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Dragon drawing ideas!

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Ok, so for those of you who know (and for those who dont), The cave cast did something like this:

draw a dragon with these qualities:

- Ram Horns

- White Strips

- Sparkle

- Three back-fins

- Must be some mainly some shade of blue

- Sabre teeth


They also did this one:

-No eyes


-Unusual mouth








now, I was thinking we could something like this. one person can add only 1 detail (to each dragon, I'm sure we are most likely going to do many), and there are a max of 5 specific details.




player 1: mainly silver

player 2: blue wing tips

player 3: small wings

player 4: must be a pygmy (yes you can specify if you want it to be a drake, dragon, or pygmy)

me/creator/mods if I decide to appoint mods: ok guys, we can start drawing now!


and so on!

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I think this belongs in the Original Works section, since this doesn't really have anything to do with the Cave. It seems more like an art/drawing thread.

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Thanks, i just thought it made more sense there.



but i obviously haven't gotten around on this very much yet. xd.png

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