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The future has always been something of a mystery to the human race, an unpredictable force that drives all of our hopes and fears. The past has always served as a reminder to us, chronicling our achievements and failures, our proudest moments and the events we wish to erase. It's no surprise that being able to travel through time would be desirable. In 2312, time traveling was no longer a thing of dreams. It became a reality. Of course, it couldn't be exploited, given out like free candy. It would be too risky and someone could rewrite history to create unfavorable results.


Time progressed as it always did with advancements in technology, medicine, society, and anything else. Nations have risen and fallen, the continents shifted, and natural disasters have come and gone. In 2897, pollution is almost non-existent due to greener technology. Living standards and medical treatments see people in good health. It's practically Utopia with hover cars, speeder bikes, domestic robots, and clean cities. There's nothing wrong about this future, as if it was taken straight out of a fantasy.


Except, it's not all glitter and bliss.


The government is corrupted but only the conspiracy theorists and the truly informed know this. They see the dystopia that underlies the glamour, a hidden place affectionately referred to as the Slums. The Slums lay beneath the rest of the city, concealed by the roadways and clean buildings. Only those who know where to find the entrances, tucked away from sight, can get in. But who would want to? Here, everything is dark and dreary, life all but completely erased from it. The inhabitants are people who fell through society's fingers, who got left behind and forgotten in the days of advancement. Black markets and criminals thrive in this region, mutated rodents roaming the streets as more than just pests.


In this age of glamoured living, the government is pulling all the strings. It's rewriting history under everyone's noses for its own desires.


And no one but a handful of rogues are the wiser.


Time Travel


Time does not flow in a straight line. Instead, it's kind of... funky. People like to believe that once something occurs, it will never change. However, the truth of the matter is, time is not a constant thing. It changes, folds, and stretches. The past is always trying to unravel itself, trying to change. Because of this, and because of the danger it poses to the future that already exists, the government has employed people to go back for specific missions. This has been the case almost since time travel became possible.


Over the centuries, technology has allowed for traveling devices to be refined. But it's not yet perfect. A traveller no longer has to use a giant, awkward machine that's rooted to the ground. Now, a traveller can make use of a device that looks very much like a wristwatch. It's certainly much easier to carry around and a lot less difficult to conceal. After all, you can't really go and give out spoilers to people three generations before you.


But, as stated, time travel isn't perfect yet. There are still plenty of risks with traveling, not to mention there's a bit of a waiting time. When a Time Device (as this technology is called) is activated, it takes three minutes from the moment you input your desired time to when you actually get transported. At the moment of transportation, your body becomes pixelated and enters what is dubbed the Time Stream. It's a bit of a tingling sensation but there's not much else noticeable. Upon arrival, it takes about four to five minutes before you're fully solid again. It's highly recommended that you remain still at all times during transport. You just might... lose some pieces otherwise. Additionally, we suggest that every traveller has their own device.


Everyone gets a little disoriented their first few transports, of course. But that's normal and you get used to it. Though, no matter how long you've traveled, it's not recommended that you try to rush the process. Some have done so in the past and, in their hurry, things went quite wrong. Lost limbs, skinned backs... Let's just not get into the gruesome details, shall we?


There are some other limitations but they're much less dangerous to your health. The only true restriction to time travel is that you must always return to your original location if you have any wishes to get back home. Traveling only takes you to another time and not another location, leaving behind a sort of residue. This residue can easily be tracked by special devices, mostly used in rescue missions. However, rescuing someone lost in another time is sometimes difficult so it's important that you remember your original transporting location. However, you're still able to travel to any other time in any other location. It's like a trail of breadcrumbs really - you'll have to follow each piece to get back home.


With all things, there is a black market you need to be cautious of. People within the illegal business have their own equipment but it's often highly unstable or completely useless. If you stay out of the Slums, you generally don't have to worry about coming across any of it. Though, it's still advised that you look out for any resells, leases, or trades. It's recommended that you only use equipment issued by the government straight to you and avoid any third parties.


Traveling Technology


Time Device: Also referred to as a T-Device or a T-Watch, these devices look very much like wristwatches and commonly come with a dark brown, leather band with a circular timepiece. These devices are issued to every agent with a unique serial number and the agent's ID engraved on the backside of the metal. However, agents have the freedom to pay a one-time fee to customize their device. Customization allows for various band and timepiece colors or materials as well as small, attachable metal charms.


