their choice. The shift is perfect, as long as it actually works. Yes, the mirrors are connected to the shifting.
  • The mirrors given to each person are unique in that the image you see is what you would look like in an entirely different reality: one where you are in your true form, unrestrained by a mortal body. You shape-shift by temporarily taking on that form via the enchantment of the mirror, becoming that creature. Because you are forcing your physical form to copy something that's who knows how many dimensions away, it does cause an instability in the fabric of reality, so one wouldn't want to stay shifted for too long lest a calamity occur (about 4 hours according to Earth's time).
  • The dimension are based off of dreams I've actually had, so they will be very... curious, just so you know.

1. I'm the GM here; this means everything I say, goes.

2. No godmodding. This means no controlling other people's players, indirectly or not, and don't have overpowered characters without our permission.

3. I will let violence slip during appropriate times, but otherwise all PG13 rules still apply; this includes the innocence of romance.

4. No cursing or swearing. It adds no flesh or meaning to the post, and is annoying to read through just as it is to hear the bleep noise in shows all the time.

5. This roleplay won't just hand stuff to you on a platter; you can ask people for things like advice, but it's ultimately up to you how you go about dealing with these situations. You're roleplaying, after all! This also means to expect things to be revealed along the way.

6. Be creative! You have plenty of room for it here! I'm serious about this, try to avoid cliches and “perfect”/”anti-perfect” characters, and go nuts! You could even make subplots to go with the main plot, though the latter does need some attention.

7. The smallest a post can be is 7 sentences. This is important because it helps other players do more with their posts.

8. Literacy and English please! On top of that, no "gender-neutral" pronouns. They're a bit of a hassle, so you're either a boy, a girl, or an it (where “it” is no gender). You can still go crazy with the preferences, but stay true to the biological gender of your character when you write.

9. Character sheets aren't required, though you are expected to reveal at least three things about your character: its greatest fears, its shift/powers that come with the shift, and its appearance. The only thing required upfront is the appearance; the rest can be revealed over time in your posts.

10. When it comes to NPCs, only the person who created the NPC may play it! Others can only use the NPC if the creator of it gives permission.

11. You will start out as a regular human in the RP; however, one of the powers you will receive can allow you to shape-shift into any creature or being of your choice (except for individual canon characters, i.e. Batman, Ratchet, Akame, etc.) within the shifting limits.

12. One last thing; please try to keep things logical (to an extent), especially when playing a character. It wouldn't make sense for someone who hates bees to be fine with talking to a hornet-monster, or someone who is stingy with their possessions to quickly recover from a loss of such a thing, etc.; I have seen too many cases where characters become dull because the writer forgot who they were writing about. Think of the flaws as a way to have fun!

Shape-Shifting Recap:
  • You can only shift into one type of creature, your choice.
  • You cannot shift into any individual cannon characters.
  • Due to the instabilities it causes, you can only stay shifted as a creature for 4 hours.
  • When you shift you gain all of the benefits and flaws that creature has.
  • The only power you cannot have when shifted is shape-shifting.
  • You can shape-shift at will, though if your mirror becomes damaged the shift becomes unstable and hard to control; if the mirror breaks you cannot shift at all.
  • In order to shift, you make eye contact with your reflection and do not break that contact until you are at least halfway shifted. Apparently, something bad will happen if you break the contact too early, so don't do that.
  • Shifting is a gradual process, taking no longer than a couple of minutes to do. The more one focuses on one's reflection, the faster the shift occurs. In mid-shift the appearance can be terrifying as someone is half-human, half-creature, but the end results are always perfect if executed correctly.
  • If you sustain an injury while in a shift, you can shift again to instantly heal yourself. This works for both creature and human forms.
Character Holster:

My memory can be absolutely awful, so any accepted characters in the RP will be put here in a very basic template. The template is not a character sheet! It's simply a way to keep things organized. However, you can still use it if you're having trouble fleshing out a character to use.


Open Character Slots: None for now. We may open up more in the future.

-Slot 1: claimed by Silverphoenixx-

-Slot 2: claimed by TehUltimateMage-

-Slot 3: claimed by Thaelasan-

-Slot 4: claimed by Mephaesto-

-Slot 5: claimed by Jass-

-Slot 6:

-Slot 7:


All characters listed are ones that have been accepted. Inactive characters are greyed out. Characters who have died are crossed out.



