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The Big Blue Cleanup Project!

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Currently awaiting approval. I won't edit the thread any further until I receive support.


The Big Blue Cleanup Project



Hello, and welcome to The Big Blue Cleanup Project! Upon seeing a variety of old threads with similar goals, I figured there was no harm in trying to set up something similar. This thread is still a work in progress, and has NOT been approved yet.


What is the Project's Goal?

I hope that by starting this project, we can find a way to help spread some love to the more common blue colored dragons. While these dragons are by no means unpopular, they frequently block up the cave's drops in nearly all biomes. This project aims to help give others a greater incentive to pick up blue dragons, even if they normally wouldn't!


  • Please refrain from posting more than once per update!

  • Only dragons hatched after your join date are eligible.

  • Breeds outside of the listed breeds below will not be allowed.

  • Dragons may be of any lineage, but can NOT be bred by you.

  • Please do not breed, release, or kill your submitted dragons!

  • Please add new dragons to your signup post!

  • You must have you scroll name visible at all times.

  • Dragons may be submitted as either adults or frozen hatchlings.

  • Please organize your signup post's dragons by species! It makes our jobs much easier during updates.


Eligible Breeds:


user posted imageBlack Capped Teimarr


user posted imageCoastal Waverunner


user posted imageDeep Sea


user posted imageFrostbite


user posted imageGlaucus Drake


user posted imageGuardian


user posted imageMoonstone


user posted imageNilia Pygmy


user posted imageNocturne


user posted imageRed-finned Tidal


user posted imageSeawyrm Pygmy


user posted imageSkywing


user posted imageStriped River


user posted imageWater


user posted imageWaterhorse


user posted imageYellow-Crowned

If you have any suggestions for the list, please let me know! These are just the species listed as common, so the list may change over time!

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To be added upon approval.




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I don't get it what do we do?

Ah, my apologies for the confusion! I should have explained better...


The goal is to catch and raise common blue dragons, and submit them to the thread to earn prizes. I haven't posted the application forms yet, as I'd like to wait for approval before actually starting the project up.

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