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DC goals for 2016

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I have a few, which is good since I made the topic, lol.


In 2016, I plan ( and hope ) to get:


1. 2 CB gold males

2. 2 CB gold females

3. 2 CB silver males

4. 2 CB silver females

5. finish up about 4 seperate nebula checkers. Will you please color right for a change .....

6. work on getting another rung on a pb gold wyvern lineage.

7. I know there is more ....

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Finish and/or revamp some (or all) of those dragon concepts I have floating around.

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umm to finish getting 2nd gen gold pairs from eligible breeds (slowly coming along) and a huge task of 3000 IMPS laugh.gif (with a little help from my friends) xd.png

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Things I plan:

- Finish some lineages

- Not start a million new lineages


Things I'll probably do:

- Constantly lock myself with AP eggs leaving no room for breeding

- Start a million new lineages


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I need to check my valentine's dragons and see if I need some mate. That's all for now. I never make big plans but I always get the small plans done. biggrin.gif

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I second confused cat's post haha


But also:

- Complete primary scroll goal (1M, 1F, 3 Frozens of each dragon) --> I've mostly just got frozen hatchlings and xenos to go

- Name all my dragons

- Empty my IOU list

- Sort out my personal breeding webpage

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My goals:


1. Track down two CB Golds (yeah right)

2. Track down a Female CB Silver (still dreaming)

3. Try to get more commons I'm missing on my scroll (still aiming for 2 m and 2 f of each breed)

4. Start my Dazzling Dragon breeding project on the forum

5. Reach 500 Red dragons of any lineage

6. Create at least a 3g checker of a Golden Wyvern X One Breed, make a checker for each breed possible

7. Edit this list when I come up with more goals ~~CHECK!

8. Name all my christmas dragons -.-

9. Come up with 2 Dragon Requests, attempt to sprite 1

10. Reach 1,000 Dragons.... I can do 500 in less than a year, why not 1,000?

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My Goals:


-Finish my current deadline projects

-Come up with more deadline projects

-Get pairs with different colors for my tinsel deadline checker

-Find mates for all my single valentines

-Create checkers with my CB holidays

-Find mates for all my new Christmas dragons

-Try to make a neglected

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- Name all current dragons, and never sort another into place again before it's named.

- Reach 200 frozen papers.

- Make a web doc of my dragons so I can show what I have to breed.

- Submit 3 dragon designs.

- Finish my giant Deep Sea x Silver checker (will require some more silvers).

- Acquire a 2nd gen prize from RC/Chrono/Gaia

-Find a 2nd gen silver from female bronze shimmer for Syriel.


- More to come as I think of it.


Clearly I'm feeling ambitious this year.

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Aquire at least 1:

- CB male Gold

- CB female Gold

- CB female Silver

- CB male Green Copper

- CB female Brown Copper

- CB female Red Gemshard

- CB male Silver Lunar Herald

- CB female Silver Lunar Herald

- CB male Almandine

- CB Female Almandine

- CB female Spessartine

- Chicken

- Purple Dino

- Red Dino

Obtain mates for all my bred holidays

Name all my dragons

Obtain a 2nd gen Silver Shimmer from a male Blue Undine

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Name most (if not all) of my dragons with something semi serious instead of code placeholders or joke names.

Finish my Whiptail x Spotted Greenwing lineage.

Breed the fourth generation of my Arsani x Bleeding Moon lineage.

Breed the third generation of my Desipis x Bleeding Moon lineage.

Breed the fifth generation of my Wrapping Wing x Bleeding Moon lineage.

Breed the rest of the second generation for my Balloon x Bleeding Moon lineage. Hopefully make it past third, maybe fourth if I'm lucky.

Find mates for some (or all) of my metallic checkers.

Find mates for most of my holiday checkers.

Create and maintain a document that contains lineage, wishlist, bloodswap and other such information, since remaking it every time I get a harebrained idea is getting old.

Complete at least one of these goals by July, and three by December.

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In theory I want to finish my big song lineage project but in reality I know I won't. I'm too worried about Blacks changing and ruining it.


I'll probably finish my little Beatles Silver Tinsel lineage soon and start my Autumn lineage in Fall. Aside from that I don't really know. I don't have many goals.

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Reach 1000 Tsunamis by my birthday.


Reach 5000 dragons total (I'm at roughly 4300+).


Get a CB Gold female.


Finish some of my other scroll goals (which I will eventually link in my sig via Google doc...just have to find the time to finish it xd.png).

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Catch or trade for a second CB gold (seems like this is a common goal laugh.gif )

Make a neglected

Catch, breed, or trade for mates for my unpaired holiday dragons

Catch, breed or trade for mates for my unpaired commons

Finish my frozen hatchling collection

Send pretty bred eggs to the AP more often

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Continue catching lots of Guardians.

Continue catching lots of Red-Finned Tidals.

Finish my CB collection of Coppers of all colors.

Finish my CB collection of Xenowyrms.

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My primary goal is to actually start a lineage. I want to make a Neglected, as well as get a CB silver/gold, also as well as continue my nhiostrife wyvern/xenowyrm collections.

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Finish my 4 8th Gen PB Seasonals

Finish my Red and Pink PBs and get started on some others (all on my scroll, so help offers only for a few more CB Winters, if you want to help)

Get better organized with my checker lineages. I keep forgetting some needed mates during the fitting breeding season/holiday every year... :/

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Complete my IOU's

Get all the prize mates I need for my Holidays (wish me luck laugh.gif)

Finish the lineages I've been meaning to (if my dragons let me)

Find trades for the Holiday x Nocturnes I still need

Get more Nocturnes

Maybe get the last few CB's I need to complete my scroll?

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Manage to stay active on DC long enough for Valentine's day and other releases. xd.png

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-Get a total of 750 dragons on my scroll by my birthday

-Find a leetle tree

-Have at least 2 CB golds

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Increase my metal hoard to at least 500

Make it to 5000 dragons

Finish collecting my scroll goal for a lot of the common breeds

Finish my huge gemshard project, as well as other breeding projects

Get a mate for the yulebuck in my sig



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