Name: Crystal

Shift: None

Appearance: A girl, about 5'5", with curly blonde hair and blue eyes. She isn't very athletic, so she's a bit on the thin side. She is wearing a very simple, green-and-blue T-shirt and bootcut jeans. The most defining feature about her is the bead jewelry she wears; typically in pastel colors, she seems to switch between different types of jewelry at random. At the moment she has a hairpiece clipping her hair to one side, decorated mostly with brass rings, feathers, and translucent pink and blue beads. One piece of jewelry she never takes of is a brass teardrop pendant around her neck.

Fears: Unknown

Extra: Crystal's abilities center around healing and light magic. While she can only blind, stun, or illuminate with the latter, her powers extend much farther with the former, being able to heal wounds, curb poisons and toxins, and even encourage limb regeneration; regeneration is quite extensive however, and she can exhaust herself to the point of fainting if she uses it too much. Crystal can only use her abilities if she's in an area with some sort of light; anywhere too dark, and her abilities cease to work with the exception of her illumination ability.


Name: Rachel

Shift: None

Appearance: Only a bit taller than Crystal, Rachel has wavy chocolate-brown hair reaching just past her shoulders and green eyes, and will only wear regular shirts and jeans; in this case, a red T-shirt and high-quality jeans with a brown belt. She prefers to wear boots simply because of her fashion sense. Rachel has more upper-body strength than others in her class, though for some reason she's not very proud of it, and often grumbles about how it makes her look too "big".

Fears: Unknown

Extra: Unlike the others who have their abilities "in their blood", Rachel's buff is in the form of a rather vicious sword, which she said was gifted to her by a venerable warrior. The sword can cut through almost anything, and stays sharp as long as it's used; if she stops using it, it slowly dulls and weakens to the point of being too brittle to use. As such, if there are no fights to be had she will practice sword strokes on boulders or trees to keep the sword in good condition. It is red with a silver blade and gold etching, the handle in the shape of a gryphon's maw.


Name: Jessie

Shift: Not a mirror-shifter, but if she does a flip or a somersault she can instantly transform into a husky. Her husky form has coppery-brown fur similar to her hair color and the same brown eyes. She has a red handkerchief or cloth of sorts tied around her neck, and red cloth wrapped tightly around each ankle. She can still communicate-although telepathically-in this form, and her endurance is increased tenfold. She is also much more excitable.

Appearance: The most athletic of the four, Jessie exercises a lot, and loves doing it. She tends to wear tighter shirts and pants so she doesn't end up tripping over herself, and prefers higher-quality shoes that can stand some wear-and-tear. She has much shorter hair, which is a light brown in color, and has brown eyes. She is quite lean and agile. Curiously enough, when first met she has some bands of red cloth wrapped around her wrists and ankles, as though she's expecting a fight...

Fears: Unknown

Extra: None


Name: Jacob

Shift: Not a mirror-shifter, similar to Jessie. Instead, Jacob's shifts are reserved to mythical birds(mostly phoenixes), though like a mirror-shifter he can't stay in the form for long; even less time, in fact, a measly one hour and thirty minutes. Just like a mirror-shifter, he gains all of the flaws and benefits of that shift.

Appearance: The second-tallest of the four, Jacob is young but looks as though he's been through a lot; a few faded scars even decorate his right cheek. He has dirty-blonde hair and bright blue eyes, and his build is a bit thin. He wears plain black jeans with a grey T-shirt and sneakers, obviously not caring about the quality of his clothes as they are very worn. Something in particular is his odd gait; he always walks forward in such a way that one would think there was something behind him, and he either makes very wide turns or simply swivels on the spot. He doesn't walk backward very often, and if he does he leans forward a bit... very strange.

Fears: Unknown

Extra: In addition to his shifting, Jacob has a "true form" that he can take on, which he specifically tailored to look like a typical angel. He gains a glowing white aura, which is focused mainly on his wings and around his head in a loop. His clothes and hair turn white, and two pairs of feathered wings sprout from his back. Unlike a full shift, he has no time limit in this form. The disadvantages of this "angel form" is that Jacob turns himself into a more appealing target, garnering the attention of enemies, and he doesn't have as many abilities as he would in a bird form. The benefits include minor illumination, flight, and the ability to focus nearby light into "lances" that can burn enemies. He additionally sacrifices strength for speed in this form, and usually avoids fighting, preferring to taunt enemies from afar.



