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Ayyyy Banner Tiiiime

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Banner Requests

Let the madness begin!


So here is a sample of my work


user posted image



user posted image


So just fill out this form:

[b]Forum Name:[/b] [i][put name here][/i]
[b]PM:[/b] [i][put link here][/i]
[b]Banner Dimensions:[/b] 
[b]What do you want on it?[/b]
[b]Any other information?[/b]


It might take awhile for me to complete them because I do have a life outside of this game (shocker) so just be patient! I'll only do three at a time so hurry.






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I would like to request a banner if that is okay with you.


Forum Name: evinin

PM: ]PM here

Banner Dimensions: user posted image Not counting the Xeno size, just the small banner. And no animation.

Text/Font: Just "Scroll" would do; handwrited-like letters. Filled letters, not transparent.

What do you want on it? An adult male Vampire on the left side and an adult male Silver on the right side (old style Silver, not the new ones).

Any other information? I think that if you make it like your sample with the Pinks, it would be fine. Just a scroll-like thing with two dragons from both sides. I would prefer blue as a colour.


Well, I think this about sums it up. I thank you in advance!

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