Transport Tracker: Transport trackers are handheld devices that can pick up traces of residue left behind after a jump. They are rectangular in shape, fit in just about anyone's palm, and possess just a few buttons. A sensor is located at the top of the device and is aimed at an area for scanning. A screen is fixed into the upper half of the device, above the buttons, and displays any readings the tracker gathers in the form of a graph. The more peaks there are, the more likely it is you've found a transport location. As no place on the planet is completely devoid of residue, regulations require the number and size of peaks to fit within specific ranges before being classified as a transport location. The standard issue tracker comes in a slate blue coloring but, like T-Watches, these can be customized to sport any range of colors or small charms for a fee. Similarly, a serial number and the agent's ID are engraved into the back.


Event Forecaster: These devices look much like handheld TV screens. With holographic projection and a touch-based 3D interface, Event Forecasters are used to predict possible outcomes based on simulated events. Before an agent is sent out to complete a job, they are required to consult with a government employee who runs through a series of cause-and-effect simulations. This is done to help prevent any changes with negative results. Time Agents are not issued these devices but they are still required to be familiar with how they work. These devices are not customizable and are only made with a thin body, touch screen, and black frame. A serial number is engraved in the back of each one with the government sector ID that it is issued to.


Environment Projector: Just because an agent only travels through time and not location, doesn't mean they don't need to know where they're going to end up. Drastic changes can be experienced in just a short amount of time. In order to avoid ending up in the ocean, falling off a cliff, or stuck in a cave, Projectors are used to examine the immediate surroundings of an agent's present location in the exact moment they wish to transport to. Environment Projectors are handheld devices issued to every agent with a serial number and that agent's ID engraved into the back. Like the Tracker, they're rectangularly shaped and fit in the palm of almost everyone's hand. The standard issue is green in coloring but can be customized to sport other colors (no charms though). Instead of a sensor and buttons, these devices possess a few turn dials that allow for data input (date and location desired) and a bulb on its top. The bulb projects a 3D, holographic image of where the agent will end up after transport.


Jobs and Factions


Time Agents: These are people hired by the government to keep history in check. Employees undergo extensive training and surveillance to make sure they get their jobs done right the first time. After all, they're messing with the Time Stream and any little mistake could result in drastic changes. As such, there's no guarantee of a second chance.


____History Writers: These agents are sent out on missions to ensure something happens. This ranges from something "good" to something "bad" like, for example, someone winning a Nobel Peace Prize or a tyrant coming into power.


____History Rewriters: These are the agents tasked with making sure something doesn't happen. Again, this can range from "good" to "bad".


Agents are most often sent in pairs, one Writer and one Rewriter. This helps to verify that the jobs get done as successfully as possible. And, let's be fair - if something happens, then something else didn't.


Rogues: These are Time Agents who have turned against the corrupted government. They are wanted criminals and are constantly being hunted. Rogues are frequently trying to flee capture while trying to take down the corrupt power at the same time.


Time Hunters: Basically, these people are the bounty hunters or police force of the Time Agents. They track down Rogues using special equipment that allows them to follow transport residue. If they're not hunting Rogues, they're tracking down things related to the black market for time travel.


  1. Follow all DC rules. This pretty much goes without saying.
  2. Violence is expected but know where the boundaries lie. I'm okay with romance as well but that's not a major theme here.
  3. I will require everyone to post at least five (5) full sentences for each post and each character. That's not that hard to do.
  4. This is the future. Mutant animals, extinct species, laser or photon weapons, and the like are pretty much going to be found here. But, do be reasonable please.
  5. Right now, I don't want too many characters so I'm going to limit everyone to two (2) at max.
  6. Post all sheets in the OOC. If you do not do this, I will ignore your character(s).
  7. I am ruler of this thread. What I say goes. If you have ideas, please feel free to share them with me. However, if I say 'no', then that is it.
  8. I am subject to change things so please pay attention.
Character Sheet

Please do not modify this in anyway except to remove the notes.


[b]Name:[/b] First and Last
[b]Age:[/b] At least 20 years
[b]Appearance:[/b] Written description with full sentences. Elaborate.
[b]Personality:[/b] Full sentences. Elaborate. At least a paragraph long.
[b]Job/Faction:[/b] Writer, Rewriter, Hunter, or Rogue?
[b]History:[/b] Full sentences. Elaborate. At least a paragraph long.
[b]Equipment:[/b] Weapon(s), supplies, etc.
[b]Other:[/b] Anything I've forgotten.

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This is where all of the character sheets and RP discussion will be held. I'm going to wait for at least two other people to join in before getting this started.

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