Name: Evert (Alias: Lazarus)

Shift: OC.

Appearance: Fair-skinned male with wavy hair that goes down to his shoulders. His eyes are blue and he has an average build. His usual choice in outfit is a simple pair of jeans and a blank tee-shirt.

Fears: The deep ocean


-Enjoys coffee

-Has a habit of staying up late gaming

-Has quite an influence in the world of MMORPGs



Name: Cygnis

Shift: Some kind of bird dragon that stands about 7-8 ft. tall

Appearance: Cygnis is currently wearing black leggings, a dark blue, slightly-loose hoodie, and a solid black shirt underneath the hoodie. She has long messy black hair that spikes out everywhere and brown eyes. Her face is usually either bearing an irritated scowl or a smug smirk, softened a little by her not-so-intimidating height. Though she has absolutely no arm strength and therefore stick arms, her legs are stronger and allow her to achieve a decent speed. She doesn't excel physically, preferring to hone her strategy via video games instead.

Fears: Getting stabbed with needles; being unimportant; being ignored by everyone

Extra: None



Name: Carol

Shift: Adorable winged Pom(note that it's missing its second pair of wings)! Inspiration.

Appearance: A boy on the shorter side, with olive skin and short chestnut hair with a curl to it. Brown eyes. Likes baggy clothing, currently wearing a black hoodie with a skeleton's ribcage on it (it's festive!), dark green cargo pants, and bright sneakers.

Fears: Snakes, open spaces, and getting outed


-Quite social, is popular in school and many people know him

-In many clubs

-Really likes to party, but is quite decent during daytime/school hours

-Sleep deprivation can be a problem, due to wanting both high grades and a wild social life



Character Name: Watanabe Ryuki

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Appearance: Lanky and tall, with a slight amount of grizzle that he's quite proud of adorning his face. His features are slightly noble, yet with a feminine air. However, thanks to his facial hair, no one can really argue that he's male. He does, however, braid the back of his hair into something reminiscent of a top-knot, only longer. His girlfriend does it for him, constantly. His hair is grey. His eyes are green. When wearing his school uniform, he likes to wear his shirt loose and the sleeves rolled up. When not wearing it, he normally wears shirts of single colors with light jackets over them. As such, he normally wears his winter uniform, much to the dismay of his teachers, who want him to wear the uniform of the season like a proper student. Underneath his shirt, he wears a long, silver chain from which, at the center, hangs two teeth said to be from a wolf and the symbol of a western dragon, wings outstretched. The teeth were added by him.

Personality: Though he's laid back, he's acute. He normally likes to speak in a lax manner, or leans back in his seat as though he's sleeping. However, he hears most of what goes on, and not much passes him without him putting in at least a word of input. He trusts people innocently, and enjoys toying with them and being around them as much as possible. He does, however, have a condescending tone to those younger than him, who have not yet earned his respect. He likes to be called senpai as much as possible. However, it is up to other people if they actually listen.

Fear: Losing those close to him, especially his girlfriend and sister.

Second Fear (weaker but present): Losing the respect of others after working hard to gain it, becoming less than he is, and falling back to what he was.

Shift: A samurai who's armor is built to resemble a wolf. He has metallic wings as well, and is a dual-wielder.


Character Name: Tsukino Nekomi

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Appearance: Unlike Ryuki, she takes far more care of herself, and tries to be the model student. She wears a hair pin with a cat's face upon it which changes based on the day, or her own mood. She wears the school uniform as it is supposed to be worn, and is known to mess with Ryuki's. One of her eyes is blue, the other is sea-green. Her hair is long and gold which she likes to braid like her boyfriend's hair. She wears a medium-sized silver chain from which hangs the shape of a cat prowling. A cat's eye gem hangs on both side of the necklace.

Personality: Not completely opposing of Ryuki, but she attempts to be more considerate than he is. Like a cat, she is prone to being startled at loud noises, even when she anticipates them. She's a bit absent-minded, however, and is normally very involved in something she's reading. She's quiet, preferring to keep to herself rather than cause a scene, unlike Ryuki. She hates chaos, and loves things being organized. She has a habit of trying to adjust peoples' uniforms and bags upon first meeting them, and it's something she cannot control.

Fear: Losing those close to her, especially Ryuki and Suzuki.

Second Fear (Weaker but present): Imbalance, chaos, and change, things she cannot make stable. Things being out of order. Basically, the unexpected.

Shift: A Japanese-style priestess with a bow and a quiver full of arrows; archer. She additionally has gauntlets shaped similar to cat claws over her hands.


Character Name: Watanabe Suzuki

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Appearance: Like her brother, she possesses the eye and hair color of their family line. However, she normally wears a hoodie wrapped around her waist regardless of weather and rolls up her sleeves like her brother does. In testament to her brother's old pet-name (which she still uses) and her own love of the ancient beast, Suzuki's school bag and shoes have dragons drawn on them. She also likes to draw them on the back of her hand or her cheek (which Ryuki washes off as best he can.) She wears shorts instead of a skirt, and likes to wear her hair short with a single ponytail.

Personality: Suzuki is heavily inspired by her brother. Because of her chuunibyou syndrome, she believes that he used to be a hero, and that his old delinquent acts were justified - when in a way, they were. She likes to play around roughly and challenge people, and is very defensive of her older brother. Considering she just turned fifteen and enrolled in her brother's school, she is dead set on proving herself to him, much to his chagrin. She is also one of the only people who can make him actually pay attention to her rather than acting disinterested.

She loves to play around with other people as well, if they seem interested in her mock battles.

Fear: Losing Ryuki or Nekomi, and those close to her.

Second Fear (Weaker but present): Discovering that she may not be as heroic as she wants to be, and that she might actually be weak.

Shift: Similar to Ryuki's armor, but designed more like a dragon. The armor is denser and she instead wields a lance.


Small note: Any mentions of uniforms are concerning a previous school the above three characters went to. Try not to get confused!



Character Name: Ezekiel

Shift: Jinushigami, information

Appearance: Ezekiel was that kid in school who always stayed at the fringes of social interaction. He wears dark baggy jeans, black hoodies, combat boots, and had an unruly mop of black hair atop his head. He also carries around a strange book chained to his jeans. He is rather unsociable which some believe stems from him being losing his family.

Fears: Failing his comrades and getting swallowed by the darkness.

Extra: Due to the ritual performed on him, Ezekiel is granted access to the Shadow Armory and a plethora of shadow gates. He can, at will, summon any weapon/armor made of shadow from the armory and traverse between portals (similar to shadow-stepping). All this power does come with a price: Ezekiel is to feed Astaroth the souls of the vanquished else he risks being devoured himself. He hopes to one day to free the soul of his long lost sister from the icy grasp of Astaroth.

Personality/History: When he was very young Ezekiel was introduced to a cruel of world of selfishness and greed by those who were sworn to protect him, his parents. Ezekiel wasn't always an only child, he had a sister, Emery. They were twins who, unbeknownst to them, were to be sacrificed to the demon lord Astaroth. To make matters worse their parents were the ones to perform the ritual, in the hopes of gaining immortality. But things did not go as planned; instead of taking the lives of the children Astaroth took the souls of everyone present with the exception of Ezekiel. He saw something in the frightened boys eyes, ne...in his soul. Hatred, anguish, fear, REVENGE! It was then that he cursed the boy, granting him access to powers he would soon learn to use while also binding Ezekiel to him, acting as an eternal reminder of Ezekiel's failures and where he is destined to go when it all ends.

Note: Ezekiel is no longer a shifter, but a native to the floating forest dimension. He doesn't have a shift, but his shadow-powers are no longer restrained.



Name: Nicolas (or just Nicole)

Shift: Bat-themed gunslinger

Appearance: Stands at 5'7". He's an Italian teenager with dark tanned skin and dark brown eyes and short black hair. His casual attire would be a red and white striped turtleneck shirt with a black denim jacket. He also wears a pair of black trousers and white sneakers. The socks... they're white.

When shifted, Nicole's eyes shift from his dark brown to yellow, and some of his hair rises up and forms something that resembles small bat ears. He'll have a black shirt and a black leather jacket. His pants will be a pair of black, skinny cargo pants held on by a dark-red belt. He has finger-less black gloves and a large, brown gun belt strapped onto his waist. Granted, he likely wouldn't use the belt... but hey, decoration is nice! Plus, it might be good for carrying other things like potions...

He wears a pair of black military boots. He has white socks. xd.png I'd think his ability is to summon weapons, particularly loaded guns, but sometimes small knives and grenades here and there.

Fears: Being completely broke; lack of food; completely isolated; to be disliked


-Age is 17


-He can be vaguely described as a person who is impulsive, and a bit of a parasite.

-Academically he is not great and relies on others to help improve his marks, like copying homework or helping him study.

-He is a decent cook, but he is lazy and will often starve himself if no one else is with him. He often spends money on little things like snacks despite already having a hidden stash of them.

-Nicholas is also very social and curious, he will often ask questions to other people about their life.

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A quick just-in-case reserve before I forget! Also, chances are this will become the OOC thread once this opens.


Extra Information:

Little tidbits here and there, things discovered along the way. This can range from individual character abilities, to detailed descriptions of landscapes, to more important NPCs met along the way.


-The Floating Forest-

Starting Location:

The door leads out onto a cobblestone path. In the supposedly-southern direction, a thick, tangled forest of conifers looms, the path disappearing inside it. In the north-western direction, the path veers to the left into the large mountains ahead, the landscape growing bare of trees and vegetation. The forest dominates the hilly east and the mountains wrap around, blocking the west. Up ahead there is only one wooden sign, which is quite beaten from use. A bright red "WARNING" covers any sort of writing on it aside from a "to" and "this". The realm seems normal enough, aside from a dim sky with a weak sun during the day, and a surprisingly bright, beautiful night decorated with all manner of cosmos and celestial objects.


Lady Avena's Town:

Its true name unknown, this town sits at the end of the mountain pass in the northwest, and is ruled by a noble named Lady Aneva. The inhabitants are primarily Wood Wanderers; Lady Avena seems to be the only human in this medieval-style town.


Nimbleherd Brook:

A small village hidden within the trees of the tangled forest. So far nothing is known about it, except that Lady Avena warns any travelers to avoid entering.


"Serpent's Pit":

Nicknamed by the people no longer aligned with the Queen, Serpent's Pit is the new name for the once-proud capital city of the Queen's kingdom. Not much is known about it other than the crazed Queen infesting it with Accursed Beasts, and that it has a protective moat around it. It is past the tangled forest, southeast from Lady Avena's Town for about a day's journey.


Notable Creatures and Characters:

Accursed Beasts: Bizarre monsters that are allegedly ancient people under a curse. They are always hostile to anyone other than themselves, although something seems to have some control over them...

Asul: The main commander in Lady Avena's town. He's pretty grumpy most of the time.

"Horses"?: Bizarre equine creatures that are large like warhorses, with long canines, serpentine tails, and three-toed clawed feet instead of hooves. Their whinnies are shrill like their throats are tight, though the occasional "grumble" can also be heard. Scales decorate their rumps and hocks.

Lady Avena: A noble that once worked under the Queen, she has since seceded both her and her town from under the Queen's rule. She seems to know a bit of magic as well.

The Queen: Known only as "The Queen", this royal has a bizarre, twisting history where she went from normal to crazy in a short period of time. She is now known by her outcast followers as a bloodthirsty creature that should be avoided. For some reason, those who still follow her seem confused by the hostility and remain loyal to her.

The Wood Wanderers: Weak dryads with the forms of translucent blue deer; except when in darkness when only their stalk-ears are seen, the rest of their appearance hidden by human forms. They seem like an amiable lot.


Shift Ability Clarification: Ryuki, Nekomi, and Suzuki



Ryuki's abilities are based on if Nekomi and Suzuki are next to him, and vice versa.


If Ryuki is near Nekomi, she gains Moon's Blessing. If Suzuki is near her, she gains Hero's Spirit.

If Nekomi is near Ryuki, he gains Beloved Protection. If Suzuki is near him, he gains Sibling's Support.

If Suzuki is near Nekomi, she gains Spiritual Guidance. If Suzuki is near Ryuki, she gains Rivalry.


Basically, Nekomi's links are all supportive, Suzuki's are all defensive, and Ryuki's are all offensive. All three of them are needed in order to form a good team. Separating them is the best way to beat them but it's difficult.


Ryuki's armor is based on the wolf and the dragon, but mainly the wolf (which is ironic given his name). His attacks are meant to be ferocious, using his twin blades, Dragon's Fang and Wolf's Fang respectively (in Japanese of course), to cut down his opponents by aiming for their vital points. His aspect is Night, Moon.


Nekomi's dress and robe is based off the cat and the stars. Her attacks and spells are meant to be supportive and healing but she also has a bow for long-ranged battle if necessary, and clawed gauntlets (not much damage) for melee. Her arrows, when hitting allies, bless them. It is up to the person who gets shot if the arrow hits or misses. Her arrows take time to charge before she can use them as she must bless them by her "goddess". Hence, Suzuki or Ryuki normally defend her during this time. Her aspect is Light, Stars.


Suzuki's powers are based off the legendary dragons, especially those of Ice. She is a dedicated shield, her lance keeping enemies away while her armor providing defense to those behind her and near her. She loves to be in the middle of engagements. Though she moves slowly in her armor, she possesses an icy aura around her as well as an ice breath which requires time to use. Her aspect is Shadow, Night Sky.


Together they form the aspect of Starfall, Stars, Moon, and Sky.


Basically, the buffs work as follows:


Moon's Blessing: Nekomi's powers are invoked by the gods but Ryuki is her chosen defender. He has always stood by her ever since they met. As such, his connection to the aspect of the moon blesses her with clarity. It takes her less time to use her abilities.

Hero's Spirit: Suzuki's desire for justice and heroism is contagious! Nekomi feels far more heroic in her presence and feels protected by her armor. She is able to handle more major damage.

Beloved Protection: Nekomi and Ryuki became inseparable following their first year together. In fact, it's almost as if it were meant to be. With her behind him, Ryuki feels as though he can take on the world. He becomes stronger, gaining the ability "Strike of the Stars" a sword strike carrying the love between him and her.

Sibling's Support: Suzuki always wants to cheer her brother on, even back when they were younger and he was a delinquent who beat up others for her defense. As such, she wants to return the favor. Near her, Ryuki feels far more protected. He can take more damage than usual.

Spiritual Guidance: Suzuki needs a limiter. She has far too much energy all the time and she needs to focus. Nekomi normally helps her with that, and nothing changes once they shift. Suzuki's defenses become stronger, giving her the ability to focus all her armor and protection on one person, giving them immense defensive bonuses. This doesn't have to be Ryuki or Nekomi - anyone can gain this buff. However, she cannot attack with skills or move while doing this, being forced to stand near the person.

Rivalry: Suzuki wants to prove she can stand up to her brother, even be stronger than him, faster. Her attack speed increases so long as she stands by him, as well as the precision of her strikes.


Note: This requires they all be shifted. No bonuses can be gained or lost while unshifted. Should you at any time deem that they are not close enough for their buffs to take effect, I will follow suit in any posts after that during that situation.

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I like everything so far, even the playstyle. The playstyle is similar to the last rp I was in except that one was a bit more free for all-ish. It was fun though.


I'm gonna try coming up with a human name for my character. He'll probably be a gamer who has been known to attend school on about 4 -5 hours of sleep half the time due to late night gaming. The name of the beast he's based on will probably be his online alias. Might even have him refer to himself using it as if he's actually in a video game when we're in a dimension.

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Awesome! We'll keep it then! biggrin.gif

Made this the OOC thread; I'll open the IC once I get the chance. I'm curious about that character, he sounds very... sleep-deprived. xd.png That will be exciting to play with.


So, the RP is now open for joining! For now I'll be accepting only three other people, and we'll see how it goes from there!

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The character is normally sleep deprived for other reasons, but I needed a regular teenage human reason and considering I have actually been up till 3am playing video games before, that's the first thing I thought of.


He drinks coffee regularly in this RP too.


And awesome, I'm excited to see what kinds of characters we get. Assuming other people join in that is.

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Oh gee, we might need to bring some coffee along to the dimensions. xd.png

YES Mage you're joining(I think)! Let me know when you have a character ready so I can update the amount of slots available!

Hm, I think I'll give this some more time before putting up the IC. All of the players will be prompted to gather in one location right away, so there's no point in risking late-joiners. Speaking of which, I need to start setting up the dimensions in my head so I know what I'm doing.

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You, who befoul our beloved coffee shop

No justice can come from decaffienated power

Coffee is all

Live for coffee die for coffee

We are the heirs to that coffee shop around the corner

Starbucks workers

Feel the power...

Of coffee


(I'm sorry mage's comment made me think of this)


Now that I've gotten that out of my system, I have a question: While shapeshifted, can characters have powers of some sort? i.e. A dragon that breathes fire, (real creative, Spyro) or a smol birb with wind powers or something.

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I miiiggghtt join. Recently I've been in more of a writing mood.


Go ask a Starbucks lover, they'll tell you I'm insane.

That misheard lyric xd.png

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xd.png Unfortunately I can't do reserves, but I'll keep an eye out for a character from you Silver!


@Spyro: Yes, they would have all of the powers respective to the creature morphed; it falls under the godmodding rule though that your morph can't be too powerful. So of course you can't have too many powers/incredibly powerful abilities without limits. Also-and I really should add this someplace where people can see it-since the mirror is shifting within itself, the only power you can't have period is a shape-shifting one, because that's redundant. xd.png


EDIT: Added a shape-shifting recap to the OP for easy reference!

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I seem to have started a thing with us and coffee.


Anyway, I'm thinking my character will be an exchange student from Sweden. I don't yet have a name but I can look up appropriate names on Google.


He'll probably be pretty fair skinned with wavy hair that goes down to his shoulders. Haven't decided on a hair color. His eye color is blue and he has an average build. His usual choice in outfit is a simple pair of jeans and a blank tee shirt.


I don't have a reference image for his human form but I have a somewhat bad one drawn for his beast form.

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Good enough for now! tongue.gif We can flesh things out as we RP since we're doing introductory posts instead of sheets. I think I'll put up the IC thread soon; I just need to think of how we're going to start, and then I'll post an update in here!

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All right, the IC thread is up! The first three people who post(excluding Ceadeus and I) will claim the available player slots! You guys can start out RPing normally, doing whatever up to the point of getting the box with the mirror in it since I wouldn't know what your characters are doing right now or where they are. We can then go from there.

Gee, I've never played the role of a GM before. xd.png This will be interesting.

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I'll get an intro up sometime tomorrow. This is one of those nights where I end up going to bed way later than normal. 4am to be exact.

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xd.png It seems we've all stayed up past midnight. No worries, get all of the sleep you need.



((Oh jeez. Well, all or nothing. Here we go. I couldn't get my intro to fit in 7 sentences, hopefully that's ok. Fears are: getting stabbed with needles, being unimportant and ignored by everyone. And speaking of fears, I'm afraid I did something wrong. Just tell me if I did.))


Ah, it's fine, that's an error on my end! I meant that the smallest a post could be is 7 sentences, so the length is okay. I'll go fix that in the OP. Everything else looks good!

I'll wait for the other posts to be made before I do one, that way I can describe everything in one go.


EDIT: Hm, on that thought, I don't want another slow/inactive RP; I've had my fill of those. I'll wait a little longer for any more posts, but if none show up I'm going to keep going with what I have.

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You can do whichever works best for you; I'll update the character holster with whatever I can gather. c: Also, despite two slots being available still I think I'll do a post after yours, just to try and keep this going.

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If we have trouble keeping it active here, we could always move to a site with a more active RP forum as well.


And I'll post his basic info here.


His name will be Evert.


His shift is this thing, the OC he's based on.


He's a big deal in the world of MMORPGs but he's not a youtuber. He goes by the alias 'Lazarus' online but its not his screen name.


His greatest fear is the deep ocean.

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Hm, I don't know where we would move this to. The only other site I know is active that I'm on is Chicken Smoothie, but I don't dare put a roleplay up there as fast as it will be buried. xd.png I've also noticed that the playerbase favors RPs with very few/nonrestrictive rules. It will definitely be buried on Flight Rising, and I don't know if the Magistream/Tales of Ostlea RP forums are active or not. There's also the issue of Silverphoenixx having to be on the other site as well.

Your character looks good! I like his shift, it caught me off guard. xd.png Go ahead and do an IC post, I'll update the OP with the extra information.

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I was thinking ChickenSmoothie as well but there are so many kids and so many Mary-sues there. They do have a forum for more advanced RPs but the animal one is dominated by warrior cats RPs and I've never set foot in the human one.


Like, more than half of the RPs there are beginner level. I even reported someine for using someone else's art/OCs as their own character.


And I got my intro up.

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Stop it Mage, you're teasing me! xd.png Though, I didn't know there was such a thing as being outed. Learned something new.

Hm, so CS is out of the question then unless we want to swim in Warriors every time we go to post. tongue.gif I don't have any better ideas other than DCF. We could try Tales of Ostlea, but I'm not sure if people do check on the RP Forums and no posts are made because there are so few roleplays, or if they're just ignored most of the time. Hm, I think I'll wait for Silver to chime in before I start preparing for a move, if we're doing it at all.

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I know NaNoWriMo forums have a rp section but I'm not active enough to know if its slow or not.

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